Steven's Room is a loft in the Beach House, upstairs from the living room.


Steven's room is slightly messy, with dishes and clothes scattered all over the wooden floor. He has a legless wooden bed with a white comforter, TV set and gaming console on the floor, nightstand, dresser, circular rug, as well as various forms of merchandise and other miscellaneous items. There is a large window taking up about a third of the wall running beside the loft, and the loft itself is reached by a staircase inside the house.


  • It has been shown that Steven is in possession of a Nintendo 64 console and a Nintendo GameCube console, shown to be called the "Dolphin" (its real-life codename) in "Steven vs. Amethyst".
  • In newer episodes, where the Dolphin is visible in Steven's room, a copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and a copy of Animal Crossing have been seen next to the console.
  • Steven owns a Sailor Moon manga book, which has been seen on the shelf in his nightstand.
  • In later episodes, a photo of Connie has been seen right above the head of Steven's bed.
  • It is shown that there is a Cookie Cat alarm clock on Steven's nightstand.
  • Steven has posters of Cookie Cat, Lonely Blade II, Star Battlers, and New Ninja Squad on the walls of his room. However, the "New Ninja Squad" poster is a recent addition, being a replacement for his "Ninja Squad" poster.
  • One of Steven's action figures originates from an early Ian Jones-Quartey work, RPG World.
  • Along the wall with the two windows on it, there are adhesive star stickers stuck to the wall for decoration.
  • Steven's Bathroom is located directly below his bedroom and can be accessed when one turns left upon entering the house.


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