"Steven's Ukulele" is an instrument that belongs to Steven. It first appeared in the "pilot", then made its official debut in the episode "Serious Steven". He occasionally plays it during songs.


Steven's ukulele is a four-stringed ukulele. It is embellished with pale yellow, light-orange and salmon-pink wavy designs. It has a brown strap connected to the back of the ukulele.

Episode appearances


Steven uses his ukulele to play the Theme Song.

"Serious Steven"

Steven brings it along on his "serious" mission and in the end of the episode, he uses it to play "Serious Song".

"House Guest"

Steven uses his ukulele to play "Dear Old Dad", a duet with Greg Universe.

"Island Adventure"

The ukulele appears while he sings "Be Wherever You Are". At the end of the episode, however, he doesn't have it with him and is shown to leave the island without it.

"Story for Steven"

The ukulele appears in Greg's Van, being held by Steven.

"Sworn to the Sword"

Steven uses his ukulele while he sings "The Jam Song" with Connie.

"We Are the Crystal Gems" (SDCC/Extended Theme)

A young Steven uses his ukulele to play the original theme song from the pilot episode.

"Sadie's Song"

Steven uses his ukulele to play an acoustic version of the song "Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)" with Sadie singing.

In Attack the Light

Steven's ukulele can be used to perform several different songs.

  • Ukulele - Cure Song: Removes entire team's status effects. (3 star points, unlockable starting at level 4.)
  • Ukulele - Defense Song: Increases entire team's defense. (3 star points, unlockable starting at level 9.)
  • Ukulele - Strong Song: Increases entire team's attack power. (5 star points, unlockable starting at level 10.)
  • Ukulele - Lucky Song: Increases entire team's luck. (4 star points, unlockable starting at level 11.)
  • Ukulele - Get Beefy Song: Restore team harmony and increase attack. (7 star points, unlocked automatically at level 15.)


  • Steven tells the Gems, referring to the ukulele in "Serious Steven", "It's mine and I like it!"
  • It is most likely a soprano ukulele, with the musical range of a concert.
  • Steven uses his ukulele in Attack the Light in various ways. These include healing the Gems, giving them power ups, and clearing status effects.
  • Revealed in the clip shown at SDCC in the extended theme song, Steven was given his ukulele by Greg when he was just a little kid, indicated by his small stature and a missing front teeth. According to Greg, he learned very quickly, to the point where he was running out of things to teach Steven.
  • The ukulele is the first instrument Steven is seen playing.



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