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A StevenBomb is one of several American advertising programs by Cartoon Network which consists of airing new episodes of Steven Universe daily during a regular working week.


StevenBomb 1

StevenBomb 2: The Second One

StevenBomb 3: Week of Sardonyx[1][2]

StevenBomb 4: Steven's Birthday Week[3][4]

StevenBomb 5: Out of This World

StevenBomb 6: Five Nights for Everyone[5][6]

StevenBomb 7: Heart of the Crystal Gems[7]


  • StevenBomb 1 marked the beginning of the new airing time for Steven Universe at 10:00 p.m. UTC.
  • Episodes within the airing cycle were moved around to make the StevenBomb 1 plot line flow better. These episodes include stand-alone episodes from Season 1 ("Open Book", "Story for Steven" and "Shirt Club") and "Full Disclosure", a Season 2 episode.
    • The schedule adjustments also resulted in the 2015 April Fools' Day episode "Say Uncle" airing during Season 2 instead of Season 1.
    • The episode airing order did not need to be adjusted for later StevenBombs.[8]
  • The name was derived from the opening scene in "Garnet's Universe", where Steven "Steven-bombs" Garnet from the rafters as she returns from a mission.[9]
  • StevenBomb 2 marked the beginning of a new airing time of Steven Universe at 11:00 p.m. UTC.
  • Cartoon Network confirmed the second StevenBomb beforehand via phone call.
  • The clip from "Cry for Help" introducing Pearl and Garnet's fusion was shown at SDCC 2015.
  • Promotional artwork for the first StevenBomb shows a panicked Steven running with a lit bomb in his hands. This is a reference to the film adaptation of the 1960s Batman series starring Adam West, in which Batman runs through a seaside town trying to get rid of a bomb.
  • The final episode of the second and third StevenBomb ("Chille Tid" and "Friend Ship") were both represented by a question mark in promo art.
  • StevenBombs tend to act as a countdown to an apocalyptic scenario that is to occur in the future.
  • All StevenBombs except the fifth and seventh have introduced a new fusion.
    • StevenBomb 1 introduced Malachite, StevenBomb 2 introduced Rainbow Quartz, StevenBomb 3 introduced Sardonyx, StevenBomb 4 introduced the Ruby triple fusion, and StevenBomb 6 introduced Topaz.
      • StevenBomb 1 reveals Garnet's status as a fusion, StevenBomb 2 introduces the Cluster Gems, StevenBomb 3 silhouettes an Unknown Fusion Gem, StevenBomb 4 reveals the result of a fusion of gems of the same type, and StevenBomb 6 reveals the concept of permanent Homeworld Gem fusions.
    • And, in each Bomb except the fifth, at least one fusion reappears.
      • Opal in StevenBombs 1 and 4, Stevonnie and Malachite in StevenBomb 2, Sugilite in StevenBomb 3, Alexandrite in StevenBomb 6, and Rainbow Quartz and Alexandrite in StevenBomb 7.
        • Garnet also appears in StevenBombs 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7. In addition, the 4th Bomb shows the first time Ruby and Sapphire ever fused.
  • Someone sings in every StevenBomb. In addition, at least one Gem sings in each StevenBomb.
  • StevenBomb 1 is the only StevenBomb to have more than five episodes.
  • StevenBomb 7 is the only StevenBomb to feature a 22-minute episode.
  • StevenBomb 4 is the first StevenBomb to have only four episodes and to air from Monday - Thursday.
  • StevenBomb 5 is the second StevenBomb to have only four episodes and to air from Monday - Thursday.
  • It is revealed in StevenBomb 4 that Steven is 14 years old due to it being Steven's Birthday Week and that Connie's age is 12 ¾.
    • Ruby and Sapphire appear or are mentioned in every StevenBomb.
  • Some promo art for a StevenBomb shows people or items that link to the new episodes.
  • StevenBomb 7 is the only one which has an official DVD named after it and an official bingo card based on its events.
  • StevenBomb 6 is called "Five Nights for Everyone" yet it only consists of four days. 


StevenBomb 1

StevenBomb 2

StevenBomb 3

StevenBomb 4

StevenBomb 5

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