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Speaker Dialogue
[Ext. Outside of the temple]
(Sounds of the waves can be heard from all directions of the house.)
(The Crystal Gems Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven warp back to the temple, Steven looking ever so happy to return home from the barn.)
Steven We're finally home! (Steven reaches out his hands in excitement) Oh hello house! (Steven runs to his bedroom.)
(Garnet flicks a switch and turns the light on.)
Steven Hello, bed! (Steven falls on his bed in excitement.) (Steven stands in front of the TV.) Hello, TV! We've got some catching up to do. (Steven comes to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator.) Hello, kitchen, hello, food- ohhhh! (Steven collapses.)
Amethyst Uh oh, that cake go bad?
Steven That was a cake!?
[Outside the temple]
Steven Hello, Temple! Hello, Beach City! Hello, town! And hello, my favorite place to get a snack, the Big Donut- is CLOSED!?
(Steven runs towards the Big Donut as fast as he can.)
Sadie Oh hey, Steven, haven't seen you for a while. You missed all the earthquakes.
Steven (Panting) I was out in the field saving the world.
Sadie Wow, nice.
Steven Are you closing up? I really wanted a donut. (Steven looks through the Big Donut's glass pane in hopes to find a donut.) There's gotta be at least one in here.
Sadie Sorry, I already set the alarm for the night.
Steven But Sadie! I've been gone so long, and all the food in our house went bad, and I'm just starving.
Sadie Um, I think Fish Stew Pizza is still open.
Steven (Steven hesitates.) I don't know if I'm hungry enough for a meal.
Sadie But you're starving?
Steven No, I'm dying! (Falls over) Blaaah!
Sadie Well, if you're dead now, I guess you can't come by tomorrow.
Steven (Quickly stands up) I won't be dead then, what happens tomorrow?
Sadie If you didn't know, we started baking our own donuts after that workplace safety lawsuit was thrown out. So if you get here tomorrow right when the shop opens, you can have the very first (a close-up of Sadie's lips is shown) fresh donut of the day.
Steven What an honor. First thing tomorrow, I'll be here when the store opens just to taste your first delicious donut of the day!
Sadie Yeah sure, later Steven. (Sadie walks away from the Big Donut.)
[Back to the Temple's balcony]
Steven Hmmmm, Six fifty five A.M. (Steven sets an alarm on his Cookie-Cat-like alarm clock.) That should give me enough time to get to the Big Donut right when it opens at 7, (Steven walks to the fence of the balcony) and I can start another beautiful Beach City day. (Steven exhales in joy.) It feels so good to be home. Hello, Beach City! It's great to be back! (Steven jumps really high into the air, around the height of the Temple's face.) Whoa... (Steven floats in the air.) I jumped super high! I didn't know I could do that! (Steven begins to float back down to the ground.)
Steven Oh my gosh, this is a new power! It's like I'm super light! (Steven starts jumping around on the beach.) Whooaa. I can jump really high and float down really slow! Jump, float. Jump, float. Jump (Steven reaches the top of the Lighthouse above the Temple and makes another jump), aaand jump!
(Steven passes through a cloud while an airplane from Dhawar Airlines passes by.)
Air hostess of the Dhawar Airlines The captain has turned on the seat belt sign, looks like we got some boys in the sky ahead of us.
Steven Wow.... (Steven looks around him in excitement, observing the beauty of the ocean as he descends ever so slowly towards the ground.) Beach City looks so small from up here. Oh man, I wanna jump around Funland. Huh?
(Steven tries to descend but continues falling at a slow rate.)
Steven Hmmm.....I guess it might take a while to land. Maybe I shouldn't have jumped so high. Oh Steven, how do you keep getting in these predicaments?
(Amethyst comes out from the Beach House and heads towards the beach.)
Steven Hey, it's Amethyst, she can help me. Amethyst! Hey! Over here! (Steven waves wildly.)
Amethyst (Amethyst fails to hear Steven.) Yo, Steven, are you still up? Last chance for some cake.
Steven Ugh, she can't hear me. I'm too far away.
(Steven looks for something to get Amethyst's attention. He removes his right sandal and hurls it in front of Amethyst on the beach. Amethyst sees the sandal and walks over to it.)
Steven No no, look up here! (Steven takes off his other sandal and hurls it at Amethyst, hitting her face.)
Amethyst (Amethyst raises a fist.) Hey! Who's the wise guy?! (Amethyst looks around and notices Steven.)
Steven She saw me, she saw me! (Steven waves his arms.)
Amethyst Oh, there's Steven! Just flying around. (Amethyst walks back to the Temple.)
Steven No, Amethyst! Come back! (Steven continues to wave his arms.)
[In front of the house's door]
Amethyst (Amethyst stops.) Wait, can Steven fly? Yeah, I think I remember that. (She enters the house and comes running back worried seconds later.) No no, I'm thinking of Lapis. Hey, Steven! How did you learn how to fly?
Steven (Shouts) Amethyst! Go get help!
Amethyst (Unable to hear Steven) What!?
Steven (Sigh) She can't hear me.
(Amethyst jumps really high to talk to Steven.)
Amethyst Hey, Air Steve.
Steven Amethyst, I need you to... (Amethyst falls back down to the ground.) Dang, too slow. Better ask quicker.
Amethyst (Jumping back to Steven) What'd you say?
Steven I could really use your assistance dealing with the sudden appearance... (Amethyst falls back down) Ah rats... (Amethyst returns and Steven continues) ...of a power previously unbeknownst to me which I can't control. (Amethyst falls) Umm...
(Amethyst returns, looking annoyed.)
Amethyst Dude, summarize.
Steven Go get Garnet!
[Cut to Garnet]
Garnet Hmmm....
(Garnet tries to figure out how to save Steven.)
(Amethyst awaits Garnet's reply.)
Amethyst Well, Garnet?
Garnet Hmmmmmmm......
(Pearl comes into frame with a panicked expression.)
Pearl What are you all doing!? Steven is falling; he needs our help. I'll catch you, Steven!
(Pearl starts running around the beach panicking more and holding her arms out, trying to find out where Steven will land.)
Amethyst I think it's gonna be a while.
(Garnet jumps offscreen and audio plays implying she broke a window, triggered a car alarm, and knocked over trash cans.)
(Garnet returns with a phone.)
Garnet I've found a phone.
Amethyst Whose is it?
Garnet That's not important.
(Garnet starts calling Steven.)
(Steven's phone vibrates, and "Kofi" shows on the screen.)
Steven Hello?
Garnet Ground control to Steven Universe.
(Pearl suddenly yells over the phone.)
Pearl Steven! Are you okay?
Steven Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
Amethyst See, he's got this.
Steven Not exactly, I think this is some kind of new power.
Garnet Rose could regulate the speed of her descent.
Amethyst Yeah, and she could control how fast she fell.
Garnet That's what I said.
Pearl Steven, try falling a little faster.
Steven I can't figure out how, and it's taking forever to reach the ground. Can you guys just keep me company until I land?
(The Gems do their best to help Steven pass the night comfortably. Amethyst throws a soda at Steven, but the chips packet she throws hits a seagull instead.)
Amethyst Oooh...
(At some point, Steven starts playing checkers with Garnet. Steven makes a move. Garnet discovers a chain and goes for it.)
Steven Wha... (Sighs at the loss)
(Steven floats ever so slowly as the sun rises.)
Steven (Trying to guess what Pearl drew in the sand) Is it a broom? No, it's a spear! (Pearl gives a thumbs up from the ground.)
(Suddenly in the background, Steven's Cookie Cat alarm goes off.)
Amethyst Hey, Steven, why is your alarm going off?
(Steven gasps heavily.)
Steven Six fifty five A.M. That should give me enough time to get to the Big Donut right when it opens at 7.
Donut (Steven's imagination) (In Sadie's voice) Fresh...
Steven Oh, nuts, my donuts! (Steven picks up his phone.) Guys, I need to get down right now!
(Garnet is seen behind Amethyst doing something to the Cookie Cat Clock.)
Amethyst What's the hurry, dude? You got no where to be.
Pearl He's clearly very tired from being up all night, and he's eager to get some sleep.
Steven (Through the phone's speaker) There's no time to explain, just help me down!
Amethyst How're we supposed to do that?
Pearl Maybe we can weigh him down?
(Pearl puts a heavy jacket on Steven.)
Steven It's not enough, keep it coming!
(Amethyst hands Steven a bowling ball.)
Steven More, more.
(Garnet bring a boat from the sea and gives it to Steven.)
Steven Nnnnn, I don't think this is working. (Steven struggles to hold everything while no velocity was gained.)
(Pearl and Garnet climb aboard the boat while Amethyst as Purple Puma tries to weigh it down.)
Steven Nothing's working, is there anything else you could put on me?
Garnet (Garnet pulls out the Cookie Cat alarm clock with 7:26 as the current time.) Just this alarm clock.
Steven (Steven looks at the clock in disappointment.) It's past 7:00. (Sigh) Thanks for trying guys, but there's no point any more.
Amethyst Sorry, Steven. (Amethyst falls towards the beach.)
Pearl Sorry, Steven. (Pearl follows Amethyst down.)
Garnet It wasn't meant to be. (Garnet jumps down with the alarm clock.)
Steven Huh... (Steven drops everything including his phone, and the boat makes an impact on the beach.) It was 'too' meant to be. (Steven inhales in disappointment.) My first day back, and it's already ruined. I wonder who will get my donut instead of me.
[Steven begins imagining the scenario in the Big Donut]
Steven Probably Peedee, he'll be up for his morning jog; Mr. Smiley will have the second donut; Lars will embezzle one; Ronaldo will buy one that he thinks is a mutant; Onion will buy one and take it for granted; and then Mayor Dewey will order a dozen, and then a dozen dozen for the whole town, and then a dozen dozen dozen for all the starving children of the world! (Steven imagines small drawn out versions of kids above the Earth holding out their donuts.) But not for Steven. (Cuts back to the Beach City residents with a special donut on a pillow and Steven's name on a card) They'll say, "Where's Steven? We saved a donut for him." They won't see me, because I'm in the sky. And then they'll feed my donut to a dog. (Steven imagines Sadie feeding his donut to a dog) ...and then I'll die... (Steven's bones start falling from the sky.)
Sadie (Steven's imagination) (Picks up Steven's skull) Alas! Poor Steven, I knew him well.
Steven (Steven's skull opens its mouth) Noooooo! (Suddenly, Steven wakes up from his daydream, noticing he's falling towards the ground at a faster speed.) Huh? I'm falling. (Steven tries to slow down.) Oh jeez, I'm falling. (Steven shouts for the Gems.) Guys!
(Steven looks at the beach as he falls towards it.)
[Back on the beach, the Gems are discussing how to get Steven down.]
Amethyst Yeah, but if he did have a jetpack, he could just put it on upside down.
[Back to Steven falling]
Steven Uh, they still can't hear me. Oh, my phone! (Steven checks his pockets and realizes that he dropped it.) I dropped my phone! Why do my powers keep coming and going? I was just so happy to be home. Wait! That's it! Happiness, my floating power's tied to my emotions. (Facepalms) Ugh, right, just like all my stupid powers!
(Steven starts falling even faster than before.)
Steven Okay, right, I can control this! I just have to think happy thoughts and no negative thoughts. So, what makes me happy? Donuts? (Steven imagines a donut, which disappears with a poof.) No, I'm not gonna get any. The beach? No, that's where I'm going to die. (Steven imagines himself falling into the sand and creating a Steven-shaped hole). Mom? (Steven imagines his mother.) Oh jeez, those emotions are complicated! Come on, come on brain, time is running out! I just need something that makes me happy, something I can depend on to cheer me up! (Steven looks at the Crystal Gems.) My guys... They spent all night just to keep me company. No matter how much I mess up, they'll be there to help me.
[Back to the beach]
(The Gems still discuss about the situation. Garnet is smiling.)
Pearl But if he can't control his power-
Garnet It's all right.
Pearl How is it all right!?
Garnet By now, Steven has realized that his powers are tied to his emotions, just like I knew would happen. He's used the memories of happy and sad things to land safely behind us, ready to give us a hug.
(Steven face plants in the sand behind Garnet.)
Garnet Close enough.
Steven (Picks his head up, excited) Guys! (Steven runs to the Gems for a hug.)
Garnet (Stops Steven) Wait! You have somewhere else to be.
Steven What?
Garnet There's no time, run to the Big Donut. Run! (Garnet points to the Big Donut.)
Steven (Breaking into a run) Uh, okay!
Pearl I would've liked a hug.
(Steven pants while running.)
Steven No way. No way, (begins to run faster) no way, no way, no way! (Steven jumps to the Big Donut.)
(Steven stumbles near the outside of the Big Donut and finds Sadie just opening the shop.)
Steven (Excitedly) You're just opening? I thought I was late!
Sadie Late? We always open at 7:30 on Sundays.
Steven Ugh, duh...
Sadie Well, you're just in time, here you go. (Sadie presents Steven a fresh donut with sprinkles.) My treat, a fresh baked frosted donut with sprinkles.
Steven My favorite! (Steven jumps with joy and hits the ceiling so hard that it cracks.)
Sadie (Cringing) Oh...
Steven (Stuck on the ceiling) Oh bother...
[Episode ends on the donut Sadie holds on a plate]
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