Template:Steven Jr. "Steven Jr." is a goat who made his debut in "Giant Woman." He makes a cameo in "Warp Tour" and appears to have two offspring. He currently resides at the Sky Spire.


Steven Jr. has fluffy white fur and has eyes with rectangular pupils, a characteristic of most goats.


He acts like a normal goat and eats anything he can put his mouth on. He is seen eating a rose and attempting to eat the Heaven Beetle. Steven Jr. does not reciprocate Steven's affection, but this does not seem to faze Steven.


Wide Leaping: Although debatable, Steven Jr. has the ability to leap abnormally far to cross the floating small island bridge, as shown in "Giant Woman".



Steven finds him and calls him his "son." Steven acts as his father until he tries to eat the Heaven Beetle, stating that he is "no son of mine."


In "Giant Woman," Steven Jr. leaps out of some bushes and startles Pearl. He later bites her hand. These may be signs of negative feelings towards her, or all in the moment of the situation.


  • In the Cartoon Network game, Goat Guardian, the player must grab Golden Apples in order to rescue Steven Jr. from the Crumbling Mountain Temple.
  • After Steven Jr. and Steven were rescued from the Big Bird, Opal drops him on the ground.
  • Steven Jr. is the first animal to be named after a main character.
  • In "Warp Tour," when Steven and the Gems are checking the Sky Spire, they see Steven Jr. with two offspring, implying that there may be other goats at the Sky Spire.
    • This could possibly mean that Steven Jr. is a female, since we have had no clear indication of their gender.
    • According to the show's tumblr one of Steven Jr's offspring is named "Steven The Third".
  • It is unknown how he managed to get into the Sky Spire, as it is located in the sky, an inaccessible place for a goat or most any regular animal.
    • This could mean that at one point the Spire was grounded, and Steven Jr. was able to climb on before an unknown event sent it airborne.
    • Another theory is that Steven Jr. actualy warped to the Sky Spire.


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