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Steven Universe: Anti-Gravity is a graphic novel by KaBOOM! Studios that was released on November 1, 2017.[1]

Product Description

Electromagnetic disturbances cause objects and people around Beach City to hover off the ground, and the gang goes to the Gem Temple to figure out what's happening.

Beach City has always been proudly weird, but when objects and people all around town mysteriously begin levitating... well, that's outright odd. To figure out what's happening, Steven and the Crystal Gems will literally have to travel to the moon and back! Writer Talya Perper and illustrator Queenie Chan come together for this way-out Sci-Fi tale featuring everybody's favorite Beach City Heroes.[2]

Product Details

  • Age Range: 8 – 11 years
  • Grade Level: 3 – 6
  • Series: Steven Universe (Book 2)
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: KaBOOM!; Not for Online ed. edition (July 25, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1608869962
  • ISBN-13: 978-1608869961[2]


In the Beach House, Steven is showing Amethyst how to make a pancake when the pancake starts floating in mid-air. At that moment, Ronaldo Fryman shows up at the door, announcing that Earth has made contact with aliens. Ronaldo explains that a few weeks ago, he bought a radio telescope to listen for messages from aliens, and he has been broadcasting his own messages since then to encourage them to make contact. Earlier that day, while Peedee Fryman was berating Ronaldo for not helping at Beach Citywalk Fries, Ronaldo heard some noise through the telescope, including the word "approaching." Immediately afterward, objects began momentarily floating all over Beach City. Ronaldo believes that aliens have heard his messages and are going to abduct him, after which he will "pursue a career in intergalactic diplomacy." Ronaldo thanks Steven for believing in him and working with the Crystal Gems to "keep Beach City weird."

Pearl is sure that the gravitational anomalies are Gem-related and pushes Ronaldo out of the house. Once outside, Ronaldo starts floating upward and doesn't come down, which he thinks means he is being abducted. Steven starts floating as well, and Pearl leaves him inside the house to prevent him from floating away while she, Garnet, and Amethyst try to rescue Ronaldo, as the Gems' bodies can adjust to the unstable gravity. None of the Gems can jump high enough to catch Ronaldo, however. Steven manages to anchor himself to the ground using his own floating powers, then walks outside, floats up to grab Ronaldo, and brings him back down. Ronaldo is upset, thinking that Steven made him miss his chance to meet aliens. As the Crystal Gems take Ronaldo back to Beach Citywalk Fries, Steven asks Garnet if he did the right thing by saving Ronaldo, and Garnet reassures him that he did.

Inside Beach Citywalk Fries, Peedee and the food are floating around. Peedee says he was worried sick about Ronaldo, but Ronaldo is still frustrated about not going into space. Steven tells Ronaldo that they don't know what's causing the gravitational anomalies, that he should understand how dangerous they could be, and to focus on protecting Peedee until everything is fixed. After the Gems prompt him, Steven explains that Gem stuff doesn't seem as simple to him as it once did and that it's important to him that they take threats to the Earth seriously. Pearl tells him that he's too young to be worrying so much, and Amethyst adds that they like him partially because he doesn't "sweat the serious stuff."

The Crystal Gems run around Beach City, catching floating objects and people, encasing them in Gem Bubbles, and telling everyone to stay inside and ignore rumors. Pearl and Garnet realize that the cause of the anomalies is probably a broken ancient Gem satellite and that they need to get a view from above to figure out which satellite is the problem. Steven motivates a sleeping Lion to get up, and the Crystal Gems ride him as he warps to the Moon Base.

On the Moon Base's control deck, the Crystal Gems spot the satellite, which is aiming a malfunctioning warp beam at Beach City. Pearl explains that the satellite once served as a mobile headquarters for Gem scouts collecting core samples from potential colony planets. Back at Beach Citywalk Fries, Peedee is trying to grab the floating food and contain it in a sack, but Ronaldo has stopped helping and is instead talking to himself, still convinced that the anomalies are a response to his broadcasts. Peedee accidentally floats out of the window chasing a floating spatula, but Ronaldo hears him call for help and pulls him back inside.

At the Moon Base, the Crystal Gems consider warping to the satellite on Lion to shut it down, but Lion is too tired from the previous warp. Garnet says that the satellite is close enough to physically jump to, so Steven bubbles his own head to make a helmet and the Crystal Gems exit the Moon Base. Garnet jumps onto the outside of the satellite, and Pearl and Amethyst fuse into Opal, who throws Steven onto the satellite and then jumps onto it herself. Garnet pulls open the satellite's door, and the Crystal Gems enter it, Pearl and Amethyst unfusing to fit through. Pearl checks the satellite's computer and finds that it was broadcasting the signal that Ronaldo heard. While Pearl tries to shut down the satellite with the computer, Amethyst checks upstairs to find other problems and Steven and Garnet check downstairs.

Downstairs, Steven finds the satellite's warp core. He notices that it's warm and asks Garnet if it's overheating, but Garnet tells him that that's typical of machines this old. The two look at the Earth through a transparent part of the satellite and Steven asks Garnet if she and the other Crystal Gems ever feel scared protecting the whole Earth. Garnet says that they do and that when she first joined the Rebellion, she took her training so seriously that she often forgot to enjoy the Earth. Steven wonders if Homeworld will ever see Earth the way the Crystal Gems do, and says that the Crystal Gems will just have to try and show them.

Amethyst tells Steven to come upstairs and see something cool. The top of the satellite is filled with multicolored crystals that Amethyst says "look all computer-y," as well as a switch on the wall. Suddenly, an alarm sounds and the satellite computer completes the announcement that it made in part earlier: "Danger approaching - pulsar waves imminent." The satellite is then caught in a beam of radiation from a pulsar, which causes one of the upstairs crystals to shatter and the computer to malfunction. Pearl tries to turn the computer off but to no avail. The computer then announces that it is charging a phaser weapon and that the weapon will fire at Earth in five minutes.

Back in Beach City, Peedee and Ronaldo are noticing that the air is getting hot when lightning strikes on the beach, creating a large blob of glass. This convinces Ronaldo that the aliens are attacking, and he begins broadcasting to try and talk them down. The satellite receives and plays Ronaldo's message, and Steven talks back using the satellite's computer. Steven tells Ronaldo what's happening, and Ronaldo offers to help, admitting that Steven was right about the danger and saying that he's trying to help because he cares. Ronaldo asks the Crystal Gems if they tried turning the power off and on again, and Pearl frustratedly replies that they did. Ronaldo asks if it was the main power and not the monitor power, saying that his dad often makes that mistake. While Pearl tells Ronaldo that he has no idea what he's talking about, Steven gets Amethyst to throw him upstairs and presses the switch he saw earlier, turning the computer and the warp beam off and averting the danger. Before the Crystal Gems leave the satellite, Steven takes a few pictures of it with his phone.

Later, the Crystal Gems arrive back at Beach City on Lion and are greeted by the townsfolk, who ask Steven what happened. Steven credits Ronaldo with helping the Crystal Gems shut the satellite down, and he gets everyone to cheer for Ronaldo. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl thank Ronaldo as well, and Ronaldo says that means a lot. Mayor Dewey thanks the Crystal Gems and Ronaldo officially, and the Crystal Gems return to the Beach House. Steven discovers that he left the stove on and the pancake is burning, but he puts the fire out and begins his pancake-making demonstration again as Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl all watch. Ronaldo writes a post about the incident for his blog, which includes Steven's photos from the satellite.



In flashbacks




  • Opal is much larger than normal, able to easily hold Steven in her cupped hands like Sardonyx.
  • After Steven and Garnet look at the Earth for the second time, Steven's bubble-helmet turns from pink to light blue.
  • Amethyst randomly changes from her second regen outfit to her first after they board the satellite.


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