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The Steven Universe: Harmony Comic Series[1] is a five-issue series from writer S.M. Vidaurri and artist Mollie Rose set in the world of the Emmy Award-nominated Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe. Each issue is formatted in a special 8"x8" and published by KaBOOM! Studios.

Print copies are available for sale at local comic book shops and at the BOOM! Studios webstore. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers, including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and the BOOM! Studios app.


Cover Issue Description Release date

Harmony1 Cover #1 As Steven helps Sadie cope with quitting her job at the Big Donut and losing Lars, Steven and the Gems must work together to deactivate an old Diamond Authority artifact called the Harmony Core before it destroys Earth.[2] August 1, 2018
Steven Universe Harmony Issue 2 Cover A #2 As Steven continues to hold onto the Harmony Core, it's up to Amethyst to take over his responsibilities, including band practice. But when more Harmony Cores threaten to activate, the Gems must act quickly or else the entire Earth will be put in danger![3] September 5, 2018
Steven Universe Harmony Issue 3 Cover A #3 With one of their own down for the count, the Crystal Gems must band together and figure out how to deactivate the Harmony Core. When they don't make much headway, it's Pearl's turn to take Steven's place at band practice.[4] October 3, 2018
Steven Universe Harmony 4 Cover A #4 With the Harmony Core subduing more and more of Beach City, Steven and the remaining Crystal Gems must find a solution-and fast![5] November 7, 2018
Steven Universe Harmony 5 Cover A #5 With the location of the last Harmony Core on Earth revealed, Garnet sets out to retrieve it, while Steven and those left in Beach City try to figure out what to do next.[6] December 5, 2018


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