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This article is about the Steven Universe: Harmony issue. You may be looking for the 2014 issue, the 2017 issue, or the Steven Universe & The Crystal Gems issue.

"Steven Universe: Harmony #1" is the first issue of Steven Universe: Harmony comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios.


As Steven helps Sadie cope with quitting her job at the Big Donut and losing Lars, Steven and the Gems must work together to deactivate an old Diamond Authority artifact called the Harmony Core before it destroys Earth.


On the Gem Homeworld, two Topazes search for documented data stones. One Topaz accidentally knocks on the Harmony Core and fell on the ground to activate it. She put it back before Aquamarine comes. At the Harmony Core Temple on Earth, the other Harmony Core is activated.






  • This issue takes place sometime after the episode "Jungle Moon".
    • Connie is wearing her outfit first seen in "Lars of the Stars". "Jungle Moon" takes place directly after "Lars of the Stars" and ends with Connie and Steven being rescued from space. They are back on Earth for some time before this issue begins.
  • Topaz uses a wand identical to Aquamarine's.

Cultural References


  • Topaz states that Aquamarine has been insufferable since their return from Earth in "Stuck Together".
  • Topaz asks her counterpart if she misses being fused. Aquamarine ordered the two to unfuse in "Stuck Together".
  • Sadie mentions quitting her job at the Big Donut in order to join a band, as seen in "Sadie Killer".
  • Garnet exhibits her future vision ability, first seen in "Future Vision".
  • Steven tells Sadie Killer and the Suspects that he has missed playing music with them. He did this with them in "Sadie Killer".
  • Connie wears her outfit first seen in "Lars of the Stars".
  • Sadie asks Peridot if Steven is in space again, referencing his recent trip in "Lars of the Stars" and "Jungle Moon".
  • Sadie writes lyrics about Lars hanging out with aliens in space, referencing his travels with the Off Colors.


  • Opal's design is based off the fusion of Pearl's regeneration from "Steven the Sword Fighter" and Amethyst's regeneration from "Reformed", despite Amethyst's main design in this series being her regeneration first seen in "Crack the Whip".
    • This is because Opal's design featuring the fusion of these regenerations was not seen until the episode "Together Alone", released months after this issue.




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