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Steven Universe: Tap Together is a free-to-play Steven Universe video game for Android and iOS. It is available to download on the Play Store and App Store, but is currently in public beta.


Team up with your friends to protect Rose's Room in an unforgettable RPG starring all of your favorite Steven Universe characters.

Cloud monsters are taking the shape of Steven’s greatest foes, but he’s not alone. You and your friends have the power to put a stop to these creatures and their ever-growing power.

Join or create a club and fight against Bosses together with your friends and become the strongest club.

Club Info

Creating a club requires spending 50 Coins, but joining a club is free. There are different club levels which give you advantages, such as more space for other members. The maximum Club VIP (not to be mistaken with individual Pay-to-Win VIP levels) level is 21.

There are also three club roles: member, officer, and leader.

  • Member is the rank you start with in a club can be removed from the club by officers and leaders.
  • Officer is a rank that can only be obtained when the leader allots it to a member and can only get removed by the leader.
  • The leader is the creator of the club and cannot be removed from it.

Club Tournaments

Each tournament lasts 7 days. If the club is in first or second place, the club will be placed in a higher tier for the next tournament. If the club is in last or second-to-last place, the club will be placed in a lower tier for the next tournament.

Club Tiers

The higher rank/league your club is, the more rewards you get. You can see each tier's tournament rewards in game.

Each tier has 3 levels; for example you start in Bronze 3, then you move to Bronze 2, followed by Bronze 1. After Bronze 1, your club would move into Silver 3, and the same process would repeat.

Each tier, from lowest to highest:
  • Bronze (3, 2, 1)
  • Silver (3, 2, 1)
  • Gold (3, 2, 1)
  • Platinum (3, 2, 1)
  • Quartz (3, 2, 1)
  • Diamond (3, 2, 1)


The best way to obtain Hero Fragments is through Multiplayer Battles, Tournaments, and Club Auctions. It's also possible to obtain fragments from cases in the Shop.

The diamonds which fall from beating a monster serves as EXP for your Heroes. EXP increases as the Stage increases. Levelling your Hero Roster (heroes who aren't part of your team) is recommended, as it affects the Total Hero Levels multiplier and boosts your team. That being said, equipping items to your Hero Roster will not affect your team.

Heroes work on a 5-Star system, with each star needing double the amount of fragments than the last.

  • 1-Star to 2-Star upgrade = 20 Fragments
  • 2-Star to 3-Star upgrade = 40 Fragments
  • 3-Star to 4-Star upgrade = 80 Fragments
  • 4-Star to 5-Star upgrade = 160 Fragments.

Each star unlocks a new skill/boost, but not a stat boost - stat boosts are from equips.

1-Star Heroes (10 fragments to unlock)

2-Star Heroes (30 fragments to unlock)

3-Star Heroes (70 fragments to unlock)


Normal Enemies 

  • Purple Cloud Monster
  • Pink Cloud Monster
  • Orange Crab Monster
  • Blue Crab Monster
  • Red Kindergarten Monster
  • Grey Water Bear
  • Geode Beetles (Heaven, Earth, Pink, Red)
  • Corrupted Quartz Monsters (Quartz, Red, Amethyst, Jasper)
  • Semi-Corrupted Jaspers (Blue and Pinkish Purple)
  • Li'l Butler
  • Other Corrupted Monsters



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