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Steven Universe: The Big Donut Special is a one-shot comic published by KaBOOM! Studios. It features a collection of stories centered around the Big Donut. The official cover was released on December 14, 2016.,[1] with an exclusive cover released on December 7, 2016.[2]


This is it! The Big Donut Special! This special one-shot focuses on Lars, Sadie, the citizens of Beach City, and the Crystal Gems as they hang out at their favorite donut place.

Featuring off-model stories, and alternative portrayals of Steven and the entire gang.

40 pages of story and art!

Product details[1]

  • Print Length: 46 pages
  • Publisher: BOOM! - KaBOOM! (December 14, 2016)
  • Publication Date: December 14, 2016
  • Language: English


Story 1: "Clash of Gluttons"

The story begins with Steven bursting into the Beach House to announce that the Big Donut is having a blow-out sale on donuts. He declares that he is going to attempt to beat his past donut eating record of two dozen donuts to which Amethyst comments that two dozen is "kid's stuff" and that she can eat way more than that. Steven immediately challenges her to a donut eating contest to prove who can eat more.

At the Big Donut, Amethyst and Steven begin shoveling donuts into their mouths by the armful while Sadie acts as commentator. After all the donuts are gone, Sadie decides that it is a tie. Steven and Amethyst are indignant at the results, but can not fight about it further as both are exhausted from eating so much. Greg arrives with a box of a dozen donuts for Steven to celebrate his 'battle', with the latter initially refusing the box until Greg reminds him that it is their father-and-son special. The story ends with Greg and Steven walking away happily while Amethyst is still recovering from the donut eating contest.

Story 2: "The Big Donut Contest"

The story starts with Steven entering the Big Donut to buy some donuts. He notices a poster and Sadie explains that it is advertising a donut design contest. She shows Steven last years winner, the "Don't Donut", shaped like a prohibition sign. Steven holds it up to Lars and tells him not to slack. He decides that the donut is cool and enters the design contest.

At the Beach House, Steven announces the contest to the Gems. He suggests that each make their own donut to submit them all as "The Crystal Gem combo". Once finished making their donuts, Steven asks to see the final results. Pearl creates a hologram of a donut, proud that it is food that does not need to be consumed. Amethyst presents a donut with every snack she enjoys combined into one "super donut". Steven tells them that their donuts are good but not practical. When he gets to Garnet, she says that she did not make a donut since she saw the donut Steven made for her with her future vision and already loved it. Steven subsequently presents a platter with donuts he made themed around each Crystal Gem. The story ends with Steven blushing as the Gems praise his work.

Story 3: "The Donut Thief"

The story begins with Steven about to enter the Big Donut. As he opens the door, Lars tells him to close it and a creature immediately runs past Steven and out the door. Lars angrily shouts that Steven "let it get away" and that it is on the roof. Steven, Lars, and Sadie climb a ladder to the roof and Steven asks what they are looking for anyways. Lars and Sadie explain that the creature that ran past Steven is a donut thief that has been stealing donuts from them all morning. Immediately after saying this, the creature closes the hatch to the roof and strands the trio. Steven offers to put them all in a bubble and roll off the roof safely. Despite Lars' initial disapproval at the idea, they follow through with the plan. When they reenter the Big Donut, they soon discover that the culprit was a baby raccoon all along. Steven asks if he can keep it and brings it home with him. Despite his begging, Garnet does not allow him to keep the raccoon.

Story 4: "Health Inspection"

The story begins with Mr. Smiley walking into the Big Donut. Sadie asks for his order and he explains that he is not there for donuts, but rather is a health inspector. Sadie is shocked by this and nervously says that there is no problem, everything follows state regulations. As Mr. Smiley begins his inspection, Sadie grabs Lars and tells him that the situation is serious and they need to make sure everything is clean. A Slime Gem Monster takes that as an opportune moment to crash into the building along with the Crystal Gems. While the Gems battle the monster in the background, Sadie and Lars work to clean up the mess that the battle is leaving behind. They are surprised that Mr. Smiley seemingly is not noticing any of it. Just as the battle and cleaning is done, Mr. Smiley turns around and Sadie, in a state of panic, hurries to explain the situation. Mr. Smiley tells them that it is fine and that the monster has been trashing every store he has been inspecting. He announces that they would have gotten a perfect score, if not for Lars' untucked shirt. The story ends with the donut on top of the building coming down.

Story 5: "How To Donuts"

The story begins with Steven and Sadie entering the kitchen of the Beach House. Steven explains to the Gems that Sadie is there to teach them all how to make donuts at home. She pulls out a recipe and begins to help them all through the process. First, they mix yeast with warm water to make sure it is alive. Then, with the aid of Garnet, they mix the dough. Next, they knead the dough into flour and leave it in a covered bowl for an hour. Much to Amethysts's impatience, when the dough is done sitting it still needs to be flattened and then shaped into donuts, and left to sit for another hour. As Pearl makes glaze for the donuts, the dough is fried. The donuts are then finished off by adding the glaze and sprinkles. The story ends with the Gems holding the finished product.

Story 6: "Food Fight"

The story begins with Sadie telling Lars to watch the store while she mails invoices. He protests, explaining that he is wearing his cool pants today and needs to go outside to impress The Cool Kids with them. Sadie tells him to do it when she gets back and Amethyst and Steven enter the store. They order a dozen donuts but Lars refuses to take their order since he is still upset. Amethyst begins eating donuts and says that, since she has eaten them, Lars will have to charge them. Lars begins to protest but is cut off when Amethyst throws a donut at his face. He becomes more angry and Amethyst and Lars begin a food fight. As the fight grows more heated, it continues outside where Onion is hit. Onion takes out a tomato cannon and begins firing tomatoes. Jenny is hit by a tomato and she joins in by throwing pizzas. Noticing the fight, Ronaldo and Peedee join in as well with french fries. Soon, the entire boardwalk is participating in the fight. Lars taunts the crowd by pointing out he has not been hit that much and subsequently everyone aims for him. Lars angrily tells them that they ruined his cool jeans, but calms down when the Cool Kids compliment his jeans. Greg scolds Steven and Amethyst for starting the fight and makes them clean up the mess. The story ends with Sadie entering the now empty Big Donut and seeing the mess left inside.

Story 7: "Donut Derby"

The story begins with Steven, Connie, and Amethyst waiting for the Pinewood Derby to begin. Amethyst asks what the point is and Connie begins to explain it in physics terms while Steven says it is just to see whose car goes the fastest. Steven shows her his car, "Mr. Sprinkles". Connie inspects it and says that the wheels look uncalibrated and should be tested. Amethyst suggests that they do a warm up lap. During this warm up lap, Mr. Sprinkles' wheels fall off. Connie and Amethyst apologize for the accident and Sadie tells them that they still need to sign up for the derby officially. Sadie notices the broken wheel and Steven tells her that he can wait until next year to participate. Sadie assures him that there is no need to wait and that she has an idea. The story ends with Mr. Sprinkles in the derby, now with actual donuts for wheels.





  • After the donut eating contest in story 1; there are several panels where Steven's shirt is lifted, but his gem is missing. This is most likely an error.

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