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Steven Universe: The Movie is an upcoming feature film based on Steven Universe that will air on Cartoon Network[1] in Fall 2019. It is not known how it will tie in to the TV series.

It was first announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 during the Steven Universe panel.





  • Former Crewniverse member Ian Jones-Quartey returned to work on the movie's story.[2]
  • It is to be animated by Sunmin Image Pictures Co.[3]
  • At the end of the first airing of Change Your Mind the teaser trailer played revealing part of the planned release date.
  • The brief glimpses of the Gems in the trailer shows them in their pre-regeneration outfits. This was most obvious with Garnet's shades being their original shape instead of the top of a star. This was likely done to avoid spoiling the Diamond Days arc's mass regeneration, though their appearances were not updated for the trailer shown after Change Your Mind.



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