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I changed. That's the final piece. All those struggles, I learned from them, and I grew! Oh my gosh! It's not just my Gem powers I've forgotten! All this "happily ever after" stuff has made me forget the first power I ever had: the power to change!

Steven Universe: The Movie
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Steven Quartz Universe is the titular main protagonist of the Steven Universe franchise. He is the son of Greg Universe and Rose Quartz, the only known hybrid of a human and a Gem and the first Crystal Gem of human descent. As a result of his parentage, Steven is an extraordinarily unique being with innate powers beyond that of normal humans and Gems. While he was only a child, Steven steadily grew from a tag-along to the Crystal Gems into the heart of the team thanks to his kind-hearted nature and resourcefulness.

Steven is devoted to protecting humanity and helping those in need just as Rose Quartz did, and though her monumental legacy once forced Steven to live in her shadow, he has since surpassed her by ending the authoritarian practices of the Great Diamond Authority and establishing peace across the galaxy. However, the consequences of his mother's mistakes continue to haunt Steven and those he cares about to his growing frustration. Additionally, as his friends and family continue to grow and start to go out into the world and beyond, Steven has begun to struggle with his own self-identity and what he wants to do with the rest of his life. He has also started coming to terms with suppressed trauma that he has built up over the course of his years of adventures and near-death experiences with Gems.

At the end of the series, however, after holding his feelings in for so long culminates in him transforming into a giant Gem monster after coming to the conclusion that he is one, Steven's friends and family manage to get through to him with the power of love. In the months following, he decides to leave Beach City to go on a road trip on his own to see the world and find himself.



According to Pearl and Vidalia, Steven takes after his parents. He is relatively short with a thick, stocky build. He has fair skin, curly dark brown hair, dark brown eyebrows, and full black irises which can sometimes have stars as pupils when he gets excited or optimistic. He wears a salmon-pink T-shirt with a gold star in the center. He also wears cuffed blue jeans and salmon-pink flip-flop sandals. His gemstone, a pink diamond he inherited from his mother is where his navel should be. As revealed in "Steven's Birthday", while he is fourteen years of age his half-Gem physiology affects his rate of aging and he appears younger.

Steven Universe: The Movie

As of Steven Universe: The Movie, Steven has aged physically, having grown slightly taller and now having a visible neck. He still keeps his blue jeans and salmon-pink sandals, but his shirt is now sky-blue with a yellow star in the center, and he also wears a pink varsity jacket with white trims.


As of Steven Universe Future, Steven wears the same clothing he had worn in the movie except that his sky blue shirt is now black, resembling his father Greg's old Mr. Universe shirts.


At the end of "Everything's Fine" and during "I Am My Monster", he transforms into a giant Kaiju-sized monster after coming to the conclusion that he is one. He is massive in size, towering over the Crystal Temple and completely dwarfing the Diamonds, though he noticeably decreases in size over time, becoming only a few meters taller than his fellow Diamonds. His posture is heavily hunched over and his anatomy is disproportionate, with a potbelly, a long heavy neck ending in a small head, a short tail, long powerful arms, and relatively short legs. His body is covered head to toe in hot pink tuberculate scales that are hexagonal in shape, and his back is protected by a thick armored carapace. He has numerous pinkish off-white thorn-like spines running down the length of his back and forearms, starting at his forehead and ending halfway down his tail. He retains his human form's facial profile and nose, though his eyes have gained black sclera and glowing pink pupils, and his mouth is now filled with sharp teeth. On the sides of his head are a pair of long, angular horns that point upwards, as well as a similar-looking pair of short, curved tusks on the sides of his lower jaw. His forearms are thick and powerful, bearing large human-like hands with four fingers and a thumb each, all five digits bearing sharp, dark pink claws. His legs are digitigrade in posture and his feet bear five claw-tipped toes each. His gemstone is still located where his navel would be, though it appears much smaller due to his massive size in this state.


He is a super-excitable, hammy kid.

Rebecca Sugar

Steven, after summoning his shield for the first time.

Steven is optimistic, friendly, outgoing, soft-hearted, and carefree with a happy-go-lucky attitude that is appreciated by many of the citizens of Beach City in one way or another. He is musically inclined, a trait inherited from his father, with a propensity for breaking out into song and occasionally playing on his ukulele. Steven sees the best in everyone and is also very compassionate, something which Pearl notes he inherits from his mother and treasures his friends and family. He is friendly toward almost everyone he meets (even to his detriment), rarely holds grudges, and is non-discriminatory, never treating anyone with prejudice, even enemies. No matter the situation, Steven will always go out of his way to support his loved ones, even if it means putting his life on the line and he will avoid resorting to violence if possible. He would much rather make a compromise and choose to reason than fight back.

Steven looks up to his caretakers — Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl — and considers them family. He wants to be a great hero just like them and is eager to go on adventures with the trio, both to prove his worth and to have fun exploring strange lands. Despite his underdeveloped magical power and lack of experience, he has proven himself to have much heroic potential through his resourcefulness, optimism, and confidence.

Steven is rather naive and socially oblivious due to his isolated upbringing. Steven has never attended a school and before "Nightmare Hospital" had never been in a hospital or had his vitals taken. While Steven is often prepared to go on adventures at a moment's notice he has a habit of biting off more than he can chew, requiring the Gems to intervene. While Steven retains his childlike innocence and obliviousness to the dangers he is put in, his encounters with Homeworld Gems give him a new level of seriousness.

Steven trying to ignore Connie's call.

This initially makes Steven self-conscious about his immaturity and he gains resolve to outgrow it, although his misguided attempt becomes a source of self-inflicted misery as he tries to break off his friendship with Connie to protect her from harm. It was only Connie's sensible nature that stops him from going down a bad road and balances his resolve. Steven has since grown more mature and level-headed in dealing with strenuous situations, but his enthusiasm has remained the same.

Steven helping out Peridot make up to Lapis.

His maturity has grown to new levels as he helps Lapis Lazuli and Peridot acclimate to Earth and continues to hone his powers. He is now more willing to fight than before to aid and protect his friends though still willing to help anyone in need — even enemies, as seen when he tried to heal Jasper from creeping corruption in "Earthlings". Unfortunately, this has also gotten him in trouble as shown in "Bubbled" and "Room for Ruby" in which trying to befriend "Eyeball" and accept "Navy" as a Crystal Gem ended badly: "Eyeball" tried to kill him when she believed he was Rose Quartz due to his healing powers and "Navy" turned out to have been lying in revenge.

A great example is in "Bismuth" and throws something at her and yells, "Look out!" but they're fighting and she's actively trying to get him. It's very insightful to who Steven is. Violence is always the last resort. He'll always try to talk it out for better or for worse, it doesn't always go the way he wants it to.

—Zach Callison in an interview[2]

Like his mother, he appears to be very charismatic; for example, easing a raging crowd in "Political Power", and motivating his friends and father into working out and helping Pearl to find her strength to fight Sugilite in "Coach Steven". His genuine kindness, sincerity, and capacity for empathy let him inspire friendship, trust, and love from most of the people he meets which enables him to mend others' inner turmoil and reach others who are otherwise closed off, noticeably in the cases of Peridot and Lapis Lazuli.

But the truth is, we rely on you. Your voice inspires us, binds us, reminds us why we promised to protect the planet. You need to be that voice. For them.

—Garnet to Steven, "The Return"

Steven is shown to have unique tastes in entertainment. He enjoys Crying Breakfast Friends! despite his dad and the Gems' inability to understand its appeal. Steven is a bit of a romantic and loves the ending of The Spirit Morph Saga for the wedding even when Connie disagrees. "Made of Honor" further shows his enthusiasm for weddings in the form of the wedding planner book he claims to have been putting together his entire life and he shows great zeal in preparing for and performing Ruby and Sapphire's wedding in "Reunited".

Despite his naivety Steven still has a more grounded and practical outlook than his three caretakers, often correcting them on normal human interactions. Though Steven frequently goes on fantastic adventures he retains a tendency to be easily impressed; he is enamored with Bill Dewey's play until Jamie points out its flaws and is also shocked to find that his Watermelon Stevens are alive and admits it should not have surprised him.

Steven, as "Tiger Millionaire", knocks over Lars' drink, saying he couldn't afford a signature from him.

While Steven is typically friendly and kind-hearted by nature, his enthusiasm and excitability can get out of hand and he ends up doing more harm than good. When this happens he can be anywhere between obnoxious, overbearing, and rude. Steven tends to let his inhibitions go out the window when doing something theatrical, as seen in "Tiger Millionaire", "Steven and the Stevens", and "Sadie's Song". His alter-ego Tiger Millionaire is the best example of Steven letting his passionate side get the better of him.

The only time he has shown true anger and prejudice toward someone is Kevin in "Beach City Drift" for the way he treats Stevonnie. His dislike and desire to best Kevin lead him to fuse with Connie and the anger Stevonnie inherits is strong enough that they hallucinate and fall apart. It is Connie's sensible nature that convinces him to let his anger go.

Steven and Bismuth opening up to each other.

Deep down Steven feels guilt over his mother not being around and inferiority over not being able to live up to her reputation. He is unwilling to talk about this with the Gems due to thinking they blame him for Rose being gone. The only people he has opened up to about it are Amethyst, Bismuth, and the Cool Kids. He told Amethyst the reason he is working so hard is that he is not Rose Quartz and Bismuth that he does not think he can live up to his mother's standards.

In "Mindful Education" it is revealed that Steven harbors guilt over the unfortunate events upon Bismuth, Jasper, and "Eyeball". Like his guilt over Rose, he tries to keep these worries secluded in his heart and to not think about it, convincing himself he had no other choice.

After it is revealed by "Eyeball" in "Back to the Moon" that Rose Quartz supposedly shattered Pink Diamond he becomes more independent and rebellious towards the Gems and their authority over what he is supposed to know. In "Steven's Dream" he argues with Garnet for not telling him why he shouldn't find the broken Palanquin, figure out his dream and learn why he is shedding a constant flow of tears. As he discovers more about his mother and the effects her actions had he starts to show anger and guilt towards her over what she did.

Steven confessing to his friends that he is the only one who can end what his mother caused.

"Storm in the Room" highlights Steven's anger and confusion towards Rose over her actions and how she "disappeared" leaving him to clean up her mess. "Lion 4: Alternate Ending" shows he has become paranoid about anything having to do with Rose and her secrets and in "The Good Lars" calls her a war criminal. These feelings come to a head in "Are You My Dad?" and "I Am My Mom" when his friends are captured by Topaz and Aquamarine and he bargains to free them by offering himself instead as a way to atone for his and his mother's actions.

Steven pleading guilty for his mothers crimes to Yellow and Blue Diamond.

"The Trial" highlights his resolve to atone for the shattering of Pink Diamond in that he immediately pleads guilty knowing that he would be executed. However, when Rose Quartz's crime comes into question he is shocked upon the revelation of the flaws in his mother's crime and the possibility of another Diamond being responsible for Pink Diamond's death instead of Rose Quartz. Matt Burnett and Ben Levin stated he learned he was wrong about who Rose was and wonders whether he has to carry the moral greyness she had or if he can be stronger and different.[3]

Steven assuming Connie would be happy to see him back safely.

Steven's obliviousness can create problems even with those he cares about as in "Dewey Wins" he thinks Connie should be grateful to him for giving himself up to Homeworld to save her, not understanding how he hurt her until suffering the same hurt when Dewey concedes the mayoral race in spite of Steven's campaigning and urging the public to give him another chance; although this particular obliviousness could be attributed to him not being ready to face his feelings over his surrender and everything he experienced on Homeworld as well as having to deal with the emotional anguish his surrender caused his loved ones. "Kevin Party" shows him confronting the harm he did when he reunites with Connie after a few weeks apart from her and apologizes to her for giving up and brushing off her feelings.

However, the aforementioned episode also shows Steven's great emotional vulnerability beforehand and how it can cause him to make impulsive and poor decisions and be subject to manipulation by others; as seen when he sees Connie sporting a new look and her and Lion (who had shared her anger with him over his surrender and stayed with her since after taking her home following their fight) seemingly having a great time at the party without him, and assumes that they've both moved on from him in their anger (mainly due to Connie's seeming complete lack of response to all of Steven's attempts to make amends throughout their estrangement and Lion never returning to Steven after taking her home). This assumption and his already emotionally vulnerable state nearly drive Steven to leave the party without even trying to talk to Connie, and ultimately, to desperately take Kevin's advice to bait her into making the first move in their reconciliation by deliberately ignoring her presence and making it seems like life is going fine for him with her gone. The advice, of course, ends up having the opposite effect, instead causing Connie to believe that Steven has given up on making amends with her after being unintentionally abandoned and shut out by her for so long, and has decided to both drop her as his best friend and replace her with Kevin, which is seemingly confirmed in her eyes when the two have an awkward encounter in which he, still under Kevin's influence, implies that he has moved on from her and Lion, and is much happier with them out of his life. Only when Connie angrily confronts him over this and nearly leaves with Lion again does Steven return to his senses, narrowly stopping them from leaving and, after discovering the reasons behind Connie's silence towards him and that she had always intended to reconcile with him, finally talks things out with her.

Steven's reaction after learning Rose was Pink Diamond.

"A Single Pale Rose" once again changes Steven's view of his mother after learning she actually was Pink Diamond. He tells Amethyst in "What's Your Problem?" he is still confused about her and her actions. "Made of Honor" and "Reunited" cement Steven's growth and maturity as he forgives Bismuth and accepts her back into the Crystal Gems with Bismuth claiming Steven as the real leader of the Crystal Gems and as he convinces Blue and Yellow Diamond to stop fighting by revealing his identity as Pink Diamond's son/reincarnation.

Learning about his mom, things he didn't realize, things aren't as they seem, it's hard for him to process all that. That's a big dynamic for Steven as the show goes on. He just wanted to meet his mom at first. He had all these questions about who she was and know that he knows he wishes he didn't in a lot of ways. He still doesn't know definitive answers about a lot of things. He was especially frustrated when the Gems wouldn't always tell him the truth about things or how things really were. That's going to be a struggle for Steven for a while. At this point, because I don't know the whole story, I can't say. I don't think Steven knows if he can at this point.

—Zach Callison in an interview

"Familiar" gives Steven a look into his mother's relationships with Blue and Yellow Diamond, and also leads him to realizes that he and his mother have something in common: they are/were the youngest members of the Crystal Gems and Diamond Authority respectively, and were frequently underestimated due to their immaturity, but also dearly loved and doted on like children by their peers. With this, Steven decides to embrace his mother's old role on Homeworld to help convince White Diamond to cure the corrupted Gems on Earth.

However, "Together Alone" shows him struggling to deal with Homeworld's stifling conformities and traditions, much like his mother did, especially when he learns that he and his friends must be split up during the ball he has decided to throw: only Pearl and Connie are allowed to remain by his side (with the latter as his "pet"), while Garnet must split up into Ruby and Sapphire, and they and Amethyst (who must wear limb enhancers) must remain with their kind of Gem. With Connie's encouragement, however, Steven decides to go against the traditions, and dances with her, but this ends up causing trouble when the two fuse, which causes an uproar that ruins the ball, and leads to the Crystal Gems, who fused in defiant support of Stevonnie, to be poofed, and Stevonnie themself to be locked away in a prison tower as punishment. This shows an at least temporary shift in their personalities, with Steven being more withdrawn and practical than he usually is, while Connie is more upbeat and impulsive than she usually is.

Steven convincing White Diamond.

"Change Your Mind" shows Steven finally coming to terms with himself and his mother, and after a long struggle and battle, managing to open the eyes and mindsets of all the Diamonds (including White), convincing them to restore the corrupted Gems on Earth, and drop their conforming perfectionist way of life to become better beings.

Steven rediscovering his powers.

Steven Universe: The Movie shows Steven at his most mature, having grown into his role as the new Pink Diamond, though he is also shown in a slightly negative light; specifically, he is shown to be very single-minded and inflexible when stressed, as he becomes so focused on saving the Earth and reclaiming his "happily ever after" that his attention is on trying to get the Crystal Gems’ memories back instead of focusing on the regenerated Spinel, and he is too focused on that task to notice that he manages to set Spinel off again after she deactivates her injector. However, he realizes his mistakes at the climax when he remembers his greatest power is changing and inspires change when trying to help Spinel.

Steven's frustration over dealing with his mother's mistakes, which sets off his pink state.

In Steven Universe Future, he retains his maturity from the movie, but can still be overbearing in trying to help others as seen in "Guidance". "Volleyball" showcases Steven's anger and frustration towards his mother after learning she gave Pink Pearl her cracked eye, causing a fair amount of destruction through his powers as a result. In "Bluebird" he shows a more snarky, cynical and sarcastic personality when dealing with Bluebird and a resurfaced Aquamarine and "Eyeball"; "A Very Special Episode" highlight his maturity and practicality as he races between Garnet and Pearl to help keep both situations under control. "Snow Day" once again showcases Steven's maturity as well as his hardworking attitude and lifestyle along with him desiring to not be seen as a child anymore which culminates in the Gems finally accepting Steven as the person he's grown into and his understanding that they miss him as he's growing up. "Little Graduation" shows he is suffering from anxiety as all his friends move on with their lives and "Prickly Pair" shows his growing anxieties with himself and his relationships with the Gems.

Throughout the latter half of Future he resembles his mother more, particularly her faults as he runs away from problems by helping everyone else with theirs, hides his feelings and distances himself from others, and shows a literally explosive temper that causes his powers to run out of control.

In a dream, Steven fears over Peridot drifting away from him.

"In Dreams" and "Bismuth Casual" highlight Steven's fears of drifting away from his friends and holding them back; the former episode displays his stress over his desperation to appease Peridot by using his dream powers recreating the reboot of Camp Pining Hearts (which they both dislike), and the latter displays his fears that Connie, who at this point has made other friends and is more outgoing and confident than ever before, has forgotten their friendship. Fortunately, both Peridot and Connie reaffirm their bonds with Steven by each episode's end (Peridot after apologizing to Steven for putting so much pressure on him, and Connie after fusing with him into Stevonnie and winning a skate competition).

Steven, heartbroken after his rejected proposal to Connie.

"Together Forever" shows Steven reaching an emotional impasse in his relationship with Connie as the time for her to head off to college draws nearer; as such, he then makes the impulsive decision to propose marriage to her and follow her to college as Stevonnie in order to stay in her life and find purpose in his life. When she turns him down (at least for the time being) due to them being really young and wanting to retain her individuality, he is understanding but emotionally crushed.

"Growing Pains" showcases the aftermath of Steven's failed proposal to Connie: his body begins shapeshifting out of control due to his emotions, and Connie convinces him to go see a doctor for the first time in his life. This also shows that, as Dr. Maheswaran reveals from her examination, Steven is suffering psychological, mental, and emotional trauma (most likely, but not confirmed to be PTSD) due to the traumatic events throughout the original series and movie dating back to his childhood that is starting to flare up now that those in Steven's support system (e.g. his family and friends) are moving on with their own goals and lives, and implies that Connie's declining of Steven's proposal might have set his emotionally-charged shapeshifting off. However, the episode also shows the good that comes from Steven talking his problem out with someone, namely his father who afterward assures his son he'll be there for him during the tough times.

"Mr. Universe" highlights Steven getting to know more about his father's family and his father's life before coming to Beach City and meeting Rose. However, Steven becomes disillusioned after learning his father's backstory was similar to his mother's: Greg was brought up with strict, overbearing parents who controlled his life and never supported his interests which led to him running away to take control of his destiny. This revelation leaves Steven feeling resentful over being denied typical childhood experiences (such as going to school and the doctor) and likely causes him to conclude that the lack of normalcy in his childhood has left him unable to deal with his trauma or figure out what to do with his life.

Steven, harnessing the destructive side of his powers, about to shatter Jasper.

In "Fragments", Steven's insecurities about himself, his life, and his powers finally lead to him breaking away from his family and running away to the one he feels can understand him: Jasper. This also displays a ruthless and darker Steven as he hones the destructive side of his powers with Jasper's training. He also becomes arrogant about his newfound abilities as seen when he kisses his bicep, something even Jasper is annoyed by. As a result, he decides to no longer hold back, enjoying the thrill of fighting and the freedom of using his full power which culminates in him gleefully massively attacking Jasper in a rematch of their fight from "Little Homeschool", causing, unintentionally and to his great horror, her shattering. Immediately after, Steven retains his kind and remorseful attributes as shown when he brings Jasper's gemstone shards home after calming down from his battle high and uses his and the Diamonds' essences to restore it. Unfortunately, when Jasper addresses him as "my Diamond" after reforming Steven is left reeling with horror as he realizes that by shattering Jasper out of aggression, he has broken his principles and seemingly become the one person he fought against being compared to for so long: his mother.

"Fragments" and "Homeworld Bound" reveal that Steven harbors a suppressed desire for vengeance against all who willingly wronged him, especially the Diamonds and others from Homeworld; he is irritated by them and Spinel acting friendly after everything they had done to hurt him and his loved ones, and having a strong intrusive thought about shattering White Diamond's gemstone when given control of her body.

"Everything's Fine" shows Steven's mental health nearing its lowest when, after returning from Homeworld, he puts on a cheerful façade and tries to help everyone like he used to. However, due to his enhanced powers, his interference only leads to disaster in everything he tries to help with. When his loved ones confront him in an intervention, Steven finally lets loose the bad things that occurred with him since leaving Little Homeschool, including Jasper's shattering, which shocks everyone. This, combined with his PTSD, sense of purposelessness, and failure to help others, leads to Steven denouncing himself as worse than his mother; a fraud and a monster. This triggers an emotional meltdown and transformation into an actual monster.

Steven being hugged by all of his friends and family.

"I Am My Monster" shows Steven's complete emotional meltdown as he, now transformed into the monster he sees himself as, goes on a rampage as the Crystal Gems and later the Diamonds, Spinel, and the Cluster tries to keep him from hurting anyone and find a way to change him back. However, after they all manage to embrace him in a group hug, showing that they love him unconditionally and will always be there no matter what, Steven is finally able to calm down, return to normal, and let out his years of emotional baggage.

I think maybe Cookie Cat had run out of ways to grow on his home planet. And even though it must’ve been hard, and he loved his family so, so much, maybe he had to leave to keep moving forward.

—Steven, "The Future

Steven driving out of Beach City on his road trip.

"The Future", taking place a few months later, reveals Steven is in a better place thanks to both his loved ones and therapy and has made plans to leave Beach City to see the world and make his own destiny like his father, leaving Greg his old room. It is also implied that he is now officially in a relationship with Connie as they kiss just before he leaves, and they make plans to meet with each other during his travels and her college tours with help from Lion beforehand. He also gives each of the Crystal Gems a parting gift and shares an emotional farewell with the main three and the townspeople before driving out of Beach City for the foreseeable future.


As a human/Gem hybrid, Steven possesses unique physiology, resembling a fusion of a Gem and a human. He is capable of using Gem magic, though it is unknown if he possesses all the abilities of a pure Gem, such as retreating to their gemstone when taking fatal damage. As associated with his gemstone, Steven's powers are maternal and the control of his gemstone is based on emotional clarity.

Steven has shown to have some abilities of a regular Gem, but sometimes has little control over them due to not receiving enough training. He can warp using the Warp Pads and bubble objects and gemstones to be teleported to the Temple with seemingly full control. He is not strictly oxygen-dependent and is vacuum-resistant as shown in "Ocean Gem" and "Space Race". He also shows that he can fuse, as he can fuse with Connie to form Stevonnie. While in the beginning, they tend to fuse spontaneously when they dance and while thinking about each other, by "Beach City Drift" they fuse and re-fuse into Stevonnie at will. Furthermore, he has also been shown to be able to fuse with other Gems as well, as he first fused with Amethyst to form Smoky Quartz in "Earthlings". However, this ability to fuse is only possible through his gem and training, and once his gemstone was affected by Spinel's rejuvenator, fusing with his father proved to be extremely exhausting for Steven and severely weakened him since he lost the power and focus he originally had.

Steven is also capable of shapeshifting, but he has not yet learned to fully control it. His first attempt in "Cat Fingers" was disastrous, temporarily turning him into a cat monster. He has not been able to change his form entirely but can freely shapeshift parts of his body as seen in "Too Short to Ride". His greatest feat in shapeshifting is seen in "Steven's Birthday", where he can use shapeshifting to make himself appear older.

Despite his happy-go-lucky and cheerful attitude, he shows himself to be a competent shield fighter and can hold his own in most situations with his skill consistently increasing due to practice.

The final battle with Spinel in Steven Universe: The Movie shows him at the peak of his abilities as he fights her one on one, showing that he has grown exceptionally skilled since he was a child, able to either withstand or counter everything Spinel throws at him.

"Fragments" shows a new level of Steven's abilities as he fights Jasper in his pink state, showing increased strength, speed, and the ability to fly.

Despite being educated in an isolated environment and never attending conventional school, he possesses a good deal of knowledge not only on general topics, but also in scientific and technical fields like physics, chemistry, and geography due to being educated by the highly intellectual Pearl. However, due to the Crystal Gems' obliviousness about some human activities, he is quite oblivious about some social terms, like "nuclear family". The prime example is during his conversation with Connie about a family gathering in which Connie mentions the concept of a nuclear family, which makes Steven think that she thinks the Crystal Gems are radioactive. Another example is that when Connie introduces Steven to her favorite novel series, Steven had no idea about the order of the books in the series and was reading them out of order.


  • When fused with Connie, they form Stevonnie.
  • When fused with Greg, they form Steg.
  • When fused with Amethyst, they form Smoky Quartz.
  • When fused with Pearl, they form Rainbow Quartz 2.0.
  • When fused with Ruby and Sapphire (or Garnet), they form Sunstone.
  • When fused with Ruby and Sapphire (or Garnet), Amethyst, and Pearl, they form Obsidian.


  • Intelligence: Though never directly stated, Steven is shown to be extremely intelligent in his own right. He is a natural problem solver, as most of his early adventures relied on him using intelligence and creativity to get himself out of trouble without the use of his powers. He is also able to converse with the highly intelligent Connie on an equal footing since they first met. For much of the early series, his intelligence was overshadowed by his immaturity, something that has faded as he has matured and shown how deeply he thinks about things, particularly what he has learned about Rose Quartz, even though he actively tries not to. "Snow Day" shows Steven's intelligence and organization as he works on the class schedule for Little Homeschool.
    • Piloting: In "Legs From Here to Homeworld", he controls his mother's old ship to get a running start to take off. In "Change Your Mind", Yellow tells Steven to take a knee and Steven kneels to control it on the outside.
    • Driving: In Steven Universe Future, Steven is seen driving the Dondai Supremo, suggesting he has his driver's license.
    • Multitasking: In Steven Universe: The Movie, Steven is able to defend himself against Spinel while also trying to talk things out with her.
Tiger Philanthropist (120).png
  • Martial Arts: Steven has been shown to exhibit martial arts moves while wrestling during "Tiger Philanthropist". Due to his superhuman strength, these moves can easily injure or knock out other humans when used by Steven. He can also go blow for blow with Spinel (while attempting to talk things out with her) and was able to impress Jasper, a former highly skilled Gem soldier in their own right.

Natural Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: Steven possesses some level of the natural shapeshifting abilities typical of Gems, which he first displayed in "Cat Fingers" when he shapeshifts his hands to have cats for fingers, but he lost control of this rather quickly. As of "Too Short to Ride", he is shown to be much better at using this ability than before, being able to stretch various parts of his body at will repeatedly, though as with Amethyst he can only do this for a certain amount of time and his half-human nature puts more of a strain on his body than it would a Gem. In the episode "Snow Day" Steven demonstrates the ability to shapeshift into his younger form. In "I Am My Monster" he shows that he can completely transform into a Gem monster many times his size and height.
    • Fluctuating Age: As revealed in the episode "So Many Birthdays", Steven can manipulate his age through his state of mind. Steven's age depends solely on how old he thinks he is. Uncontrollable age-changing could also potentially be caused by his emotions like most of his powers. This ability is an extension of Gem shapeshifting, however, due to his organic half, by shapeshifting into the body of an elderly man, Steven's body may actually fail as a result, as shown in "So Many Birthdays". "Fragments" shows him age slightly as he trains with Jasper.

      Steven in his monster state.

    • Monster State: Due to all of his emotional grief, PTSD, and sense of purposelessness, Steven viewed himself as a monster and therefore transformed into one at the end of "Everything's Fine". In this state, he has a bestial mentality not unlike a Corrupted Gem; only much more powerful and dangerous than before. He was able to quickly defeat Alexandrite, completely resist the powers of all three Diamonds, break free of Lapis' water chains, and even overpower The Cluster. It's implied by Sapphire that he would've remained in this state forever if they did not intervene. However, once all of the Crystal Gems, the Diamonds, Spinel, The Cluster, Greg, and Connie all got through to him through their words and love, this managed to snap Steven out of this state and turn him back to normal.
  • Superhuman Strength: Steven occasionally performs feats of strength that would be impossible for a human boy his age, or even a grown man. In "Together Breakfast", Steven can lift and force the Together Breakfast in its mutated state into the lava pool in the Burning Room without the other Crystal Gems' abatement. He also displays a large amount of strength in "Arcade Mania" when he rips off the top of the Meat Beat Mania arcade game to break Garnet from her trance.
    He displays an even further amount of strength in "The Return" when he smashes Greg's Van's dashboard with a single punch, apparently hard enough to both shatter it and activate the airbags. In "Joy Ride", he can move Jenny away from the Escape Pod with little effort. Later on in "Friend Ship", he is shown to be strong enough to throw his shield hard enough to stun Peridot. When Peridot is unable to open the lid to the power grid in "When It Rains", Steven can open it with little effort, though this may have been for comedic effect as opposed to an actual feat of strength. He can rip off the control panel from the drill machine when it malfunctions in "Too Far". In "Drop Beat Dad", he easily lifts a crate of musical gear, a task that requires two adult humans to achieve.
    As Gems are much stronger and durable than their appearance would indicate, Steven's superhuman strength is most likely passed down to him from his mother. In even more recent episodes, his strength is even more evident, as he was able to throw a large stone statue back at Bismuth, hurl a large rock at Amethyst, and throw Peridot into the air. As seen in "Future Boy Zoltron", Steven's strength is underestimated and unintentional in situations by even himself, as tapping the Zoltron robot made it fall over and shatter into pieces. In "The Zoo", he punched his father with enough force to knock him back several feet and easily carried him overhead as he ran from the Zoo.
    Steven's strength was further demonstrated in "Tiger Philanthropist", when he managed to fight off several conditioned adult men without tiring, including being able to lift an adult male human above his head and throw him a considerable distance. In "Lars' Head", he is shown to fairly easily push a boulder that both the Rutile Twins and Rhodonite combined were unable to move, causing the twins to even remark "Woah, strong." while all three Gems stared at him in awe. In "Back to the Kindergarten", Steven carried a rock stack that was at least a few times taller than himself while showing no strain. Even when he was significantly weakened, in Steven Universe: The Movie, Steven was strong enough to momentarily lift the gargantuan drill out of the ground.
  • Superhuman Durability: As shown in "Steven vs. Amethyst" and "Bismuth", Steven is more durable than what his human physiology and stature would lead one to believe. Befitting his nature as a half-diamond Gem, his body can take a great amount of punishment, as seen when Amethyst swings him down from the air and into the floor of the Ancient Sky Arena, he can stand up and continue fighting despite being seen with torn clothes, scratches, and bruises. In "Bismuth", when Bismuth tossed a training statue at Steven and slammed him into a wall during their fight, he emerged with several scratches yet was not badly injured. In "Adventures in Light Distortion", Steven's durability allowed him to handle the full force of faster-than-light space travel. While the other Crystal Gems were unable to hold their physical forms together, Steven was not only able to survive, but also show no sign of internal or external injuries. In his final battle with Spinel, he shows that using his shield he can withstand every blow she throws at him without injury, while the injector beneath him cracked and shattered from the force. In "Growing Pains, his conversation with Priyanka Maheswaran reveals an X-Ray of Steven's skeleton, showing numerous physical injuries and fractures that seemed to heal nearly instantly (according to her diagnosis). While she isn't entirely sure how it works, it shows that a number of Steven's injuries were seemingly healed shortly after the damage was made.
    • Gem Weaponry Resistance:
      Jail Break 023.png
      Because Steven is half-human, he is resistant to anti-Gem weaponry. He can pass through the yellow destabilization fields used in the Gem Warship and can grab the live end of a Gem Destabilizer with only mild discomfort. It is unknown what long-term exposure would do to him. However, repeated strikes from a Gem Rejuvenator will render him powerless.
  • Superhuman Speed: As shown in "Greg the Babysitter", Steven has the power to travel faster than any normal human. In his pink state, he is capable of moving at a percentage of light speed, with his perception of time also becoming highly accelerated.

Unique Abilities

Steven holding his shield.

Steven's shield on its own.

Due to possessing Pink Diamond's gemstone he shares most, if not all of his unique abilities with her.

  • Shield Proficiency: Steven can summon Rose's shield. Because Steven's powers are maternal, he is required to feel a strong need to protect and help others to call his shield out. Early on, he had little to no control over how to summon it, only calling it forth by chance or when in mortal danger. As of "Sworn to the Sword", Steven is now able to not only summon his shield with little effort but also increase its size at will. He appears to have become quite skilled in wielding it as he was able to use it in conjunction with his protective bubble and defend against Pearl's strikes. Unlike some other Gems, instead of "pulling" his shield out of his gemstone, it appears over his arms similar to Garnet's gauntlets appearing over her hands. As of "Friend Ship", he has become completely capable of summoning his shield at any moment he requires it, even being able to scale his shield large enough to defend the Crystal Gems. It should be noted, however, that overuse of his shield exhausts Steven (such as using it three times in one day), though he has since overcome this weakness. The shield is remarkably durable. The greatest testaments of its durability are shown in "The Return" when it was able to withstand a charged shot from the Gem Warship, and Steven Universe: The Movie, where it was able to withstand an attack from Spinel that cracked (and eventually shattered) her entire injector. As of "Crack the Whip", Steven can summon his Shield as many times as he wants without tiring, even summoning more than one. This shows that his exhaustion was possibly due to inexperience. The shield also has reflective properties strong enough to reflect a laser fired from a scanning Robonoid, as seen in "Off Colors".
    • Tag-team Combat: Due to the close bond they share, Steven can coordinate his shield techniques perfectly with Connie's swordplay, such as fighting back-to-back to defend and attack simultaneously or catapulting Connie from his shield for a powerful lunge attack.
    • Dual Wielding: As seen in "Crack the Whip", Steven can manifest more than one shield.
  • Projectile Shield: Steven, when in great excitement, can throw his shield as a projectile with great speed and power. In "Friend Ship", he weaponizes it as a ranged attack against Peridot, hitting her in the head with enough accuracy to temporarily stun her. In "Crack the Whip", Steven throws two shields at once in a sparring match with Connie. As seen in "Steven vs. Amethyst", Steven can boomerang his shield off of several targets, causing it to return to his hand. His shield also has razor-sharp edges and can cut through substances as tough as a solid rock before returning to him, hitting Amethyst in the process, showing Steven's growing skill in this technique. The shield may also have potential to damage metal, as seen in its debut in "Gem Glow", where Steven got so excited, he accidentally had it ricochet off the roof, floor, and walls of the Beach House on the Crystal Temple, until it hit Steven's TV, impaling and damaging it.
  • Shield Vibration: On certain occasions when Steven's shield is hit, it emits an audible vibration that disables magical constructs. In "Ocean Gem", it destabilizes Lapis Lazuli's Water Clones when a ball of water hits Steven's shield. It also seems to play a brief role in "Sworn to the Sword", when a Holo-Pearl attacks his shield, and it promptly deactivates (the same sound in the former episode can be heard as it does).
  • Diamond Aura Projection: While interacting with Blue and Yellow Diamond in the astral dimension, Steven was able to manifest and project a powerful pink aura, which convinced them that he was truly Pink Diamond reincarnated.
    • Healing: Steven has the power to heal animals and plants, as well as repair Gems and inanimate objects. He is shown to be capable of healing cracked gemstones as seen when he healed Lapis Lazuli in "Ocean Gem". He can also heal common human injuries and conditions, seen when he healed Connie's eyesight in "An Indirect Kiss" and Greg's broken leg in "House Guest". In "The Test", Pearl remarks to the other Crystal Gems that he has lost his healing ability and that their test should hopefully increase his confidence and therefore prevent him from losing any other abilities. In "Monster Reunion", Steven's healing abilities came back to heal Master of Ceremonies Bear Bear, showing conclusively that his powers affect inanimate objects, and can partially heal the Centipeetle Mother. In "Bubbled", Steven successfully heals "Eyeball"'s cracked gem. He generally applies this healing saliva directly by licking his hand and placing it on the injury, but a comment by a Ruby in "Volleyball" suggests he will sometimes use a kiss.
      • Resurrection: Like his mother, Steven possesses the ability to resurrect the dead with his magic tears. The recipient turns pink and gains special abilities, such as the ability to grant access to the Pink Dimension through their hair as well as an extremely slowed metabolism and heart rate. Two known cases of this are Lion and Lars.
      • Corruption Reversal: As demonstrated on Nephrite in "Legs From Here to Homeworld", Steven, along with Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond, can temporarily reverse the effects of the Corrupting Light on Gems. And it's shown in "Change Your Mind" that they can heal the effects permanently when all four diamonds sit in Rose's Fountain together with the corrupted Gems.
      • Shatter Reversal: As shown in "Fragments", Steven, along with the rest of the Diamonds' essence, is able to completely repair a shattered Gem.
      • Self Healing: As displayed in "Growing Pains", Steven endured a lot of physical trauma during his adventures, and an x-ray reveals that his injuries had already been repaired.
  • Phytoanimation: Like his mother, Steven possesses limited control and influence over plant life. Using his healing saliva, Steven can grow sentient and sapient flora by licking plant seeds. All seeds that Steven licks can fully grow in less than a day. These plants apparently don't need soil, water, or sunlight to grow as seen in "Watermelon Steven" where they grow on the dry pavement overnight. In that same episode, Steven discovers he can grow watermelons shaped like himself. They act as his bodyguards, but they are not directly under his control, and the Watermelon Stevens ignore his orders and attack whoever they think is threatening him, suggesting that he does not have full mastery of this ability thus far. It seems that this has changed, as once Pumpkin was brought to life, it was completely non-hostile and possessed its own opinions of others. It is also possible that, in the case of Pumpkin, Steven had full knowledge of the ability and thus control over it, whereas in the case of the Watermelon Stevens, it was accidental. It is unknown if this is a unique ability or an extension of the Diamonds' ability to bring life.
  • Pebble Animation: As demonstrated in "Familiar", Steven's sweat can turn inanimate pebbles into living Pebbles.
  • Steven's bubble on its own.

    Bubble Shield: Steven can summon an incredibly durable bubble, as shown in "Bubble Buddies". The bubble encases him and others that he is protecting. In "Sworn to the Sword", it is shown that Steven is capable of summoning it reflexively, as he instinctively summons his bubble to protect himself and Connie due to his wariness of Holo-Pearls as a result of the events in "Steven the Sword Fighter". In "Nightmare Hospital", it is shown that Steven can expand his bubble to push away enemies. In "I Am My Mom", Steven used his bubble to free himself and his friends from Topaz, though it required a great deal of concentration to do so. In "Bubble Buddies" and "Bubbled", it is implied that the bubble can generate its internal atmosphere, as Steven and Connie could survive in the bubble for hours despite it being airtight and Steven is even able to breathe inside one he had just generated in the vacuum of space. While the bubble is incredibly durable, it is better at withstanding short, narrow bursts of pressure, such as being hit with a harpoon, than a large amount of pressure constantly being applied over a large area of the bubble, such as in "Nightmare Hospital", when the Gem Mutants hit Steven's bubble, the pressure causes little ripples to spread across the bubble, and in "Gem Hunt", when a corrupted Ocean Jasper stomped on his bubble with enough force to cause it to lose its circular shape and pop. This was most likely Steven intentionally allowing the bubble to become malleable so that it would pop instead of shatter so that he and Connie would be thrown away instead of crushed by the monster. The bubble could also be shattered, as demonstrated by a corrupted Biggs Japer shattering it after exerting massive amounts of pressure on it.
    • Shape Alteration: Steven can change the size of his bubble, as well as change its shape from a sphere into a variety of other shapes - for instance, causing sharp spikes to appear along its surface, or stretching it to encompass and protect other people. The versatility of this ability has increased as Steven has grown, and is fully on display during his battle with Spinel in Steven Universe: The Movie.
    • Bubble Gloves: Steven can create small, hard bubbles around his fists like boxing gloves, enhancing the strength of his punches and his ability to block attacks.
    • Popping: Steven can "pop" his bubble to knock surrounding enemies back, as seen in "Nightmare Hospital", where he knocked much larger Gem mutants back by popping his bubble. His bubble will also pop if he is startled, as seen in "Sworn to the Sword", when Pearl startles Steven, or if immense pressure is applied to the bubble, as seen in "Gem Hunt" when the Snow Monster popped Steven's bubble by stomping on it.
    • The extent of the bubble's durability is unknown, although it has survived most of the following:
      • The tremendous pressure of an ocean trench ("Bubble Buddies").
      • Being crushed by a falling injector ("On the Run").
      • A spaceship crash ("Jail Break", "Jungle Moon").
      • The entire Gem Warship detonating ("Jail Break").
  • Empathic Telepathy:[4] In "Horror Club", Steven can sense the Lighthouse Gem Monster's presence as well as its emotional state. In the episode "Chille Tid", it is shown that Steven can communicate with Gems through his dreams. Steven talks to Lapis Lazuli mentally as he was dreaming. He also saw Jasper and Malachite in the same dream at Malachite's Realm and they noticed him as well. Steven was later shown in "Gem Drill" to be able to communicate with a distressed Cluster while it was struggling to form. In "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service", he helps Kiki battle her inner demons in her dreams. This ability has primarily come to light while other beings are under emotional turmoil. "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service" shows with Kiki that Steven can also enter the dreams of other humans, but also that repeated use of this power can physically exhaust him, as sleeping in this state seems to provide no restful benefit that would otherwise be gained from typical sleep. In "Steven's Dream", he shows a strange development of this ability, in being able to subconsciously see through the eyes of Blue Diamond, while crying her tears. This can even happen when he's awake, if in close enough proximity to her, though this may be a result of Blue Diamond's empathetic powers seen in "The Trial". In "Together Alone", Steven dreams that his mother juggles, then coughs up her hair; the nightmare then reveals the likeness of White Diamond. In "Change Your Mind", another nightmare has the Diamonds directly attack Steven, which causes him to change between himself, Rose Quartz, and Pink Diamond.
  • Mind Transfer: First shown in "Super Watermelon Island", when he can take control of a Watermelon Steven, Steven can transfer his consciousness into another living being he has a connection with while his own body is asleep. The true mind of the host body lays dormant while he is in control of it. The full extent of this ability is unknown. In "The New Lars", Steven is shown to be able to possess someone (in this instance Lars) he thinks about while he sleeps. It is shown in the episode "Escapism" that this ability is strong enough to reach from Homeworld to Earth, which is likely many lightyears away.
    • Mind Link: First shown in "Steven's Dream", Steven can link his mind with another being. This power allows Steven to feel the target's emotions and see the world through their eyes. For example, if the target is crying, Steven will cry as well, regardless of his current emotional state. When Steven sleeps, his dream will be whatever the target is looking at. Steven does not have to willingly link minds with a person for this power to work since he did not originally know his mind was linked with Blue Diamond.
      • Psychometry/Retrocognition: First shown in "Jungle Moon", when fused with Connie as Stevonnie. He can relive moments experienced by his mother Pink Diamond, either as an observer or as Pink Diamond herself. This only occurs when he is sleeping somewhere of great significance to his mother. When fused, the subjects of these memories can appear as amalgamations of figures both components consider to be similar. Steven is unaware of the nature of the memories at first, and it can sometimes take him a while to realize he's reliving Pink Diamond's experiences. In "Can't Go Back", he observes the shadows of the Diamonds and even Pearl. In "Together Alone" and "Change Your Mind", he sees things as Pink Diamond.
    • Astral Projection: It is shown in "Reunited" that if Steven is knocked out hard enough, his mind will go into an astral dimension while his body remains comatose. While in this state, he cannot interact or communicate with anyone in the physical world unless he phases through them. It is unknown how Steven can return to the physical world on his own. Steven used this new ability to inspire his teammates to keep fighting and convince the Diamonds to halt their attack.
    • Electrical Interference: In "Maximum Capacity", Steven appeared to be able to control Greg's TV-based upon his emotion. For instance, when he was shocked, the television went to static. In the episode "In Dreams", his dreams were projected onto the TV in his bedroom, confirming this to be a power of his. This ability appears to originate from his telepathy interfering with nearby radio signals.
  • Speed of Descent Regulation: As shown in "Steven Floats", Steven, like Rose, can levitate his body and even manipulate its gravity based on his emotions. When he thinks happy thoughts, he floats slowly to the ground, while when he is sad or angry, he descends much quicker. While floating slowly, anything he touches will also float just as slowly, no matter how large. This also allows him to jump higher than normal, having to be able to jump up to the temple's face and even above the clouds. It was first seen in "Rose's Scabbard" as Steven leaps to a floating land island to reach Pearl, however, her turning to suddenly look at him causes him to break in concentration and fall to catch himself on the island's roots. Steven is shown to have some control over his powers in "Steven vs. Amethyst" and in "Monster Reunion" when he easily leaps up to get to Nephrite's bubble and safely descend again. He displays his ability to jump extreme distances again in "Steven's Dream", when attempting to catch Blue Diamond's ship, but is blasted back by the ship taking off. Numerous times in Steven Universe Future he has shown to have mastered the ability to the extent that he can all but fly, hovering in the air and even jumping off his own shield to ricochet around as seen in his fight against jasper. "Fragments" shows that in his pink state he can hover.
  • Steven in his pink state.

    Pink State: According to Priyanka Maheswaran because Steven experienced a great deal of physical and emotional trauma from his numerous adventures and ordeals during his childhood, it affected his body's ability to respond to minor stress normally. As a result, Steven's body began reacting to new stress as if he was in a life-or-death situation. This response manifested as a defense mechanism known as pink state. In this state, Steven's body (except his clothes) glows pink, and his strength, speed, and destructive energy output became tremendous. Steven in this state was able to easily outmatch Jasper in a fight - for instance, knocking her through many large trees with one bubble-enhanced punch, and even shattering her - as well as do significant damage to the walls of The Reef just by shouting. However, Steven had little to no control over this state; he entered it automatically when angry or when he experienced anxiety, and it put him at risk of accidentally hurting people near him. During his training with Jasper, he managed to maintain this state for a prolonged period of time and gain some control, during which he gained a greater degree of strength and a change in personality. However, he eventually lost all self-restraint as a result, enjoying the thrill of the battle and actually shattering Jasper. The ability of the pink state appeared to also extend to abilities of fusions as well, as demonstrated by Smoky Quartz in "Guidance". So far, the demonstrated abilities have been:
    • Heightened overall speed and great accuracy when moving at this speed. It has been used to combat Jasper, Bluebird, "Eyeball", and Aquamarine all of whom could not keep up. He can also move so quickly that time is nearly standing still. This ability is demonstrated in "Fragments" when he runs away from the Crystal Gems or races against Jasper. Smoky Quartz is demonstrated to also be able to use this power as in "Guidance".
    • Increased physical strength capable of shattering several large trees. The physical power varies. When facing Jasper or when angry at The Reef, Steven demonstrated incredible power far beyond his natural strength. When facing Bluebird, Steven didn't appear to strike them as hard while still hitting hard enough to knock his opponent(s) around.
    • A scream that, in Pink Pearl's own words, "could shatter the walls." As seen in the episode "Volleyball", this scream is powerful enough to almost completely ruin the Reef, create a large crater beneath him, break many lights and crack the walls. In the episode "I Am My Monster", in his monster form as his spikes glow, Steven roars to make a crack on the ground of the ocean beneath him, pushing his friends and his father, and even knocking out the Diamond Mech. Much like how the other Diamonds powers inverted to more cooperative and benign forms when they viewed their role and self differently, this power may be the reverse happening to Steven, his healing and protection powers becoming harmful and destructive.
    • Steven's hexagonal shields interlocking.

      A powerful shield dome that can close inwards, and only releases once Steven calms down and comes to terms with his anxiety. It is different from the bubble shield in that it appears as a series of interlocked diamond shapes that disappear in groups when deactivated. When it first manifested, it demonstrated the ability to carve through several solid objects, slicing them apart at the impact.
    • Uncontrollable manipulation of his own body proportions.
    • Hexagonal pink shields that are capable of completely repelling boulders thrown by a strong fighter such as Jasper. Steven can stack a number of them to make a thicker one or wall of them, or protrude spikes from them that can be thrown with enough force to completely shatter a gem. He can also summon these shields in his normal form as seen in "Homeworld Bound".

Attack the Light

Steven acts as the support character in Steven Universe: Attack the Light. He is unable to be damaged and carries the items for the team. He sports the most moves in the whole team. However, none of his moves cause damage, except for the counter for Bubble Shield.

  • Encourage: A move Steven has from the start. Steven encourages one of the Crystal Gems, healing them by 10 Harmony. Upgrades to this move increase the healing amount by 5 each time, ending up as a maximum of 30 Harmony. This move takes 2 Star Points and is best used as a substitute in a battle for items.
  • Bubble Shield: Steven uses his bubble shield to encase a Gem in it, protecting them from 1 hit. When the counter in the bubble, the enemy that is attacking takes damage, provided that the strike was a melee. Upgrades to this move decrease the Star Point cost from 2 to 1.
  • Escape: The name says it all. This move costs 4 Star Points and gives the Gems a chance to escape. Upgrades to this move increase escape chances and reduce the cost to 3 Star Points. Use only in dire circumstances.
  • Ukulele: Steven uses his ukulele to play a song that has a variety of effects depending on the song. Each one must be unlocked separately.
    • Cure Song: Costs 3 Star Points and cures everyone's status conditions. Best used if everyone is afflicted with status and you do not have a Feel great Tea.
    • Defense Song: Boosts everyone's Defense. Costs 3 Star Points.
    • Strong Song: Buffs everyone's Attack. Costs 5 Star Points. It is better to use the Get Beefy Song unless everyone is fully healed and you do not have enough Star Points.
    • Lucky Song: Buffs everyone's Luck and costs 4 Star Points.
    • Get Beefy Song: The best song. It boosts everyone's Attack and heals everyone fully. Costs 7 Star Points.
  • Cheeseburger Backpack: Where Steven stores the items. Steven has this move from the start but it is unusable until you get an item. Steven uses an item that does an effect depending on which item it is. Certain items, like gemstones and Level Up Charms, cannot be used in battle. This move costs 0 Star Points but can only be used once per turn.

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers

Steven is the most durable character in Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers. However, he is one of the slowest and can not jump high. He is unlocked on the first level and will gradually gain more abilities as he levels up. His basic attack is creating a large bubble in front of him that will offensively pop to damage enemies. He can either repeatedly create and pop these bubbles in rapid succession, or charge one bubble to have the pop deal more damage and break shields, however, this makes the bubble take longer to pop.

  • Shield: Steven can summon his shield for protection from enemy attacks. It surrounds his body until the special meter runs out.
  • Laser Light Cannon: This is Steven's most powerful attack. Steven summons the Laser Light Cannon and fires it in the direction he is facing for a powerful long-range attack. This attack consumes energy from the special meter, however.
  • Super Move: When Steven gets a Walky Talky power-up, he can summon Alexandrite to shoot a beam of energy, damaging all enemies on screen.
  • Limited Invincibility: When Steven grabs a Cookie Cat power-up, he will be invincible to all enemy attacks for a short amount of time.

Save the Light

In Save the Light, Steven retains all of his abilities in Attack the Light (barring the Escape option) and has some new abilities. In this game, he can take battle damage and get knocked out, but now, he can fight and has 2 damaging attacks: the Shield Dash is his basic attack where he dashes toward his target with his shield over his arm, damaging enemies in his path and knocking them back, and the Super Duper Shield Dash, a stronger version of the regular Shield Dash that does higher damage, double knockback, and is GUARANTEED to give lucky strikes; however, this ability is difficult to unlock. He can even use his Encouragement ability on himself to heal himself whenever he has taken damage (self-encouragement)!


  • Unique/Hybrid Physiology: Steven inherits vulnerabilities from both the Gem and human sides of his family — for instance, he is dependent on his gemstone but also needs to sustain and take care of his body. When White Diamond removed his gemstone in "Change Your Mind", he was split into two separate entities embodying his half-human, half-Gem nature: his human half was extremely weak while his Gem half lacked self-restraint and both halves sought to reunite with each other.
    • Power-control Loss: He often has little to no control over his Gem abilities which tend to fluctuate erratically from time to time such as when Greg faked his leg still being broken in "House Guest" and cost him his healing powers until "Monster Reunion", much to Pearl's anger and dismay. It is later learned that his abilities are tied to his moods: if Steven is happy, he has access to the majority of his powers, but if he is greatly disturbed, they either malfunction or fail entirely. As stated before, if struck repeatedly by the rejuvenator, he is rendered powerless unless he can piece himself back together. In Steven Universe Future, he enters a supercharged state similar to his Gem-half when fighting Jasper. Afterwards, this goes out of control when feeling extreme emotions.
  • Personality: Throughout most of the series, Steven's greatest weakness was his immaturity. Despite being brave, caring, intelligent and quick-thinking, he often let his youth, naivety, optimism and excitability get the better of him, only causing problems or making them worse rather than fixing them. This aspect faded as he matured and became stronger and less excitable. However, he still retained the tendency to try and look on the brighter side of situations and act as a bigger person. There have been many times where Steven was trying to make friends out of enemies — although his attempts have backfired on multiple occasions — while other times, along with his inherited gemstone, led many others to mistake him for his mother or a reincarnation of her. In the movie adaptation of the show, his desire for a "happily ever after" led to Spinel renewing her assault which he only realized when she had him within an inch of his life. He was shown to have inherited his mother's overbearing, controlling nature and tendency to run from personal problems by focusing on others as seen in Steven Universe Future which also showcases Steven's emotional outbursts that cause power surges and even damage to his surroundings as an aspect of his mother's behavior revealed earlier in "Volleyball". Additionally, Steven has only just begun to realize the magnitude of the countless dangers he was exposed to while living with the Gems and throughout the entire series, resulting in him turning into a giant monster.


When Steven's gemstone is removed from his body, he splits into two entities: one fully human, the other fully Gem. The two Stevens can refuse to recreate Steven's hybrid self. If the Stevens were kept apart each would be focused only on seeking their other half and becoming whole again.[5]


Steven's human-half.

No... Please, I... I need... I need it...

—"Change Your Mind"

Steven's human half is physically weak without his gemstone, unable to stand unsupported and he may be completely unable to survive without it. He possesses Steven's compassion and humanity as shown when he demands his Gem counterpart to stop hurting White Diamond and the Gems under her control.


Steven's Gem-half.

White Diamond: What is this? Where is Pink?!
She's gone.
White Diamond: What did you say? Answer me!

—"Change Your Mind"

Steven's gemstone projects a form that looks like a pink-colored version of Steven's human body and speaks in his voice after cycling through the forms of his mother. This Gem version of Steven is insistent that he is not Pink Diamond. He has Steven's Gem abilities and his shield and bubble have the appearance of pink gemstone facets. He displays impressive power reminiscent of Steven's pink state, being able to shake and crack the floor of White Diamond's ship just by yelling and completely block her mind-control beams. He expresses no emotion most of the time but briefly emotes on a few occasions: he yells at White Diamond that Pink Diamond is gone, frowns in concern for his human counterpart, and smiles and laughs when they are reunited.


Rose Quartz

For my whole life, I've been hearing stories about you. About how amazing you were, that you were so kind and loving. And every time I'd see that painting of you hanging in the Temple, I'd be inspired and reminded of how much I had to live up to.

—Steven, "Storm in the Room"

Steven sitting beneath a statue of Rose.

Rose is Steven's mother, although he has never met with her face-to-face since she gave up her physical form to create him, he has shown great interest in her and her past. Rose's absence left a particular void in Steven's life, having to grow up without his mother. Steven is therefore unsure of what to feel about her despite wanting to, which is rather difficult for him as everyone else knows how to feel about her. As put by Steven himself in "Steven Floats", his feelings for his mother are complicated. Regardless, Steven is willing to defend Rose, like when he snapped at Lars for insulting her.

After Steven had got to see the videotape Rose had left him in "Lion 3: Straight to Video", he was moved to tears when she expresses her love for him and grows more curious about the person Rose was. When Steven is sometimes troubled by the burden of being a Crystal Gem, he takes solace in continuing Rose's legacy by protecting the world like she wanted him to. As revealed in "Steven vs. Amethyst" though, he has doubts that he cannot measure up to Rose's greatness, which is why he works diligently to become a worthy successor to her legacy. He has also developed a habit of clutching his gemstone when he has something on his mind, possibly to seek support from Rose.

Steven harbors great feelings of guilt over Rose giving up her "life" to give birth to him. He keeps this hidden deep down inside of him and rarely expresses it. One notable exception is in "Joy Ride" where he confesses to the Cool Kids that he suspects that the Crystal Gems are blaming him for Rose not being around anymore, shocking the teenagers. He has also felt that he will never live up to the standard set by his mother in the eyes of the other Gems and is one of the reasons he is training harder to master his powers and combat skills. In "Earthlings", he tells Amethyst that it sucks not being like anybody, expressing his frustration of not being as powerful or skilled as his mother.

It is also shown, in many episodes, that Steven, being unsure if he is actually his own person or simply a reincarnation of Rose, feels guilt and takes blame for his mother's actions feeling that he deserves them.

Steven's guilt and fear manifesting in the form of his mother as a result of all those both hurt while fused with Connie as Stevonnie.

"Back to the Moon" and "Bubbled" cause Steven to have even more doubt on what he thinks about Rose after learning she shattered Pink Diamond during the Rebellion, first mentioned by "Eyeball", then confirmed by Garnet later on. In "Mindful Education", one of Stevonnie's hallucinations is the giant head of Rose Quartz staring down menacingly at them, further highlighting Steven's doubts on what he should think of his mother.

I've learned things about you. Things you wanted to keep secret. You locked Bismuth away inside Lion, because she wanted to shatter Gems, and you never told Garnet or Pearl. But then you shattered Pink Diamond. Now all of Homeworld has it out for Earth, and the Crystal Gems, and me! You put us all in danger and you just... disappeared! I finally know the truth. I know what you are: You're a liar! I thought you never wanted to hurt anyone, but you hurt everyone! How could you just leave Garnet, and Amethyst, and Pearl, a-and Dad? They don't know what to do without you! Maybe they didn't matter to you as much as hiding from the mess you made! And that's why I'm here, isn't it? Did you make me just so you wouldn't have to deal with all your mistakes? Is that all I'm here for?

—Steven, "Storm in the Room"

Steven lamenting about Rose's mistakes to her manifestation.

This doubt Steven feels towards Rose is further developed in "Storm in the Room", where he feels uncomfortable by Rose's painting in the Temple. Steven is fully aware that the Gems have portrayed Rose as a perfect and loving being, but he knows there is much more to her. He enters Rose's Room to get answers and has the room create a manifestation of Rose for this purpose. In the room, Steven is initially nervous about being around Rose but gets along with her as they participate in activities such as playing video games and football. Steven feels nothing but joy that he can finally be with his mother and even gets emotional. But he soon realizes that the room made Rose exactly how the Gems portrayed her to be: the perfect, loving being. This is because Steven wants Rose to be that way. However, he once again realizes that he wants to learn about Rose's darker side, which brings out how he's been feeling about Rose.

Steven is really going to have to turn inward and face himself. Throughout the show, he's put everyone else first, and his main goal has been to become the person his family wants him to be. That's got to shift. He's got to accept that it's impossible to fill the shoes of his mother, Rose Quartz. She was always barefoot.

—Rebecca Sugar in an interview[6]

Steven hugging Rose's manifestation.

Rose then reassures Steven that she didn't make Steven just so she didn't have to deal with her guilt and that the tape she left him is proof that she wanted him and let him exist. Steven then understands and realizes that Rose didn't make him to just be a scapegoat. However, he is still paranoid about her and her secrets as seen in "Lion 4: Alternate Ending". In "Are You My Dad?" and "I Am My Mom" he comes to a resolution about his feelings for Rose when he gives himself up as Rose Quartz to Aquamarine to both save his friends to atone for both their actions that led up to that point. In "The Trial", he pleads guilty even knowing that he would be shattered/executed, feeling that he was responsible for Rose's actions and deserved to suffer her punishment.

Mom was Pink Diamond.

—Steven, in "A Single Pale Rose"

Steven surprised when he learns the truth that his mother was Pink Diamond.

After it was revealed in "A Single Pale Rose" that Pink Diamond created Rose Quartz as an alias to escape her duties and protect the Earth, Steven admits to Amethyst in "What's Your Problem?" that he is lost and confused about the revelation. He is relieved that his mother never shattered anyone but is troubled by the extent of her deception and how it has hurt the Crystal Gems. In "Now We're Only Falling Apart" Steven tells Sapphire that Pink Diamond didn't get hurt as Pearl revealed that Pink wanted to scare Homeworld from Earth.

Steven: I feel... confused. I-I thought I'd really finally got it. That Mom didn't have everything figured out, even though everybody put her way up on this pedestal, but... now I guess she's royalty too? [..] I'm relieved that she didn't shatter anyone, but... She lied to everyone. I mean... I'm not surprised. I knew she was a liar. But this is just... so much.
Amethyst: But, like... Aren't you mad?
Steven: Kind of? I don't know... I can see how she was good and bad... and bad and good. But I... I guess what really matters right now is how hard Garnet took it.

—Steven and Amethyst, "What's Your Problem?"

In "Familiar", Steven starts to realize that the experiences his mother went through on Homeworld are similar to what he went through when he was younger, leading him to sympathize with her more. In "Together Alone", when Steven takes his mother's old throne for his mother's legacy, Pink Diamond will be very proud of him.

"Change Your Mind" shows Steven fully coming to terms with his mother after White Diamond extracts his gem and he re-fuses with Gem Steven, realizing that he has always been himself. And even though he still disagrees with her methods to save Earth by betraying her fellow Diamonds and starting a war with them in secret, he also acknowledges that they are too dysfunctional to be reasoned with to the point where everything she did for them amounted to nothing. He even stands up on her behalf against the Authority, finally forgiving her for the hardships she unintentionally put him through because he understands that she had been through the same before.

Steven's sings about how he used to believe he would always live in the shadow of Rose and Pink Diamond.

In Steven Universe: The Movie, Steven expresses disappointment towards her after finding out about her abandoning Spinel. Despite initially being shocked at this revelation he states that he can indeed believe it, given that Spinel is not the only one she wronged, though he doesn't hold it against her, not forgetting that she also suffered before and after what she did to her friend.

Stop it! I can't deal with more horrible thing she did, Okay?! [..] I don't want to hear about it! I don't even want to think about it! [..] I just... want to fix it!

—Steven, "Volleyball"

In "Rose Buds", Steven's feelings about his mother are shown to remain complicated and are reignited by meeting the Rose Quartzes. His resentment over her misdeeds is further shown in "Volleyball" in which Steven expresses fury over continuously having to deal with Pink/Rose's mistakes, denouncing her actions as "horrible". This reveals that Steven has disliked being compared to his mother since the reveal and resents having to carry on her legacy to the point of self-loathing.

This self-loathing carries through the rest of Future, where Steven's respect for his mother has dropped to the point where he tries not to be anything like his mother or compared to her at all to the point in "Mr. Universe", Steven becomes angry and loses respect for his father after he deems Greg to be "just like (Rose)", discovering that they had similar backstories in running away from dysfunctional households, even losing sympathy for the abuse his mom went through and ignoring that she still tried her best to improve herself and not be like the other Diamonds.

Ultimately, in "Everything's Fine", the realization that he is becoming worse than his mother (compared to her faults) leads him to become a monster.

As of "The Future", it is uncertain how he currently feels about his mother. It is possible that he has once more come to terms with his mother's past actions, judging from his improved attitude towards Greg (despite his similarities to the former). However, this remains unspecified.

Greg Universe

Anyway, what's up? Just needed to see your old man, pal around, learn some lessons about life?

—Greg, "Laser Light Cannon"

Steven and Greg laughing over Pearl's mispronunciation of "bass".

Greg Universe is Steven's father. As seen in "Laser Light Cannon" and "Cat Fingers", they share a very strong father-son relationship, and Greg is always emotionally supportive. Although Greg does not live with Steven, they often hang out. In "House Guest", it is shown that Steven and his father used to live together, but when Steven grew older, he moved in with the Crystal Gems for them to teach him about "magical Gem stuff" - something his father can't do. However, even though Greg knows that Steven is safe in the Crystal Gems' care, he is still slightly apprehensive about Steven going on missions and getting involved in "Gem stuff", which he tries to avoid if Steven brings it up, although there are some instances in which he has joined the Gems in solving problems.

Unlike the Crystal Gems, Greg does not seem too concerned about Rose giving up her life as Steven inheriting her "Gem identity" - other than the latter getting Steven into situations that Greg does not approve of. As such he treats him much more like his person, and Steven does not seem to feel any guilt towards Rose's "death" when he is with his father. This is likely because as a human, Greg is much more familiar and comfortable with the idea of offspring as well as death, concepts which are strange and unfamiliar to the asexual and nigh-immortal Gems.

Steven and Greg singing together.

As a result, Steven is very comfortable and relaxed whenever he is in the presence of his dad as he provides a link to the human world, away from "magical Gem stuff". He also looks to Greg for advice on life, Gem affairs, and the like. Greg is Steven's main go-to for help on regular human affairs, and Greg understands how to help Steven in ways the Gems can't, such as in "Steven's Birthday" when he takes baby Steven for a drive to calm him down, just as he'd done before, and in "Gemcation" when he comforts Steven over his fear that his friendship with Connie is ruined.

In "Change Your Mind", the first thing Steven does when he gets home is rush to hug Greg, knocking him onto the ground out of pure joy and happiness to be reunited with his father once more.

Steven and Greg doing their Fusion Dance to form Steg.

In Steven Universe: The Movie, he's bonded enough with his father to fuse with him effortlessly, despite being weakened, becoming Steg.

In "Bluebird", Steven is enraged when Bluebird Azurite takes Greg hostage and cuts off his own hair to escape. He calmly tells his father to go inside before losing it to the fusion. He then comforts his father over the loss of his hair.

Greg comforting Steven.

In "Growing Pains", Steven reaches out to his father to tell him about his failed proposal to Connie only to change his mind when he hears how busy his father is, not wanting to be a burden. Greg later rushes to the hospital when Connie calls him to tell him that she's worried about Steven and begs his son to talk to him, eventually calming him down enough to where he returns to normal size after growing enormous from stress. Upon returning home, Greg comforts his son and assures him that mistakes are a part of life and that he will be there for his son when he needs him.

Steven ignoring Greg while being disappointed in him.

However, the following episode, "Mr. Universe" shows a sour change in their relationship. They decide to hit the road together, and when they visit Greg's old home, Steven is surprised to know how normal his father's life was. After hearing Greg openly state the lack of freedom and choices he had living with his parents, Steven rejects his points, saying that he had a normal life and was able to enjoy things Steven never could. It's at this point that Steven realizes Greg is no different or better than his mother in running away from a strict, abusive upbringing and realizes how unusual his own upbringing was. It was further cemented when Greg completely misses the point after Steven's outburst when he compliments Steven for standing up to him instead of realizing some of Steven's points and the things he did miss out in his life; as Greg compliments Steven, he completely ignores his father, deleting a picture he'd taken of his middle school photo and demonstrating a loss of respect for Greg.

In "Everything's Fine", Steven expresses shame and regret in scorning Greg, along with getting away with shattering Jasper and attempting to murder White Diamond. The weight of his cruel actions ultimately resulted in him having a meltdown, becoming a monster both mentally and physically.

In "I Am My Monster", Greg comes to a realization that whenever Gem stuff happens, he runs away and that Steven has every right to be angry since he didn't protect him. After coming to this realization, he does everything in his power to help Steven turn back to normal, telling him that whatever he needs, he'll make it happen.

Steven hugging Greg before leaving.

As of "The Future", Steven and Greg have reconciled during the months following the former's meltdown, and Steven has regained enough respect for his father to ask him for advice again. Before moving out, Steven offers to let Greg move into his room in the beach house, and gives him a Kerry Moonbeam poster as a goodbye gift.


Well, I think you're pretty great.

—Steven towards Pearl, "Rose's Scabbard"

Steven hugging Pearl.

Pearl acts more like an overprotective mother (since he is Rose's child) to Steven. Pearl harbors mixed feelings for Steven deep down; while she cares deeply for Steven she also misses his mother very much, as they were very close to each other when she was still alive. However, she shows a deeper affection than most for Steven, admitting to watching Steven once he has fallen asleep. She sees much of his mother in him, as Steven becomes a constant reminder of Rose, which is a bittersweet sentiment to Pearl. These feelings come to the surface in "Rose's Scabbard" where the revelation that Rose had kept secrets from Pearl, her closest friend, and confidant, causes Pearl to break down mentally and run away from Steven and the other Crystal Gems. When Steven pursues her, she shows inward signs of resentment towards him and Lion, which culminates in her apparent inaction when Steven misses a jump and almost falls to his doom. The two reconcile at the end of the episode, but as revealed in "Joy Ride" Steven felt uncomfortable talking about his mother with the other Crystal Gems for a time, having believed that they partly blamed him for Rose's absence. However, Steven does still feel comfortable enough to talk to Pearl about his problems in "Historical Friction". He unknowingly comforts her in stating that flaws are important to everyone and asks her to tell the real story of William Dewey. During the play, he waves to her while she is encouraging him. When he learns that Pearls are made as servants on Homeworld, he declares that she is not common, but she is amazing and tries to be better than she already is as said in "Back to the Barn".

Pearl hugging Steven after fusing.

After Steven and Pearl fuse in "Change Your Mind", Pearl hugs him in delight after they unfuse, showing how close the two have become.

"A Very Special Episode" shows that Pearl has come to rely on Steven more as a leader as she begs him to help her with Onion. This is also seen in "Volleyball" when Mega Pearl trusts Steven to shut down The Reef's security system.

"Prickly Pair" shows that Steven feels he can't talk about his problems with Pearl for fear of her blaming herself and breaking down.

In "The Future", thanks to Garnet's future vision, Pearl is informed of Steven's planned departure from Beach City to see the world before he can tell them, alongside Amethyst. Not wanting to hold him back, she and the other Gems act indifferent once Steven finally does inform them, much to Steven's confusion. This is continued when she delivers a nonchalant response to Steven giving her his ukulele as a parting gift, even storing it in her gemstone almost immediately after receiving the instrument. However, Pearl and the Gems eventually reveal they are, in actuality, very sad about Steven leaving, with Pearl quickly joining into a group hug. After an explanation of why they reacted nonchalantly to Steven's departure and assuring they'll always be there for him, Pearl gives a tearful goodbye to Steven as he leaves Beach City.


Stop trying to be like Jasper. You're nothing like Jasper! You're like me! Because we're both not like anybody. And yeah, it sucks. But at least I've got you. And you've got me! So stop leaving me out of this.
Amethyst: Us worst Gems stick together, right?
That's why we're the best.

—Steven and Amethyst before fusing for the first time, "Earthlings"

Amethyst and Steven holding hands.

Amethyst acts like an older sister to Steven, often joking around with him and joining him in his misadventures. Pearl often scolds Amethyst for being too reckless with Steven when she misleads him such as in "Cat Fingers", which Amethyst admits is probably accurate. Steven seems to acknowledge Amethyst's reckless nature, calling her out when she did not help him in "Joking Victim" and worrying about her safety in "An Indirect Kiss". However, Steven cares greatly about and loves her, Amethyst loves and cares about Steven as well but does not show it too much due to her tomboyish attitude. In "Reformed", Steven misses Amethyst once the Slinker poofs her, and he also liked her new forms as he found them funny.

Amethyst embraces Steven prior to fusing.

Amethyst also tries to impress Steven because she wants him to like her. Steven secretly feels Amethyst blames him for his mother not being around. Amethyst is becoming more motherly as time passes. An indicator of this is in "Onion Friend" when Amethyst and Vidalia joke about kids. Over time, Amethyst has been shown to become much more protective of Steven, both in dangerous situations (such as grabbing Steven with her whip in "Friend Ship") and in general (such as when she lectures/scolds him about the dangers of stretching out his body in "Steven's Birthday"). In "Steven vs. Amethyst" Steven tries to convince Amethyst how great she is and tells her he understands about not being who you're supposed to be when he tells her he is not Rose Quartz, which shocks her. "Earthlings" highlights their bond as he explains that he is just like her, that they are not like anybody else as they are both different from normal Gems, and asks her to stop shutting him out, which leads them to fuse into Smoky Quartz. After the battle, Amethyst leans into Steven, showing their newfound closeness. "Know Your Fusion" shows that they are close enough to fuse into Smoky Quartz by grasping hands, not needing a fusion dance.

Amethyst telling Steven she doesn't want to dump any more baggage onto him like everyone else.

In "What's Your Problem?", Amethyst admits she is angry about Rose not admitting she was Pink Diamond, but doesn't want to dump all of her emotional baggage onto Steven, but rather shares her concerns for him. Steven later calls her the most mature Crystal Gem in that episode.

"Prickly Pair" shows that Steven is somewhat frustrated with Amethyst's growth and maturity, believing that she is only "acting" mature.

In "The Future", Amethyst learns Steven is going to leave Beach City and see the world thanks to Garnet's future vision and, not wanting to hold him back, acts nonchalantly when Steven finally tells them alongside the other Gems. This is shown further when she acts excitedly when Steven gives Amethyst his video games as a parting gift, even threatening to delete his save files. However, alongside Garnet and Pearl, Amethyst reveals she is actually very sad about him leaving and immediatly joins in a group hug. After explaining why they took Steven leaving so lightly and assuring him they'll always be there, Amethyst see Steven off a second time, and delievers a tearful "Later, bruh" before his departure.


That's a lie. Your middle name is cutie pie.

—Garnet, "Future Vision"

Garnet kissing Steven on the forehead in order to share her future vision ability.

Garnet acts like a lenient and kind mother, always encouraging him and setting a good example. It is shown that Steven respects her as he always listens whenever she speaks. Steven usually asks Garnet for permission before anyone else, as shown in "Monster Buddies". As shown in the aforementioned episode, Garnet is usually open to letting Steven attempt things that Pearl may not, indicating that she has more trust in him than Pearl. Despite her stoic and somewhat distant nature, the two share an occasionally close and emotional relationship. She becomes emotional as Steven aged rapidly in "So Many Birthdays"; in "Future Vision" she shares her "future vision" to him- which she only does because she thinks he would understand and it would bring them closer. Immediately after Sapphire and Ruby's re-fusion in "Jail Break" Garnet acts a lot more emotional and loving towards Steven, indicative of the deep, true love that she has for him that her pre-regeneration self would not, or could not, express. Similar to Pearl, "A Very Special Episode" shows that Garnet has come to rely on Steven more as seen when she needed him to fuse with her into Sunstone for a home safety "Geminar".

Garnet advising Steven about relationships following his failed proposal to Connie.

"Prickly Pair" shows that Steven feels he can't talk to Garnet about his problems for fear of her acting "high and mighty" and lecturing him. This is somewhat proven when Garnet does not give him advice with Connie at first in "Together Forever", and then lectures him later about how neither Connie nor Stevonnie will fill the hole in his life after his failed proposal attempt. Again, this is further explored at the beginning of "Fragments"; when the Gems try to get Steven to talk about his issues, Garnet claims that Steven is trying to avoid this conversation altogether, which sets him off even more.

In "The Future" Garnet uses her future vision and she, along with the rest of the Gems, find out that Steven is going to leave Beach City and see the world. She also sees a future where if they show their sadness and cry, Steven may want to stay for their feelings. Not wanting to ruin Steven's future, Garnet and the rest pretend not to know what Steven is planning and when he finally tells them, they hold back their tears and pretend to take the situation lightly. When waving goodbye, Steven drives the Dondai back around and upsettingly asks why they aren't sad. The three then begin crying immediately and let him know how they truly feel, with Garnet's being a bunch of tears bursting out of her eyes. Going in for one last hug, Garnet informs him that wherever Steven is, they'll be there. Garnet again cries as Steven finally leaves, but not before giving him one last future prediction.

Ruby & Sapphire

Oh, Steven. We already love you.

—Garnet confirming Ruby and Sapphire's feelings toward Steven, "Jail Break"

Steven hugging Ruby and Sapphire.

Not much is known about the relationship between Sapphire, Ruby, and Steven, other than they all care for each other. Since Garnet is a fusion of the two, their individual feelings for Steven are similar to Garnet's feelings for him. This is shown in "Keystone Motel", as they both apologize to Steven upon arguing in the diner, which had driven Steven to tears. Sapphire even goes so far as to cry herself, out of guilt. In "Hit the Diamond", Steven is quick to hug both the Gems when Garnet unfuses, but is distressed over the two ignoring the game to flirt with each other, leading him to give them a pep talk/scolding, which both of them listen to. This shows that both Ruby and Sapphire love and respect Steven enough to listen to him.

In "Three Gems and a Baby", it is revealed that Steven first saw Ruby and Sapphire when he was only a few months old. Garnet, who thought Steven was a fusion like herself, unfused to get him to do the same. Steven, confused by Garnet's sudden absence, started crying, causing the two to fuse back right after.

In "Now We're Only Falling Apart", "The Question", and "Reunited" Steven's relationship with Ruby and Sapphire becomes somewhat stronger. In the episodes, Steven helps Sapphire deal with the revelation that Rose was Pink Diamond, and he supports Ruby when she wanted to be a cowboy. He then organizes and officiates their wedding, showing his love and support for them and their relationship.

"Together Forever" shows how much Steven respects their opinion and advice when they both tell him to propose to Connie.

Connie Maheswaran

Keep your hands off my Connie!

—Steven to a Cluster Gem, "Nightmare Hospital"

Steven and Connie first meeting.

Connie is Steven's best friend and later girlfriend. They first saw each other at a parade the year before they met. Steven was on a float for the car wash, and Connie was in the crowd; Steven noticed she dropped her glow bracelet and kept it in his freezer ever since, to make it last longer. In Connie's debut episode, "Bubble Buddies", he saves her from a falling rock by using his gemstone to summon his bubble. He is initially very awkward and nervous to talk to her,

Steven giving Connie her glow bracelet.

even more so once they are trapped in the bubble because he is trying to stay calm, but he's able to relax more once he gives Connie her glow bracelet. After defeating the Gem monster that is attracted to the glow of Connie's bracelet, Connie appears to be amazed by Steven, saying "He was incredible!" in reaction to everything that had happened.

Their friendship has grown, and presently they are very close friends. In "Lion 2: The Movie", they are shown casually hanging out. In "An Indirect Kiss", Steven and Connie are shown not to care about things such as sharing the same straw. In this episode, Steven discovers his healing powers, as he inadvertently fixes Connie's bad eyesight. He genuinely cares about Connie's safety and well-being as seen in "Winter Forecast", as well as in "Full Disclosure".

Steven and Connie dancing and beginning to fuse.

In "Alone Together", after they have a dance, they accidentally fuse to form Stevonnie. They are overjoyed by their ability to be fused and enjoy being Stevonnie, although it appears that they cannot control when they fuse. It seems to happen when they dance together while thinking about their feelings for each other. Connie, however, is terrified of the thought of her parents knowing about this or any of the magical things she does with Steven. It is for this reason that she lies to her parents about Steven in "Fusion Cuisine", saying that he had a traditional nuclear family. When he found out she lied, Steven feels hurt, believing that she was embarrassed by him. Fortunately, after she explains that she was simply scared of her parents not letting her see Steven again, he forgives her.

Steven and Connie explaining to Pearl how they work better as a team.

In "Sworn to the Sword", it is shown that Steven and Connie function extremely well in combat as a team, with Steven defending Connie with his shield and protective bubble while Connie attacks using her sword-fighting skills. Together, they manage to defeat multiple versions of Holo-Pearl, and their ability to work well as a team surprised Pearl initially. However, Pearl can defeat them after she overcame her initial surprise. After calming down, Pearl admits that they work well together. In "Cry for Help", a picture of Connie can be seen in Steven's room. During "

Steven dancing with Connie.

Steven's Birthday", he expresses the assumption that Connie will become president as an adult and worries that his stunted growth would make him the "First Boy" when that happens, implying that he wants to marry her. Steven still seems to become awkward whenever Connie is close to him as shown in "Steven's Birthday" when Connie lays her head on Steven's chest.

Along with their love for each other Steven and Connie share an equal partnership and friendship. "Beach City Drift" shows their partnership in that they can now fuse into Stevonnie at will and when they unfuse Connie shows Steven they are obsessed with Kevin. In "Gem Hunt", Steven follows Connie's lead while they are tracking the Gem. Both instances show that he relies on her intelligence and good sense.

In his way, Steven is also shown to be close or equal to Connie in intelligence. He has been able to converse with her on equal footing since they first met and he listens to and absorbs everything she teaches him, showing that while Steven's intelligence is as deep as Connie's he lacks the breadth of her knowledge.

In the last episode of the 6th StevenBomb, "I Am My Mom", Steven comes to terms with his feelings for Connie and confesses his love to her as he is taken away to Homeworld. It is unknown whether he was referring to her specifically or everyone in general, but it's heavily implied that it was for her.

In "Lars' Head", after Steven finally returns to Earth, Steven tells Connie and the other Gems and Greg that he is back as Connie runs up to hug him along with the Gems and Greg.

However, in "Dewey Wins", Connie expresses that she feels betrayed that Steven gave himself up to Aquamarine in "I Am My Mom", instead of continuing to fight alongside Connie as he promised. Steven obliviously attempts to get her to look at the bright side of the situation, arguing that everything is fine since no one got permanently hurt. After a frustrated Connie leaves on an equally upset Lion and stops responding to Steven's texts afterward, Steven becomes afraid that she hates him now.

Connie leaving with Lion due to being upset by Steven's choice to give himself up.

In "Kevin Party", a few weeks later, Steven and Connie reunite at Kevin's party, and after overcoming their tensions and Kevin's manipulations, the two finally talk to each other again. Connie apologizes for not texting Steven back and leaving him in the dark for so long, explaining that she couldn't figure out what to say, among other circumstances. Steven, in turn, apologizes for giving himself up and not taking Connie's feelings into account, and the two of them affirm that they are still "jam buds".

Steven and Connie hug after reconciling.

In "Lars of the Stars", Steven and Connie travel through Lion's mane to take a care package to Lars and find that he and the Gems known as the Off Colors are now a space crew trying to return to Earth. Steven reunites with Lars, introduces Connie to the Off Colors, and the two deliver the package to Lars. When Lars later has a breakdown after learning that Sadie is now in a band with Steven and the Cool Kids, and assumes that she is having such a good time to spite him for all the times he let her down, Steven and Connie set him straight; they tell him that Sadie does still care for him and is very worried for him, but she has to keep going in her life, just like Lars has to keep going in his life as he tries to get back to Earth.

Steven and Connie fusing after explaining what it means to be friends to Lars.

They finish by reminding Lars that he and Sadie are best friends and would never do anything hurt each other, fusing into Stevonnie in the process. They remain fused for the rest of the episode and throughout the following episode "Jungle Moon", the latter of which goes for at least several days as they work to survive until Lars can find them; this indicates that since the events of "Kevin Party", their bond has not only recovered but is now stronger than ever. Steven has also stated in the podcast that since their reconciliation, Connie has been helping him cope with the recent events since he was on Homeworld.

In "Reunited", Connie participates in Ruby and Sapphire's wedding and fights alongside Steven and the other Crystal Gems. Later, when he is knocked out by Yellow Diamond, Connie frantically tries to wake him up, reminding him of their reconstituted promise to always be a team. Fortunately, Steven, whose consciousness is on an abstract astral plane can communicate with Connie and tells her to watch his body while he tries to get through to Yellow and Blue Diamond. Following his success, in "Legs from Here to Homeworld", Connie travels to Homeworld with Steven, the original three Crystal Gems, and the two Diamonds, and expresses great concern when Steven is forcibly taken away by White Pearl to meet White Diamond.

Steven and Connie dancing at the Era 3 Ball.

During the ball in "Together Alone", when Steven feels that he's made everyone miserable by caving into Homeworld's stifling traditions to impress White Diamond, she comforts him and convinces him to dance with her despite his reservations about it, which leads to them accidentally fusing into Stevonnie, and unintentionally causing an uproar that winds up ruining the ball, getting the Crystal Gems poofed, and them thrown into a prison tower as punishment.

In "Escapism", as Steven mopes over how the Crystal Gems' mission has gone wrong, Connie comforts him, and when Steven gets the idea to use his psychic powers to travel to Earth to find help, she remains with him to watch over his body, staying with him to the point where she falls asleep with him in her lap before his return.

Connie kissing Steven on the cheek before leaving to space camp.

In Steven Universe: The Movie, Connie and Steven have known each other for well over three years, and their relationship has grown, to the point where Connie is comfortable with staying at his house without him around (something she mentioned in "Ocean Gem" that she wasn't comfortable doing). Connie also gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, heavily implying their feelings for each other.

Steven and Connie smiling at each other while blushing.

In "Bismuth Casual", Steven and Connie go with Pearl and Bismuth to a roller rink to have fun. While there, the two run into her cram school friends Patricia and Daniel. Steven makes an awkward impression on them, and not knowing how to skate, repeatedly urges Connie to go hang with her friends instead of helping him; he later expresses that he feels that Connie is drifting away from him, but doesn't want to hold her back from continuing to grow. After Connie reassures Steven that he is still her best friend, the two reaffirm their bond by fusing and winning a best-skater contest as Stevonnie.

Steven proposing to Connie.

In "Together Forever", Steven, facing the possibility of him and Connie drifting apart when she leaves for college, arranges a special date for her in order to propose marriage to her, figuring they can go to college together as Stevonnie. When he does, Connie, taken aback and although flattered, turns his proposal down for the time being due to their young ages and wanting to continue being her own person, insisting to Steven that they have no need to rush into marriage. She then reluctantly returns home on Lion at Steven's insistence.

In the following episode "Growing Pains", after calling Steven out of concern for him, and noticing his out-of-control powers, Connie insists that he seek medical help and arranges for her mother to examine him at the hospital. She also calls Steven's dad as well and urges him to come back from his tour with Sadie and Shep. When Steven's power starts growing out of control due to him still being hurt by her declining his proposal, she quickly realizes the problem and convinces her mom that he should have his space, promising she'll be there for Steven whenever he's ready to talk to her.

In "Everything's Fine", Connie calls Steven just after he returns from Homeworld, but he dodges her questions about his condition and ends the call, much to her concern. Later, she visits the beach house after Steven's inner feelings project onto her phone and participates in an intervention with the Gems and Greg to try and get Steven to open up about what's bothering him. During this, she becomes shocked to learn that Steven never told the Gems about going to the hospital, and is even more shocked when he reveals that he shattered Jasper and nearly did the same to White Diamond. She then watches as Steven finally melts down and transforms into a monster.

Connie kissing Steven in his monster form to turn him back to normal.

In "I Am My Monster", Connie assists the Gems and Greg in trying to calm down and revert Steven back to normal. Teaming up with Lion once more, the two are first sent by Garnet to evacuate the town. Later, when the Gems and Greg, along with the recently arrived Diamonds and Spinel, all start to break down and blame themselves for Steven's transformation, Connie returns with Lion and gives a speech explaining that while they are partly to blame for it, Steven's condition and prior suppression of his feelings are also partly due to Steven always putting others before himself and that they all need to help him now just as he has always helped them before. Everyone then embraces Steven in a group hug and assures him that he is loved no matter what, and Connie herself promises that everyone will take of him just as he has done for them for so long, and kisses him on the bridge of his nose, causing him to start crying. A flash of light appears, and Steven reverts to his normal state and finally breaks down emotionally as Connie looks on lovingly with everyone else.

Steven and Connie sharing a kiss before Steven leaves Beach City to go on his road trip.

In the final episode "The Future", which takes place a few months later, Connie visits Steven via Lion, and it's revealed that Steven has opted to leave Beach City to travel and eventually settle down at his own place, with the two planning to meet each other during his travels with Lion's help. It's also implied that the two have finally entered an official relationship as they share their first on-screen mouth-to-mouth kiss just before Steven leaves, and Connie sees him off with Greg and the Gems.


Blink if this means you love me!

—Steven, "Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Steven riding Lion.

Lion is Steven's "pet" who he first met in "Steven's Lion" while the Crystal Gems were retrieving the Desert Glass. He has some connection with him, as Steven is the only one who can enter his pocket dimension. Lion, most of the time, does whatever he wants and often ignores or disobeys Steven. However, Lion is also seen to be caring towards Steven as well as being aware of Steven's needs, like when Lion kept lying on Steven's head to show Steven his pocket dimension where it contained, among other things, a video left by Rose Quartz for Steven after he said he wanted to know more about her in "Lion 3: Straight to Video".

Their relationship slightly sours for a while in "Dewey Wins", when Connie gives up in frustration after trying to make Steven understand how much he hurt her by surrendering to Homeworld and asks Lion to take her home. Lion shoots Steven a disapproving glare before leaving with her, showing that he shares her anger at Steven over his surrender, as well as him treating the situation as nothing, and ignoring her feelings about it. Over the next few weeks afterward, Lion stays with Connie, presumably to give her comfort and companionship during her and Steven's estrangement, as well as teach Steven a hard lesson over his taking her and his other loved ones for granted. At one point during this time, Connie rides him to Steven's house in an attempt to reconcile in person after failing to do so over the phone, only to find that he'd gone on vacation. At the beginning of "Kevin Party", Steven is seen putting up missing posters for Lion, indicating that he misses Lion very much. Steven later reunites with Lion and Connie at Kevin's party, and following his reconciliation with the latter, Lion forgives him as well, as he allows Steven to ride on his back again as they and Connie leave the party by his portal, and by "Lars of the Stars", he is shown to once again be under Steven's care and on good terms with him.

In "Can't Go Back", Lion brings Steven to the Moon Base when Steven discovers The Barn on the moon. Later, Lion demonstrates his caring and protectiveness of Steven's well-being when he stops him from blindly running after Lapis after she opens the base's doors, and then nuzzles Steven in comfort when he ultimately fails to stop her from leaving.

In "Escapism", Lion comes across Steven in a Watermelon Steven's body in the ocean, and quickly recognizes him, showing that his close relationship with Steven allows him to recognize him in just about any form. He then takes him to Greg and Bismuth and watches as Steven relays a message to them for help before returning to his own body.

In Steven Universe: The Movie, two years after the events of the end of the fifth-season finale "Change Your Mind", Lion, while keeping his typical independent feline traits (such as docility and long naps), has become more loyal to Steven, and seems to perfectly understand him now (likely due to him having matured a lot over the two-year time skip), listening to what Steven says and showing both worries for him during his final conflict with Spinel, and affection after he emerges from it alive and alright.

In "Together Forever", Steven rides Lion to Connie's house, and he brings the two back to the beach where they met where Steven intends to propose to her. After the proposal fails, Steven allows Connie to ride Lion back home.

In "I Am My Monster" after Steven's PTSD, sense of purposelessness, and suppression of his emotions leads to his meltdown and transformation into a giant Gem Kaiju, Lion rallies with the rest of the Crystal Gems to help his master/charge. Teaming up once more with Connie, the two help evacuate the town, and then, after everyone embraces Steven with love, Lion warps her to the top of his head to give the final piece of love he needs. Later, after Steven has transformed back, Lion greets him with a warm, friendly lick and allows Steven to embrace him and cry into his mane as his master/charge finally lets out his emotions.

In "The Future", Lion warps Connie to see Steven and is last seen with them as they make plans to meet up while Steven travels around the world and eventually settles elsewhere, with the two intending to use his warp powers to maintain their relationship.

Sadie Miller

Joking Victim (031).png

Sadie is one of Steven's friends who, unlike her co-worker Lars, is friendly, considerate, and affectionate towards Steven. She also acts like an older sister to Steven. In "Joking Victim", Steven helps Sadie by working at the Big Donut. Steven also helps Sadie to strengthen her relationship with Lars in "Island Adventure". Steven also filled Sadie's place in Beach-A-Palooza in "Sadie's Song", after realizing how he and her mother had ignored her feelings toward singing. Later he is shown playing his ukulele with her singing with a sad smile. This could hint he is sorry and is trying to be more respectful to her desires.

"Little Graduation" shows Steven is shocked and somewhat saddened by the fact that Sadie and Lars have grown apart and she is now dating Shep. However, after confronting his irrational desire to keep all of his friends close, Steven comes to accept Sadie is happy with Shep and should be allowed to live her own life. He lets her go, but not before telling Sadie and Shep they make a good couple.

Lars Barriga

Lars... I'm afraid right now. I thought if I turned myself in, it'd fix everything, but... I don't want to do this, Lars. I just wanted to save everyone, but I couldn't even do that because look -- you're still here.

—Steven to Lars, "Stuck Together"

In earlier episodes, Steven was very friendly towards Lars and was oblivious to the fact that he was annoyed by him, often believing it to be harmless jokes. In "Bubble Buddies", he calls Lars his "BFF" while Lars openly makes fun of him. Steven looked up to Lars very much and wanted to be accepted by him, even once saying he did not mind suffering third-degree burns to receive a high five from him.

Steven and Lars "high fiving" the first time.

However, in "Lars and the Cool Kids", he is pushed to the limit, angered by Lars insulting Rose, and calls him a jerk, showing he does not hesitate to call out him on his bad behavior at times. They eventually find a way to connect, and Lars gets on better terms with Steven. Because of his tendency to help people, Steven also pushes Lars to his limits, almost unintentionally ruining his friendship with Sadie in "The New Lars" in an attempt to help him.

Steven and Lars comforting each other.

In "The Good Lars", Lars and Steven seemed to have developed a more open friendship, even taking his advice to bake the Ube cake, and asks when Steven even got so mature. In "Stuck Together" Steven is upset to find that Lars had ended up staying on Aquamarine and Topaz's ship and constantly tries to help him get off as a team effort.

Steven crying over Lars.

Noticing his half-hearted efforts to cooperate, he is infuriated but finds out of his jealousy of always helping people. However, Steven lets him know that he was afraid as well, and they bond over the fact that they are not alone. This friendship further develops in "Off Colors" when they spend time in the abandoned Homeworld Kindergarten. When the Robonoids attack, Lars nearly has another panic attack, but Steven comforts him, saying that it was okay to be afraid. Having kept this in mind, Lars manages to save everyone at the cost of his life.

Lars' Head 237.png

Steven is devastated by Lars' death and cries over him knowing he did not save him. However, when Steven revives him, Steven shows much more devotion and care to Lars, and he the same. When they find a potential way home, Steven does not want to leave Lars behind, but he is convinced, and instead of high fiving, they hug each other, showing how close they have become since the beginning as Lars allows Steven to return home.

Little Graduation 206.png

In "Little Graduation", Steven is shocked to know that Lars and Sadie have grown apart, and also due to Lars' upcoming departure, he lashes out at Lars and subsequently loses control of his own powers. After returning to normal, Steven genuinely hugs Lars as an apology, having to accept Lars' dream.


Steven giving chase to Onion for stealing from him (again).

Onion is Steven's friend whom he talks to in the episode "Bubble Buddies". Steven addresses Onion as if they are good friends. In "Onion Trade", Steven gives his favorite action figure to him as a gift, although Onion had originally stolen it. When they are not together, Steven expresses some confusion as to who and what Onion is, being unsure if he is even human in "Marble Madness", and is sometimes made uncomfortable by him. In "Onion Friend", Steven and Amethyst stay at Onion's house for dinner. It is there that Onion shows Steven around his room, inviting him to feed his pet snake and show Steven his collection of G.U.Y.S. and G.A.L.S.; he later gives Explorer Gal to Steven as a token of their friendship. In "Onion Gang", Steven is introduced to Onion's Friends, and after they have to leave town due to summer ending, Steven comforts a sad Onion, saying that he'll always have good memories of the times they had together, and, until next summer, Steven says he has him.

In "The Future" when Steven drives past the crowd that gathered together at the Big Donut to see him off, Onion runs out into the road to wave goodbye while wearing Steven's cheeseburger backpack.

Peedee Fryman

Steven conversing with Peedee.

Peedee is Steven's friend whom he helped out in the episode "Frybo". Thanks to Steven, Peedee earned the respect of his father and did not have to wear the Frybo suit anymore. They have a general professional relationship associated with a customer and cook (despite Steven usually ordering off the menu) though still enjoy each other's conversation.

Lapis Lazuli

Steven – is – a new friend!

—Lapis Lazuli communicating through the mirror, "Mirror Gem"

Steven helping Lapis out.

Steven became friends with Lapis in "Mirror Gem" when he is given a mirror by Pearl, which turns out to not work. A little while later, Lapis begins to talk to Steven by replaying visions that the mirror has witnessed for the day, and they become good friends, with Steven calling them "Beach Summer Fun Buddies", a nickname to which Lapis agrees. She wants to get out of the mirror and "tells" Steven how to do so. After she is free, she warns Steven not to trust the Crystal Gems and walks away.

Lapis forming her water wings after being healed by Steven.

In "Ocean Gem", Steven is the one who insists on speaking to her and gets angry when she refuses to do so and hurts him and his friends. However, he understands Lapis's desperation to go home and heals her cracked gemstone, which, as a result, restores her eyes and wings. She thanks Steven before departing back to her home planet. In "The Message", Steven defends her and sings a song all about her and the previous events. When Lapis gives Steven the message, he is very concerned about her, as he was distraught by her unhappiness. In "Jail Break", Lapis fuses with Jasper, forming Malachite, as a way to save Steven. Later in "Chille Tid", while the Gems are searching for Malachite, Steven's motivation is to save her from her fate of being trapped with Jasper. He soon discovers he can communicate with her through his dreams. While talking to her, Lapis refuses his help, saying, "Just let me do this for you!".

Lapis and Steven preparing to fly and explore the Earth.

"Same Old World" expands on their relationship as Steven helps Lapis find a home on Earth. She easily carries him on her back and plays around with him in the air. "Barn Mates" expands things further as Steven tries to help Lapis and Peridot get along. "Alone at Sea" shows that Steven cares enough about Lapis to bring her on a trip on Greg's rental boat to help her get over her trauma and fear of the ocean because of her experience as Malachite.


In "Raising the Barn", Lapis offers Steven the chance to flee Earth with her and Peridot to remain safe from the Diamonds. Steven rejects the offer but affirms that he won't try to talk to her and Peridot out of it if they don't feel safe on Earth. However, in "Can't Go Back", Lapis admits to Steven that she misses Peridot and regrets leaving due to feeling so lonely. However, her uncertainty of Peridot's reaction and fear of the Diamonds prevents her from returning to Earth and after Steven has a vision of the latter, she leaves the moon to get as far away from Earth as possible, stating that she isn't like him.

Steven reuniting with Lapis after she left the Earth and the Moon.

However, in "Reunited", Lapis returns to help Steven and the Crystal Gems fight against Yellow and Blue Diamond, dropping the Barn on top of the latter. Steven is overjoyed to see her again and his joy increases when she officially declares herself a Crystal Gem. When she is later poofed in battle by Yellow Diamond, Steven expresses great concern for her.

"Why So Blue?" shows that the two work well together as a team with a deep understanding of each other.

"I Am My Monster" shows her genuine concern over Steven, as while the Crystal Gems and Connie attempt to reach out to Steven, Lapis is shocked upon the relevation that Steven actually transformed into a giant monster. She seeks to restrain him in the ocean, and after everyone embraces Steven with love and allows him to transform back, Lapis and the others are happy and relived to see Steven back to normal.

Steven giving Lapis a drawing kit as a parting gift.

In "The Future" as Steven is preparing to leave Beach City, he gives Lapis her own painting set due to her artistic passion. Lapis is extremely touched to the point where she declares she'll make a watercolor painting of Steven with her tears. As Steven, Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot embrace, Steven declares he loves them all.


Steven having fun with Nephrite.

Steven becomes friends with Nephrite in "Monster Buddies" when he accidentally pops the bubble which Nephrite's gem is in. At first, she is wary of her surroundings, being scared by the presence of the rest of the Crystal Gems. By approaching her calmly and feeding her Chaaaaps, Steven managed to calm her down, and later train her. She is even willing to risk her life to save Steven from a falling icicle. Steven believes she is not a monster and that he can help heal her in the future.

Steven healing Nephrite.

In "Monster Reunion", Steven defended Nephrite from the Gems because they believed she would still be unstable, despite Steven healing her; however, she shows a great deal of appreciation after Steven reunites her with her crew.

In "Legs From Here to Homeworld", Steven heals Nephrite along with Yellow and Blue Diamond, but she immediately reverts to her corrupted state once they take their hands off her.

Steven reuniting with the now-uncorrupted Nephrite.

In "Change Your Mind" Steven heals all of the corrupted Gems, including Nephrite, with the help of Yellow, Blue, and White Diamond. When Nephrite emerges from the water, she is delighted to see Steven again, showing she retains her memories of him while corrupted.


Peridot: Do you have any last words?!
I love you, Peridot.
Peridot: Wow, thanks.

—Peridot and Steven, "Gem Drill"

Steven and Peridot's first encounter.

Steven did not know how to feel about Peridot when they first met, but he seems to want to befriend her in "Marble Madness", approaching her without fear and even trying to have a friendly conversation with her. Of course, this does not go as well as he hopes and he almost gets crushed by her. Despite this, he still believes she can be good and even said that maybe if she sees how nice humans are she might not want to hurt anyone. In "Keeping It Together", Steven is the first to find her. He quietly waits for her to finish her report instead of alerting the others until she notices him. When Peridot asks if the others are with him, Steven tries to lie by shaking his head "no" until he nods "yes" with an apologetic shrug. During the chase, Steven seems to care about her when he asks if she is okay after falling off the wall. In "Friend Ship", Steven is kind to Peridot by wishing her a good morning and weekend. During the battle, instead of being cold and ruthless to her as she does to him and the rest of the Crystal Gems, he teases her instead.

Steven protecting Peridot.

In "Catch and Release", Steven is worried and wants to know what Peridot is trying to say at the Galaxy Warp, and chooses to pop her bubbled gemstone and release her. After he finds out she is short, he calls her cute and teases her, leading to Peridot slapping him in some playful way. After offering her the foot of her limb enhancer suit, Steven becomes the only person Peridot allows into the bathroom after she locks herself in. Peridot seems to take the gesture extremely well and is on much better terms with Steven by the end of the episode. In "When It Rains", Steven comforts Peridot and explains the process of rain and says it is harmless. After Peridot steps out in the rain, she claims she has made up her mind about telling information about the Cluster, leading to Steven permitting to go to the Prime Kindergarten only if they hold hands the entire way, due to Steven having to watch over her. Their friendship has been getting stronger, and they are trusting each other more, although in "Too Far", he is visibly upset (or embarrassed) at her calling him a "hybrid abomination".

Returning from a mission to the Moonbase, Steven notices a small object in Peridot's hand. Steven asks Peridot into a truck to discuss something, locking them inside, he questions her about the object. Peridot reveals that it is a direct line of communication to the Diamonds. Shocked at her apparent betrayal, Steven leaves her locked in the truck and tells the other Gems of what occurred, very upset at Peridot for having learned nothing. Peridot soon escapes and activates her robot to retrieve the communicator.

Steven singing with Peridot.

Once she obtains it after a fight with the Crystal Gems, she opens an interface to Yellow Diamond.

Peridot reports the progress of her mission to her, omitting the interactions of the Crystal Gems. She then pleads a case to Yellow Diamond to stop the Cluster and spare the Earth, which Yellow Diamond spitefully denies. She then orders Peridot to let the Cluster be and report for her next mission. Outraged, Peridot refuses to follow Yellow Diamond's commands and calls her a "clod", marking her a traitor. Steven exclaims that her actions against Homeworld have made her an official Crystal Gem.

Steven hugging Peridot during their journey to destroy the Cluster.

When the Cluster was beginning to emerge Steven and Peridot go down in the drill to destroy it. During a brief moment when the possibility of death is very real, Steven expresses no qualms about dying in Peridot's company. During this time he also says his "last words", which are "I love you, Peridot" to her, showing his care for her.

In "Change Your Mind", Peridot puts her gem on the line to distract White Diamond so Obsidian can climb up the Diamond Mech.

Steven hugging Peridot after his fearful dream.

The two bond again, in the episode "In Dreams", when the two watch the Camp Pining Hearts reboot together, in which they both hate. Steven being depressed that this show helped bring them together and now they ruined it. When Steven's dream appeared on the TV, Peridot devises a plan to "reboot the reboot". Due to feeling like he's not needed anymore, Steven agrees so that Peridot won't leave him behind. After many failed attempts, Peridot comes up with a new plot, their own character "Steffan" will do one of the characters dirty by kissing their love interest. When Steven expresses his disgust in this, Peridot attempts to leave, hurt. Steven backpedals, still wanting someone to help. They give it another shot and Peridot witnesses how Steven feels, not just about their plan, but about how he feels like his friends are drifting away and he just wants someone to help. Feeling bad, Peridot wakes Steven up and says they don't have to do this anymore. After that, the two still watch the show, despite how bad it is, and make fun of it together.

Steven gifting Peridot his old salmon-pink star shirt as a parting gift.

In "The Future" as Steven is preparing to leave Beach City, Peridot is more upset than most, sobbing after wondering where she'll find another Steven. Steven gives Peridot one of his old star shirts, telling her to "Be the Steven you want to see in the world" in order to comfort her. As Steven, Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot embrace, Steven declares he loves them all.


Steven: Wow, you're so articulated!
Sardonyx: Well, aren't you the sweetest little charmer! I could literally squish you right now, it would not be hard!

—Sardonyx and Steven, "Cry for Help"

Sardonyx and Steven meeting.

Steven finds Sardonyx funny and articulated as shown in "Cry for Help". Sardonyx has taken a liking to Steven too, being incredibly excited when meeting him for the first time.


♫ All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman. ♫

—Steven, "Giant Woman"

Opal and Steven holding hands.

Steven first meets Opal in "Giant Woman". He becomes very eager to meet the fusion when Amethyst and Pearl reveal the information and the concept of fusion to him. First meeting her after she rescues him and Steven Jr. from the Big Bird, he is somewhat intimidated. However, she shows her affection for him by singing his song back to him.


You like that, little man?

—Sugilite, "Coach Steven"

Sugilite meeting Steven.

Steven first meets Sugilite when he and the Crystal Gems went on a mission to destroy the Communication Hub. Impressed by her immense size and strength, she inspires Steven to become stronger. Sugilite, in turn, enjoys having an audience to her show-off actions. Steven quickly realizes how destructive Sugilite is, but does not seem to have any real issues with her and even looks forward to seeing her destroy the Communication Hub again, despite her attempts to destroy Pearl for having left her behind.


Alexandrite holding Steven.

Because Alexandrite typically only forms in dire situations, Steven has rarely interacted with her. She has been seen speaking directly to Steven only once, and this was to protect him and Connie. Like her constituent Gems, Alexandrite cares deeply for Steven, willing to act as his mother in "Fusion Cuisine" and forming to protect him in "I Am My Mom" and "Reunited". Steven returns this sentiment, as shown by his efforts to assist Alexandrite in her fight against Malachite in "Super Watermelon Island". Alexandrite also demonstrates a playful nature towards Steven, as shown in "Snow Day" during a game of Steven Tag.


Jasper: Heard you're leaving... I'm coming with you.
Steven: Jasper, I'm going alone.
Jasper: Then who will protect you?
Steven: I can protect myself.
Jasper: (sigh) I know... Farewell, My Diamond.

—Jasper and Steven, "The Future"
The Return 292.png

When Jasper first arrives on Earth with Peridot and Lapis, Steven seems immediately aware that she could not be reasoned with or befriended. At first, he is unnerved by her violent talk and intimidating stature, and since then he has been terrified of her. Jasper thinks Steven is just Rose Quartz hidden in a weak constitution, possibly after regeneration.

Jasper showing signs of clear anger toward Steven.

In "Chille Tid", Steven is horrified by Jasper, and Jasper immediately attempts to attack him in an incoherent fury. In "Super Watermelon Island" however, Steven calls out to Jasper as she falls into a crack created by the Cluster, showing that he values her life despite their animosity. This is shown again as he attempted to heal Jasper when she became corrupted in "Earthlings". During this time, Steven finally told her that he is not Rose and gave her his real name but she still called him Rose before she was corrupted.

Steven's guilt over not being able to heal Jasper's corruption.

In "Mindful Education", it is revealed that Steven harbors intense emotional baggage for being unable to help her, Jasper mid-corruption manifesting in one of Stevonnie's hallucinations as a result. When she was healed in "Change Your Mind", Jasper once again tried to attack Steven, only to see him surrounded by several other Jaspers. Amethyst then proceeds to inform her about the truth, and Jasper meekly sinks into the pool.

Jasper declining Steven's request to be trained by her.

In "Little Homeschool" Steven attempts to get Jasper to join him and the rest of the uncorrupted Gems at their school, to which the latter turns down the offer. The conversation quickly escalates to an argument with Jasper topping it off by letting Steven know that even though he had the gem, he wasn't her diamond and challenged him to a fight. Steven accepts, which pleasantly surprises her. She lets him have the first hit and as the fight goes on, she has Steven back into a corner where she down talks him on how he always tries to help others when in reality, he's the one who needs help. She proves this by telling him the only times where he's won facing her was when he either had help from the other Crystal Gems or when he is Fused with someone. This triggers Steven's pink state for the first time which helps him win the fight, impressing Jasper. He then requests that if Jasper would be interested in teaching, not at Little Homeschool, but him, seeing as their fight helped him learn something new. In response, Jasper tells him "Consider this, your first and only lesson", but then tells Steven that he's allowed to come back and visit, slowly warming up to him.

Jasper bowing down to Steven and proclaiming him as "her diamond".

In “Fragments”, Steven decides to visit Jasper to be alone and to make sure his powers don't hurt his friends. When Jasper tells Steven to not be afraid of his power and enjoy the feeling of releasing his anger, he asks Jasper to help control this power, relying on her for guidance. After spending three days training with her, Steven decides to start their rematch, taking her advice and no longer holding back, resulting in him shattering Jasper. Upon her resurrections by Steven, Jasper acknowledges his power and pledges servitude to him as her “diamond”.

In "Homeworld Bound", Jasper's new respect for Steven is shown by standing aside to let him leave the bathroom first while in the Diamond Pose. She also sticks up for him when the Gems begin asking him multiple questions on what's happened over the past three days. Before Steven leaves the Beach house, he blocks the Gems off with a barrier, stating they can't help him anymore, which goes for Jasper as well. In which he coldly says "Go find something better to do in your life.". This somewhat affects her and she, along with the other Gems, sadly watch Steven warp away.

Jasper approaching Steven after finding out he's leaving Beach City.

In "The Future" Jasper approaches Steven after finding out about his decision to leave Beach City. She attempts to go with him until Steven tells her he's going alone, leaving Jasper to sadly, yet gruffly, say goodbye.


Steven's anger towards Kevin.

In "Beach City Drift", it reveals that his negative experience with Kevin in "Alone Together" as Stevonnie carried over to Steven full-force, being one of the few characters in the series Steven possesses hostility towards. He expresses a strong, enraged demeanor alien to Steven during and after a re-encounter with him at his dad's car wash, and is in a sour mood for the rest of the day. He even fuses with Connie and races him in hopes of rubbing it in his face. After realizing his obsession, he and Connie manage to let go of their anger towards him.

Steven dancing with Kevin to look "cool".

In "Kevin Party", Kevin invites Steven and Connie to his party in the hopes that they can make it an event that everyone will remember by fusing into Stevonnie. Unknown to him at the time, the two had been estranged for the past few weeks over Steven's surrender to Homeworld, and both only accept the invitation in the hopes of seeing each other again and working things out. However, upon seeing each other at the party, tension and uncertainty between them (due to Steven believing that Connie's new look was a sign that she had decided to move on from him, and Connie presumably being uncertain of what Steven thinks of her after unintentionally leaving him completely in the dark during the duration of their estrangement) prevent them from reconciling immediately. When Kevin learns of the situation, he, misinterpreting that Steven and Connie were a couple, attempts to get them back together so they can fuse, convincing an emotionally vulnerable and desperate Steven to play it cool and act like life is going well for him without Connie, so that she'll be desperate enough to come to him. The advice, however, backfires, instead agitating Connie to the point where she believes that Steven has given up on making amends with her after being unintentionally ignored for so long, and has decided not only to permanently cut her from his life, but to also replace her with Kevin as his best friend, and nearly leaves distraught at this. After Steven stops her from leaving, and the two finally reconcile, Kevin attempts to get them to fuse, but they instead decide to take their leave on Lion, though not before thanking Kevin for his help and complimenting him on the party, much to his anger.


Steven: I'm going to tell them! I'm gonna tell them everything.
Bismuth: Heheheheh... Then you really are better than her.

—Steven and Bismuth, "Bismuth"

Steven impales Bismuth with Rose's sword in self-defense.

First meeting Bismuth in the episode of the same name, Steven is quick to respond warmly, showing admiration towards her tales of past battles and laughing indulgently at her jokes. He is also quick to open up to her about his feelings towards his mother and remarks that he is glad she is with them. Upon refusing to resort to the use of the Breaking Point, he continues his attempts to reason with her and upon being forced to destroy her physical form, shows his respect for her by promising to tell everyone what happened, giving her closure before poofing. In "Mindful Education", it is revealed that Steven harbors intense emotional baggage for defending himself against her and impaling her with Rose's sword, with Bismuth manifesting in one of Stevonnie's hallucinations as a result.

Made of Honor (387).png

In "Made of Honor", Steven and Bismuth both reconcile after Steven frees her from her bubble permanently. She even went as far as to believe that Steven was the new leader of the Crystal Gems, despite the latter denying it.

In "Legs From Here to Homeworld", Bismuth gives Steven some sound advice as he departs for Homeworld. When Steven contacts her in "Escapism", she and Greg silently agree to help him.

Bismuth giving Steven a pep talk to lift his spirit.

In Steven Universe: The Movie, Bismuth takes on a mentoring role, inspiring Steven to keep fighting and help his friends. She also shows great concern for Steven when he briefly lifted the Injector out of the ground, as well as when he burned his arm from the poison. When Steven returns to Little Homeworld after his fight with Spinel, Bismuth is happy to learn that he is unharmed and greets him along with Lapis and Peridot.

Steven giving Bismuth the original Crystal Gem flag as a parting gift.

In "The Future" Steven says goodbye to Bismuth as he prepares to leave Beach City. Bismuth is worried it's because of something she did and offers him a vacation house outside of Little Homeworld. She also believes it's because she's smothering him. Steven gifts Bismuth the original Crystal Gem flag, as he believes nobody is more of a Crystal Gem than Bismuth. This deeply touches Bismuth, who breaks down into tears and says Steven makes her so proud to be a Crystal Gem and that neither she, Lapis, nor Peridot would be who they are without him. As Steven, Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot embrace, Steven declares he loves them all, to which Peridot, Lapis, and Bismuth do as well to him.


Listen to me, Spinel. I understand. After everything you've been through, you must be in a lot of pain.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Steven and Spinel fighting.

Spinel sought out revenge on Steven due to him being the descendant of Pink Diamond, as stated by his broadcast, and she was jealous of the fact that he, or "Pink", now had new friends that were not herself. Hurt by Pink's abandonment, she vowed to destroy Steven's new friends and the planet that Pink had loved so much. Steven accidentally poofs her, perceiving her as a threat once she has poofed Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.

Rejuvenated Spinel playfully shaking Steven up and down.

However, upon her regeneration, the two become mutual acquaintances, with Spinel resuming her 'Best Friend' status with Steven, as she did with Pink. The two are inseparable, with the relationship heavily skewed; coming mostly from Spinel. Upon a small disagreement where Spinel sees Steven caring more for his friends than her, she flees to Pink Diamond's Garden, where she tells Steven the story of her past. Moved, and desperate to redeem the Gem, Steven brings Spinel back to the Gems and Connie, who, after initially being wary, agree to let Steven help Spinel to deactivate the Injector.

Steven helping Spinel up.

Upon deactivating it, Spinel is once again hurt by Steven's reaction; she claims he only needed her for the Injector, and did not want to be her friend. Reverting to her old behavior, Spinel attacks Steven and briefly holds Garnet hostage, before retreating to the top of the Injector. Steven ascends the injector to talk to Spinel, and they fight until it becomes apparent she has lost her motivation to destroy him and regrets her actions up until that point. Steven, now fully reunited with his powers, comforts her and claims she can start fresh with new people to be her friends. The Injector promptly explodes due to the battle, and Steven saves Spinel by entrapping her in his bubble alongside him. Steven then attempts to comfort her again, as Spinel decides she has created too much damage and must leave. The Diamonds then arrive, ready to confront Steven about where they will live, and Steven introduces Spinel to them, thus giving her the new friends he promised.

Steven glowing pink in anger after Spinel kisses him affectionately.

In "Homeworld Bound", Steven becomes highly irritated when Spinel kisses him due to his powers and temper spiraling out of control. Regardless, he asks her how things have been for her, and trusts her with telling him how she got over her vengeful thoughts.

Bluebird Azurite

Bluebird: An era ago, there were two Gems, celebrated for taking down Homeworld's greatest traitor. But then they were cast out, forgotten when the traitor duped all of Homeworld into loving him instead. Now, they've come to Earth for their revenge! And forever shall he rue the names...
Aquamarine: Aquamarine...
"Eyeball": And Ruby!

—Bluebird Azurite, Aquamarine, and Ruby explaining their motives to Steven, "Bluebird"

Steven and Bluebird fighting.

Steven and Bluebird Azurite are enemies, as she is the fusion of his two worst enemies — Aquamarine and "Eyeball" — and was made to get revenge on Steven for his dissolution of the Gem Empire during Era 3, which caused Bluebird's components to be cast out and forgotten. While she acted friendly towards Steven in her eponymous episode (despite pranking him multiple times), this was revealed to be an act to gain his trust so she could exact her revenge much easier.


Huh. Nice try. But it's hopeless, My Dad. I can't go back to Homeworld without getting what the Diamonds want.

—Aquamarine, "I Am My Mom"
Awful small and mean.gif

Aquamarine is arguably Steven's worst enemy. Steven first meets Aquamarine while looking for some of his friends who have gone missing. He hears her ask "Are you, My-Dad?" when he sees her, she appears very childlike, but he is at first shocked, seeing that she is a Gem, most likely from Homeworld. She asks if he is "My-Dad" again, he says no, and she flies off. Connie finds her standing in a tree, and tells her to come down, saying that they can help her, but Steven tells her to be careful. After capturing Connie, Steven commands her and Topaz to let his friends go, to which Aquamarine uses her wand to hurl Steven towards a tree.

In "I Am My Mom", Steven and the Crystal Gems confront Aquamarine and Topaz at Funland. Aquamarine reveals that the list of humans came from "a Steven" in a report from Peridot 5XG. After the Gems fail to fight Aquamarine and Topaz, Steven turns himself in as "My-Dad". Aquamarine says she's skeptical of how "a Steven" could also be a "My-Dad", but she accepts it because she wants to leave. When he tries to escape, Aquamarine freezes all of them in her wand's tractor beam. After thinking for a while, Steven tells Aquamarine that he is not "My-Dad", which frustrates her, but Rose Quartz, which then shocks Aquamarine.

Aquamarine's reaction to Steven trying to get her to share her feelings.

In "Stuck Together", Aquamarine marvels at the fact that she captured "Rose Quartz", and that she handed herself in. After Topaz reveals that Lars is still on the ship, Steven tells Aquamarine the deal is off, which only results in Aquamarine taunting him, even pointing at her tear-shaped gem and saying "Look, I'm so moved I'm crying.", and then laughs at him. Aquamarine says she'll let the Diamonds know about her prisoner, and then asks "Rose" how she looks, to which Steven replies "Awful, small, and mean!". Aquamarine takes it humorously, asking rhetorically if that is how "Rose" flattered so many Gems to join the Rebellion. After trying to escape, Topaz and Steven try to reason with her, with Steven saying that she doesn't actually want to hurt them and that she just acts mean because she's afraid to admit she's weak. Aquamarine reacts to this by looking visibly annoyed.

Bluebird 208.png

In "Bluebird", Aquamarine fuses with "Eyeball" so the two of them can get their revenge on Steven for him changing Homeworld for the better causing the both of them to be cast out and forgotten. Though Steven tries to reform her despite initially not trusting her when she visits his house as Bluebird, she rejects his attempts and reaffirms her hatred of him after she and "Eyeball" are defeated by Alexandrite, fleeing with "Eyeball" soon after.


"Eyeball" thanking Steven for telling them Jasper's whereabouts.

Steven and "Eyeball" have an antagonistic relationship, as "Eyeball" dislikes Steven and is one of his worst enemies. The two first meet in "Hit the Diamond", as "Eyeball" and the rest of the Ruby Squad are searching for Jasper at The Barn. Steven and the rest of Crystal Gems, thinking they were looking for Peridot, convince the Rubies to play baseball to keep them from searching The Barn and lie about them being humans. During the game, however, Ruby and Sapphire accidentally fuse into Garnet and the Rubies, realizing the Gems' lies, fuse into "Giant Ruby" and almost attack them. Peridot then attempts to give herself up, but Giant Ruby explains they were looking for Jasper, to which Steven chimes in and lies about her being on Neptune. Giant Ruby accepts this and unfuses, and as the Rubies are about to leave, "Eyeball" thanks Steven for the information.

In "Back to the Moon", "Eyeball" and the Ruby Squad return to Earth after not finding Jasper on Neptune (or any other planet in the solar system), and demand to know where Jasper is. Amethyst, shapeshifted as Jasper, tricks the Rubies into thinking she's Jasper and goes to Moon Base with them and Garnet, Pearl, and Steven to file a report to Yellow Diamond. However, while there, the Rubies discover Amethyst was shapeshifted as Jasper, and engage in a battle with the Crystal Gems. Steven then opens the airlock, which strands him and the rest of the Rubies in space.

Bubbled 204.png

In "Bubbled" Steven encounters "Eyeball" while drifting in space marooned in his bubble, and she is angry at him for sending them in outer space and for tricking her. The two argue, and after passing over a satellite, "Eyeball" monologues about her disbelief that any Crystal Gems were left on Earth and how she wanted to see Rose Quartz but was tricked by the Gems instead. Steven then attempts to convince her that Rose turned into him and how he has her powers, but "Eyeball" disregards this as another trick. Soon after, the two enter an asteroid field and "Eyeball"'s gem ends up getting cracked by an asteroid. However, Steven heals her gem with his healing spit and the two share a laugh over their predicament. "Eyeball" then summons her weapon, a chisel knife, and attempts to kill Steven, but Steven throws her out of his bubble, and she drifts in space away from him.

The Trial 092.png

The two meet again briefly during Steven's trial, as "Eyeball" is an eyewitness and testifies against Steven, explaining that he is Rose Quartz and threw her into space, showing she still has resentment towards Steven.

Bluebird 161.png

In "Bluebird", "Eyeball" fuses with Aquamarine to get revenge on Steven for changing Homeworld during Era 3, which caused both of them to be cast out and forgotten. Although Steven attempts to reform her despite not trusting her when she showed up at his house as Bluebird, she rejects his attempts after being defeated by Alexandrite and reaffirms her hatred towards him, fleeing with Aquamarine afterward.

Blue Diamond

I've been seeing through her eyes. I've been crying her tears!

—Steven, "Steven's Dream"

Blue glaring at Steven furiously.

While not having interacted before at the time, Steven has some form of emotional link with Blue Diamond. From across the world, Steven is involuntarily able to see through Blue Diamond's eyes and cry her tears through his dreams. He also cries Blue Diamond's tears when he is near her. He initially feels sorry for her as she and Greg talk in "Steven's Dream" for everything that has happened to her, including the shattering of Pink Diamond which has caused Blue Diamond a considerable amount of pain. Blue Diamond is not currently aware of the link that she and Steven share.

Blue hugs and cries for Pink who turns out to be Steven.

In "The Trial", it is shown that although Blue Diamond wants Rose Quartz to suffer for shattering Pink Diamond, she also wants Steven to present his case before his sentence. When it is indicated that Rose Quartz may not be responsible for Pink Diamond's death, Blue Diamond showed shock at the accusation that a Diamond was likely responsible.

Blue and Steven in the pool.

In "Reunited", it is revealed that he views Blue Diamond as part of his family due to his mother being Pink Diamond. During the aftermath, she shows a genuine display of affection towards him by nuzzling him and hugging him. She also supports his decision to cure the corrupted Gems and expresses concern for him when he is brought to White Diamond.

In "Familiar", Blue Diamond acts warmly towards Steven whom she believes to be Pink. Steven jokes around with Blue and even says that the two should spend more time together. Steven knows that Blue and Yellow Diamond are dictators but in the song "Familiar" he acknowledges the two love him which is why he hopes to change their authoritarian ways.

Blue visits Steven in the prison tower after he is imprisoned there for fusing with Connie and attempts to get him to apologize. When he refuses and attempts to reason with her, Blue instead attacks him with an energy blast. He does, however, manage to get her to realize just how many times she has made Pink cry, and Blue agrees to help him return to Earth, even fighting Yellow to do so, in addition to finally acknowledging him as his own separate being.

Yellow Diamond

I'm sure your memories are in there somewhere, Pink.

—Yellow Diamond, "Legs From Here to Homeworld"

In the episode "The Trial", Yellow Diamond sees Steven as abominable to the point that she wanted to execute him just "for looking like that." Other than this connection, Yellow Diamond sees him as Rose Quartz by Steven's choice, and considering Rose's history, Yellow Diamond is furious with Steven's existence and pushes toward his execution as much as possible, only to be stopped by Blue Diamond.

However, after learning that Rose was Pink Diamond, Yellow begins to show genuine concern for him. While she still believes him to be Pink, she is willing to assist him in curing corruption and enlisting White Diamond's help.

In "Reunited", it is revealed that he views Yellow Diamond as part of his family due to his mother being Pink Diamond.

Steven and Yellow Diamond discussing how to convince White Diamond to heal the corrupted Gems.

In "Familiar", Yellow Diamond and Steven speak briefly about how to convince White Diamond to come to Earth so they can heal the corrupted Gems. Yellow states that the two and a half words Steven said to White is a new record, implying that White rarely speaks to anyone. Yellow complains to Steven that it is unfair how he gets to see White Diamond because he has one failed colony, while she has hundreds of successful ones. Steven suggests to Yellow that she should try failing which Yellow responds to by laughing hysterically. The fact that Yellow rarely smiles, let alone laughs, shows how comfortable she is around "Pink" (Steven).

When Blue frees Steven and Connie and attempts to help them return to Earth, Yellow tells her to return them to the prison tower. She also attempts to stop Steven from freeing the bubbled Crystal Gems, but fails and is attacked by Blue. Later. when Yellow attempts to poof Blue, Steven stops her and makes her realize the error of her ways, in addition to recognizing Steven as his being. Yellow, along with Blue, later attempts to assist Steven in escaping Homeworld, but are stopped by White. After curing corruption alongside Blue and White, she directs a "peace" sign towards Steven using her ship before leaving for Homeworld.

White Diamond

You know, if you just let everyone be whoever they are, maybe you could let yourself be whoever you are, too.
White Diamond: But I'm not supposed to be like this! I'm supposed to know better! I'm supposed to be better! I'm supposed to make everything better!
You can! But first, you're going to have to leave your own head.

—Steven and White Diamond, "Change Your Mind"

Steven's first time meeting White Diamond.

From what Pearl and the other Diamonds have told him, and from White's reaction to his arrival on Homeworld, Steven appears uneasy and nervous toward White Diamond during their first meeting in "Legs From Here to Homeworld". He was rather annoyed that he only got two and a half words in, and was frustrated when she didn't show up to the Era 3 ball.

Later, in "Change Your Mind", Steven successfully manages to meet with White Diamond a second time. Again, White Diamond is initially dismissive of Steven, though he is angry at her for taking control of the other Diamonds and later, the Crystal Gems. White Diamond continuously chastises him for encouraging other Gems to bring out their flaws and even suggests that Pink Diamond and Steven are the same. After embarrassing White, Steven finally convinces her to let go of her obsession with perfection and to come to Earth to heal the corrupted Gems.

Steven explaining to White she needs to "leave her own head" to make things better.

In Steven Universe: The Movie, White completely and utterly adores Steven, so much as to sing a song about how much she and the other Diamonds adore him. The only problem with that is that now White smothers him with attention, making him feel slightly uncomfortable. She even listened to Steven when he told her to say "please" and "thank you" to other Gems.

Pink Pearl

Change Your Mind 858.png

Steven had his first meeting with White Pearl in "Legs From Here to Homeworld". He seemed uncomfortable around her, but when he manages to remove White Diamond's control over her in "Change Your Mind" he welcomes her back.

Pink Pearl and Steven discussing the former's left eye.

In "Volleyball", Pink Pearl visits him in his clinic for healing Gems, as she entrusts him with fixing her cracked eye. It appears that Steven has known her for some time, as the two speak casually and Steven calls Pink Pearl his friend. However, he gets angry when Pink Pearl reveals that her cracked eye was Pink Diamond's doing, as he does not want to keep having to fix her mistakes, but keeps his anger under control. When the both of them (along with Pearl) visit The Reef, they even bond over Pink Pearl's nostalgic feelings of the items stored there, as it was here Pearls, including the Crystal Gem Pearl and Pink Pearl, were created. When Steven accidentally causes Pink Pearl to become trapped in a shell that will rejuvenate her, he feels guilty and tries to free her. After all three of them are back in Beach City, Steven expresses remorse over not being able to heal Pink Pearl's eye, feeling the mission was for nothing but Mega Pearl puts a smile on his face when she told him the both Pearls understand Pink Diamond beter and they now have each other.

"Shy", "Hippie", and "Superfan" Rose Quartzes

Rose Buds 209.png

Though Steven expresses discomfort around "Hippie" Rose Quartz and "Superfan" Rose Quartz as well, he is the most troubled around "Shy" Rose Quartz because of her extreme resemblance to his mother. Eventually, he apologizes to the three of them, and after "Shy" Rose Quartz empathizes with him over Pink Diamond, he settles on a sibling-like relationship with them as they were created by Pink like he was.

Blue & Yellow Pearl

Steven: That's it. You like being a model, and you like being an artist.
Blue and Yellow Pearl: *laugh*

—Steven to Blue and Yellow Pearl, "Together Alone"

Steven conversing with Yellow and Blue Pearl about their interests.

Steven has made an effort to befriend Blue and Yellow Pearl. During their planning of the Era 3 ball in "Together Alone", Steven helps them understand the concept of fun, encouraging them to realize and acknowledge what they enjoy doing. They also aid him with changing Homeworld for the better in the wake of Era 3.


Steven meeting the Pebbles.

Steven is friendly toward the Pebbles, finding their antics amusing and appreciating what they do for him. The Pebbles, although referring to them as Pink Diamond, appear to appreciate Steven as well.

Episode Appearances


  • Steven's name and appearance are based on Rebecca Sugar's brother, Steven Sugar, who is a background artist for the show.
    • Steven shares his birthday with Steven Sugar, August 15.[7] This means that their birthstone is peridot.
    • Steven's birthday is August 15, which means his astrological sign is Leo. (July 23 - August 22)
    • On a similar note, Steven's name if he were a girl, Nora, was a name almost given to Rebecca before she was born.
  • When viewed from the back, the bumps of Steven's hair form a rose shape, though this is more visible on the Funko Pop! figurines than in the show.[8]
  • In the transition from the pilot to the series, Steven underwent only two significant changes: the removal of the gold ring around his gemstone, and the gemstone facet being flipped right-side up.
  • Steven is home-schooled by the Gems.[9] According to the comic Steven Universe: Too Cool for School, Pearl and Garnet's education for Steven is so effective that Steven gets a perfect score on a conventional human school's standardized test, despite being there just one day. "Bismuth Casual" shows he knows so little about how schools work, he claims to be in "grade 16".

    Steven's door (formerly Rose Quartz's)

  • In "Together Breakfast", he had a phone that resembles an iPhone. It was destroyed by Garnet after he took a picture of the Evil Spirit Scroll.
    • However, as of "House Guest", a new phone can be seen on his nightstand and again in "Full Disclosure" when he uses it.
  • Steven is a musical prodigy.[10]
  • Steven seemingly can breathe in space, as shown in "Ocean Gem" when Lapis Lazuli confronts him at the top of her water tower, even though he has to hold his breath in the Pink Dimension in "Lion 3: Straight to Video" and had to have a bubble around him to breathe in space in "Bubbled".
    • However, this could simply be a script error.
  • In "Warp Tour", Steven is revealed to be allergic to pollen.

    Steven's entry in Guide to the Crystal Gems.

  • It is revealed in "Story for Steven" that Steven's T-shirt is one of his dad's old T-shirts he made in his musical career.
  • Steven seems to like drawing, as is shown in the episodes "Tiger Millionaire" when he drew the poster of Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire, "Shirt Club" when he drew Greg, "Open Book" when he drew a picture of Lisa and Archimicarus from The Spirit Morph Saga, when he drew the locations map in Attack the Light, when he drew Lapis Lazuli and Peridot holding hands on an apology card in "Barn Mates", and when he was drawing the poster for Sadie Killer and the Suspects in "The Big Show". In "In Dreams", he is shown creating a Camp Pining Hearts character that looks very similar to him.
    • His style is considered crude by many characters and is a recurring running gag throughout the series.
  • According to an interview with Rebecca Sugar in 2015, the Gem that Steven knew the least about at that point in the show is Pearl.[11]
  • Steven owns a few video game systems, including what appears to be a Nintendo 64, a Nintendo GameCube, and a Nintendo Game Boy. He also owns what appear to be copies of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Animal Crossing. He is also shown playing a fictional game, Golf Quest Mini, on his N64.
  • Steven is referenced in another Cartoon Network series, Uncle Grandpa, twice; first in the episode "Haunted RV", as a kid has a costume that resembles Steven's outfit, and second in "Pizza Eve", where he and the other Crystal Gems had a cameo, Steven himself even had a short line.
  • Steven sometimes refers to himself in the third person. This is possibly a riff on the "Third-Person Person" trope. This is most commonly used by young characters in media to sound cute or endearing.
  • Joe Johnston revealed on his Tumblr that Steven is his favorite character from the show.[12]
  • Since Steven's biological age can be controlled by his state of mind, he possibly could live forever just like the other Crystal Gems if he learned how to control this ability.
  • Steven is prone to motion sickness, particularly when quickly spinning.
  • As seen in "Catch and Release", Steven polishes his gemstone.
    • In "Say Uncle", Uncle Grandpa told Steven that he should polish his gemstone at least twice a year. In real life, rose quartzes don't need to be polished, while diamonds require professional cleaning twice a year, likely making Uncle Grandpa's line foreshadowing the reveal in "A Single Pale Rose".
  • Throughout the show, Steven is shown to have impressive cooking skills. He is shown to have cooked various complicated dishes like the together breakfast in "Together Breakfast" and his salmon sandwich in "Onion Friend", and is generally seen cooking alone. He was even able to create fries and pizza bagels that surpass Kofi Pizza and Mr. Fryman's products, forcing them to beg him not to make them for profit out of fear for their livelihoods. This is possibly out of necessity; since the Gems do not require food, Steven had to learn how to cook on his own.
  • Steven has shown with Connie, Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet that he does not need to dance to fuse, only requiring physical contact and an emotional connection to his partner.
  • All but four of Steven's known fusions exclusively use "they/them" pronouns. This is since they are fusions with either a Gem, who use "she/her" pronouns, or Connie, a human female. Of the four exceptions:
    • Rainbow Quartz 2.0 also uses "he/him" pronouns, and Sunstone and Obsidian also use "she/her".
    • Steg is the only fusion involving Steven that solely uses "he/him" pronouns.
  • It is revealed in "Gem Heist" that Steven hates loincloths.
  • The episode "Jungle Moon" is the only episode where Steven himself is absent; instead, the episode is told from Stevonnie's perspective.
  • As seen in "Reunited", Steven has the power to officiate weddings in the state of Delmarva. However, it is also possible that it was not a formal marriage.
  • Steven's bubble boxing gloves are similar to the Bari Bari No Pistol technique of the character Bartolomeo from One Piece, which is one of Rebecca Sugar's favorite anime.
  • White Diamond's nickname for Steven, "Starlight", is similar to how Marty gave the nickname "Star Child" to Greg.
  • Steven's new power surges could be referencing the trope of characters who struggle with their inner power, like Ichigo and his hollow from Bleach, Naruto and Kurama from Naruto, Meliodas and his demonic heritage (via his Demon Mark) from Seven Deadly Sins, and Inuyasha with his demonic blood from Inuyasha.
    • Steven's transformation being inflicted according to his emotions is also similar to the transformation of the Super Saiyans of the Dragon Ball franchise.
    • Steven's added arsenal of powers in his pink state is also similar to is Meliodas' Berzerk state and Assault Mode.
    • Steven transforming into a pink monster is very similar to the Saiyans transforming into Great Apes and Naruto with Kurama.
  • He enjoys tomato soup, as seen in "Bluebird".
  • In the episode "Snow Day", it is revealed that Steven has been a vegetarian for about a month, drinks protein shakes for breakfast, has his own skin-care routine, and avoids too much sugar like the Together Breakfast, indicating a healthier lifestyle than what he had in the original series. While he is later seen eating a fish in "Fragments", it is unknown if this means he had, at least at the time, abandoned his vegetarian diet altogether or if he is a pescetarian (a sub-type of vegetarian who abstains from all types of meat except seafood).
  • "Prickly Pair" shows that Steven has hidden issues with each of the Gems he has never talked about. He believes that he can't tell Pearl anything without her blaming herself and falling apart, that Garnet acts "high and mighty" and lectures him, and that Amethyst is only "acting" mature and needs to get over herself.
  • "Growing Pains" shows that all of the Gem missions Steven went on made him incapable of managing normal human-level stress.
  • Considering Steven has never been to a doctor prior to "Growing Pains", it is questionable whether Steven has any valid proof of identification despite knowing a driver's license is required to drive the Dondai.
  • Steven has sung the most songs in the entire franchise, with a grand total of 38 songs.


Image Description
Steven's gemstone is located on his navel. It is a circular, magenta gemstone with a pentagonal facet. It is more saturated in color than Rose Quartz's gemstone.

Steven's gemstone as it appears on his Gem half.


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