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Template:Steven Universe "Steven Quartz Universe" is the eponymous main protagonist of the show Steven Universe.

He is the son of Greg Universe and Rose Quartz, and the only member of human descend of the Crystal Gems. A half-human, half-Gem as a result of his parentage, Steven is an extraordinary unique being with innate powers beyond that of both normal humans and Gems. While only a child, Steven has steadily grown from an escort of the Crystal Gem into an equal amongst their ranks thanks to his good-hearted nature and resourcefulness. Though he is a part of a monumental legacy, Steven is devoted to fulfilling his destiny as protector of humanity like his mother was before him.


According to Pearl and Vidalia, Steven takes after both his parents Rose and Greg respectively. He is relatively short with a thick, stocky build. He has curly, dark brown hair and full black irises. He wears a reddish-pink T-shirt with a bright yellow star on it. He also wears blue jeans with sky-blue cuffs and light reddish-pink sandals. His gem, a rose quartz which he inherited from his mother, is where his navel should be.


He is a super-excitable, hammy kid.

Rebecca Sugar

Steven is an amicable, outgoing, and carefree boy with a happy-go-attitude that is appreciated by many of the citizens of Beach City in one way or another. He is musically inclined, a trait inherited from his father, with a propensity for breaking out into song and (occasionally) playing on his ukulele. Steven is also very kindhearted and compassionate, something which Pearl notes he has inherited from his mother, and he deeply loves his friends and family. He is friendly toward almost everyone he meets, rarely holds grudges, and is very non-discriminatory, never treating anyone with prejudice. No matter the situation, Steven will always go out of his way to support his loved ones, even if it means putting his life on the line, and he will avoid resorting to violence.

Steven looks up to his caretakers -- Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl -- and considers them his family. He wants to be a great hero just like them, and he is eager to go on adventures with the trio, both to prove his worth and to have fun exploring strange lands. Despite his under-developed magical power and lack of experience, he has proven himself to have much heroic potential through his resourcefulness, optimism, and confidence.

Steven is rather naive and socially oblivious, due to his isolated upbringing by the Gems. He is often prepared to go on adventures at a moment's notice, but he has a habit of biting off more than he can chew, requiring the Gems to intervene. With his unique way of handling problems, he tends to make situations worse before he makes them better. For a while, despite experiencing near-death or traumatizing events, Steven would retain his child-like innocence and obliviousness to the dangers. Following the revelations of the Gems' dark history and the encounter with Jasper however, Steven has gained a new level of seriousness about the dangers of being a Crystal Gem. This initially made Steven self-conscious about his immaturity and he resolved to outgrow it, although his misguided attempt would be a source of self-inflicted misery as he tried to break off his friendship with Connie to protect her from harm; it was only Connie's sensible nature that stopped him from going down a bad road. Some of this social pressure was alleviated in the events of "Joy Ride", when Jenny, Sour Cream, and Buck helped to convince the Gems that Steven needed a break after being hit so hard from all sides. They also convinced the Gems to lift the 1,000 year TV ban set in place in "Fusion Cuisine".

Like his mother, he appears to be very charismatic: easing a raging crowd (in "Political Power"), motivating his friends and father in working out, and helping Pearl to find strength to fight Sugilite (in "Coach Steven").

But the truth is, we rely on you. Your voice inspires us, binds us, reminds us why we promised to protect the planet. You need to be that voice. For them.

—Garnet to Steven in "The Return"

Steven is shown to have unique tastes in entertainment. He enjoys the Crying Breakfast Friends! show despite his dad and the Gems' confusion over it. He is bit of a romantic as he loved the ending of the The Spirit Morph Saga even if Connie does not agree. He was initially impressed with the original draft of the Tale of William Dewey since it mentioned how great William was but soon realized it was boring when Jamie critiqued it.

Despite being naive in some aspects, Steven still has a more grounded and practical outlook than his three caretakers often correcting them on normal human interactions.


Being half-human and half-Gem, Steven is capable of using magic, though it is unknown if he possesses all the abilities of a pure Gem, such as retreating to their gemstone when taking fatal damage. As associated with his gemstone, Steven's powers are maternal in nature and the control of his gem is based on emotional clarity.

Steven has shown to have some abilities of a regular Gem, but sometimes has little control of them due to not receiving enough training. He can also warp using the warp pads, and bubble objects and gemstones to be teleported to the temple with seemingly full control. He has also been shown to be able to fuse, when he fused with Connie to form Stevonnie. However, he has not yet fused with a Gem. Steven is also capable of shape-shifting, but he has not yet learned to control it. His first (and, so far, only) attempt in "Cat Fingers" was disastrous, temporarily turning him into a cat monster.

Steven and his shield.

Unique Abilities

Due to having his mother's gemstone, he shares most of his unique abilities with her.

  • Shield Proficiency: Due to possessing his mother's gemstone, Steven can summon Rose's shield. Because Steven's powers are maternal in nature, he is required to feel a strong need to protect and help others in order to call his shield out. Early on, he had little to no control over how to summon it, only calling it forth by chance or when in mortal danger. As of "Sworn to the Sword", Steven is now able to not only summon his shield with little effort, but also increase its size at will. He appears to have become quite skilled in wielding it as he was able to use it in conjunction with his protective bubble and defend against Pearl's strikes. Unlike some other gems, instead of "pulling" his shield out of his gem it appears in his arms similar to Garnet's gauntlets appearing over her hands. As of "Friend Ship", he has become completely capable of summoning his shield at any moment he requires it, even being able to scale his shield large enough to defend the Crystal Gems. It should be noted, however that overuse of his shield exhausts Steven (such as using it three times in one day).
    • Projectile Shield: Steven, when in great excitement, can shoot his shield like a projectile at great speed and power. In "Friend Ship", he weaponizes it as a range attack against Peridot.
    • Shield Vibration: On certain occasions that Steven's shield is hit, it emits an audible vibration that disables holographic enemies. In "Ocean Gem", it destabilized Lapis Lazuli's water clones when Steven's shield was hit by a ball of water. It also seems to play a brief role in "Sworn to the Sword", when a Holo-Pearl attacks his shield and it promptly deactivates (the same sound in the former episode can be heard as it does).
  • Fluctuating Age: As revealed in the episode "So Many Birthdays," Steven can manipulate his age through his state of mind and maturity. Steven's biological age depends solely on how old he thinks he is.[1]
  • Healing: (currently inactive) Steven's saliva has the power to heal the injuries of both humans and Gems. Steven's healing capabilities have not yet been seen to the full extent of his power, but he is shown to be capable of healing cracked gemstones as seen when he healed Lapis Lazuli in "Ocean Gem". He can also heal common human injuries and conditions, seen when he healed Connie's eyesight in "An Indirect Kiss" and Greg's broken leg in "House Guest". In "The Test", Pearl remarks to the other Crystal Gems that he has lost his healing ability, and that their test should hopefully increase his confidence and therefore prevent him from losing any other abilities. His loss of healing abilities could be purely psychosomatic, as it is unknown if he has attempted to use his healing abilities after the event's of House Guest.
  • Phytokinesis: In "Watermelon Steven," Steven discovers he has the ability to grow sentient flora in the form of watermelons shaped like himself. They acted as his bodyguards, but they weren't directly under his control and the Watermelon Stevens would ignore his orders and attacked whoever they thought was threatening him, suggesting that he doesn't have full mastery over this ability thus far.
  • Enhanced Strength: Steven occasionally performs feats of strength that would be impossible for a human boy his age - or even a grown man. In "Together Breakfast," Steven is able to lift and force the Together Breakfast in its mutated state into the lava pool without the other Crystal Gem's assistance. He also displays a large amount of strength in "Arcade Mania" when he rips off the top of the Meat Beat Mania arcade game to break Garnet from her trance. He displays an even further amount of strength in "The Return" when he smashes Greg's van's dashboard with a single punch, apparently hard enough to both shatter it and activate the airbags. In "Joy Ride" he's able to move Jenny away from the Escape Pod with little effort. Later on in Friend Ship, he is shown to be strong enough to throw his shield hard enough to stun Peridot. As Gems are much stronger and durable than their appearance would indicate, Steven's superhuman strength was most likely passed down to him from his mother.
  • Resistance to Anti-Gem Weaponry: Because Steven is half-human, he is resistant to anti-gem weaponry. He can pass through the yellow destabilization fields used in the Gem Warship and can grab the live end of Gem Destabilizers with only mild discomfort.

Steven's bubble

  • Bubble Shield: Steven can summon an incredibly durable bubble which encases him and others that he's protecting. In "Sworn to the Sword", it is shown that Steven is capable of summoning it reflexively, as he instinctively summons his bubble to protect himself and Connie due to his wariness of Holo-Pearl as a result of the events in "Steven the Sword Fighter".
  • Dream Communication: In the episode "Chille Tid", it is shown that Steven can talk to gems through dreams. Steven talked to Lapis mentally as he was dreaming. He also saw Jasper and Malachite in the same dream at Malachite's Realm and they noticed him as well. Although, it is unknown whether this is an ability of Steven himself or due to some other outside force.
  • Emotion sensing: In "Horror Club", Steven was able to sense the Lighthouse Gem Monster's presence as well as its emotional state.
  • Electric Interference: Upon seeing Amethyst shape-shift into Rose Quartz in Maximum Capacity, Steven was able to turn off the VHS tape on the TV in Greg's storage unit. This could be an ability passed on to him from Rose, as she was able to stop the record player when she became upset in "We Need to Talk". This ability can only be assumed, as it may just be for dramatic effect.


Image Description Appearance(s)
Steven Universe - -Pilot.png
Steven wears a dark-pink shirt with a yellow star on it and jeans with the legs slightly rolled up, much like his current outfit. He also appears to be heavier and his hair is less curly than his modern counterpart. "Pilot"
Steven Universe - Chille Tid.png
In a dream sequence, Steven is shown in black & white, with a suit, a bowtie and sandals. "Chille Tid"


Image Description Appearance(s)
Steven wears a large pink coat with his jeans and sandals. "Arcade Mania"
"Monster Buddies"
Steven wears a hoodie roughly the same color as his shirt with his jeans and sandals. "Steven the Sword Fighter"

"Coach Steven"
"Joking Victim"
"Steven and the Stevens"
"Space Race"
"Horror Club"
"The Return"
"Cry for Help"

Steven wears a tank top that resembles his usual shirt, but with a bright yellow outline along the edges. He also wears jean shorts and sandals. "Beach Party"
Steven wears a large farmer’s hat, overalls, and has a stick of hay in his mouth. "Watermelon Steven"
Steven wears a red, white, and blue head band with mirrored shades, a sleeveless t-shirt with shorts and sandals. "Coach Steven"
Steven wears a large sheet made to look like a snake, and he also wears boots with claws on them for extra detail. "Keep Beach City Weird"
Steven wears pale mint green pajamas. "Lion 3: Straight to Video"
"Warp Tour"
Steven wears a hoodie roughly the same color of his shirt with his jeans tucked into rubber boots with ducks on them. "Frybo"
Steven Universe - It's A Wash.png
Steven wears a light blue jumpsuit with the It's A Wash logo on the shoulder with a purple belt and sandals. "Bubble Buddies"
Steven wears a large rainbow wig with white face paint with red around his mouth with a big red nose, a sleeveless shirt that is oversized, jeans, and green sandals. "So Many Birthdays"
Steven wears a torn, muddy, wet shirt with a pile of leaves tied around his waist instead of his pants. He is barefoot. "Island Adventure"
Steven hat.png
Steven wears his pink sweatshirt with jeans and sandals and a hat that covers half of his face. "Secret Team"
Steven sweater and scarf.png
Steven wears a blue sweatshirt with a star print with purple laced edges. He also wears orange pants and tan boots with a light pink scarf. "Maximum Capacity"
Steven Big Donut Uniform redo.png
Steven wears the Big Donut Shirt along with his regular pants and sandals. "Joking Victim"
Steven wears nothing but his underwear. "Frybo"

"Tiger Millionaire"

Steven wears a blue sweatshirt with a star print with purple laced edges. He also wears orange pants and tan boots. "Winter Forecast"

"Maximum Capacity"

Steven seater mittons.png
Steven wears a large coat with turquoise mittens. He also wears his jeans and pink boots. "Winter Forecast"
Steven falcon.png
Steven wears a falcon outfit created by Rose's Room. It is meant to resemble Archimicarus, a character from The Spirit Morph Saga. "Open Book"
Steven apron.png
Steven wears an apron over his normal clothes. "Shirt Club"
Steven Universe - Life Jacket.png
Steven wears a yellow lifejacket over his regular outfit. "Chille Tid"
Steven Universe - Stripe PJ.png
Steven wears light & dark blue pinstripe pajamas. "House Guest"

"Chille Tid"

"SDCC 2015"

Steven bathing suit.png
Steven wears a yellow bathing suit. "Keystone Motel"


Image Description Appearance(s)
Steven Cat fingers.png
Steven has cats growing on his body. "Cat Fingers"


Image Description Appearance(s)
Toddler Steven.png
Steven when he was a toddler. "SDCC 2015"
Steven Universe - Teenager.png
Steven manipulates his age to a teenager. "So Many Birthdays"
Steven Universe - Adult.png
Steven manipulates his age to an adult.

Color palettes

Image Description
Color palette at day/regular color palette.

Image Description
Steven sunset palette.png
Color palette at sunset.

Image Description
Steven twilight palette.png
Color palette at twilight.

Image Description
Steven dusk palette.png
Color palette at dusk.

Image Description
Steven night palette.png
Color palette at night.

Image Description
Steven darkness palette.png
Color palette in darkness.

Image Description
Steven kindergarten palette.png
Color palette at the Kindergarten.

Image Description
Steven facet-five palette.png
Color palette in the Facet Five.

Image Description
Steven roses-room palette.png
Color palette in Rose's Room.

Image Description
Steven desert palette.png
Color palette in The Desert.


Rose Quartz

Every moment you love being yourself, that's me, loving you.

Rose Quartz, in "Lion 3: Straight to Video".
File:Steven.Universe.S01E24.An.Indirect.Kiss.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-RainbowCrash.mkv snapshot 07.12 -2014.11.20 22.42.15-.png

Steven sitting beneath a statue of Rose.

Rose is Steven's mother, although he never met Rose face to face since she gave up her physical form to create him, and has only heard about her. Rose's absence has as well left a void in Steven's life, as he has grown up without a motherly figure to love and is therefore unsure of what to feel about her despite wanting to, which is only made more difficult for him as everyone else does. Regardless, Steven is willing to defend Rose, like when he snapped back at Lars when he called her weird.

After Steven got to see the video Rose had left him in "Lion 3: Straight to Video", he was moved to tears when she expressed her love for him and has since grown more curious about the person Rose was. When Steven is sometimes troubled by the burden of being a Crystal Gem, he takes solace in continuing Rose's legacy by protecting the world like she wanted him to. He has also developed a habit of clutching his gem when he has something on his mind, possibly as a way of seeking support from Rose.

Steven harbors great feelings of guilt over Rose giving up her "life" in order to give birth to him. He keeps this hidden deep down inside of him and rarely expresses it. One notable exception is in "Joy Ride" where he confesses to the cool kids that he suspects that the Crystal Gems are blaming him for Rose not being around anymore - which horrifies the teenagers.


File:Steven.Universe.S01E27.House.Guest.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-RainbowCrash.mkv snapshot 03.21 -2014.11.17 23.32.57-.png

Steven on his ukulele and Greg on his guitar.

Greg Universe is Steven's father. As seen in "Laser Light Cannon" and "Cat Fingers," they share a strong father-son relationship and Greg is always emotionally supportive. Although Greg does not live with Steven, they often hang out. In "House Guest," it is shown that Steven and his father used to live together, but as Steven grew older he moved in with the Crystal Gems in order for them to teach him about "magical Gem stuff" - something which his father could not do. However, even though Greg knows that Steven is safe in the Crystal Gems care, he is still slightly apprehensive about Steven going on missions and getting involved in "Gem stuff".

Unlike the Crystal Gems, Greg doesn't seem too concerned about Rose giving up her life as Steven inheriting her "Gem identity" - other than the latter getting Steven into situations that Greg does not approve of. As such he treats him much more like his own person and Steven doesn't seem to be feeling any guilt towards Rose's "death" when he is with his father. This is probably because as a human, Greg is much more familiar and comfortable with the idea of offspring as well as death; concepts which are strange and unfamiliar to the asexual and nigh-immortal Gems.

As a result, Steven is very comfortable and relaxed whenever he is in the presence of his dad as he provides a link to the human world, away from "magical Gem stuff".


File:Steven.Universe.S01E28.Space.Race.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-RainbowCrash.mkv snapshot 10.13 -2014.11.17 16.26.45-.png

Pearl embracing Steven.

Pearl acts more like an overprotective mother or aunt (since he is Rose's child) to Steven. Pearl has mixed feelings for Steven deep down; while she cares deeply for Steven she also misses his mother, Rose Quartz, very much as they were very close to each other when she was alive. However, she has shown a deeper affection than most for Steven , going as far as calling him her "baby" in "Say Uncle". She sees much of his mother that he becomes a constant reminder of Rose which both gladdens and saddens Pearl. These feelings come to the surface in "Rose's Scabbard" where the revelation that Rose had apparently kept secrets from Pearl, her closest friend and confidant, causes Pearl to break down mentally and run away from Steven and the other Crystal Gems. When Steven pursues her she shows signs of resentment towards him, and Lion, which culminates in her apparent inaction when Steven misses a jump and almost falls to his doom. The two reconcile at the end of the episode, but as revealed in "Joy Ride" Steven no longer feels comfortable talking about the subject of his mom with the other Crystal Gems as he has grown to feel that they blame him for her not being around anymore. Even despite recent events, Steven does still feel comfortable enough to talk to Pearl about his problems in "Historical Friction". He unknowingly comforts her in that flaws are important in everyone and asks her to tell the real story of William Dewey. During the play he waves to her while she is encouraging him.


File:Steven.Universe.S01E24.An.Indirect.Kiss.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-RainbowCrash.mkv snapshot 09.03 -2014.11.20 22.45.47-.png

Amethyst and Steven holding hands.

Amethyst acts like an older sister to Steven, often joking around with him and joining him in his misadventures. Pearl will often scold Amethyst for being too reckless with Steven when she misleads him such as in "Cat Fingers," which Amethyst admits is probably accurate. Steven seems to acknowledge Amethyst's reckless nature, calling her out when she didn't help him in "Joking Victim" and worrying for her safety in "An Indirect Kiss". However Steven cares greatly about to Amethyst's amusement.


File:Winter Forecast (19).PNG

Garnet kissing Steven on the forehead.

Garnet acts like a lenient and kind mother, always encouraging him and setting a good example. It is shown that Steven respects her as he always listens whenever she speaks. Steven usually asks Garnet for permission before anyone else, as shown in "Monster Buddies". As shown in the aforementioned episode, Garnet is usually open to letting Steven attempt things that Pearl may not, indicating that she has more trust in him than Pearl. Despite her stoic and somewhat distant nature, the two share an occasionally close and emotional relationship. She became emotional when Steven aged rapidly in "So Many Birthdays"; in "Future Vision" she shares her "future vision" to him- which she did only because she thought he'd understand and it would bring them closer. Immediately after Sapphire and Ruby's re-fusion in "Jailbreak" Garnet acts a lot more emotional and loving towards Steven, indicative of the deep, true love that she has for him that her pre-regeneration self wouldn't, or couldn't, express.

Sapphire & Ruby

File:Keystone Motel Sapphire Realization.png


Oh Steven. We already love you.

—Garnet confirming Ruby and Sapphire's feelings toward Steven

Little is known about the relationship between Sapphire, Ruby and Steven, other than they all care for each other, between Steven and the two halves of Garnet, but since Garnet is a Fusion Gem of the two it can be assumed that their individual feelings for Steven are similar to, if not the same as, Garnet's feelings for him. This is confirmed in "Keystone Motel" , as they both apologize to Steven upon arguing in the diner, which had driven Steven to tears. Sapphire even goes so far as to cry herself out of guilt.




Sadie is one of Steven's friends who, unlike her co-worker Lars, is friendly, considerate and affectionate towards Steven. In "Joking Victim," Steven helps Sadie by working at the Big Donut. Steven also helps Sadie to strengthen her relationship with Lars in "Island Adventure".


File:Screen shot 2015-01-16 at 9.16.17 AM.png

Connie and Steven embracing each other.

Connie is one of Steven's friends whom he saved in "Bubble Buddies" from a falling rock by using his gem to summon his bubble. He is initially very awkward and nervous to talk with her, but their friendship has grown and presently, they appear to be close friends. In "Lion 2: The Movie," they are shown casually hanging out. Steven appears to have a crush on Connie, although it has not been discussed in the show. In "An Indirect Kiss," Steven and Connie are shown to not care about things such as sharing the same straw. It was through that indirect kiss that Steven discovered his healing powers, along with fixing Connie's bad eyesight. He also genuinely cares about Connie's safety and well-being as seen in "Winter Forecast," as well as in "Full Disclosure". In "Alone Together", the two of them accidentally fuse to form the entity Stevonnie. They are overjoyed by their ability to be fused and enjoy being Stevonnie, although it appears that they cannot control when they fuse. It seems to happen when they dance together while thinking about their feelings for each other. Connie, however, is terrified of the thought of her parents knowing about this, or any of the magical things she does with Steven. It is for this reason that she lied to her parents about Steven in "Fusion Cuisine", saying that he had a traditional nuclear family. When he found out she lied, Steven felt hurt, believing that she was embarrassed of him. Fortunately, after she explained that she was simply scared of her parents not letting her see Steven again, he forgave her. In "Open Book", Steven is heavily implied to have a crush on Connie by being afraid to tell her his opinion about the ending of the final Unfamiliar Familiar book because he was afraid of her disliking him for it. In "Sworn to the Sword", it is shown that Steven and Connie function extremely well in combat as a team, with Steven defending Connie with his shield and protective bubble while Connie attacks using her sword skills. Together, they manage to defeat several Holo-Pearls and their ability to work well as a team was enough to surprise Pearl initially. However, Pearl was able to defeat them after she overcame her initial surprise. Pearl later admitted that they worked well together after she calmed down. In "Cry for Help", a picture of Connie can be seen in Steven's room.


Steven riding Lion.

Lion is Steven's "pet" lion whom he discovers in "Steven's Lion" while the Crystal Gems went to retrieve the Desert Glass. He has some sort of connection with Steven and his gem as he is the only one who can go into Lion's pocket dimension and put stuff inside there aside from Rose Quartz. Lion, most of the time, does whatever he wants and often ignores or disobeys Steven. Lion is also seen to be caring towards Steven as well as being aware of Steven's needs, like when Lion kept lying on Steven's head to show Steven his pocket dimension where it contained, among other things, a video left by Rose Quartz for Steven, after he said he wanted to know more about her in "Lion 3: Straight to Video".


Onion is Steven's friend whom he talks to in the episode "Bubble Buddies". Steven addresses Onion as if they're good friends. In "Onion Trade," Steven gives his favorite action figure to him as a gift, despite the fact that Onion had originally stolen it. When they're not together, Steven expresses some confusion as to who and what Onion is, being unsure if he's even human in "Marble Madness". In "Onion Friend", Steven and Amethyst stay at Onion's house for dinner. It is there that Onion shows Steven around his room, inviting him to feed his pet snake and show Steven his collection of G.U.Y.S. and G.A.L.S. which he later gives Explorer Gal to Steven as a token of their friendship.

Peedee Fryman

Peedee is Steven's friend whom he helped out in the episode "Frybo". Thanks to Steven, Peedee earned the respect of his father and doesn't have to wear the Frybo suit anymore.


Lars appears to be annoyed by Steven. He's always making fun of him, although this may only be because he is jealous of Steven for being a Crystal Gem. Steven may be ignorant of this however, because in "Bubble Buddies," he refers to Lars as his "BFF". However, in "Lars and the Cool Kids," he became angry with Lars and called him a jerk for insulting his mother. As of "Lars and the Cool Kids," Lars and Steven find a way to connect and Lars is seemingly on better terms with Steven. In some ways, Steven looks up to Lars, and was excited at the chance of being able to receive a high-five from him in "Future Vision". However, Steven doesn't hesitate to call out Lars on his bad behavior at times.

Lapis Lazuli

File:LL - 6.jpg

Steven helping Lapis out.

Steven became friends with her in "Mirror Gem" when he was given the mirror by Pearl, which turned out to not work. Then a little while later, Lapis began to talk to Steven and they became good friends, with Steven calling them "Beach Summer Fun Buddies", a nickname to which Lapis agreed. She wanted to get out of the mirror and told Steven how to do so. After she was free, she warns Steven not to trust the Crystal Gems and walks away. In "Ocean Gem," Steven is the one who insists on speaking to her and gets angry when she refuses to do so and hurts his friends. However he understands Lapis' desperation to go home and heals her cracked gem, which in result, gave her eyes and wings back. She thanks Steven before departing back to her home planet. In "The Message," Steven defends her, and sings a song all about her and the previous events. Steven is very concerned about her, as he was distraught by her unhappiness while she was delivering the message. Later, Lapis gives Steven a message, she addresses him specifically. In "Jail Break," Lapis fuses with Jasper, forming Malachite, as a way to save Steven. Later in "Chille Tid", while the gems are searching for Malachite, Steven's motivation is to save her from her fate of being trapped with Jasper. He soon discovers he is able to communicate with her through his dreams. While talking to her, Lapis refuses his help, saying, "Just let me do this for you!".


File:Trained Her Up.png

Steven having fun with Centipeetle.

Steven became friends with her in "Monster Buddies" when he accidentally popped a gem bubble in which the Centipeetle Mother was in. At first she was unwary of her surroundings, being scared by the presence of the rest of the Crystal Gems. By approaching her calmly and feeding her Chaaaaps, Steven managed to calm her down, even train her. She was even willing to risk her own life to save Steven from a falling icicle. Steven believes she is not a monster and that he can help heal her in the future.                        


File:Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.40.09 PM.png

Steven looking at Peridot

Steven doesn't really know how to feel about Peridot, but he seems to have wanted to befriend her in "Marble Madness", approaching her without fear and even trying to have a friendly conversation with her. Of course, this didn't go as well as he hoped and almost got crushed by her. Despite this, he still believes she can be good and even said that maybe if she sees how nice humans are she might not want to hurt anyone. In "Keeping it Together", Steven was the first to find her. He quietly waits for her to finish her report instead of alerting the others until she notices him. When Peridot asks if the others were with him, Steven tries to lie by shaking his head "no" until he nods "yes" with an apologetic shrug. During the chase Steven seems to care about her when he asks if she's okay after falling off the wall. In "Friend Ship", Steven is kind to Peridot by wishing her a good morning and weekend. During the battle, instead of being cold and ruthless to her like she does to him and the rest of the Crystal Gems, he teases her instead.


Steven finds Sardonyx funny and articulated as in "Cry for Help". It is known that Sardonyx has taken a liking to Steven too.


  • Steven's name and appearance is based on Rebecca Sugar's brother, Steven Sugar, who is a background artist for the show.
  • He is the first and only male Gem so far in the series.
    • He is also the first and only Gem with a defining gender.
  • Steven is the only Gem that is not named after his gem, most likely because he is half human or because his gem, a rose quartz, was his mother's gem and name.
    • However, Steven's middle name (Quartz) represents Rose Quartz.
  • In the transition from the pilot to the series, Steven underwent only one significant change, with it being the removal of the gold ring around his gem.
  • Steven is going to soon be able to be trusted fully by the gems and not over-protected. [2]
  • Steven is home-schooled by the Gems. [3]
  • Steven is the first and only half-human, half-Gem to exist in the series. [4]

    Steven's door (formerly Rose Quartz's).

  • Steven is the only Crystal Gem that doesn't have a color scheme that matches his gem because he is half human.
    • This could be because he is part human, or he inherited his mother's skin.
    • His skin tone is, however, a lighter pink tone than nearly every other pink-skinned character in the show (excluding Rose, obviously).
  • The rose quartz on Steven is faceted with a pentagonal shape.
  • Steven, along with Rose Quartz, Lapis, Sugilite, and Jasper, are the only Gems whose gemstone is not a birthstone.
  • In "Together Breakfast", he had a phone similar to an iPhone, but Garnet snatched it from him to destroy it after he took a picture of the Evil Scroll.
  • In "So Many Birthdays", his adult version of himself appears similar to Rebecca Sugar's brother, Steven Sugar.
  • Steven's exact age has not yet been confirmed. It was confirmed by Matt Burnett that we might not find out for a while.
  • Steven's shield has appeared nine times throughout the series: once in "Gem Glow," a second time in "Ocean Gem", a third time in "Say Uncle", a fourth time in "The Return", a fifth time in "Sworn to the Sword", a sixth time in "Keeping it Together", and 3 separate times during "Friend Ship".
    • However, "Say Uncle" was not canon, so Steven has only summoned his shield eight times so far.
  • In "Steven and the Stevens", it is shown that Steven does not only play the ukulele, but also the guitar, bass, and drums.
    • He is shown to have a natural ability for music, since he learned how to play the ukulele when he was a toddler.
  • It was revealed in "Monster Buddies" that Steven keeps a framed picture of Pearl on the side of his fridge. However, it was destroyed by the Centipeetle Mother.
  • Steven has cried more times than any other character in the series.
  • Steven is the only character to appear in every episode so far.
    • This might be because the show is about his perspective of the world.
  • In "Joking Victim", Steven is revealed to have learned the Heimlich maneuver from the Big Donut intro Video shown to him by Sadie while working at the Big Donut. He later uses it to save Lars from choking on the Donut laced with Fire Salt that he and Sadie given to Lars as a prank.
  • It's shown in the episode "Island Adventure" that Steven doesn't really understand the concept of privacy and personal space, most likely because he usually has the Gems walking in and out of his room.
  • In "Warp Tour", Steven is revealed to be allergic to pollen.
  • In "The Test", it is revealed that Steven's healing powers have stopped working. It is currently unknown if they can be reactivated or not. It is also unknown why they stopped working but it appears to be tied in Steven's confidence in his own abilities as when Greg pretended it didn't work on his broken leg, it seemingly stopped working for real.
  • Steven is the only member of the Gem species to have successfully fused with a human (Connie), thus forming the first hybrid fusion, Stevonnie.
    • This is because of his half-Gem, half-human biology allowing him to fuse with humans. However, he has not fused with a Gem yet.
  • In "House Guest", a Sailor Moon manga book can be seen on Steven's nightstand.
  • Steven's voice noticeably matures throughout the series, especially noticeable when compared from the earliest episodes to the latest.
  • The fact that Steven's weapon is a shield may be a reference to Captain America, whose real name is Steve.
  • Steven doesn't seem to be affected by the Homeworld technology weapons, such as the Gem Destabilizer, or their ship's jails as shown in "Jail Break", as he is half-human. He just feels a slight shock when he comes into contact with these items.
  • In "Joy Ride", Steven reveals that he has become uncomfortable talking about his mom with the Crystal Gems because he feels that they blame him for her not being around.
  • It's stated by Ian Jones-Quartey that Rose shape-shifted a womb for Steven to be born from. [5]
  • Steven has teddy bears, such as Master of Ceremonies Bear-Bear and Sir Bearington.
  • Steven seems to like drawing as is shown in the episodes "Tiger Millionaire" when he drew the poster of Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire, "Shirt Club" when he drew Greg, and "Open Book" when he drew a picture of Lisa and Archimicarus from The Spirit Morph Saga, and when he drew the locations map in Attack the Light.
  • According to Rebecca Sugar, the Gem that Steven knows the least about is Pearl.
  • Steven owns what appears to be a Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube. He also owns what appear to be copies of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Animal Crossing.
  • In "Story for Steven", a box full of pink T-shirts with stars can be seen in Greg's Van. This explains why Steven has so many of the same T-shirts and why his shirt was too large for him when he first met the Crystal Gems.
  • For the Crying Breakfast Friends! personality quiz, Steven got "Sniffling Croissant".
  • Steven is referenced in other Cartoon Network series, Uncle Grandpa, in its episode "Haunted RV", as a kid has a costume that resembles Steven's outfit.
  • Steven can be socially nervous, as he reads a book named How to Talk to People in "Sworn to the Sword".
  • In "Friend Ship", it's revealed that if Steven summons his shield multiple times he'll become fatigued. This is possibly due to inexperience.
  • Steven thus far has had the most outfit changes of all the characters.
    • He also has the most nicknames and friends.
  • It has been revealed by Ian Jones-Quartey that Steven's age may be revealed in an upcoming episode.[6]
  • Steven sometimes refers to himself in the third person in a non arrogant cute way. This is a trope used in anime by young girls to make them sound cuter.
  • Pearl's dialogue in "Rose's Scabbard" implied Steven may inherit his mother's memories, and that Rose can see through Steven's eyes.


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Steven's gemstone is located on his navel; it has a pentagon facet.


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