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{{DISPLAYTITLE:''Steven Universe Future''}}
|Title = ''Steven Universe Future''
|Image = StevenUniverseF2019.png
|Created By = [[Rebecca Sugar]]
|Channel = [[Cartoon Network]]
|Aired = TBA
|Genre = TBA
'''''Steven Universe Future''''' is a limited series that serves as an epilogue to ''[[Steven Universe (TV series)|Steven Universe]].'' It takes place after the events of ''[[Steven Universe: The Movie]],'' two years after the end of the original series.
== Plot ==
After saving the universe, Steven is still at it, tying up every loose end. But as he runs out of other people’s problems to solve, he’ll finally have to face his own.<ref>[ "Steven Universe gets a new title and opening sequence for final season" -]</ref>
== Voice Cast ==
=== Main Cast ===
* [[Zach Callison]] as [[Steven Universe (character)|Steven Universe]]
* [[Estelle]] as [[Garnet]]
* [[Michaela Dietz]] as [[Amethyst]]
* [[Deedee Magno-Hall]] as [[Pearl]]
=== Major Supporting Cast ===
* [[Tom Scharpling]] as [[Greg Universe]]
* [[Grace Rolek]] as [[Connie Maheswaran]]
* [[Matthew Moy]] as [[Lars Barriga]]
* [[Kate Micucci]] as [[Sadie Miller]]
* [[Dee Bradley Baker]] as [[Lion]]
* [[Shelby Rabara]] as [[Peridot]]
* [[Jennifer Paz]] as [[Lapis Lazuli]]
* [[Uzo Aduba]] as [[Bismuth (character)|Bismuth]]
* [[Susan Egan]] as [[Rose Quartz]]/[[Pink Diamond]]
* [[Charlyne Yi]] as [[Ruby]]
* [[Erica Luttrell]] as [[Sapphire]]
=== Supporting Cast ===
* [[Billy Merritt]] as [[Mr. Fryman]]
* [[Atticus Shaffer]] as [[Peedee Fryman]]
* [[Zachary Steel]] as [[Ronaldo Fryman]]
* [[Joel Hodgson]] as [[Bill Dewey]]
* [[Lamar Abrams]] as [[Buck Dewey]]
* [[Brian Posehn]] as [[Sour Cream]]
* Zach Callison as [[Onion]]
* Tom Scharpling as [[Yellowtail]]
* [[Jackie Buscarino]] as [[Vidalia]]
* [[Reagan Gomez-Preston]] as [[Kiki Pizza]] and [[Jenny Pizza]]
* [[Godfrey Danchimah]] as [[Kofi Pizza]]
* [[Toks Olagundoye]] as [[Nanefua Pizza]]
* [[Colton Dunn]] as [[Harold Smiley]]
* [[Kimberly Brooks]] as [[Jasper]]
* [[AJ Michalka|Amanda Joy Michalka]] as [[Stevonnie]]
* [[Patti LuPone]] as [[Yellow Diamond]]
* [[Lisa Hannigan]] as [[Blue Diamond]]
* Deedee Magno-Hall as [[Yellow Pearl]], [[Blue Pearl]] and [[Pink Pearl]]
* [[Ashly Burch]] as [[Rutile Twins]]
* [[Enuka Okuma]] as [[Rhodonite]]
* [[Kathleen Fisher]] as [[Fluorite]]
* [[Erica Luttrell]] as [[Padparadscha]]
* [[Christine Ebersole]] as [[White Diamond]]
* [[Sarah Stiles]] as [[Spinel]]
== Trivia ==
* It was confirmed by [[Ian Jones-Quartey]] on Twitter that ''Steven Universe Future'' is a new series and not a sixth season of ''Steven Universe'' itself.<ref>Ian Jones-Quartey (@ianjq) (4 October 2019)[ "The original 'Steven Universe' is over."] (Tweet) – via Twitter.</ref>
*This epilogue will replace any new season and does not yet have a release date. <ref>[ STEVEN UNIVERSE ANNOUNCES LIMITED SERIES EPILOGUE STEVEN UNIVERSE FUTURE AT NYCC 2019 - syfywire] </ref>
*Becky Dreistadt (The Lead Character Designer of ''[[Steven Universe: The Movie]]'') revealed on twitter that she will be the Lead Character Design on Steven Universe Future.<ref>Becky Dreistadt (@beckyandfrank) (4 October 2019)[ "It’s me Becky! I can now say that I stayed on after the Steven movie to continue as Lead Character Design on Steven Universe Future!"] (Tweet) – via Twitter.</ref>
*Alex Myung (Background Designer for the movie) also revealed on his Instagram that he worked as a Background Designer on the series. <ref>Alex Myung (@alexmyung) (5 October 2019)[ "So SO SO SO SOOOOO excited to officially get to say that for the past 9 months I've been working as a Background Designer on #stevenuniversefuture !!!!!!"]</ref>
=== Videos ===
‘Steven Universe’ Season 6 opening sequence
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