SU Season 3 BR

Steven Universe Season 3 is a DVD and Blu-Ray set that contains all of Season 3, as well as several shorts. It was released in Australia on September 6, 2017 by Madman Entertainment. You can order it online directly from Madman on DVD or Blu-ray, the latter can be playable on any Blu-Ray player in the world.


  • Episode 100 "Beta"

Bonus Features


  • Although advertised as Region B, the Blu-ray version is Region Free and therefore compatible with any Blu-ray player worldwide. The DVD version is locked to Region 4, so it is only playable on DVD players from Oceania, South America and Central America.
  • Keeping up with the theme of the previous DVD and Blu-Ray sets, the front and back cover of Season 3, as well as the discs, are gem themed, namely Amethyst, featuring screenshots of her during different parts of the show.
  • Despite the Australian aired versions of the episodes being censored, the episodes in this set are the uncensored American originals.

Steven Universe Set Guide (Australian Version)

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