The Steven Universe Wiki has an official server on Discord. This page highlights essential information regarding the rules and structure of the server.

This documentation format is derived from the Undertale Wiki's own documentation with permission from KockaAdmiralac.

What is Discord?

Discord is considered to be a more secure, user-friendly, and bundled alternative to the integrated Fandom chat. As a result, it has been made accessible here as its own server and can be accessed through a web browser or the applications provided.
Help on how to use Discord can be found here.

How to join

  1. Register for an account on Discord if you do not already have one.
  2. The widget showing the Steven Universe Wiki Discord server can be found in the right sidebar on a normal wiki page. You can click on the "join" button in the module to join the server. (if you have issues joining please ask for help here)
  3. After joining the channel list can be found on the left-hand side.


Most rules present in the Wikia's regulations also apply to the server.
Please see the #rules channel on the server for a complete list.


Preset roles granted to a user mirrors their own status on the Steven Universe Wiki.

Name Given to Role on the server Pingable
White Diamond Bureaucrats None No
Blue Diamond Administrators Administrators of the Wikia and Discord.
Access to all moderation commands
Rose Quartz Discussion mods None Yes
Yellow Diamond Patrollers None Yes
Pink Diamond Chat mods Primary inforcers of the server rules.
Access to most moderation commads
Pink Pearl Support Team None Yes
Robonoids Bots Quality-of-life for improvements for the server No
Crystal Gem Contest winners Awarded to users who have won one of the server's contests No
Pebbles All members Automatically assigned upon joining
Default user role


Name Purpose
Communication Hub
#rules Channel for the rules
#news-and-announcements Stay updated on the show and Wiki
#roles List of roles and info on how to obtain them
#meet-the-mods Get to know the wiki staff members!
#twitter Feed of tweets from the wiki's twitter account
#events Announcements for server wide events
Beach City
#general Main channel for discussion
#su-talk Discuss Steven Universe here
#memes Share funny images!
#gaming Discussion of video games
#media-and-cosplay Discuss and share alternative media (anime, cosplay, movie, televison, etc.)
#wikia Discussion about the Steven Universe Wiki and/or Fandom in general
Little Homeworld
#creative Share your other creations
Remember to credit when sharing someone else's work
#su-creative Share your Steven Universe related creations
Remember to credit when sharing someone else's work
#su-renders Share your Steven Universe renders
#earth-things For photos of nature, pets, food, and other things.
Steven's Conservatory
#bot Play around with bots we have on the server and use commands
#leaks A channel exclusive to those who want to share leaksRole Restricted
Not permitted outside of this channel or on the wiki.
#pokemon Channel for discussing the Pokémon franchiseRole Restricted
#minecraft Channel for discussing MinecraftRole Restricted
#animal-crossing Channel for discussing the Animal Crossing franchiseRole Restricted
#feedback-and-suggestions For suggesting new ideas for the discord server such as rules, channels, and emojis
#su-aesthetic For sharing High-Quality screenshots and backgrounds from the show.

Only for images

Galaxy Warp
#voice-chat For text communication with those in the General voice chat
#music-and-jams Share your favorite songs
Songs with inappropriate language are only allowed in this channel
General For general discussion
Music For listening to music
AFK Away from keyboard channel
People that are inactive in other voice channels will be placed here automatically after being AFK for 15 min

Role Restricted Channels

Name Purpose Access Commands
Please use in the #bot channel
#leaks Discussion of leaked content .iam rebels / .iamnot rebels
#pokemon Discussion of the Pokémon franchise .iam gym leaders / .iamnot gym leaders
#minecraft Discussion of Minecraft .iam miners / .iamnot miners
#animal-crossing For Animal Crossing and sharing friend codes .iam villagers / .iamnnot villagers


The Discord server utilizes several bots. They serve various purposes, all of which is listed below. Each has certain commands that a user can type to have the bot respond with a list of all the available commands it possesses.

Username Nickname Description Help command
Tatsumaki Amethyst Social bot with member profiles, levels, and other fun stuff t!help
AmariBot Aquamarine Role levels bot. See #roles for more info  :?help
Groovy Bismuth Fully-featured music bot -help
Dyno Garnet General-purpose bot  ?help
Logger Lapis Fully-featured audit bot  !-help
Nadeko Pearl Social bot with a lot of commands .help
Yggdrasil Peridot Social bot with fun commands --help
NotSoBot Spinel Multi-function bot with fun commands $help
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