Forum and Comment Policy

All rules listed on the Rules and Regulations also apply to forums replies and page comments.

  • Avoid reviving a discussion or comment if the preceding post is 14 days old or more.
  • The topic of discussion is to be defined in the thread or article.
    • Nonsensical, inappropriate, off-topic, and certain "joke" replies are subject to editing and/or deletion.


  • Forum Threads over 500 replies or 14 days old will automatically be closed.
  • The topic for discussion should be clearly defined in the thread title or the parent post and submitted to the appropriate board.
    • "Joke Threads" that are deemed inappropriate are subject to removal.
  • Keep your replies of a reasonable length.
    • Do not over-quote. Any reply that displays over 2 quotes are subject to editing or deletion.
  • Threads containing fanon content must be submitted to the Off-topic board. Please read the Fanon Policy if you wish to create a fanon related thread.


  • The comment should be of some relation to the content found within the page.
    • Pointless comments such as "First", "Second", or what could be seen as randomly inserted characters will be removed.
  • Keep comments of a reasonable length.
    • Do not over-reply to a user's comment on a page. Preferably, you could create a thread to discuss the topic instead if it reaches too many.
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