Voting Policy

All rules listed on the Rules and Regulations also apply to voting threads.

All voting board threads must...

  • Comply to Steven Universe Wiki:Regulations.
  • Be a proposal to change something wiki related.
  • Be a non-poll vote and contain:
    • General information about the subject and/or why it's being created.
    • Your own standing on the vote (whether you support or oppose).
    • What the users will be voting for when using the Symbol support vote Support or Symbol oppose vote Oppose templates.
  • Have approval from an administrator to have a change be made.
    • Some subjects may need to be closed and taken into staff-only voting.
  • Stay open for at least 10 days.
    • However, the vote can be closed if one option has a 10 vote lead over the other(s).

Voting threads require a 30 day waiting period after the last change before being voted on again.

Image-changing votes are required to go through the Image Voting form, and may only be created by staff.

In order to participate in or create a vote you must...

  • Be on the wiki for at least 1 week.
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