Voting Policy

All rules listed on the Rules and Regulations also apply to voting threads.

In order for your voting thread to be valid, it must...

  • Be a proposal to change something about the Steven Universe Wiki.
  • Be a non-poll vote and contain:
    • General information about the subject and/or why it's being created.
    • The original poster's standing on the vote in the opening reply.
    • What the users will be voting for when using the Symbol support vote Support or Symbol oppose vote Oppose templates.
  • Stay open for a minimum of 7 days.
    • In the result of a thread being accidentally left open, any votes cast 30 days or more after the thread's opening will be invalidated.

Infobox Image votes must also...

  • Contain an example of the current image and the proposed image(s).
    • The new image(s) must be labeled either alphabetically or numerally (Option A, Option 1, etc.), preferably in a gallery format.
  • Inform voters that they should use the Symbol oppose vote Oppose template in order to indicate they do not support any of the new options.

Please note that...

  • Voting threads require a 30 day waiting period after the last change before being voted on again.
  • Staff reserve the right to void any vote or voting option for any reason at any time.
  • Your vote may not be counted unless you use the appropriate {{Support}} or {{Oppose}} templates.
  • It is encouraged, but not required that the original poster keep the tally on their vote and notify an administrator or discussion moderator when the 10 days is up.
  • In order to participate in or create a vote, you must be a member of the wiki for a minimum of 10 days prior to the opening of the thread.
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