[Open Int. Underwater Temple]
(Steven looks around the Underwater Temple)

Steven: Hey! How about this one here?

Pearl: What one?

Steven: This little one... it's adorbable.

Pearl: Steven, the legendary glass of time wouldn't be nearly so small and insignificant. It will be beautiful and grand. Like this one! (Pearl says in excitement)

Garnet: I think its this one.

Steven: Whoa!

Pearl: You mean the biggest one? How are even supposed to get that back to the warp pad?

Garnet: I can carry it. (cracks knuckles)

Pearl: Wait! We need to be careful which one we touch, you remembered what happened last time we were here.

Steven: What happened?

Amethyst: Hey, guys. I'm making the call. *picks up one hourglass* And its this jannky one here!

Pearl: Amethyst! (the Underwater Temple begins to shake)

Amethyst: Uh.... nope it wasn't.

(Water begins to leak into the temple flooding the place)

Garnet: Look out! (Garnet grabs Steven and dodges the water alongside with Pearl) We don't have much time.

Pearl: Amethyst, come on! (Steven runs away from Garnet and Pearl)

Garnet: Steven?

Pearl: Where do you think you're going?!

Steven: Amethyst gets to keep hers!

Amethyst: Darn tootin'!

Steven: I'm gonna get the one I picked out.(Steven runs towards the tiny hourglass)

Garnet and Pearl: Steven!

Steven:(picks up The Hourglass) My name's Steven. You're gonna live with me!

Pearl: Steven, come on!

Steven: Imma coming! Imma coming! (A huge wave of water appears behind Steven, causing Pearl to panic when Garnet suddenly shape shifts her arm)

Garnet: Hang on! (Garnet's newly shapeshifted hand grabs Steven)

Amethyst: Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!

Garnet: Gotcha!

Pearl: Well done Garnet!

[Trans. Int Steven's house]
(the gems warp back with a huge amount of water, soaking the whole place)

Steven: Ha-ha-ha-ha! (Scene moves to gems being wet and Amethyst swallowing a fish) Hot potato! We're doing that again right?

Pearl: Unfortunately... we'll have to wait another hundred years for the sea shrine to reform because somebody couldn't keep their hands to themselves.

Garnet: You have a lobster on your butt.

Pearl: Huh? EEE!(Amethyst laughs at Pearl)

Steven: (A cat-shaped alarm clocks rings) Beach-a-Palooza!

Amethyst: Beach-a-wah-ooza?

Garnet: Palooza.

Steven: That was a lot of fun you guys i'll see you later! After you sir, bye bye!

(Trans. Beach City, Steven is humming as he rides on his scooter to It's A Wash)

Greg: Yep. (Yellowtail nods)

Steven: Dad! Dad! Ready to rehearse? Whoa!

Greg: Uhhh, we're having a bit of a day.

Steven: Is it stuck?

Greg: Yeah.

Steven: Why does a boat need a car wash?

(Yellowtail begins to explain in his language)

Greg: Sorry buddy, I don't think I can plan the concert tonight. I gotta deal with this.

Steven: You're bailing on Beach-a-palooza? But the whole town's gonna be there!

Greg: Steven, that's like 15 people. Next time buddy. I promise. (He walks off and starts talking to Yellowtail as Steven rides away)

Steven: Stupid boat getting all stuck. Nobody likes you, boat! I wish I could've been there to tell my dad you were too fat!(Interupted as he's teleported, back to when his dad was about to put the boat in the car wash)

Greg: That's it. Just back her in. She'll definitely fit.

Steven: What the? *gasps* Dad! Dad!

Greg: Hey stoo-ball! You excited for Beach-a-palooza?

Steven: Dad, dad, fat, it's fat! Fat, fat fat!

Greg: Rude.

Steven: Not you! The boat! The boat!

Greg: Whoa, whoa whoa! Stop the boat! (The boat stops, as Yellowtail looks out the window, mumbling in question) Nice catch, Steven.

Steven: (Pulls the hourglass out of his pocket)*gasps* The thing! You took me back in time, didn't you? Pearl's gonna flip when she finds out you're the real one!

Greg: Look, I'm sorry, okay? The boat's too fat. (Yellowtail mumbles something as the car rolls towards the electric pole) Oh no, your car!

(The car crashes into the pole, knocking it over and lighting the wire on fire, leading it to the roof of It's a Wash, as it explodes and sets the roof on fire, both scream as this happen)

Greg: We gotta save the van!

Steven: (With a horrified look on his face) I wish I could go back and stop myself from stopping my dad. (He warps to when he was about to tell his dad the boat's too fat)

Greg: That's it, just back her in, she'll definitely fit.

Steven 2: (Warps back from the wish) What the? *gasps* Dad! Dad!

(Steven tackles Steven 2 before he could say anything)

Steven 2: Future Steven?

Steven: Listen 2 minutes ago Steven, we can't go around trying to change time stuff. It just makes things worse.

(Yellow tail's boat gets stuck once more)

Greg: Oh no! How did this happened?

Steven 2: Aw, man! I really wanted to play in Beach-a-palooza too bad you and I can't be in a band.*both Stevens say at the same time* Wait a minute!

(Scene goes back to a point where Steven was on his way to see his dad)

Steven & Steven 2: STEVEN!

Steven 3: Steven?... Steven? Whats going on.

Steven: No time to explain!

Steven 2: Wanna join our band?!

Steven 3: Yes, but didn't dad say he would play with us?

Steven 2: He had an emergency at the car wash.

Steven 3: We should go help him!

Steven: No! There's nothing we can do the boat's fat trust us.

Steven 3: Okay... so who's our fourth? We need a drummer

Steven 2: Not a problem! Steven.

Steven 3: Hey its the time thingy!*All Stevens go back in time to get the fourth Steven*

[Trans. Int Steven's house]

(All Stevens are playing the song Steven and the Stevens (song) )

Steven 2: Hey! Great singing Steven!

Steven: Thanks Steven!

Steven 2: Can I sing lead this time?

Steven: Well I usually sing lead vocals when I sing with dad.

Steven 2: So do I!

Steven 3: Me too!

Steven 4: Me too too! We all do! We are all Stevens!

Steven: Well one of us has got to be the band leader...*all Stevens hmmm at the same time*

Steven 4: Oh! The leader should be the original Steven!

All Stevens: The one has been around the longest! Yea alright that's a good idea

(Scene moves to Steven labeling the other 3 Stevens)

Steven: Done and done! Steven 2 your the smart one, Steven 3 your the funny one and Steven 4 your the sensitive one and I'm... the handsome one! Okay?

Steven 2 & 3: Okay!

Steven 4: Okie-dokie artichoke!

Steven: Steven 4, what are you doing? Your not the funny one. Steven 3 is.

Steven 3: Well we are all the same person so we are equally prone to being hilarious.

Steven: No no, that was too smart an observation for you, 3! Your the funny one!

Steven 2: Wait which one am I again?

Steven: Dang it, Number 2! Your the smart one!

Steven 4: Hey. If Steven is the handsome one, does that mean the rest of us aren't good looking?

Steven 3: No way! We are all extremely attractive!

Steven 2: Lets all go get jobs as models!

Steven: Hey! None of you are the handsome one! I'm the handsome one! *All 3 Stevens look sad* Uh! No I didn't mean! We decided..urgh, lets take five.

All 3 Stevens: There's a fifth Steven!?

Steven: No! I mean a five minute break!

All 3 Stevens: *laughters* We know!

[Trans. Ext out side of Steven's house]

Steven: I can't believe it, I'm so... annoying. Maybe its time for me to quit the music business *Electrical guitar noise is played, Steven comes inside the house to see all 3 Steven playing rock music*


Steven 3: Whoa whoa whoa! What's all this noise? I thought we all agreed that Steven and the Stevens was going to be a light hearted throw back to early rock and roll not this mess of screaming into distortion.

Steven 3: Look, Steven. Stevens and I were talking, and Stevens agrees. Your attitude... just isn't working for us.

Steven 2: We've been a lot more productive, without you.

Steven 4: We already wrote angsty song about the time you made us feel bad for not being handsome.

Steven: Your kicking me out of the band?! Wait? Whose playing drums?

Steven 4: Amethyst said she do it.

Amethyst: I'm down for whatever. *spins drum stick in her hand*

Steven: Oh, come on!


Amethyst: Whoa, Dude.

Steven: LISTEN UP! You can't kick me out of the band! I'm the original Steven. I created you! Steven and the Stevens was my idea! Without me, you'd mean nothing! *gasps* That's it! *Steven begins to laugh manically as he uses the hourglass*

All 3 Stevens: Steven, no!

[Trans. Beach City]
(Steven goes back to the past to tell the first Steven to not start the band)

Steven: Don't start the band Steven! It will only tear us apart!

All 3 Stevens: HA-HA! We all have time things!

Steven: You'll never catch me you turkeys! Ha!*time travels away*

All 3 Stevens: We gotta stop me!

(Steven and the other 3 Stevens travel to another time line leaving the past Steven in shock)

[Trans. Gem Glow]

Steven from Gem Glow: I'm okay guys..Huh!?

Steven: Too far back!

(All 3 Stevens try to tackle Steven but fail and gem glow Steven pukes like he did in Gem Glow)

[Trans. Rose's Room]
(All 4 Stevens are fighting one another when another group of Stevens appear, the original Steven travels someplace else and the other 3 Stevens tackles the other group only to travel someplace else. Leaving the Steven from Rose's Room to parachute down like he did in the episode. All Stevens travel to another time line episode which appears to be Ocean Gem as the ocean is missing.)

Steven: Just take me back to the beginning!

Steven from the beginning: Amethyst gets to keep hers!

Amethyst: Darn tootin!

Steven from the beginning: I'm gonna get the one I picked out.(Steven runs towards the tiny hourglass)

Garnet and Pearl: Steven!

Steven from the beginning :(picks up the hourglass) My name's Steven...*gets interrupted by future Steven*

Steven: Stop right there! Give me the time thing, Steven.

Steven from the beginning: Wait are you future me?

Steven: Just hurry up and give it!

(Suddenly all other Stevens start appearing fighting one another)

Steven: Don't make me hurt me, Steven.

Steven from the beginning: Why do you need it so bad?

Steven: Just give it to me! (Steven struggles with Steven from the beginning for the hourglass when all other Stevens from alternate timelines start appearing)

Steven: Give it up, Steven! I know everything your gonna do, before you do it!*Steven manages to get the hourglass and laughs maniacally once more* Huh?

(When Steven looks down at a frightened Steven from the beginning and then looks at all the other Stevens from different timelines fighting each other, the gems are left stunned at the amount of Stevens before them and while Amethyst is counting all the Stevens-"12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19...." Steven then realizes the chaos he has created.)

Steven: STOP IT!!!!! *All other Stevens stop fighting each other* Look around you! This isn't right!*Steven helps Steven from the beginning stand up* When Steven fights Steven, who is the winner? What have we become? *All other Stevens begin to question themselves* We are not the Stevens we once were. And to fix that... I HAVE TO END IT! HAAAAA! *Steven smashes the hourglass of time*

(All the other Stevens then begin to scream and disappear)

Steven 3: Steven, please! You gotta-- AAH!

Steven: Steven! Dad can't play Beach-a-palooza with you. The boat's fat, you gotta find another way!

Steven from the beginning: I don't know what your talking about!

Steven: Stay cool forever, Steven. *Steven kisses Steven on the cheek* Arrivederci. *Steven then screamed when he disappears, leaving behind a dumbfounded Steven while water starts to flood into the room in the background*

[Trans. Ext Beach City]

(Steven performs Steven and the Crystal Gems at Beach-a-Palooza with the crystal gems instead of his father. All the residents of beach city attend the concert and notable residents were Kiki, Ronaldo Fryman, Sadie, Mayor Dewey, and Lars. The concert ends with Steven saying the last line of the song "watching myself die")

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