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Speaker Dialogue
[Open int. Beach House]
(Pearl and Garnet warp back to the Temple Home, worried.)
Pearl Ugh, we're never going to find Jasper.
(Steven runs towards Pearl and Garnet, excited.)
Steven Pearl! Garnet! We found Jasper!
Pearl What?!
Steven We beat her! (Pearl hugs Steven and makes sure he's alright.)
Pearl Oh my gosh! Are you alright? What happened?
Steven She showed up with those big snow monsters, so we fought those, but then things got really scary, so Connie and I fused, Stevonnie got to ride Lion and we chased Jasper away!
Pearl All your training! You did so well!
(Steven laughing)
Garnet We're so proud of you.
Pearl Wait, where's Amethyst?
(Pearl and Garnet see Amethyst sitting on the couch by herself.)
Amethyst Yo.
Pearl Amethyst?
Garnet You reformed?
Amethyst I'm fine.
[Trans. int. kitchen]
(Amethyst dropping eggs from a carton to the garbage disposal in the sink)
Pearl I hope you're ready for your weekly training Steven.
Steven I'm ready! On the weekly!
Pearl You've had one victory, but there are more fights to come now that Jasper's—
(Garbage disposal sounds)
Pearl (louder) Now that Jasper—
(Garbage disposal sounds.)
Pearl (Over garbage disposal sounds) JASPER'S back, let's work hard!
(Steven chuckling)
Steven Hey, Amethyst.
Amethyst Yo.
Steven You wanna come watch me train?
Amethyst Can't. (Drops another egg) I'm busy making egg salad.
Steven Come on, it'll be fun.
Amethyst Umm.
Steven You'll get to see me earn Pearl Points.
Amethyst What are Pearl Points?
[Cut to the Battle Ruins.]
Pearl I'm glad you asked! Pearl points are awarded for punctuality, perseverance, and positivity.
Amethyst (Chuckles)
Pearl We may be smaller, weaker, and less gifted than our opponents but with these P's, we have the keys to success aaaand to the Pearl prize pouch!
Amethyst (Chuckles) Pa-mazing.
Pearl Thank you.
Steven There's some p-great stuff in that pouch last week, (Steven pulls out a pair of eye-ball-attached-to-a-string glasses) I got these. I don't need glasses so it's funny.
Pearl (Quietly speaks with Amethyst) Really Amethyst, the positive enforcement has been doing wonders.
Amethyst I want in.
Steven On the glasses?
Amethyst On the training.
Pearl [Gasp] Really, you Amethyst?
Amethyst Yeah, you know, for fun.
Steven Alright!
Amethyst Yeah yeah, you're welcome.
Pearl Well then! Let the training begin.
[Scene switches to the battle area of the Ruins.]
Pearl Your first task will be speed.
(Steven stretches out)
Amethyst [Yawns.]
Pearl To aid your training, (Pearl generates a Holo-gram) I'll be utilizing my holograms.
Holo-Pearl Welcome to Holo-Pearl Version 2.000001.
Pearl I've modified them to accommodate less... (Pearl looks distressed as if she remembers something tragic) lethal training.
Holo-Pearl The sharpest weapon is the Mind.
(Everyone nods except Amethyst.)
Pearl The Holo-Pearl will serve as a check point at the edge of the arena. Mark you lap with a Holo-Pearl (Holo-Pearl picks up her hand and does the High-Five) High-Five.
Holo-Pearl High-Five accepted!
Pearl Two laps, two fives, one Pearl-Point to the winner.
Steven Got it. (Steven salutes while leaning sideways.)
Amethyst (Sarcastically) Yarp.
(Pearl walks towards Amethyst and Steven.)
Pearl Okay then. On your marks, ready, steady (Amethyst and Steven set themselves), GO! (Pearl points towards the sky as a mark for Start.)
(Steven and Amethyst start running, while Amethyst holds the lead for sometime. Both High-Five Holo-Pearl at the same time.)
Holo-Pearl High-Five accepted!
(They race back, Amethyst holding the lead but Steven suddenly starts gaining speed and High-Fives Holo-Pearl hardly while Amethyst walks and slowly does it after submitting defeat.)
Steven Gimme digits, Amethyst.
(Amethyst walks away.)
Steven [Chuckles.]
Pearl ONE POINT FOR STEVEN ALREADY! (quietly) Good thinking Amethyst! Going easy on him will build his confidence!
Amethyst Heh, what can I say, I'm a natural at going easy.
Pearl Your next test is agility – dodge the spears the best you can.
(Holo-Pearls start shooting from their spears. Amethyst spin dashes to the side to dodge, Steven weaves around the blasts to dodge them and summons his shield to deflect one of them at a Holo-Pearl, destroying it)
Amethyst Whoa.
Steven Victory, victory!
Pearl Don't go too easy on him, he still needs a challenge.
Pearl And now, for your final test, an all-out battle. This is the ultimate determination of your skills. Okay! Ready? GO!
Amethyst Don't get me, you HOLO-PUNKS!
(Amethyst summons two whips and furiously attacks one of the Holo-Pearls with them. Steven summons his shield to defend himself from the rest of Holo-Pearls. The Holo-Pearl Amethyst is fighting with is dodging all her hits)
Amethyst STOP—MOVING—SO—I CAN—WIN!!!(the whip finally wraps around it) Thanks. HAH!(Amethyst poofs it)
(Holo-Pearls are stabbing at Steven's shield, he enlargens it and that throws Holo-Pearls into the air)
Steven BOOMERANG SHIELD! (throws his shield; it hits and poofs all four Holo-Pearls)
Steven Victory accepted.
Pearl Congratulations Steven, you earned the final point!
(Steven's eyes finds Amethyst and, at seeing how upset Amethyst is, his expression changes to deep concern)
Pearl It's time for you to pick a prize from the Prize Pouch.
[Trans. int. Video game]
(Steven plays a fighting game where he selects Lonely Blade as his character.)
Game's Narrator Lonely Blade versus Out Going Fist! (Game screen switches to battle) Round 1, FIGHT!
Out Going Fist (T.V) Flyin-
(Out Going Fist gets attacked suddenly by Boomerang Blades.)
Lonely Blade(T.V) Boomerang! Boomerang! Boomerang Blade! (Out Going Falls and loses the game by an instant KO.)
Game's Narrator KO!
Out Going Fist Even my fists are dead.
(Steven, while wearing a Jester hat presumably won as a prize, looks at Amethyst as she eats mayonnaise raw.)
Steven Hey, Amethyst. Do you wanna play Lonely Blade with me? (Steven holds up the controller) I warmed up the controller for you.
Amethyst (Finishes the Mayo and sighs) yeah, alright.
(Amethyst scrolls through the character selection menu.)
Steven There's a new costume for Lonely Blade, blue Lonely Blade. You should play as him.
Amethyst What evy. (Selects Blue Lonely Blade as her player and commences battle.)
Game's Narrator Lonely Blade versus Lonely Blade!
Lonely Blade (T.V) My blade's the best in all the land.
Game's Narrator Round 1. Fight!
Blue Lonely Blade (T.V) Boomerang Blade! (Amethyst lands a strike.)
Red Lonely Blade (T.V) Boomerang Blade! (Blue Lonely Blade dodges the blade.)
Steven Huh. Tough. Were those bars always there?
Amethyst The Health Bars? Yeah.
Steven Right, right....
Blue Lonely Blade (T.V) (Super fast) BMRNG! BMRNG! BMRNG!
Steven Ah. You're doing so well. I've been trying to master that combo for months. You got it on, one try.
Amethyst Hmmm...
(Amethyst taps her controller fast and Steven does it slowly, she eventually figures out what's going on.)
Steven Oh man, there's no way I could beat you.
Blue Lonely Blade (T.V) 1 thousand Mirror Blade HYA!
Game's Narrator KO!
Blue Lonely Blade (T.V) My blade's the loneliest after all.
[Game over.]
Steven That was crazy good, Amethyst. Nice job.
(Amethyst looks displeased.)
Amethyst Knock it off Steven. I know you let me win. (Throws the controller aside.)
Steven (Starts sweating) Wha? Me? No I-pfff, noo...
(Amethyst turns off the T.V.)
Amethyst You weren't even trying.
Steven I'm sorry. I just wanted you to feel better.
Amethyst Great, and now you're ever more mature than me.
Steven Amethyst?
Amethyst You're suppose to be the rookie but now you're better than me in everything! [Sighs] Now I'm the worst Crystal Gem.
Steven Wha-What?
Amethyst Ack! You know what I mean,Steven.
Steven Uhh Not really! I thought you guys wanted me to be strong. An-And now I am and you're mad at me?
Amethyst NO! - I get mad at myself! That's, ugh, the thing I do. I get mad at myself and then it makes me suck at everything I do even more.
Steven [Sighs] Amethyst, you don't suck. You do so many cool things. You have two whips, two whips! And the Dash thing, Amethyst, you're so much better than me!
Amethyst No way. You have Rose's Shield, and Bubble, and the floating thing, and ugh, I'd just be floating all day.
Steven Floating? I forget to use that half the time and the rest of the time my powers aren't guaranteed to work. I'm-I'm way worse than you.
Amethyst (Crosses her arms) Nah-Uh! I'm the worst!
Steven No way, I am! I'll prove it, I'll-I'll fight you and show you how bad I am.
Amethyst Fine! Let's do it!
Steven and Amethyst Let the worst gem, lose!
[Battle Ground Ruins.]
Amethyst Get ready, Imma about to lose big time!
Steven No way. I'm gonna get clobbered so bad I won't know what hit me.
Amethyst No holding back? (Amethyst ties her hair up.)
Steven NO holding back!
Amethyst Grrr! (Summons her whip) Gwaahhh! (Spin Dashes towards Steven, misses but comes around by the seating.)
(Steven dodges Amethyst's Spin Dash but ends up tied.)
Steven [Coughs] Wha? (Steven realizes that he got tied up.)
(Amethyst quickly tightens the whip causing Steven to fall.)
Steven Whoa! I did not see that coming! That was amazing.
Amethyst No, it's not! I don't do anything amazing. (Forces energy though her whip.)
Steven Nnnnaaa! (Quickly bubbles himself in order to tear the whip.)
Amethyst You're the one who's amazing. (Summons two whips and holds the bubble) Wha! Gwah! (Moves the bubble around in an orbit and smashes it through a pillar.)
Steven Whaa!! (Amethyst swings the bubble toward a second pillar. Steven braces for impact and suddenly adds spikes to his bubble, which lodges in the pillar.) Ahhh....
Amethyst WHAT?! Is that new? [Exhales sharply] Because it's awesome!
Steven No! It was an accident. Accidents are not awesome!
Amethyst Sure, right. (Pulls the Bubble out.)
(Steven releases the bubble and starts falling.)
Steven (Steven comes towards Amethyst while holding out his leg to land on her.) Haaaaa! (Crashes on Amethyst before rolling away. The pillar starts to fall on her.)
(Steven throws his shield cutting the pillar in half.)
Amethyst What? DON'T SAVE M- (The shield hits her head while returning.) Whoa. Ughhh. That was great.
Steven You think that was on purpose?
(Amethyst shape shifts into Purple Puma and charges for Steven. She breaks the floor while Steven starts floating away.)
Steven Guess who remembered to floa- whoaa.. (Steven collides with a pillar and starts drifting away. Amethyst shape shifts back and catches Steven with her whip.)
Steven and Amethyst [Sigh.]
(Amethyst pulls Steven down slamming him into the ground and making a gigantic crater on the Ruins.)
Amethyst [Breaths] Steven?
Steven Gwahh! (Bursts out of the rubble launching a large piece of debris which nearly lands on Amethyst, who moves away, surprised.)
Amethyst See? I dropped you from the sky but you almost just won by using a rock. Huh! If I can't beat you I'm never gonna beat Jasper!
Steven can totally beat me. You're not even trying.
Amethyst (Lifting a rock) I am too! Eeyaarh!
Steven (Panting. He tries to lift some cracked parts of the arena but falls) Aaah! Uuugh.
Amethyst (Holding the rock and tries to throw it at Steven but it slips) Haaargh!
Steven I think we're both too good to be bad fighters.
Amethyst That's what you think.
Steven What does that even mean?
Amethyst I don't even know.
(They run at each other, both about to punch. They both miss and fall to the ground.)
Amethyst Huh. Hahahah! (Starts to laugh)
Steven Hahahah...what's wrong with us? (Starts laughing with Amethyst)
Amethyst Hah...I know what's wrong with me. I'm not supposed to be small. And everyone's always acting like there's no problem. You can be anything you want to be. No! I can't. Huh....I can't even be the one thing I'm supposed to be you know?
Steven Of course I do. I'm not Rose Quartz.
Amethyst Oh no...oh Steven!
Steven Why do you think I've been working so hard?
Amethyst's paying off.
Steven Ahahahah, I sure hope so.
(Steven gets up and offers his hand to Amethyst. She swings her arm but misses his hand.)
Amethyst Eh..(Amethyst laughs while she tries to grab Steven's hand again.) Uh...(She manages to grab his hand) Ah!
(Amethyst stands and laughs with Steven.)
Amethyst Thanks Steven.
Amethyst Whoooops.
Steven I don't think we're gonna see the prize pouch for a while.
[Star iris closes on Steven]
[Episode ends]

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