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{{Quote|text = May the worst Gem lose!|saidby = [[Steven Universe (character)|Steven]] and [[Amethyst]]}}
{{Quote|text = May the worst Gem lose!|saidby = [[Steven Universe (character)|Steven]] and [[Amethyst]]}}

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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the soundtrack.

May the worst Gem lose!

Steven and Amethyst

"Steven vs. Amethyst" is the 19th episode of the third season of Steven Universe and the 97th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven and Amethyst get competitive while training with Pearl.[2]


Garnet and Pearl warp back from their mission to look for Jasper. Steven comes up to them to tell them how Jasper shows up with the two gem monsters she captured in "Crack the Whip"and how he and Connie fuse into Stevonnie and were able to defeat her. Pearl first worries about Steven fighting without them, but then feels happy that he is able to use his training to fight off Jasper. Both Garnet and Pearl are very happy about how Steven and Connie forced Jasper back into the Ocean. Garnet and Pearl then see that Amethyst has been reformed because her appearance is different, suggesting she was poofed fighting Jasper and had to reform, and they worry for her. Amethyst is feeling down because of how Jasper taunts her about her not being what she is supposed to be, and how if she is she would be much stronger.

Pearl and Steven walk towards the warp pad to start Steven's weekly training at the Ancient Sky Arena. She explains how they have to train harder now that Jasper has returned. Steven notices Amethyst sulking and throwing eggs into the garbage disposal and invites her to watch him train. She declines his offer saying she is "busy making egg salad", but decides to tag along after Steven mentions Pearl's new training system, "Pearl Points". Pearl explains that you can get Pearl Points by having punctuality, perseverance, and positivity. Getting enough Pearl Points lets you choose a reward from "Pearl's Prize Pouch", which Steven got joke glasses from during the previous week's training session. Amethyst decides she wants to train with Steven and competes with him in three training tests.

For the first test, they both must race from one edge of the arena to the other, high-fiving a Holo-Pearl set up at the brink of the arena to mark their lap. They will have to do two laps to finish and whoever finishes first will get a Pearl Point. Steven and Amethyst seem to be pretty evenly matched during the first lap, but Steven pulls ahead and wins in the second lap. Amethyst seems to be discouraged by this loss, but Pearl thinks Amethyst lost on purpose to boost Steven's confidence. Amethyst goes along with Pearl's thoughts, so she does not let on that she is disappointed and upset. The second test is to train their agility. Four Holo-Pearls are set up to shoot spears at Steven and Amethyst, and they must dodge the spears as best as they can. Just as in the first test, it seems Steven and Amethyst are both equally agile, but then Steven summons his shield and destroys the Holo-Pearls. Amethyst is again disappointed by her loss, while Steven is awarded another Pearl Point. She becomes even more upset when Pearl suggests she is going easy on Steven again. For the third and final challenge, Steven and Amethyst have to battle five Holo-Pearls. Amethyst takes out one of the Holo-Pearls, but Steven defeats four in one throw of his Boomerang Shield, winning the last Pearl Point. While Pearl is congratulating Steven, he notices Amethyst is upset about losing to him.

Back in the house, Steven is playing video games while wearing a Jester's hat that he presumably got from Pearl's Prize Pack. He sees Amethyst back at the garbage disposal eating eggs and mayo and asks her to play Lonely Blade with him. She reluctantly agrees. Steven advises her that she should pick the new costume, Blue Lonely Blade. The game starts, and Steven pretends to have a hard time playing and lets Amethyst win, thinking it will cheer her up. Amethyst knows Steven purposely lost and gets angry at him. They argue back and forth: Amethyst is angry that Steven is so much better than her at everything and Steven is upset that the Gems have all been training him to be stronger, but now that he is stronger Amethyst is mad at him for it. Amethyst then explains that she is not angry at Steven, but at herself, because she feels she sucks at everything. Steven tries to tell her how she is better than him, and he is the worst gem, but this ends with them arguing over who is the worst and deciding to fight to see who the worst gem is.

Steven and Amethyst warp back to the Sky Arena to start their battle. Amethyst grabs Steven with her whips, but he summons his bubble and breaks free. She then grabs the bubble with her whips and throws Steven into the pillars of the arena, but Steven adds spikes to his bubble unlocking another power of his. Amethyst remarks how he is obviously better because adding spikes is a cool move, but Steven admits it is not cool because it is a complete accident. They continue fighting, but it eventually ends with them face to face on the ground, worn out and beaten up. They both throw a punch at each other, but miss completely and fall to the ground. They start to laugh when they realize how much was done to prove that they are the worst gem. Steven jokingly asks "What's wrong with us?", to which Amethyst says what's wrong with her is the fact that, despite everyone's positive attitude and encouragement, she feels she is just too small and can't be the gem she is supposed to be. Steven explains how he completely understands what she means because he is not his mother like everyone expects him to be, which is why he has been training so hard to master his powers and become stronger. Amethyst replies that it is paying off. Steven helps Amethyst up as Pearl shows up angrily screaming at them for destroying the Ancient Arena. Steven says how because of what they have done and how upset Pearl is, they will not see the prize pouch for a long time.






Instrumental Songs


  • Steven learns that his bubble can grow spikes.
  • This episode's name is first revealed in the episode listing on the Cartoon Network website.[3]

Cultural References

  • When Steven and Amethyst are choosing which character to play as for Lonely Blade, one of the playable characters is a Polar Bear resembling Ice Bear from Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears and another resembling Mokujin from Tekken.
  • When Steven and Amethyst are playing Lonely Blade, Amethyst is seen holding a Gamecube controller, which says 'DOLPHIN', a reference to the codename of the Gamecube, the console Steven and Amethyst are using, or to the emulator of the same name.
  • Steven executing a flying kick on Amethyst is a reference to the Rider Kick, a signature flying kick used as a finishing move by various heroes in the Japanese superhero franchise Kamen Rider.


  • Amethyst is in new clothes since she is poofed in "Crack the Whip" and has to reform.
  • Amethyst's feelings of doubt return from "Too Far" and "On the Run".
  • Holo-Pearl reappears since her last appearance in "Sworn to the Sword".
  • When Steven throws his shield at the Holo-Pearls, he yells "Boomerang Shield". This is a reference to the Lonely Blade's Boomerang Blade technique.
  • Steven saying he isn't Rose Quartz to Amethyst calls back to the feelings he talked about during "Joy Ride".


  • In the wider shot immediately after Amethyst's controller is shown to say 'DOLPHIN' it now says 'SUHY'.
  • When Steven accidentally throws the rock at Amethyst during the fight scene, Amethyst's star patches are colored as her skin tone rather than grey.


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