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That's so, so beautiful. Even in the clutches of certain doom, you're happy to have each other.


"Stuck Together" is the 1st episode of the fifth season of Steven Universe and the 129th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven and Lars spend some time together.[1]


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Following the events from "I Am My Mom", Aquamarine marvels at the self-captivity of "the Rose Quartz", who is actually Steven. He exclaims his conviction and "love" for shattering Diamonds, but Aquamarine reveals the Diamonds have something much worse in store for Steven, which he does not care about concerning his peers' safety back on Earth. Topaz reveals Lars is still aboard the ship, which makes Steven want to break the deal they have done to no avail, being taunted by Aquamarine instead. She departs and leaves the Topazes to fuse and contain Steven and Lars. She comes back to inform Topaz of her current plans then asks Steven how she looks, only to be responded: "awful, small, and mean". She takes it humorously, asking rhetorically if that is how "Rose" flattered so many Gems to join the Rebellion. She departs again, trusting Topaz with piloting the ship despite their "additions".

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Lars blames Steven for his current situation, who is already aware and has not had his expected result either. Steven asked where Lars was when everyone else escaped the ship. Lars says he was hiding like "any sensible person would do," only realizing his current situation is entirely his fault. He recollects his cowardliness in these situations and how it affected Sadie, particularly the time he ran away from the Cool Kids' party in "The Good Lars". Steven thought Lars was abducted before being told the correct chronology. Steven tries to devise a plan to get Lars back to Earth by trying to get Topaz's attention by comparing Steven's worth over Lars, who sarcastically thanks Steven as Steven clarifies his word choice. The two start to notice Topaz's "inattentiveness", and Steven starts to yell, only being told by Lars it is because she is wearing "those big headphones".

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The ship begins to malfunction, and Aquamarine concludes it was the Crystal Gems' doing on the engine during takeoff. She orders Topaz to fix it, and Topaz walks downstairs to the bottom-level control room. Steven tells Lars to look for something that can help them, Lars being too stress-sick to do anything. Steven notices a Gem Destabilizer and asks Lars to follow his plan, asking him to take Steven's pants off. Lars is reluctant and creates excuses to avoid the idea, only getting Steven to yell at Lars to do it. He then asks Lars to tie the pants into a lasso, who cannot since they dropped to the floor from Lars' continued intentional incompetence. Steven asks him to pick them back up and lasso the destabilizer. Lars half-heartedly swings the lasso and gives up on doing so—infuriating Steven, who tells him to throw the lasso. Lars literally throws the lasso out of reach, infuriating Steven.

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Lars asks Steven why he thinks he is capable of helping him and doing these tasks successfully, classing himself as a "wuss" who is easily afraid, unlike Steven. Steven disagrees as he is afraid of the situation right now since he could not save everyone by turning himself in, mentioning how the Diamonds are going to destroy Earth and himself for false conviction eventually, and says he does not know how he can save Lars from the current situation. Lars looks on the bright side, which makes Steven happy, and wants to find a way. Steven tells Lars he does not have to sugarcoat the situation, making Lars come to a realization about the messed-up situation and having Steven wanting to contradict his objective by not being alone. They want to hug each other, but they do not have the appropriate limbs.

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The sentiment shared from being together causes Topaz to become so herself for the same reason, adding how her stoic behavior toward missions masks her true feelings. Topaz offers her help to get Steven and Lars off the ship and approaches an escape pod. Aquamarine comes down, impatient from waiting, and witnesses Topaz's defiance. She destroys the escape pod, and Steven tries to convince Aquamarine to admit "her feelings", too, resulting in Aquamarine wondering if Steven is kidding or not.

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She proceeds to use her wand against Topaz, but the latter grabs a destabilizer and pins Aquamarine to the control screen. Aquamarine asks Topaz what she will do after this and how the Diamonds will feel about it, threatening that Topaz would be separated and shattered. Topaz keels over, regretting every action. Aquamarine tells her to unfuse and comply so it may never be spoken of again. The group departs from the ship, and Steven tries to convince Topaz again to no response. The Topazes walk in separate directions, taking Steven and Lars away from each other.






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  • This is the first episode where Topaz is shown to speak, despite appearing previously in "I Am My Mom" and "Are You My Dad?".
  • This is Steven and Lars' first visit to Homeworld.
  • After Topaz says "there's always someone between [them]", Steven makes the same face Ruby does in "Hit the Diamond" while saying "Pun... intended?", most likely meaning the same thing.


  • This episode takes place after the events of ''I Am My Mom''.
  • Lars admits that in "The Good Lars" he threw his ube cake in the garbage before being kidnapped by Topaz and Aquamarine.
  • Lars regrets not helping Sadie in "I Am My Mom".
  • Steven says that he has been to space before, referring to either the events of "Back to the Moon", the events that took place over the course of the episodes "The Zoo" to "That Will Be All", or both of these instances.


  • When Topaz faces Aquamarine after being startled by her, a close-up shot of Aquamarine shows that she is wearing her dark blue dress without her vest.
    • The top of her dress that is not covered by her vest is also miscolored, being black instead of dark blue.
  • When Topaz pins Aquamarine to the ship's reactor, the destabilizer in her hand has a longer handle compared to the others.
  • When Topaz starts to cry, she uses Steven's pants which had been thrown to the other side of the room. Topaz is not seen reaching for them.
  • When Lars takes off Steven's pants, his shoes disappear, but they reappear once Topaz gives Steven his pants back.


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