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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Aquamarine's Ship]
(Following the events in "I Am My Mom", after surrendering himself to the hands of Aquamarine, Steven is held in the hands on a Topaz.
Aquamarine The Rose Quartz. Can you believe it? And she just handed herself in.
Steven That's right. You caught me. Galactic Criminal Rose Quartz. I love shattering Diamonds. I just want to shatter 'em all the time.
Aquamarine You think shattering's bad? Wait till the Diamonds get their hands on you.
Steven At least everyone else is safe.
(Just then, the other Topaz brings Lars up from the basement of the ship.)
Lars What are you doing? Let go of me! *grunts* Steven!
Steven What the- Lars?!
Aquamarine Oh! Looks like we got one of the humans anyway. Don't know what we'll do with just one of them, but I guess that's for the Diamonds to decide.
Steven Wait! Aquamarine, the deal is off! You were only supposed to take me! No humans! *points at Lars* That's a human!
Aquamarine Oh, no. Is Rosie upset 'cause her widdle "deal" didn't work? Look. I'm so moved, I'm crying. *laughs tauntingly* Just kidding. That's my gem. Topaz, what do you think? Should we let her friend go?
(The Topazes stand in silence.)
Aquamarine I agree. *laughs* Go on. Do your thing.
Lars Oh, no, no, no. Not again.
(The Topazes begin to fuse together, merging Steven and Lars within their body.)
Aquamarine I'll go let the Diamonds know about our little prisoner. Say, Rose, how do I look?
Steven Awful, small, and mean!
Aquamarine *laughs* Is that how you flattered so many Gems into joining your rebellion? How cute. *pulls Steven's cheek* Topaz, I trust you'll still be able to fly the ship despite your... you know... additions? *laughs and flies up to her seat*
(Aquamarine's Ship activates the gravity engine and begins to warp through space, as Topaz pilots the ship.)
Lars Steven, this is all your fault. All this weird alien stuff- this is 'cause of you, isn't it?
Steven Yes, of course it is! That's why I turned myself in, to save all of you!
Lars Well, it didn't really work out too well, did it?
Steven Well, everyone else managed to get off the ship. So, where were you?
Lars I ran and hid, Steven, like any sensible person would... do, if they wanted to get trapped on a ship. Oh.
Steven Lars...
Lars Sadie was in trouble, and I didn't do anything. Actually, wait. I did do something. I ran and hid just like I always do. Just like I ran from the potluck.
Steven But you were abducted. That's not your fault.
Lars No, I trashed my roll and ran away. Then I was abducted. Oh, why couldn't I just let people eat my food?!
Steven *sighs* We have to get you out of here. Here, just leave it to me. *glances at Topaz* Hey! Look! You have Rose Quartz! Why bother with him! He's worthless!
Lars Thanks a lot, Steven.
Steven No! I meant like "worth less," not "worthless" like... relative to me? *sighs*
Lars At least I make a great seat cushion. You feeling cozy, you big banana?
(Topaz does not respond.)
Steven I don't think she's listening. Can you hear me, you- What was it Jamie said? You dangerous yellow coat?
Lars Of course she can't hear you, Steven. She's got those big headphones on.
(Steven sighs in defeat, when the ship starts to rumble, causing Topaz to squeeze Lars' head against her seat.)
Aquamarine *sighs* Those Crystal Gems must have screwed up the engine during takeoff. Topaz, go fix it.
(Topaz complies and heads to the ship's basement to check on the engine.)
Steven Lars, look for something that can help us.
(Lars grunts in pain, having be squeezed on Topaz's seat. Topaz begins operating the engine control panel, when Steven spots something nearby.)
Steven *gasps* A destabilizer. That's perfect!
Lars A destaba-what?
Steven It's a weapon that disrupts a Gem's physical form.
Lars Cool. Thanks for explaining. I still don't know what that means.
Steven Just hear me out. I have a plan. I'm gonna need you to be my arms.
Lars Ugh. Fine.
Steven Lars, pull my pants off.
Lars What?!
Steven Trust me! I'm trying to save you.
Lars What if I don't want to be saved? What if I want to stay trapped here and fly around space, and why your pants, you weirdo?!
Steven Just do it!
(Lars begrudging complies and removes Steven's pants off of him.)
Lars Ugh. There. I did it.
Steven Great. Now tie one of the legs into a lasso.
Lars I can't. They're on the floor.
Steven What are they doing on the floor?!
Lars I don't know, Steven. What are we doing in space?
Steven Lars, pick them up and then tie them into a lasso.
Lars Ugh. Fine. *ties Steven's pants into a lasso* Wow. It worked. We're back home. Great plan.
Steven *sighs in annoyance* Now lasso the destabilizer.
Lars I still don't know what that is.
Steven That. That thing! Come on, Lars. You can do it!
Lars Ugh. Fine.
(Lars swings the lasso half-heartedly, knowing he cannot reach the destabilizer.)
Steven Come on. Just one more try.
Lars I don't want to try again.
Steven Lars, throw the lasso!
Lars Fine!
(Lars crumbles Steven's pants and throws it at the destabilizer rack, which was already out of reach.)
Steven What is your problem, Lars?! Why did you do that?!
Lars Why do you think I'm capable of anything?! You think I can do all this stuff, but I can't! I can't because... I'm a wuss, Steven. I'm just... *sniffles* ...afraid. I've always just been stupid and afraid. *begins tearing up* Not like you. You're always helping people. You're never afraid. *sobs*
Steven Lars... I'm afraid right now.
(Lars turns to look at Steven.)
Steven I thought if I turned myself in, it'd fix everything, but... I don't want to do this, Lars. I've been to space before, but not like this. They're taking me straight to their terrible leaders that want to destroy Earth and destroy me for something I never even did. I just wanted to save everyone, but I couldn't even do that because, look, you're still here.
Lars Steven...
Steven I'm sorry. I don't know how I'm gonna get you out of this.
Lars We'll... figure it out. We've got like... a billion light-years till we get there, right?
Steven For the first time ever, you're gonna look on the bright side? Y-You don't have to sugarcoat this, but come on, you never do that. You're always real with me about how much everything sucks.
Lars Okay. You're right. This is really, really messed up, Steven.
Steven You know what's even more messed up? Even though you're in huge trouble and it's all my fault... *tears up* I'm kind of glad you're here? I... I don't want to be alone right now. *sobs* Isn't that awful?
Lars Dude, At this point, everything is awful.
(Steven and Lars tear up and chuckle together.)
Steven I'd give you a hug, but I can't use my arms.
Lars I could try using my legs, but it might be weird.
(Just then, Topaz begins to cry too.)
Topaz That's so, so beautiful. *sniffles* Even in the clutches of certain doom... You're happy to have each other.
(Lars gasps in surprise.)
Steven T-T-Topaz.
Topaz I don't know what Topaz would do if she didn't have Topaz. I've always wanted to tell me how I'm helping me through this, but there's always someone between us!
(Steven looks away in awkward.)
Topaz They're always sending me on these miserable missions. *wipes her tears with Steven's pants* I'm always pretending I'm fine with it. *sniffles* I have to pretend I'm fine. But you two... You're so honest and open... so... *sniffles* I wanna help you guys. What do you need?
Steven A way off this ship. And my pants.
Topaz All right. You can use this escape pod. *activates an escape pod* I'll set the coordinates for Earth.
Steven All right, Lars, just get in and let it do its thing.
Lars Guh. What are you talking about? You're coming, right?
Steven I can't. I turned myself in. I still got to go. Someone's got to pay for what my mom did.
Lars But you don't want to do this? Dude, forget it. Let's just go.
Steven I-
Aquamarine Topaz, what are you still doing down here, you big boulder? We're almost to Homeworld.
(Aquamarine flies down into the basement, and Topaz gasps in shock, being caught in the act.)
Aquamarine *glares at Topaz* What... are... you... doing?
Topaz Look, I can explain. Um, they had this whole heartfelt thing about being there for each other, and you missed it. It was so moving.
(Aquamarine pulls out her wand and points it at Topaz.)
Topaz *gasps* No! Wait!
(Aquamarine fires a tractor fire, which Topaz jumps out of the way, and hits the escape pod instead.)
Lars I can't see what's happening. Are we still escaping?
Aquamarine No! Nobody's escaping!
(Aquamarine hurls the escape pod at a wall, poofing it away.)
Topaz Aquamarine, let's talk about this.
Steven Yeah, I-I bet you don't really want to hurt us. You -- You probably just act mean because deep down you're afraid you're weak. Go ahead. Let it out. We're all sharing right now.
(Aquamarine glares at Steven in perplexity, unshaken by Steven's statement, and quickly begins to lecture Topaz again.)
Aquamarine Topaz, you had one job, and if you're not gonna do it, you're of no use to me!
(Topaz whimpers as Aquamarine prepares to fire her wand again. Topaz then notices the destabilizers, quickly grabs one, and pins Aquamarine against the engine control panel. Steven and Lars watch on in shock and surprise.)
Aquamarine So... a revolt, huh? And what do you plan to do after this? Go back to the Diamonds? My gem in your hand? I'm sure they'll love that. You'll be rewarded handsomely... by being separated, and shattered.
(Topaz quickly drops the destabilizer, releases Aquamarine and kneels over in sorrow.)
Topaz What was I thinking?
Aquamarine *picks up the destabilizer* That's the problem with you fusions. Sooner or later, you all become sentimental.
(The ship rumbles again and a notification pops up on the engine control panel.)
Aquamarine We're here. Look, just... unfuse, and we'll never speak of this again.
(Topaz complies, unfusing back into two Topazes, and walk out of the ship, each with Steven and Lars in their captivity.)
Steven Topaz, you don't have to do this.
(The Topazes remains uninfluenced as Steven and Lars continue to struggle to break from their hold. The Topazes meet a fork in their path, and walk their separate ways.)
Steven Wait. Lars!
Lars Steven! Where are they taking us?!
Steven I don't know!
Lars Steven!
Steven Lars!
(Two doors close behind the two Topazes, as they both carry Lars and Steven into separate places.)

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