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I forgot how great it feels to be me!

—"Coach Steven"
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Sugilite is the fusion of Amethyst and Garnet (and, by extension, Ruby and Sapphire). She made her debut in "Coach Steven".


Sugilite without her shades.

Sugilite is a colossal and menacing fusion with a stocky, bulky build and four arms (each pair seeming to share a shoulder joint), with black markings on them. She features four, medium-lilac eyes located under a strong brow and a fifth one above it. Her mouth is twisted into a grin and filled with sharp, pointed teeth. She has a giant plume of spiky, dark purple-black hair kept in an untamed style similar to Amethyst's, but messier. Her skin color is lavender, like Amethyst's. In close-ups of her, she appears to have purple fingernails painted to appear as gemstones themselves.

Her gemstones are located on her chest, and on the palms of the hands of her arms. In her debut episode, Ruby and Sapphire's gemstones were located on her upper arms, whilst as of her post-regeneration, they were relocated to her lower arms.

Pre-regeneration (debut)

She has magenta-violet skin, wears a ripped, violet and purple bodysuit similar to Garnet's, and dark lilac shades covering her lower eyes. Her bodysuit has tears in it that are similar to Amethyst's. She wears leggings similar to Amethyst's, but are spilt between two colors, purple and black, similar to how Garnet's leggings spilt between the colors red and black. Her leggings also have star-shaped cut-outs on them, similar to Amethyst's. She also wears magenta-violet shoes, which are also in a similar style to Amethyst's.

Post-regeneration (previous)

After Ruby and Sapphire's regenerations in "Jail Break" and Amethyst's regeneration in "Reformed", Sugilite receives a new design. Her top is now colored a lighter violet and a darker purple, and the colors are now evenly spilt. Her leggings and star-shaped patches are also no longer ripped, with the left star colored black and the right one colored dark-violet. Her hair became longer, gaining an even darker shade of purplish-black, and her skin takes on a more lavender hue. Ruby and Sapphire's gemstones are now located on her lower pair of arms.

Third regeneration

Sugilite's current regeneration design is not seen in full due to her shapeshifting into Steven; however, her shades, similar to Alexandrite's, now has a point in the middle, resembling Garnet's star-shaped shades, and covers her fifth eye, and appears to be lighter, though this may be from the lighting. Her skin complexion appears to be lighter from her post-regeneration, though again, this may be due to the lighting. Ruby and Sapphire's wedding rings are located on her lower fingers. The black markings and gloves on her arms appear to be absent.


I can be brash, and you can be reckless, and we can both get carried away.

—Garnet, to Amethyst, "Cry for Help"

Sugilite cares for herself first and foremost. Though she carries out mission objectives effectively, she has problems with impulse control and does not hesitate to use her power for personal gain. She combines Garnet's headstrong, unwavering nature with Amethyst's indulgence, as well as her negative attitude towards authority. The resulting personality is a volatile mix that is highly aggressive and dangerous to everyone she encounters. This causes at least one perilous situation, wherein Sugilite enraged that she was left behind during a mission and asked to unfuse, viciously attacks and severely injures Pearl. She seems to possess some of Ruby and Sapphire's feelings towards separating. She also appears to be cold like Sapphire can be, containing Ruby's anger issues and Amethyst's recklessness. All of Sugilite's constituent Gems contribute to her general temperament, though the similarity in the nature of Amethyst and Ruby seemingly overwhelm Sapphire. Though much like Sapphire, Sugilite refuses to change her mind when it's set on something, like not wanting to defuse.

Garnet states in Guide to the Crystal Gems that Amethyst's lack of inhibition and her own raw power makes Sugilite so fun to be, causing the fusion to be hard to separate.

Despite her destructive nature, she does seem to retain an attachment to Steven, refraining from marking him as a direct target during her rampages. Ironically, she inadvertently causes a chunk of debris to fly off at Pearl, who deflects it and hits Steven in the face. Sugilite appears to want to impress Steven with her strength, asking if he wanted "to see something cool?" when summoning Garnet's gauntlets and Amethyst's whip to form her flail.


"Coach Steven"

Sugilite's first appearance.

Sugilite first formed in this episode. At the Communication Hub, Garnet remarks they need Sugilite to destroy the hub, asking Amethyst to fuse with her, though Pearl greatly objects, speaking about Sugilite's instability and how she should fuse with Pearl instead to be careful. Garnet declines, and she and Amethyst complete the fusion dance and Sugilite appears. She asks Steven if he wants to see something cool, to which he replies yes, prompting Sugilite to combine Garnet's gauntlets and Amethyst's whip into her flail. She begins to destroy the hub with her flail, but when a rock hits Steven, Pearl and Steven warp back to the Temple, leaving Sugilite back at the Communication Hub, promptly before a rock lands on the warp pad, breaking it and stranding Sugilite.

Sugilite, angry at Pearl for leaving her behind.

The next morning, Sugilite, having walked back to the beach from the Communication Hub, arrives at the Temple, breaking Greg and Steven's gym. Pearl says Garnet and Amethyst are losing themselves in the fusion, to which Sugilite responds with she is herself and she is sick of being separated. A fight between Sugilite and Pearl ensues, though, despite Sugilite's size and sheer strength, Pearl is able to outsmart her. Sugilite chases Pearl up a hill, and Pearl uses her spear to break the ground under her feet. Sugilite falls to the ground, and her flail lands atop her head, causing her to unfuse.

"Cry for Help"

Sugilite, about to destroy the Communication Hub.

Sugilite next appears in a non-speaking role. While initially being "benched" by Garnet, after she finds out Pearl had been repeatedly fixing the Communication Hub in order to fuse with her into Sardonyx, Garnet orders Amethyst to fuse with her so they can destroy the hub once and for all. They fuse and Sugilite appears, using a wind-up punch and destroying the Communication Hub in one hit before supposedly unfusing, though it can be assumed no brute force was required to get Sugilite to unfuse, as the next shot shows Garnet and Amethyst separated and back at the Temple.

"Know Your Fusion"

Sugilite's cameo in "Know Your Fusion".

On Sardonyx Tonight, one of the segments Smoky Quartz partakes in is, You Like That, Little Man? Smoky Quartz uses a replica of Sugilite's flail to strike the machine, with a voiceover of Sugilite on the machine taunting them for not striking it strong enough.

Sardonyx also breaks the fourth wall by asking whether Sugilite's voice actor requires to be paid despite not actually appearing to voice any new lines for the fusion.

Save the Light

In battles, Garnet and Amethyst can fuse into Sugilite. She has two attacks; Mega Quake, and Tornado Fire Punch.

Interestingly, despite Amethyst's reformation in "Crack the Whip", Sugilite's design does not appear to reflect this, and instead appears to keep her design from "Cry for Help".

"Snow Day"

Sugilite, shapeshifted into "Classic" Steven.

Garnet and Amethyst, shapeshifted into Steven, form Sugilite (who is also shapeshifted into Steven) in order to catch Steven while playing Steven Tag. They unfuse immediately afterward so Garnet and Pearl could fuse into a Steven formed Sardonyx.


Steven Universe

You like that, little man?

—Sugilite to Steven, "Coach Steven"

Sugilite asking Steven if he "wants to see something cool".

Like the rest of the Crystal Gems, Sugilite holds an attachment to Steven. Steven appears to be the only person Sugilite treats with any respect. She avoids targeting him in all of her attacks and wants to impress him, flaunting Amethyst's exhibitionist nature combined with both Amethyst and Garnet's care for him. Similarly, Steven looked up to Sugilite and aspired to be strong like her, although he was shocked that Sugilite destroyed Greg's makeshift gym and encouraged Pearl to fight her when she went berserk. In "Cry for Help", however, Steven was eager for Garnet and Amethyst to fuse again. In "Snow Day", Sugilite attempted to catch Steven during a game of Steven Tag, by using her flail, and almost crushing him, but to no avail.


You think you're something?! You... ain't... nothing!

—Sugilite to Pearl, "Coach Steven"

Sugilite, about to fight Pearl.

Sugilite holds a deep contempt for Pearl, stemming from Amethyst's rivalry towards her. While Pearl feels that Amethyst and Garnet will lose themselves the next time they fuse, this turns out to be accurate, because Sugilite was incredibly reluctant to unfuse, even fighting Pearl to remain so. She would've defeated Pearl if not for Steven's encouragement. Pearl is also jealous of Sugilite because of her strength, which is mirrored in Amethyst's jealously towards Sardonyx and her gracefulness.


Is that all you got? You think that's enough to beat–

—Sugilite on her fighting abilities, "Coach Steven"

Sugilite's flail.

Sugilite possesses standard Gem abilities.

Being a juggernaut-style fighter, Sugilite uses her sheer strength to smash objects and size to overpower and crush any opponent(s).

Though not as acrobatic and nimble as Opal, Sugilite makes up for it by sheer size - her long legs allow her to cover much ground quickly and leap long distances. Sugilite also has no known weaknesses except her recklessness. In "Coach Steven", she is only defeated when Pearl outsmarts her by luring her up the hill behind the Crystal Temple. She then used her spear to trip Sugilite, causing her to tumble down the side of the temple and damage herself with her own flail, thus knocking her out and separating the fusion.



Sugilite forming her flail.

  • Flail Proficiency: Her weapon is an enormous flail that uses Amethyst's whip as a chain and Garnet's clasped gauntlets as a bludgeon. Using this flail, Sugilite easily smashes through buildings, reducing a defunct Gem Communications Hub to rubble in a short period. The sheer size of Sugilite's flail combined with the length of its chain gives it a much longer range than other Gem melee weapons, much like Amethyst's whip.
  • Shapeshifting: As shown in "Snow Day", Sugilite is capable of shapeshifting. This is shown when she shapeshifts into "Classic" Steven during a game of Steven Tag.

Unique Abilities

Sugilite's Wind-up Punch

  • Wind-up Punch: In "Cry for Help", rather than forming her flail, Sugilite twists two of her arms together to deliver a devastating punch.

Save the Light

  • Mega Quake: Sugilite will lift both fists in the air, and then punch the ground, which unleashes a large earthquake to deal damage to enemies. Requires 4 Star Points to use.
  • Tornado Fire Punch: Sugilite will charge up a powerful punch. Once the punch is initiated, it will deal massive damage to enemies and apply the BURN effect. Requires 5 Star Points to use.
  • Unfuse: Like all other fusions, Sugilite can unfuse into Garnet and Amethyst at any time the player wishes too.

Episode Appearances


Sugilite's on-screen transformation.

  • Sugilite is the first Crystal Gem to act as an antagonist, the second one being Bismuth.
    • Her motivations do not seem to include protecting Earth or humans, instead impressing Steven ("You like that, little man?") and general destructiveness.
  • Despite being an unstable fusion, she has a distinct voice instead of having a mix of her components’ and a more humanoid body shape.
    • Alexandrite also shares these traits.
  • Sugilite is the first fusion of three different Gem types, being made of a Quartz, a Ruby, and a Sapphire.
  • According to Ben Levin, Alexandrite is, in theory, taller than Sugilite, due to Alexandrite being composed of four Gems.[1]
  • Sugilite could be based on an Oni, which is a Japanese demon, due to the gemstone being first discovered in Japan by Professor Ken-ichi Sugi.
    • She also strongly resembles the Hindu goddess of Destruction, Kali. Kali is often portrayed with four arms and a very destructive nature. Sugilite's long and somewhat wild-looking dark hair also resembles common portrayals of Kali. While Kali is often described as violent, she is still usually seen as a destroyer of evil. Some legends even show her with a caring, maternal side, as she is the goddess of Creation too. This also matches with Sugilite's care for Steven.
  • Sugilite demonstrates that when multiple Gems are fused for too long, they can slowly lose their individuality.
  • Sugilite can be seen as a metaphor for brains over brawn, as she was defeated by Pearl despite being much stronger, due to the mere fact that Pearl's quick thinking and decision-making during their battle was superior to hers.

Sugilite's entry in Guide to the Crystal Gems.

  • The fight between Pearl and Sugilite is very similar to the term "underdog" connecting with the fight between David and Goliath, with David outsmarting Goliath, who was stronger.
    • This can also be represented in the song of the episode "Strong in the Real Way", as it heavily implies that Pearl values intelligence over brute force.
  • Sugilite seems to have sugilite stones as fingernails faceted in different shapes. The index is shaped like a star while the rest appear to be square.
  • Sugilite was the first fusion whose full transformation was seen on-screen.
  • She did not want to de-fuse so soon in "Coach Steven", but, in "Cry for Help", she seemed to have defused easily. This may be because, in "Cry for Help", she was not fused for a very long amount of time.
  • In "Cry for Help", her tower-smashing punch was inspired by the "Twister-Sock Punch" from Popeye and Donkey Kong's "Giant Punch" from the Super Smash Bros. series.[2]
    • Sugilite's "Tornado Fire Punch" move from Save the Light has similarities to this ability.
      • Her tower-smashing punch possesses a fiery aura when the punch is initiated, and her "Tornado Fire Punch" move can inflict the "BURN" effect, which most likely means these abilities stem from Ruby's pyrokinetic abilities.
  • Sugilite has two songs that refer to her, the first being "Strong in the Real Way". The second is "Tower of Mistakes".
  • Despite looking identical, Sugilite has slightly darker skin than Amethyst.
  • Sugilite appears as a more stable fusion in "Cry for Help" than she does in "Coach Steven", only fusing to destroy the Communication Hub and presumably de-fusing immediately afterward.
  • Sugilite is the first and only fusion known to have 5 eyes.
  • Sugilite is the first and only known fusion whose gemstones have switched locations between appearances.
  • She is the first unstable fusion to have her own voice and have a humanoid shape.
  • Both times Sugilite appears on screen, she is formed to destroy the Communication Hub.
  • Sugilite is mentioned in "Know Your Fusion" as part of a strength game Sardonyx had Smoky Quartz play.
    • Sugilite's voice actor Nicki Minaj was also indirectly mentioned when Sardonyx said she was being paid even though she had not recorded any new lines for the episode despite being heard.
  • Sugilite is associated with the resolution of existential problems, self-awareness, incarnation, and identity; which can be the reason for her reluctance to unfuse or fuse again.


Image Description
Sugilite amethyst gem twilight.png
Amethyst's gemstone on Sugilite, featuring a hexagonal facet. It is a tetradecahedron. It is located on her chest. The colors resemble Amethyst's normal gemstone, though the colors are more brighter and vivid.

Ruby's gemstone on Sugilite, featuring a square facet. It is a decahedron. In her debut form (from "Coach Steven"), it is located on the palm of her upper left hand. In her previous and latest form (from "Cry for Help" and "Snow Day"), it is located on the palm of her lower left hand. The gemstone has a mix of indigo, dark violet, and magenta-purple.
Sugilite sapphire gem twilight.png
Sapphire's gemstone on Sugilite, featuring a triangular facet. It is an octahedron. In her debut form (from "Coach Steven"), it is located on the palm of her upper right hand. In her previous and latest form (from "Cry for Help" and "Snow Day"), it is located on the palm of her lower right hand. The gemstone has a mix of indigo, dark violet, and magenta-purple.


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