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Chillax, my dudes. Your rockin' pal Sunstone is holdin' it down.

—"Change Your Mind"
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Sunstone is the fusion of Garnet (and by extension Ruby and Sapphire) and Steven. They made their debut in the episode "Change Your Mind".


Sunstone has a fire-shaped head, bright orange skin with normal orange patches, and two sets of arms: one bulky and muscular with the other slender. The smaller pair can often be seen displaying peace signs or shakas, demonstrating their laid-back nature.

They wear a pair of dark red shades, covering their eyes, Steven's salmon-pink shirt with the sleeves rolled up, Garnet's gloves at the lower arms, Steven's jeans as shorts with a red pocket on the left leg and a blue pocket on the right leg, and sandals.

With Steven's clothing change, Sunstone currently wears Steven's black shirt with the pink varsity jacket covering the upper arms, and still keeps Garnet's gloves and rings on the lower arms.


Sunstone displays a combination of Garnet's leadership, protective spirit, and effortless natural cool, mixed with Steven's sunny optimism and tendency for sentimentality, all of which combine into a being of earnest, almost cheesy positivity. In many ways, they resemble a 1980/90s after-school-special cartoon character; offering self-esteem-boosting platitudes and giving helpful advice to children. Overall, they have a hip, laid-back personality even in the heat of battle. Much like Sardonyx, they like to break the fourth wall, encouraging the kids at home not to fight when it can be avoided. As seen in "A Very Special Episode," Steven's empathy also balances out Garnet's bluntness in explaining safety to Gems without scaring them.


"Change Your Mind"

After landing and unfusing with Pearl, Steven attempted to draw Ruby and Sapphire out of their gemstones through fusion. Though seemingly interrupted by the Diamond Mech stomping on them with one of the feet of Pink's Ship, Sunstone managed to protect themself and the other Crystal Gems by pushing the foot away. They then continued to pick up both Amethyst and Pearl, attempting to climb up the mech to confront White Diamond. However, they are knocked off by one of the arms of the mech, defusing back into Steven and Garnet.

Unleash the Light

As Steven's special ability is filled up, Steven and Garnet fuse into Sunstone.

In Unleash the Light, Steven and Garnet can fuse into Sunstone once Steven's special ability meter is filled up.

"A Very Special Episode"

They scheduled a home safety Geminar at Steven's house for Ocean Jasper, a Nephrite, and the Heaven and Earth Beetles. Sunstone teaches them various lessons, such as to clear objects off stairs, cover trash bins, check for running faucets, and to turn motion smoothing off of TVs. However, Steven separates from Garnet in order to check on Pearl, who is supposed to be hanging out with Onion as Rainbow Quartz 2.0. When Steven returns, Sunstone teaches their students about the value of a helmet in rollerskating and how to respect red and green lights when crossing the street. However, Steven must leave again to help out Pearl once more. After Onion accidentally sends the students off a cliff, Sunstone appears to save them; however, Pearl forcibly unfuses them, wanting Rainbow to save them. At the end of the episode, it turns out everything was a PSA made by Sunstone about managing time wisely, called "Safety Zone Starring Sunstone". There, they are shown giving Ocean Jasper a guitar, playing volleyball with Pearl and Amethyst, and jumping off a cliff while wearing a helmet and parachute.


Sunstone possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.



Sunstone's Suction Cups.

Sunstone summoning their suction cups.

Scaling the Diamond Mech with their suction cups.

  • Suction Cups Proficiency: By combining Steven's shield and Garnet's gauntlets, Sunstone can wield a pair of suction cups, allowing them to scale up certain objects.
  • Immense Physical Strength: Sunstone is one of the strongest fusions, able to throw the Diamond Mech off balance, and to hold the complete machine above their head.
  • Immense Durability: Sunstone was able to withstand the weight of the Diamond Mech, all on their own, with only a momentary struggle.
  • Immense Speed: Sunstone possess the ability to move at unmeasured, but high speeds, as seen as they created a gust by breaking into a run while holding Amethyst and Pearl. This ability seems to come from Sapphire.
  • Fourth Wall Awareness: Sunstone has the ability to break the fourth wall, and speak to those watching the show.

Unleash the Light

  • Comin' In Hot: Sunstone jumps into the air and curls into a ball whilst landing on an enemy to deal pyrokinetic damage, and inflicts the BURN status effect. The more the circle is filled up before the attack, the more damage you will deal. This move uses 2 Star Points.
  • Motivational Message: Sunstone provides a motivational message to the party, providing a Defense Buff and restores health to the party. This move uses 3 Star Points.

Episode Appearances


  • Along with Sapphires, Pebbles, Aquamarines, Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, and Rutile Twins, they appear to lack a nose.
  • They were confirmed to go by She/Her and They/Them pronouns on The Steven Universe Podcast.
  • Like Sardonyx (another fusion involving Garnet), Sunstone shows evidence of being aware of the "fourth wall", briefly turning to the screen and directly talking to the kids in the audience at home.
  • They resemble the classic logo of a sun with sunglasses.
  • They are based on educational mascots, PSAs, and after-school-specials, specifically from the 1980s and 90s.
  • Sunstone has one blue and one red pocket, presumably a reference to Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Based on the fire-like lights surrounding their silhouette while forming, as well as their physiology and name, Sunstone is presumed to have some relation with the fire element. Their skin is thus made to look like fire (their head being the center of the flame, the skin getting darker as you get farther away from it).
    • However, because of their name, color scheme, and the shape of the flames, they may be more related to plasma rather than fire, just like the actual sun and perhaps a reference to Garnet's electrokinesis.
  • Sunstone is the smallest of all triple-fusion Gems.
  • Sunstone is the first of Ruby and Sapphire's fusions to be formed without them being fused as Garnet first.
  • Sunstone is Steven's fusion with the least amount of the other component's clothes on. The only part of Garnet's clothes on Sunstone is the gloves on their lower pair of hands and the sunglasses/visor from Garnet.
  • Sunstone is one of two fusions with an unknown number of eyes, the other being Alexandrite. In both cases, this is because they inherited Garnet's visor.
  • Sunstone's rolled-up sleeves may be a reference to the phrase "suns out, guns out," a phrase meant to refer to the act of wearing a tank top in warm weather, wherein "guns" refers to one's arms. This would also make the reference a visual pun, as Sunstone visually resembles a sun with large arms.


Image Description
Steven's gemstone on Sunstone. It features a pentagonal facet. It is a dodecahedron, specifically a truncated pentagonal dipyramid. The gemstone has a mix of orange-red, tones of brown and pale yellow. It is located on Sunstone's navel.

Ruby's gemstone on Sunstone, featuring a square facet. The gemstone has a mix of orange-red, tones of orange-red, tones of brown and pale yellow. It is a decahedron. It is located on Sunstone's upper left palm.
Sapphire's gemstone on Sunstone, featuring a triangular facet. It is an octahedron. The gemstone has a mix of orange-red, saddle brown and tones of pale yellow. It is located on Sunstone's upper right palm.


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