Season 5

You better step off!

—"Change Your Mind"

Chillax, my dudes. Your rockin' pal Sunstone is holdin' it down.

—"Change Your Mind"

Peridot: Unbelievable!
Sunstone: Oh, you better believe it.
Peridot: Okay!

—"Change Your Mind"

Sunstone: If she won't listen, we'll make her listen.
Amethyst: And how are we gonna do that?
Sunstone: I know she's in there. We'll bust into her head and change her mind!

—"Change Your Mind"

Let's take that bully down! *looks at the viewer* But remember kids: if you ever have to deal with a bully, be sure to tell an adult.

—"Change Your Mind"

Come on! Alley-oop!

—"Change Your Mind"

Kids, don't try this at home.

—"Change Your Mind"


—"Change Your Mind"

You can do it! Believe in yourself! Always. Do. Your best!

—"Change Your Mind"

Oh no!

—"Change Your Mind"
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