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This is a transcribed copy of "Super Watermelon Island". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Mask Island]
(The scene opens with a P.O.V. of a Watermelon Steven, as it slowly wakes up with the sun shining brightly in its face. It then sits up and looks around, finding itself in the middle of a forest. The Watermelon Steven looks down at its feet and jumps up in surprise, examining its watermelon body and arms in shock. It then looks at itself in the river and feels around its belly, revealing to be Steven in a Watermelon Steven's body. Steven opens his mouth, spitting out a few seeds with a growl, and quickly covers it. Steven then grunts even more, spitting out more seeds, and spins around in confusion. Steven sits down, mumbling to himself, when the ground rumbles a bit. A dog barking is heard, as a Melon Mutt jumps out of a nearby bush. It bounces along the ground, shakes its tail and rolls over to Steven. Steven pets the Mutt and it begins to lead Steven across the river, through the forest, and into the Watermelon village. Steven arrives at the village, seemingly a humble farming village, where several Watermelon Stevens are cultivating Baby Melons and then distributing them to Watermelon Steven families to raise as their own. Steven tours around the village, seeing Watermelon Stevens doing recreational activities, such as hacky sack, drumming and dancing. The Melon Mutt leads Steven to a giant statue in the middle of the village, resembling Baby Melon, where a Watermelon Steven elder is educating other Baby Melons about Baby Melon's sacrifice. Suddenly, a tremor happens again, startling the wildform on the island. A Watermelon Steven begin hitting a gong in a constant rhythm, and all the Watermelon Stevens gather around the Baby Melon statue. The elder shakes its stick, prompting all the Watermelon Stevens, including Melon Mutt, to touch their noses. Only Steven, unknowingly, did not follow and the elder points its stick at him. The Watermelon Stevens paints a yellow star on Steven's chest and gives him a flower crown. They then carry Steven on a wooden chair to a cliff and leaves him alone there. The Watermelon Stevens hide behind a geode arch and Steven growls at them in confusion. A Watermelon Steven then assures the pose of Baby Melon, hinting to Steven, and he takes the pose too, facing out to the sea. The tremor occurs again, as Malachite rise from the sea. Steven screams at the sight of Malachite, as she roars and tugs against her water shackles and chain.)
Malachite Steven...
(Malachite opens her mouth and rushes towards Steven, chomping on him.)
[Trans. Ext. The Barn]
(Steven wakes up on a mattress, panting and sweating, while the Crystal Gems and Peridot are gathered nearby.)
Peridot Didn't you feel that?
Amethyst Feel what?
Peridot The ground shook! This could be the start of the emergence of the Cluster. *points to some drawings on the chalkboard* Stage 1: slight tremors every quarter hour. Stage 2: full-scale earthquakes. Stage 3- *flips the chalkboard* The Earth is destroyed! We're running out of time. We need to drill right now!
Steven No, it's Malachite!
Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl Malachite?!
Peridot What?
Steven I was on Mask Island. I was in a Watermelon Steven. They have a lovely community, but Malachite, she was there!
(Amethyst coughs out a bite of her sandwich.)
Garnet Lapis Lazuli is losing control. Soon, Jasper will overpower her and Malachite will be loose.
Pearl Who knows what sort of destruction an unstable fusion like Malachite could cause?
Garnet Alright, Gems. Pearl, Amethyst, and I will warp to Mask Island. Steven, it's too dangerous for you. Stay here and watch after the drill with Peridot. Let's go, Gems! To the nearest warp pad!
Amethyst & Pearl To the nearest warp pad!
(Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl then run off, panting, and warp away on a warp pad out-of-view. As soon as they are gone, another tremor occurs.)
[Time Skip]
(Steven and Peridot are sitting and discussing on the mattress.)
Peridot So... Lazuli has Jasper trapped in a fusion? You're joking me.
Steven It's true! But Lapis must be getting tired from fighting Jasper for so long.
Peridot Just being on a ship with Jasper made me tired.
(Another tremor occurs, and Steven stands up with concerns.)
Steven Ah! I gotta help them! But they told me it was too dangerous.
Peridot Why don't you just disobey them? Rebel. Isn't that, like, your guys' thing?
Steven You're right. Oh, I know! I'll fall asleep and go into a Watermelon Steven again. This way, I can help them and be safe at the same time. *chuckles and lies down on the mattress*
Peridot Wow. You're a real anarchist.
Steven No one can tell... me what to do. *dozes off and starts snoring*
Peridot Wait, what do I do now? Don't just leave me here! *sighs deeply*
[Trans. Int. Mask Island]
(Two Watermelon Stevens are playing hacky sack together, when one of them starts convulsing and falls unconscious onto the ground. It then sits up, successfully possessed by Steven. Another tremor occurs, and the other Watermelon Stevens run away in panic. Steven then runs to the beach, where he sees the Crystal Gems and Malachite, struggling against her chains in the water.)
Garnet Alright. Let's put an end to this.
(Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl start dancing and fuse together into Alexandrite.)
Malachite (Jasper) Give up! Argh!
(Malachite effectively breaks free from her water chains.)
Malachite (Jasper) *panting* I'm impressed. You really held out.
Alexandrite MALACHITE!
Malachite (Jasper) Huh! They're here!
Malachite (Lapis) *grunts* Ugh, Stop!
Malachite (Jasper) Pathetic! Don't you see?
Malachite We've been holding us back for too long. And for what? If we're going to be this thing together, why don't we have some fun?
Alexandrite We don't have to fight! You're outnumbered.
(Malachite smirks and rises two water fists out of the sea.)
Malachite I may be outnumbered, but you're out of your depth! I can't wait to tear you Gems apart!
(Alexandrite roars and charges into the water at Malachite, causing a wave that washes Steven away. Alexandrite and Malachite begin to fight, and Steven tries to run away inland to flee the battleground. However, Malachite tackles Alexandrite inland too and pins her to the ground, causing Alexandrite to accidentally smash the island's warp pad.)
(Steven gathers his composure and runs towards a cave behind a waterfall, where he sees all the Watermelon Stevens hiding inside and shivering in fear. Melon Mutt runs up to Steven's side and Steven calls out to the Watermelon Stevens. He then begins giving a speech to the Watermelon Stevens in grunts and growls.)
(All Watermelon Stevens just stares at Steven, until the Watermelon Steven elder starts pumping its stick in the air. Eventually, all the other Watermelons join forces with the elder and Steven, pumping their fists and grunting in rhythm. The Watermelon Stevens then arm themselves with spears and shields, grunt a war cry together and march out of the cave. As they are doing so, Malachite then pins Alexandrite against a cliff.)
Malachite You know, you're right.
(Alexandrite attempts to breath fire, but Malachite punches Alexandrite in her cheek.)
Malachite There really is something more to this fusion thing. It's not just a cheap trick.
(Malachite grabs and hurls Alexandrite away, causing her to scream before splashing into the ocean.)
Malachite You've really shown me a whole new world of possibilities.
(Alexandrite gets up and begins to unfuse, glowing for a moment, before stopping and retaining her form.)
Alexandrite Keep it together.
Malachite Allow me to thank you.
(Malachite rises a pair of giant water hands that clamp around Alexandrite.)
Malachite Sorry, but there's only room for one abomination on this measly planet. *Laughs*
(Malachite begins freezing the water hands, squeezing Alexandrite and causing her to yell in pain. Just then, a horn is a heard.)
Malachite Huh?
(Malachite turns to look inland, and Watermelon Stevens begin charging onto the beach, led by Steven blowing a shell horn. A squad of Watermelon Stevens starts jabbing their spears against Malachite's legs, while another squad fire arrows with their bows by her. Malachite simply just laughs and giggles at the puny efforts of the Watermelon Stevens. Steven then blows his shell horn, signalling several catapults to launch rocks at Malachite, which stops her laughter. Four more Watermelon Stevens then dive from the air and land on Malachite's eyes.)
Malachite Ahh!
(The four Watermelon Stevens begin punching Malachite's eyes, causing her to grunt in pain and stumble backwards. She then trips over a rope, held by the Watermelon Stevens, and falls backwards to the ground. More Watermelon Steven charges up to the fallen Malachite and attack her. Just now, Alexandrite manages to break out of the ice hands, breathing heavily, and roars in anger.)
Malachite What is this?! You think you can hold me down?! Nobody can!
(Malachite retaliates back at the Watermelon Stevens, causing all of them to splatter, leaving only Steven and Melon Mutt.)
Malachite Not anymore.
(Malachite prepares to stomp on Steven, when Sugilite's flail wraps around her and smacks her in the face.)
Alexandrite HEY! Don't forget about me!
(Alexandrite pulls Malachite in and delivers a powerful punch to her stomach. Alexandrite then smacks Malachite with Sardonyx's hammer, launching her into the air. Malachite steadies herself high in the air with her water wings and grunts. She then gasps in shock as she see Alexandrite aiming at her with Opal's bow and arrow.)
Alexandrite You two should spend some time apart.
(Alexandrite fires the arrow, which turns into a shape of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl holding hands, and it pierces right through Malachite. Malachite begins to inflate and explodes. Steven and the other Watermelon Stevens cheer in victory, while Jasper and Lapis, now defused, fall from the sky. Alexandrite catches both Jasper and Lapis, walks ontto the beach and collapses to her knees in exhaustion. She groans as she begins to unfuse, separating back in Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. Pearl starts laughing in relief when a concerned Garnet checks on Amethyst.)
Amethyst Eurgh... I'm alive.
(Steven runs up to hug Pearl)
Pearl Steven? Is that you in there?
(Steven nods)
Garnet Thank you. We couldn't have done it without your help.
Amethyst Good job, melon head.
Garnet Thank you. All of you. You are truly brave.
(All the Watermelon Stevens blush and grunt happily. Everyone then starts laughing together in joy, when another tremor occurs, causing an earthquake that splits the island into two. Amethyst manages to grab onto Lapis in time, while Jasper slides into the fissure after Pearl fails to grab her. The Watermelon Stevens shiver in fear, frozen on the spot, while Melon Mutt barks profusely at the Crystal Gems.)
Garnet It must be the Cluster. Peridot was right. Steven, it's up to you. The warp was destroyed. We won't make it back in time. Wake up, get Peridot and start drilling.
(Steven clings onto Garnet's leg and shakes his head. Garnet then grabs his face and glares at him.)
Garnet The Earth needs you, Steven. We'll be fine. You can do this. We believe in you.
(Amethyst and Pearl join Garnet's side to reassure Steven. Steven then nods and closes his eyes, as he begins to leave the Watermelon Steven body.)
Amethyst You got this, dude. You know the drill.
Pearl Be careful, Steven. Watch each other's backs.
(Steven's connection fades as the star iris closes over the Crystal Gems.)
Garnet And, Steven... We love you.

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