I feel like Steven was out of character this entire arc. For a character big on diplomacy and talking, these situations could’ve all been easily resolved by him talking through thing, but instead he just wallows around.

- here he could’ve just said something like “the HG came because of me, and I went to protect them” since how can Mayor Dewey really do anything in this type of situation, and one probably only a handful of people understand or comprehend. The episode could’ve had the effect that Dewey is moved by the speech and stops being mayor, which could work to the same lesson that he realizes how Connie feels.

- in raising the barn he could’ve just told Lapis the obviosu: Homeworld thinks he is trapped there or on another gem colony, so chances of them coming are slim. And with something like the cluster, peridot did say it would emerge shortly but never specified to alien beings where Steven leaving for 50 years is really no different than Pearl taking him to Disney World for a week. And considering the state Blue and Yellow are in, the Cluster is likely the last thing on their minds. It just seemed like an excuse to have lapis leave again, which they could’ve done better.

- in Sadie killer he could’ve just had Sadie talk through her issues or help her find a replacement for Lars. Again same effect.

- in gemcation he could’ve just told the gems he needed some time alone.

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