But thing is never once does Steven own up to it or give a speech on mayor Dewey’s behalf. They could’ve gotten his character over with in a better way like Steven makes Dewey realize he’s being a bad mayor and steps down.

A thing I didn’t like about this arc was that a lot of circumstances could’ve been avoided by Steven talking instead of having Aesop amnesia: he could’ve told lapis that homeworld thinks he’s still trapped there, and likely won’t come back for a while (peridot did say a short time so to yellow that could mean a day to a century) but not once does that occur to him; he could’ve just told the gems he was having friend trouble and to give him some space; he could’ve just told Sadie to talk about her issues or to convince her manager to hire somebody else, etc. It seemed really out of character for Steven who is big on talking about issues in order to resolve them, like he did in mr. Greg.

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