Steven could be Sin. If you read paradise lost, satan’s first rebellious thought caused a woman to be born through his head, and seeing her, he forced himself upon her. Then, during the rebellion against heaven, she was discarded. At the conclusion, she was given a key and told to guard the gates of hell. There, she gave birth to death and death did as his father. She birthed hellhounds which claw at her belly and make her legs look like a snake.

Paradise lost is also genesis from the perspective of Satan, making him a tragic hero as he wants to kill mankind but he can’t because his deeds degrade him (he goes from toffee to dick dastardly) and he can never be greater than his creator. And Sin, Death and Satan are an incestuous, perverted trio of foils to the trinity (Father, Daughter, Evil Spirit) so in a sense I guess you can say so.

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