I had a dream of an episode which was called "Investigation of Pink" and I am holding it as a theory episode. Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Greg, Connie, Lapis, and Peridot where all at the Crystal Gem Palace to celebrate Steven's return back home. Steven tells them everything that happen about the trial, the Off-Colors, Lars death. Most importantly about the trial how Rose Quartz couldn't be the only one that was envolve in the shattering of her. Everyone gets supicous about this and they all head to Pink Diamond's Palaquin except for Greg who ws to worried about Blue Diamond taking him into space again. Due to this everyone was nevous of how Blue Diamond might come back to the area, but Steven tells them that her last visit was her last time coming back on Earth. Steven has a plan to have everyone act out a character that was near Pink Diamond's Palaquin. Skiping this part of the story, Pearl saw something shining a few inches beside PD Palaquin and everyone gets near it, but then as they were walking towards it, a large hand was in the sky. Peridot say's its Blue Diamonds SHIP!! Everyone runs behind the bushes. The Blue ship landed and Blue Pearl came out first then Blue Diamond and last Blue Zircon. Steven whispers to the Crystal Gems that Blue Diamond wanted answers in the trial and maybe she came back to Earth to investigate some more! Blue Zircon investigate more on Rose shattering Pink Diamond, but as she was talking, she came up to shining pink shards. Blue Zicon yellls PINK DIAMONDS SHARDS!! Blue Diamond was so suprised, she collected them and quickly went back on the ship. The ship flew up and headed back to homeworld. Steven and the Gems were worried about what will happen next and the episode ends with them looking up at the sky.

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