Steven's Monster form (Corrupted)

I'm curious since I've seen a bit of back and forth, why would his monster (corrupted form) be put in only Designs and not in his character box like the other various characters who has their corrupted/monster forms in their character box template (Various corrupted gems, Nephrite, Jasper, etc.)?

If the reason is because that form is not a corrupted form but simply a "transformation" (like that Cat Steven abomination) then I would understand. IF not, then I wish to understand why. 

WhalBP (talk) 20:33, March 28, 2020 (UTC)


I think since he's the main character and we'll be referring to him a lot, we don't need the '(character)' bit. Actually I think all pages with similar names that have priority shouldn't bother with the brackets. Like "Together Breakfast (episode)" can just be called "Together Breakfast" and the object version will keep the '(object)' bit.  YazzyDream  Sapphire    12:24,12/22/2013 

Agreed.--Rsz_1rsz_power_button_black.pngArmadillos lurk in your toaster Rsz_1rsz_power_button_black.png
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