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Songs Giant WomanLet Me Drive My Van into Your HeartCookie CatWe Are The Crystal GemsStrong in the Real WayDo or Do NutSteven and the StevensSteven and the Crystal GemsBig Fat ZucchiniDear Old DadFishing for ComplimentsBe Wherever You AreSerious SongSteven Tag SongSte-Ste-Ste StevenBirthday SongOn The RunLi'l Butler ThemeLapis LazuliSapphire's SongWailing StoneStronger Than YouFull DisclosureCometDestinyJam BuddiesDo It For HerWhat Can I DoTower of Mistakes
Instrumental Songs Ending ThemeThe MotherThe WaterfallWater DamageGimme GimmeDrop The StrawberryPearl's ThemeSteven's ShieldDad MuseumPeedee's BluesThat's Unusual!ConnieFunland ArcadeMeat Beat Mania: FLAMBÉE!Meat Beat Mania: Over EasyRoad KillerPurple Puma and Tiger MillionaireTeens of RageLion's ThemeThe Heaven Beetle (reprise)The Heaven BeetleDesert GlassHeart of the PyramidStrawberry Battlefield/The Sleeping PyramidSpaced Out BeatsThe HillAmalgamOpalDance of SwordsHolo PearlRose's RoomGlitch CityGolf Quest Mini OSTSynchronize/SugiliteSugilite ReturnsUnderwater TempleTime ThingBattle at the Underwater TempleMonster BuddyMonster Spelunkin'Fight, Flight, or LoveOvergrown BramblesRose's FountainMirror GemLet Me OutI Am Lapis LazuliMirror MatchQ U A D R I N O M E T R Y - THE SECRET OF THE WAVE LIES IN C R E A T I O NNight DriveLapis' TowerTake My HandLove Like You (The Ocean Returns)WeatherbombAfter These MessagesUUU Fanfare / Let's Build a Spaceship: Part 1Blast Off!Let's Build A Spaceship: Part 2Almost ThereSecret TeamWe Were The BestSteven's ConfessionThe Pitch Got DelayedGreg On The BeachParadiseSadie & The BeastSnerson InterrogationParonaldo ActivityAlexandriteWaterfall Training MontageWatermelon StevenWatermelon BattleRose's ThemeLion's ManePeridotBe Cool at the ClubAlone TogetherTwilight RunDecisive PathYoung GemsFuture VisionDeath RagDefectiveI'm Still HereMoonlit BattlefieldReturn To The Beach/JasperNight Drive 2CollusionMalachiteGem ShardsEnticementSardonyxReconciliation
Attack the Light soundtrack TitleBattle ThemeIndigo CavesStrawberry BattlefieldThe DesertSunken Sea SpireRed TempleBoss BattleLevel Up!
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