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So do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut. That will be all.


"That Will Be All" is the 15th episode of the fourth season of Steven Universe, the 118th episode overall, and the final episode of the fifth StevenBomb.

Official Synopsis

Steven and the Gems make a daring escape![3]


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Steven and Greg are taken hostage by an Amethyst guard and are put into a room full of Quartz Gems. Amethyst has been captured as well. However, it was revealed to be a trick by the Quartz guards that Amethyst planned to do. Amethyst explains that all of the Quartz Gems here (Amethysts, Jaspers, and a lone Carnelian) are from Earth made in the Prime and Beta Kindergartens. Amethyst also finds out her official designation name is "Facet-5 Cut-8XM". The Quartz Gems celebrate until Holly Blue Agate comes in and orders them harshly to their stations as Blue Diamond has returned. Amethyst tells Greg and Steven to run away.

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Steven and Greg run off and enter Pink Diamond's throne room, which contains an innumerable amount of bubbled gemstones. Steven begins to shed tears, indicating Blue Diamond is near. Blue Diamond comes in with Blue Pearl and continues to grieve. Yellow Diamond enters with her Yellow Pearl shortly after, unbeknownst of Blue Diamond. Yellow Diamond wants to bring Blue Diamond back to "reality", stop her from grieving, and destroy the many bubbled rose quartzes in retribution for the one who shattered Pink Diamond millennia ago. Blue Diamond wants to preserve the memory of Pink Diamond by keeping the bubbled Gemstones, her Zoo, and the Earth. Yellow Diamond wants her to stop and put the entire debacle behind them. It proves more difficult than it needs to be, so Yellow Diamond tells her Pearl to help sing a song to make Blue Diamond feel better.

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Holly Blue, Ruby, and Sapphire enter the room, and Holly Blue greets Blue Diamond nervously but quickly realizes Yellow Diamond is there as well, which makes her try to flatter both diamonds in an attempt to gain favor. The Diamonds want a quick explanation for her presence, so she explains that "your [Blue Diamond] Sapphire has completed her special delivery." Blue Diamond has never asked a Sapphire to make a special delivery. Sapphire, however, rebuttals with her precognition of Blue Diamond's desire for more humans for the zoo, convincing herself to act accordingly. Blue Diamond admits it is true but knows there is not enough time to preserve all humans. Yellow Diamond asks Sapphire if the Cluster has formed yet, which it has not according to Sapphire, proving there is still time. Yellow Diamond dismisses the group and tends to Blue Diamond afterward.

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Holly Blue is relieved all went well and is also jubilant to see Yellow Diamond in person and see the zoo has not become a forgotten piece of Gem history, making it all worth it to her for how much time she has spent preserving such a remote location with Quartz Gems. Nothing could have spoiled her happiness until she finds out, just after saying so, the captives humans Steven and Greg are witnessed climbing into the Roaming Eye. Holly Blue blames the Amethyst Guards for their incompetence and proceeds to capture the humans herself with a whip until she is stopped by Ruby and Sapphire fusing into Garnet and catching the whip. Pearl then cuts the whip, and Amethyst spins around Holly Blue to tie her up. Garnet then materializes a gauntlet but proceeds to punch Holly Blue Agate with her bare hand in a display of mockery, which causes Holly Blue to fall over and be laughed at by the Amethyst guards. The Amethyst guards wave goodbye to the Crystal Gems, and Amethyst declares them "Famethyst for life".

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Holly Blue threatens to report everything to the Diamonds, but Pearl gives her a reality check on her incompetence and bias, telling her that reporting the event would only jeopardize her status. This silences Holly Blue as the Crystal Gems exit the Zoo. The Crystal Gems exit the Zoo set course to return to Earth. Steven apologizes to Greg for getting him into this because he wanted answers. Greg asks if he got what he was looking for and Steven replies that he did; he got his dad back.







Instrumental Songs


  • "What's the Use of Feeling (Blue)?" is the first song in the series sung solely by Homeworld Gems.
  • During her song, Yellow Diamond mentions that "an Agate terrifies", suggesting their role is to act as shock troops and taskmasters, and that "a Lapis terraforms", suggesting that Lapis Lazulis play a role in preparing worlds for colonization.

Cultural References

  • Holly Blue Agate says "If you want something done right, you just do it yourself!", which is a quote from Charles-Guillaume Étienne.
  • Amethyst spinning around to tie up Holly Blue Agate likely pays homage to how heroes tie up villains in old-fashioned superhero cartoons, particularly those from the Hanna-Barbera era.


  • This episode continues from "The Zoo".
  • Skinny and Carnelian's holes from the Beta Kindergarten were presumably shown in "Beta". The two debuted in this episode.
  • Yellow Diamond does the same "that will be all" gesture that Peridot and Holly Blue Agate did in "Back to the Barn" and "Gem Heist", respectively.
  • During the song, "What's the Use of Feeling (Blue)?" Yellow Diamond mentions an attack, presumably foreshadowing the events of Reunited.


  • Holly Blue Agate's hair turns into pure white when she pulls out her whip.
  • The Red Eye that occupies the outside of the zoo has disappeared for no reason.
  • When Yellow Diamond sings "But now there's nothing we can do, so tell me" and walks away from Blue Diamond, you can not hear her footsteps.
  • When Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl are put down in the song, you can see through Yellow Pearl's hand.
  • Up until Sapphire begins to stutter, she, Ruby, and Holly Blue Agate are standing on the Diamond insignia. When Steven says "Oh, no! She's freezing up!", they are standing next to it and continue standing there for the next few shots. When Sapphire says "No, it has not.", they are standing on the insignia again. Then, when Holly Blue Agate bows down and says "My Diamonds.", they are standing next to it again.
  • After Steven and Greg leave Pink Diamond's throne room, Greg's beard is the same color as his hair.
  • When Holly Blue walks next to Skinny Jasper and Carnelian, the Amethyst next to them disappears.


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