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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Pink Diamond's Zoo]
(Following the events in The Zoo, Steven and Greg are captured by an Amethyst guard, as she enters a room and drops the two of them on the floor.)
Amethyst 1 These the ones?
(Steven and Greg look up and find themselves in a room full of several Quartz guards, laughing at them intimidatingly.)
Amethyst Steven! Greg!
(The Quartz guards step to the sides, revealing Amethyst being hold down by an Amethyst guard.)
Amethyst *groaning* They found me out!
Steven Amethyst!
Amethyst You won't believe what I've been through. These Amethysts, they're really, really... great!
Steven What?!
(Amethyst and the Quartz guards begin laughing aloud altogether.)
Amethyst 1 *laughing* Your faces!
Amethyst 2 lets go of Amethyst* You were right! That was priceless!
Amethyst *runs over and hugs Steven* I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I had to! *chuckles* What are you wearing? Greg! This is a good look for you.
Steven What is going on?
Amethyst These Amethysts, they're all from Earth! They're from the Prime Kindergarten! Wait! Hey, 8XL!
8XL Yeah?
Amethyst You guys, I'm an 8! Tell 'em. Tell 'em!
8XL The Amethyst under me never popped out! We're all waiting, and- pfft- nothing.
Amethyst I'm 8XM! Facet-5, Cut-8XM- that's me! This is 8XG, this is 8XH.
8XJ I'm J.
Amethyst Ah, geez! Sorry! I'm worse than Holly Blue!
8XJ Aren't we all?
(The Amethysts laugh together.)
Skinny Prime, prime, prime. You Amethysts are so cliquey.
Amethyst Skinny's a Jasper! There are Gems here from the Beta Kindergarten, too! Hey, where's Carnelian?
Skinny Celebrating.
Carnelian I'm not the shortest anymore!
(Carnelian lifts Amethyst up and runs around the room with her, while they both laugh.)
Greg This is unreal.
Steven Hey! Please, if you don't mind me asking, we really need your help. We came in with Sapphire, Ruby, and Pearl. We've gotta find them and get them out of-
(The door into the room behind Steven suddenly opens up, revealing Holly Blue, Sapphire, Ruby and Pearl standing in the doorway, and Steven and Greg quickly run away to hide.)
Holly Blue I'll only be a moment.
(Holly Blue enters the room, and the Quartz guards all stand in attention, as Steven and Greg hide behind one of them.)
Holly Blue What are you all doing in here?! Get to your stations! Even you hideous off-color Betas! Get out of your cubbies and into your places! It's the least you can do for the Diamond that kept you worthless sorry Gems in service! That's right. Blue is back already! Now go pretend your filthy vein of Quartz is capable of gratitude! Go, go, go!
(The Quartz guards begin running out of the room, with Steven and Greg sneaking behind their backs.)
Holly Blue Disperse! My Diamond is waiting!
Amethyst Run! Just run! I'll find you! Go!
(Steven and Greg run off, leaving Amethyst behind with the Quartz guards. They enter dimly-lit room, as the door closes behind them, and look up, spotting bubbles of Quartz gems floating in the ceiling.)
Steven Who bubbled all these Gems?
(Steven and Greg peek from behind a pillar, seeing thousands of bubbled Quartz floating all around the room.)
Greg Wow! It's kind of like a birthday party in here.
(Steven then notices he is beginning to tear up and he gasps in shock.)
Steven Oh, no! We gotta hide!
Greg Huh?
(Steven and Greg hides behind the pillar, when Blue Diamond enters the room.)
Blue Diamond Pearl, close the door. *sighs*
(Blue Diamond kneels down in the room, removes her hood and begins to tear up. The door opens again, as Yellow Diamond enters as well.)
Yellow Diamond Please tell me you're joking. You only just left, and you're already back?
Blue Diamond Yellow! W-What are you doing here?
Yellow Diamond I'm here to bring you back to reality, Blue.
Blue Diamond I'm fine. Just leave me alone.
Yellow Diamond It's been thousands of years, Blue, and you still can't bring yourself to destroy these Gems? She was shattered by a Rose Quartz! The entire cut of Gem deserves the same fate!
Blue Diamond But they were hers.
Yellow Diamond They should be wiped out of existence, not kept safe in bubbles!
(Steven and Greg run towards the door they entered from and try to open it, to no avail.)
Blue Diamond Yellow, she made them. This is all we have left of her. These Gems, this place, and the Earth.
(Steven and Greg then run back towards the pillar to hide behind it.)
Yellow Diamond I thought we agreed we need to put that planet and this whole debacle behind us.
Blue Diamond Why can't you just let me grieve?
Yellow Diamond You can't keep coming here forever!
Blue Diamond Why not?
Yellow Diamond *sighs* Pearl, do something. Sing for her. Make her feel better.
Yellow Pearl Yes, my Diamond. Ahem. *turns to Blue Pearl* Ahem!
Blue Pearl Uh... Oh.
(Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl begin to harmonize together.)
Pearls Aah haa haa, aah haa haa, / Aah ha aah ha, aah haa haa, / Aah haa haa, aah haa haa, / Aah haa haa haa haa haa haa haa haaaaa. ♪
(Steven and Greg attempt to sneak between pillars to pillars, as Yellow Diamond begins to sing "What's the Use of Feeling (Blue)? over the Pearls' harmonization.)
Yellow Diamond Why would you want to be here? / What do you ever see here, / That doesn't make you feel worse than you do? And tell me, what's the use of feeling, Blue? ♪ Why would you want to employ her, / subjects that destroyed her? / Why keep up her silly zoo? Oh, tell me what's the use of feeling, Blue?
(Yellow Diamond pushes the bubbled Rose Quartzes away as she sings to Blue Diamond.)
Yellow Diamond An army has a use, they can go and fight a war, / A Sapphire has a use, she can tell you what it's for. / An Agate terrifies, a Lapis terraforms. / Where's their Diamond when they need her, Blue? / You've got to be a leader, Blue!
(Blue Diamond clings to a pillar under Yellow Diamond's condescending song, as the Pearls continue to harmonize and dance together. Steven and Greg continues to sneak between pillars, avoiding the Diamonds' notice.)
Yellow Diamond Yes, of course, we still love her, / And we're always thinking of her. / But now, there's nothing we can do, / So tell me! ♪
Yellow Diamond & Pearls What's the use of feeling? / What's the use of feeling? / What's the use of feeling, Blue? Ohh!
(Steven and Greg peek from behind a pillar, watching nervously as Yellow Diamond put her hand in front the Pearls, and they hop onto it. She lifts them and they continue singing the song.)
Yellow Diamond How can you stand to be here with it all?
Pearls Here with it all!
Yellow Diamond & Pearls Drowning in all this regret? / Wouldn't you rather forget her?
Yellow Diamond Ohh! Won't it be grand to get rid of it all?
Pearls Rid of it all!
Yellow Diamond & Pearls Let's make a plan of attack! Start looking forward and stop looking back!
(Steven and Greg run to another pillar, when Greg trips and falls. The Diamonds do not notice them though, as Yellow Diamond kneels down to Blue Diamond and holds her hands.)
Yellow Diamond Ohh! Yes, of course, we still love her, / And we're always thinking of her. / Don't you know I miss her too? / But tell me, / What's the use of feeling? / What's the use of feeling? / What's the use of feeling?
(Yellow Diamond turns away and grabs onto the side of the stairs, bowing down seemingly in grief. Steven and Greg makes it to the pillar next to the second door in the room, as Yellow Diamond begins humming the Pearls' song.)
Yellow Diamond Hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm, / Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm, / Hmmmmm...
(Blue Diamond walks over and places a reassuring hand to Yellow Diamond's back, comforting her as her song concludes. The door then opens, and Holly Blue, Ruby, and Sapphire enter.)
Holly Blue And we have arrived. That will be all, Pearl. *claps twice, and Pearl walks away* My Diamond. My gracious, wondrous, luminous, lustrous Diamond...sss? *notices Yellow Diamond and gasps in surprise* Oh, my! It's truly an honor to bask in your
Yellow Diamond Get to the point, Agate.
Holly Blue *clears her throat* Yes, of course. My deepest apologies. You'll be pleased to know that your Sapphire has completed your special delivery.
Blue Diamond *turns and glares at Holly Blue* What special delivery?
Holly Blue Um, the special delivery you requested from Earth, of course.
Blue Diamond *gets suspicious* I never asked any Sapphire to go to Earth.
Sapphire I... Um...
(The floor beneath Sapphire begins to freeze up.)
Steven Oh, no! She's freezing up!
(Ruby grabs hold of Sapphire's hand behind her, providing her some comfort and confidence.)
Sapphire My... future vision foresaw you, my Diamond, desiring more... humans for the zoo, so I... acted accordingly.
Blue Diamond ... It's true. The window for preserving Earth specimens is closing.
Steven Phew...
Yellow Diamond Is that what you want? Sapphire, has the Cluster emerged yet?
Sapphire No, it has not.
Yellow Diamond Then there's still time. That will be all. *claps twice*
Holly Blue *bows* My Diamonds.
(Holly Blue, Sapphire and Ruby begin to leave the room as the Diamonds turn their backs around. Steven and Greg quickly escape the room before the door closes, rejoining with the Crystal Gems to an unknowing Holly Blue.)
Holly Blue Two Diamonds?! I can't believe it! Can you believe it? Oh, well, of course, you can. You probably foresaw the whole thing.
Sapphire Of course! No surprises here.
(Holly Blue begins leading Sapphire and her group through the hallways, while Steven and Greg sneak cautiously behind.)
Holly Blue I never expected to see Yellow Diamond in person. What a commanding presence. You can just feel strength and confidence radiating from her.
(Holly Blue turns around, Amethyst quickly shapeshifts into Quartz-sized, hiding Steven and Greg behind her, and the group smile nervously at her.)
Holly Blue Don't misunderstand me, of course. I'll always be in Blue's confidence, but if I had been made for Yellow, you wouldn't see me complaining.
(Holly Blue leads the group back to the ship hangar. The Amethyst guards then notices Steven and Greg sneaking with the group, and try to act ignorant.)
Holly Blue I do hope they appreciate all my hard work to preserve the Pink Diamond legacy. It would really make it worth being stationed here with these sorry excuses for Gems. Oh! It's a shame though.
(Holly Blue begins to monologue to herself with her eyes, and the group attempts to sneak past her to their Roaming Eye.)
Holly Blue This outpost is so remote, I was beginning to think we'd been forgotten. But we haven't! Two Diamonds, one day! What an honor. I don't think anything could spoil this for me.
(Holly Blue then notices Steven and Greg boarding ship, who laugh nervously.)
Holly Blue What... is... THE MEANING OF THIS?!
(All the Quartz guards appear in the doorway, startled at Holly Blue's discovery.)
Holly Blue Why are these two outside the containment area?!
Sapphire Holly Blue, I can explain.
Holly Blue No need, your clarity. Not even you could have foreseen how incompetent these Amethysts are. *summons a blue, electric whip* Well, if you want something done right, you just do it yourself. You two are coming with me!
(Holly Blue lashes her whip at Steven and Greg. Ruby and Sapphire quickly fuse back together into Garnet and catches the whip. Holly Blue and the Quartz guards gasp in shock and surprise.)
Steven & Greg Garnet!
Garnet Steven, get Greg on board!
Greg Yes, please!
Garnet We'll handle this noise.
(Pearl slices the whip in half, and Amethyst spin-dashes to wrap it around Holly Blue. The Quartz guards cheer in joy at Amethyst's achievement.)
Garnet I've been waiting to do this all day.
(Garnet summons her gauntlet, threatens to punch Holly Blue with it, but hits her in the stomach with her normal hand instead, causing her to fall over. The Quartz guards then laugh at Holly Blue's blunder.)
Holly Blue What are you doing?! They're traitors! Destroy them!
(The Quartz guards begin waving and saying goodbyes to the Crystal Gems as they board the ship.)
Amethyst *blows a kiss* Famethyst for life!
Holly Blue I'll report you to the Diamonds! All of you! You'll all be shattered!
Pearl *kneels down to Holly Blue* You're really gonna tell the Diamonds that you allowed a band of traitorous rebels to infiltrate a highly-secure facility and escape from right under your careful watch? *inhales sharply* Doesn't sound like a wise thing to do, Holly Blue~ So do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut. That will be all. *bows, and Steven claps twice*
(Holly Blue groans in misery while the Quartz guards continue to laugh at her and waving goodbye to the Crystal Gems, as they begin to take off and leave the human zoo.)
Greg Thanks so much for coming to get me. That has to be, like, the third craziest weekend I've ever had.
Steven Dad, I'm really sorry I got you into all this. This whole thing started 'cause... I wanted answers.
Greg You don't have to be sorry about a thing. I hope you found what you were looking for.
Steven I did. I found you.
(The gravity engine of the Roaming Eye activates, and it warps away through space, back towards Earth.)

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