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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Int. The Barn]
(Steven is seen fast asleep on the back of a truck in the barn, snoring loudly. A shadowy figure then approaches him, and Steven snores a final time before waking up.)
Garnet *excitedly, without her visors on* Steven!
Steven *gasps* Garnet! Is it morning already?
Garnet *grins* It's midnight! Happy birthday, Steven!
Steven *grabs his cheeks, then sits up and grabs Garnet's cheeks* Oh man! Are you finally gonna tell me that you're a fusion of the Gems Ruby and Sapphire like you promised?
Garnet You already know about all that, Steven.
Steven *sighs* It's true. *lets go of Garnet and falls back into bed*
Garnet But what you don't know is how Ruby and Sapphire first met.
Steven *sits back up and grabs Garnet's cheeks again, blushing with stars in his eyes* O-M-G! I don't!
(Garnet blushes and giggles, as she begins retelling her story of how Ruby and Sapphire first met, cuing a flashback.)
[Trans. Ext. Cloud Arena]
Garnet (Narrator) The Earth, 5,750 years ago; it was a promising site of a new Gem colony, but progress was being thwarted by a small, persistent group of rebels. A team of diplomatic Gems were sent from Homeworld to investigate. Among those Gems was Sapphire, a rare aristocratic Homeworld Gem, with the power to see into the future. Assigned to her were three Rubies, common soldiers, with a mission to protect her.
Ruby Guard 1 *walks up to Ruby Guard 2* Hey! Can't wait for those rebels to get here!
Ruby Guard 2 Haha, yeah! When I see those rebels, I'm gonna punch them right in their faces!
Ruby Guard 1 What are you sayin'? I'm gonna punch them all over their bodies, and then it'll be over.
Ruby Guard 2 What if, I just punch you!
(She punched Ruby Guard 1 playfully in the back of her shoulder, sticking her tongue out, and Ruby Guard 1 yelped out in pain.)
Ruby Oh, come on. We'll punch 'em together when we fuse. That's why they sent, uh, three of us?
Ruby Guard 1 Three this!
(Ruby Guard 1 attempted to punch Ruby, but Ruby blocked the attack. Ruby was knocked backwards, causing her to collide into Sapphire. Onlooking Gems gasped in shock as Ruby quickly stepped away from Sapphire.)
Ruby Oh, I, um, I'm so sorry, I, let me, uh...
Sapphire I'm fine.
Ruby What?
Sapphire It's okay. It was bound to happen.
Ruby I, uh... okay.
Sapphire Now please wait here. I must attend to my duties.
Ruby Right.
Ruby Guard 1 Mmm.
Ruby Guard 2 Yes.
(The three Rubies stood in attention as Sapphire walked up to Blue Diamond's Palanquin, where Blue Diamond's Pearl was seen standing next to Blue Diamond's throne.)
Garnet (Narrator) Sapphire had been called to Earth by Blue Diamond, specifically to share her vision of the future.
Sapphire *enters the palanquin* My diamond, I've arrived.
Garnet (Narrator) Blue Diamond spoke, "Sapphire, tell me what will happen here."
Sapphire I foresee the rebels attacking the Cloud Arena. Before they are cornered, they will destroy the physical forms of seven gems, including two of my Ruby guards, and myself. Immediately after my form is destroyed, the rebels will be captured. The rebellion ends here.
Garnet (Narrator) "Thank you, Sapphire." Blue Diamond said, relieved. "That's all I needed to know."
Sapphire I look forward to speaking with you again once I reform back on Homeworld.
(Sapphire gave a curtsy to Blue Diamond before returning to her Ruby guards, standing next to Ruby.)
Garnet (Narrator) Sapphire knew she would be a casualty, but it did not faze her. She saw her whole life laid out before her, and she had already accepted all of it.
Sapphire *speaks to Ruby* What a beautiful place to build a colony. I wish I could have seen more of this planet.
Ruby Uh... there's still time.
Sapphire That is a nice thought, but... no.
Rose *off-screen* Blue Diamond, leave this planet! This colony will not be completed!
Ruby Guard 2 It's the rebels!
(Various Gems muttered among themselves, one of them shouted, "Who are you!? Show yourselves!" Pearl, wielding two swords, appeared standing on a pillar as Rose Quartz floated in from above.)
Rose We...
Rose & Pearl ... are the Crystal Gems!
(The Palanquin carrying Blue Diamond and her Pearl closed, sprouted mechanical legs and walks off.)
Garnet (Narrator) The attack was right on schedule.
(Pearl used her swords to defeat four Gems, before the Ruby guards intervened and fused into a much bigger Ruby. The Ruby fusion charged after Rose Quartz, but she counter-attacked, instantly defusing the Ruby fusion. Pearl then instantly jumped in and destroyed the forms of the two other Ruby Guards, leaving just Ruby on the ground. Pearl then prepared to strike Sapphire.)
Sapphire Thank you, Ruby. You did your best.
Garnet (Narrator) Ruby suddenly realized what Sapphire meant. She had known that Ruby would fail. Sapphire had accepted it. But Ruby... Ruby could not.
Ruby NO!!
(Ruby got up and charged at Sapphire, pushing her out of the way of Pearl's attack. As the two of them spun in the air, they accidentally fuse into Garnet for the first time.)
Past Garnet Wha... *examines her newly formed body, and the two gems on her palms* What... !?
(Onlooking Gems gasped, horrified, as they muttered among themselves.)
Past Garnet What...what is this?
(Pearl looked on in, amazed, but shook it off and prepared to strike again, before being stopped by Rose.)
Rose Wait! This is... hm? (The other Gems noticed her and began to approach, ignoring Garnet.) ... Let's go.
Pearl Uh... bye!
(Pearl And Rose then leapt away.)
Past Garnet Is this... ?
(Past Garnet defused back into Ruby and Sapphire, and the onlooking Gems turned their attention back to the pair.)
Garnet (Narrator) The furious crowd closed in around Ruby and Sapphire. They'd never seen fusion of two different types of Gems.
Various Gems (Garnet) "Unbelievable!" "Disgusting!" "This is unheard of!"
Garnet (Narrator) Blue Diamond's voice cut through the crowd. "The rebels have fled. Sapphire, this was not the scenario you described!"
Sapphire This is... not what I saw! I don't know what happened, I...
Ruby No! It was me!
Garnet (Narrator) "Clearly." Said Blue Diamond. "How dare you fuse with a member of my court?"
Ruby Forgive me, I... !
Garnet (Narrator) "You will be broken for this!"
(The angry Gems began to close in on Ruby and Sapphire, but Sapphire grabbed Ruby's hand and dashed off with her.)
Ruby WAAAIT!! What are you dooiing!? NO!!
(Sapphire jumped off the Cloud Arena, and the two disappeared into the clouds.)
[Trans. Somewhere on Earth]
(Sapphire gently floated Ruby down somewhere at the base of a mountain and dropped her into the ground. It then began to rain heavily.)
Ruby Ugh, why'd you do that!? I have to get you back up there!
Sapphire They were gonna break you!
Ruby Who cares!? There's tons of me!
(Ruby looked up at the rain, and the area around the mountain. She then groaned in panic.)
Ruby Gahh! What do we do now!?
Garnet (Narrator) Sapphire had known every moment of her life. How it would happen, and when. But because of Ruby's impulsive gesture, she suddenly jumped the track of fate, and everything from that instant on was wrong, and new. She couldn't see, she couldn't move. She was... frozen.
(Ice began forming around Sapphire's feet, freezing her onto the spot.)
Ruby Ah! We have to get you... out of here!
(Ruby grabbed Sapphire from behind and pulled her out of the ice. She then carries Sapphire bridal style.)
Ruby Come on.
(Ruby carried Sapphire away from the mountains and into a nearby cave. Ruby set her down inside and examined the surroundings.)
Ruby Alright, this should be good for now.
(Sapphire sat down and pushed aside her bang, uncovering her eye.)
Sapphire Thank you...
(Ruby looked at her, stunned and speechless. Fire then formed around her feet, causing her to step back in shock. A bonfire was made from the flames and Saphhire began warming herself. Ruby, however, kept pacing around in panic.)
Ruby What kind of Ruby am I supposed to be? Look at this! It's my fault you're stranded here. How am I gonna save you?
Sapphire You already did.
Ruby What!?
Sapphire You already saved me.
(Ruby sniffled and sat down next to the bonfire, still perturbed. The two remained silent for a moment, thinking about the accidental fusion they performed earlier. Ruby stared at her gem, and then at Sapphire's gem.)
Sapphire I... I've seen gems fuse before, but I had no idea that's what it felt like. I always thought... I never realized that fusion... that'd you'd disappear like that.
Ruby It's never like that! Whenever I've fused, it's always just been me, but bigger, I... I've never had a third eye before.
Sapphire I've never had more than one! It was nice.
Ruby *blushes* Ha... yeah...
(Eventually, the rain stopped, and Ruby and Sapphire stepped out of the cave. They climbed over a hill and witnessed a sunset in the horizons. They both began to sing "Something Entirely New" as they explore Earth together.)
Ruby & Sapphire ♫ Where did we go? What did we do? / I think we made something, entirely new. / And it wasn't quite me, and it wasn't quite you. / I think it was someone, entirely new. ♫
(Sapphire walked through a forest when a butterfly landed on her hand. Ruby came over to observe it, but it flew away and got eaten by a frog. Ruby then picked up the frog and showed it to an excited Sapphire.)
Ruby ♫ Oh... Um... / Well I just can't stop thinking ♫
Sapphire ♫ So... Um... / Did you say I was different? ♫
Ruby ♫ And you hadn't before? ♫
Sapphire ♫ Of course not! / When would I have ever? ♫
(Night fell, Ruby and Sapphire lay in the grass to gaze at the moon, while talking about the accidental fusion.)
Ruby ♫ I'm so sorry. ♫
Sapphire ♫ No, no, don't be. ♫
Ruby ♫ And now you're here forever! ♫
Sapphire ♫ What about you? ♫
Ruby ♫ What about me? ♫
Sapphire ♫ Well you're here too. / We're here together. ♫
(Sapphire placed a reassuring hand on Ruby's hand and then led her into a forest. She began humming her song, to which Ruby then joined in too, forming a reprise of "Stronger Than You" and "Strong in the Real Way. They danced together in the forest, and eventually fused together back into Garnet. Past Garnet began stumbling around, unfamiliar to her body yet.)
Garnet (Narrator) I was back; I was someone and I didn't know who. But I felt I was getting the hang of my strange new form. ...And then I fell.
(Past Garnet tripped and rolled down a hill.)
Past Garnet ... Ouch.
(Suddenly, a sword was pointed at Past Garnet's face, causing her to flinch and recoil.)
Past Garnet Ah! Don't hurt her! Don't hurt... me?
(The sword bearer then revealed to be Pearl.)
Pearl It's you! The fusion...
Past Garnet We didn't mean to fuse! Well... well, we did this time. We'll unfuse! We, we'll...
(Rose Quartz approached from behind Pearl.)
Rose No, no, please... I'm glad to see you again.
Garnet (Narrator) And there they were: Rose Quartz, the leader of the rebellion, and her terrifying renegade Pearl.
Past Garnet I don't upset you?
Rose Who cares about how I feel? How you feel is bound to be much more interesting.
Past Garnet How I feel? I feel... uh, lost... and scared... and happy. W-why am I so sure that I'd rather be this than everything I was supposed to be, and that I'd rather do this than anything I was supposed to do?
Rose *laughing* Welcome to Earth!
Past Garnet C-can you tell me!? How was Ruby able to alter fate? Or, why was Sapphire willing to give up everything? W-what am I!?
Rose No more questions. Don't ever question this. *holds Garnet's hands* You already are the answer.
[Trans. Int. The Barn]
(The flashback ends as Garnet concludes her tale.)
Steven So... ? What was it?
(Garnet raises an eyebrow.)
Steven The answer.
Garnet *whispers* Love.
Steven Wow... I knew it.
Garnet So did I.
(The star iris closes on Garnet, popping with hearts instead of the usual stars, and ending the episode.)

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