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"Sadie Killer and the Suspects, live at Empire Ci--" My girl is playing in Empire City?! This is a huge deal!


"The Big Show" is the 14th episode of the fifth season of Steven Universe and the 142nd episode overall.[3]

Official Synopsis

Steven shoots a documentary that follows a local band as they get their first big break.[3]


The Big Show 004.png

The episode starts with static, then Sadie Killer and the Suspects recording themselves play the end of "The Working Dead" in Sadie's basement. Then Buck Dewey asks Steven how the footage is coming, revealing Steven is shooting a documentary about the band's "early days". Jenny Pizza asks why Steven is recording it on an old camcorder. He responds saying it's to make the footage look old, due it being their "early days". Sadie and the Cool Kids consult how they can improve their recording before Barb walks in, realizes that Sadie is with the band, and remembers their promise that Barb isn't to interfere with their practices, to which Sadie responds saying they're done for the night anyway. Barb jokes how it's okay for them to practice while she's home and how she "can't hear a thing".

The Big Show 022.png

The video cuts back to static, then to Greg Universe listening to "The Working Dead". Steven tells him he should "see Sadie Killer and the Suspects live", however, Greg can't hear over the music, so Steven tries to shout it again, scaring Greg.

The Big Show 055.png

Then it cuts to Sadie Killer and the Suspects playing "Sadie Killer and the Suspects" in Sadie's basement, all wearing costumes. When the song finishes, Greg applauds, stating that when performing, Sadie turns into a totally different person. Sadie chuckles stating it feels freeing to her. Then Greg compliments Buck's "Wolf Man" costume. However, Buck then states he's trying to be a witch's cat. Jenny responds that while they may look cheap now, once they hit the big time, they'll be able to afford the best equipment and costumes they can. Sadie states how they're only just begging, playing songs in basements, but Greg responds saying that's where everyone starts, and now they have to work on the "stuff that isn't music" (e.g. booking shows, making merchandise, getting the word out, etc). Steven notes that Greg knows how to do all that stuff and states he could be their manager, to which they all agree. Greg decides to take the offer.

The Big Show 060.png

The video then cuts to Greg on the phone with an unknown person and sends them a link to "The Working Dead". Greg hangs up the phone and Steven immediately asks who he was on the phone with. Greg responds saying that he was talking to "Sunshine Justice", who owns a music venue in Empire City. Then Greg gets an email from her about how she hates the recording, but loves the song, stating that if they get some decent equipment, then they'll have a gig, prompting Greg and Steven to high-five. Then, after a few star transitions and more static, we get a shot of Steven drawing some posters to advertise the gig, while Greg and the band consult what props they'll need.

The Big Show 090.png

The video then cuts to when their stuff arrives in the mail, then Jenny shows off their merchandise, modeling a T-shirt with the design Steven drew. Then Barb arrives with a "Fog of War" fog machine and Lasers. Barb asks Greg why he bought so much stuff, and he responds that it's all for the band, telling Barb that he's their manager, which Barb laughs at. Then Greg begins to tell her that he got them a gig in Empire City will Sadie interrupting, telling her that it's at a no-name city, accidentally knocking down a huge poster that reads "Sadie Killer and The Suspects, Live at Empire City.", impressing Barb. She offers to help, to which Sadie angrily turns down, shouting that they discussed Barb overstepping Sadie's boundaries. Barb understands that she needs her space and leaves in the Mail Truck.

The Big Show 117.png

The video cuts to show the Cool Kids fooling around with the fog machine, then turns to show Sadie in relief, stating that Barb used to be so into her life, that it's "suffocating." Greg laughs, saying he wishes he had parents who cared about his music, like Barb, causing Sadie to start to rethink her opinion about her mother's role in her life.

The Big Show 134.png

The video then cuts to the band in Greg's van, headed to Empire City, excited about the gig. Then it cuts to backstage, as the band prepares the stage with the equipment. The camera turns to the Cool Kids, having a problem with how Buck not knowing how to tie a tie. It then cuts again to Sadie sitting alone, putting her makeup on. Steven asks if she's okay to which she responds saying she's fine. Steven and Sadie look out at the crowd and notice one figure that strongly resembles Barb. Sadie is un-impressed, thinking that Barb thought she could go to the concert in disguise.

The Big Show 208.png

Greg arrives and says that they're on in five. Then the footage cuts to the crowd, with Sadie Killer and the Suspects playing their new song, "G-G-G-Ghost". When they finish, it cuts to backstage, showing Greg and Steven complimenting Sadie and the band, on their performance. Then the figure showing resemblance to Barb walks out. Then Greg runs out and introduces her as "Sunshine Justice", the same person he was on the phone with earlier in the episode. They have a chat before Sunshine tells the band they can perform at the venue anytime, which goes down well with the band. Then it cuts to inside Greg's van, where Sadie remarks that she kind of wanted Barb to be at the gig and that it has surprised her. The band then decides their next gig will be in Beach City, and the footage ends.







Instrumental Songs

  • TBA


  • Sunshine Justice is voiced by popular American rock singer and songwriter, Joan Jett.
  • The Mystery Girl from "Last One Out of Beach City" makes a cameo appearance in the audience of the concert.
  • With the exception of the song's performance, this entire episode was seen through Greg's old camera.
  • This episode reveals that Greg's parents hated his music and wanted nothing to do with it.
    • This is later seen and explained in the episode "Mr. Universe".
  • During the band's performance of "G-G-G-Ghost", Sadie is shown making sure to carefully turn off the microphone before dropping it on stage, a technique to avoid microphone feedback.

Cultural References

  • When Greg holds his phone to his laptop and says "Well, listen to this!", it is a reference to Back to the Future when Marvin listens to the "new sound" on the phone with Chuck Berry.
  • When Steven closes the footage, he says "That's All Folks!", a reference to the outro in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons.
  • One of the audience members resembles Gluttony from the manga and anime Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • The title of Sadie's song "G-G-G-Ghost" references Casper the Friendly Ghost, as people scream "G-g-g-ghost!" when they see Casper. It's also famously said on Scooby-Doo, which is coincidental since Kate Micucci is Velma Dinkley's current voice actress.
  • One of the electric guitars used by Buck Dewey heavily resemble between the famous Fender Stratocaster and the Telecaster with humbucking pickups similar from Gibson guitars.
  • The electric bass used by Jenny resembles the Fender Jazz Bass .


  • Buck mentions Greg teaching him how to play the guitar in "Shirt Club".
  • Sadie and Barbara talk about Sadie being able to do things on her own without Barbara's intervention, which is a callback from "Sadie's Song".
  • Steven uses the same star effect used in Rose's tape from "Lion 3: Straight to Video".


  • TBA


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