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Speaker Dialogue
Steven's video recording of Sadie Killer and the Suspects performing a song in Sadie's room is playing.
Sadie But I'd really rather be eating your brain
Steven Whoo-hoo!
Jenny Just another hot track from Sadie Killer and the Suspects.
Sadie How's it sound, Sour Cream?
Sour Cream Here, check it out. [Shows Sadie his laptop screen]
Buck Hey, Steven. How's the footage coming?
Steven [Chuckles] Great!
Buck Your documentation of our humble beginnings will be important when we become a pop-culture phenomenon.
Jenny Okay, but why are you recording it on that giant shoe box?
Steven It's my dad's old camcorder. These are your early days. The footage has to look old.
Sadie I think I could get a more guttural scream on the chorus if I rest my voice a little.
Barbara [Walks downstairs] Sadie! Could you give me a hand with the gro-- Oh! Didn't realize you had practice today. Hey, kids!
Cool Kids Hi, Ms. Miller.
Steven Hi, Barb!
Barbara Uh-oh. There's a film crew! Good thing us Millers only have good angles, huh? [Poses]
Sadie [Blushing] Mo-o-o-o-o-m!
Barbara Okay, okay. I know the rule. I'll stay out of your hair.
Sadie It's okay. We're done for the night.
Barbara You know you can play while I'm in the house. It won't bother me. I'm old. I can't hear anything!
Sadie Heh! Okay. Thanks, Mom.
Barbara [Puts her hand to her ear] What?! Huh?! Can't hear a thing! [Walks upstairs] Let me know if you kids want to stick around for dinner. I'm making a salad that's mostly cheese.
Sadie Okay! Thanks, Mom!
Video footage transitions to Greg at the Beach House listening to one of Sadie Killer and the Suspects' songs on his laptop.
Greg [Strums imaginary guitar] You said this is Sadie singing?
Steven Uh-huh.
Greg This is good stuff!
Steven You should see them live. Sadie has this alter ego, and --
Greg Huh?
Steven Uh, you should see them live!
Greg [Raises his headphones] What?!
Steven See them live! It's awesome!
Footage transitions to Sadie Killer and the Suspects in costume doing a live performance for Greg in Sadie's room.
Sadie [Shining a flashlight under her face] ♪ Teens by day, we're all right ♪ Teens by day, but every night we're
Sadie & Cool Kids Sadie Killer and the Suspects
Sadie Whoa-oh-oh
Sadie & Cool Kids Sadie Killer and the Suspects
Sadie Don't be scared, it's the afternoon ♪ Don't be scared, but pretty soon we'll be...
Sadie & Cool Kids Sadie Killer and the Suspects
Sadie Whoa-oh-oh
Sadie & Cool Kids Sadie Killer and the Suspects
Sadie The moon is out, I'm feeling strange [Covers face with cape] ♪ It's making me shout, it's making me change ♪ You better watch out, it's going to get loud ♪ I'm killing the stage, I'm killing the crowd ♪ [Turns around, holds up cape]
Buck And you're next.
Greg [Clapping] Whoa! That was great! Sadie, you transform into a totally different person.
Steven Yeah. No more Sadie Miller. She's Sadie Killer. [Zooms in on Sadie]
Sadie [Blushing] Heh heh. Yeah. It feels... kind of freeing.
Greg I can tell! And this whole look you guys have going is really fun! Nice wolf man, Buck.
Buck I'm a witch's cat.
Jenny We know our costumes look cheap. But when we make it big, we're going to have the finest tombstone hats money can buy.
Sadie But that's a long ways off. We're still mostly playing, uh, well, basements.
Greg That's where everyone starts. Now you just got to work on the stuff that isn't music -- booking shows, making merch, getting the word out.
Steven Dad! You know how to do all that stuff! You could help them!
Greg What, like, be their manager?
Steven Yeah!
Buck You taught me everything I know, Mr. U. I think you'd be a great manager.
Sadie Yeah!
Jenny Yeah, come on!
Greg Ha! I'll take the job!
Sadie & Cool Kids Yeah!
Sadie Thanks, Mr. Universe!
Buck And so it begins -- our rise to stardom, followed by the inevitable infighting and creative disagreements that will tear us apart in a beautiful explosion of emotions.
Greg Don't worry. That won't happen.
Buck Ah, shoot.
Footage transitions to Steven walking toward Greg's van. Greg is inside on his phone.
Greg Hey, Sunshine! It's your old friend, Mr. Universe.
Steven [Knocks on van door]
Greg [Pushes open door] Are you still booking all the coolest bands at your club? Well, listen to this! [Plays song on laptop and holds phone near]
Steven [Gives thumbs up]
Greg [Gives thumbs up] [Speaking into phone] Oh, sorry. It's probably hard to hear over the phone. I'll e-mail you a link. Yeah. [Laughs] Talk to you soon. [Hangs up]
Steven Who was that?
Greg [Sends e-mail] Oh, Sunshine Justice. She's an old music buddy that owns a venue in Empire City.
Greg's laptop dings.
Greg Oh! She replied. [Reading e-mail] "This is the absolute worst recording I've ever heard. It's a shame because I love the song. Let's get these kids on stage with some decent equipment"? They've got a gig!
Steven [High fives Greg] Whoo!
Greg I'll e-mail her back right away! [Types e-mail]
Steven [Causes transition effect on camera screen] Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Footage transitions to Steven drawing posters for Sadie Killer and the Suspects at the Beach House. Greg is talking to Sadie, Buck, and Sour Cream in the kitchen.
Greg It's a big stage, so you're gonna have a lot of space we can fill up.
Sadie Isn't that fog machine really expensive?
Greg The Fog Of War is one of the best units out there. Go big! It's on my tab.
Sour Cream When you say, "Big," you mean, like, glow sticks in every color?
Greg Bigger! I'm talking lasers!
Sour Cream Lasers?!
Footage transitions to outside It's a Wash where Jenny and Buck have just arrived with packages to show to the rest of the band.
Jenny Special delivery.
Buck I think this will get us through the show tomorrow and then some.
Jenny [Shows her Sadie Killer and the Suspects shirt] Check it.
Steven Oh-ho-ho!
Sour Cream Nice!
Jenny [Poses] Scary and stylish.
Barbara arrives with some packages.
Sour Cream Huh? The Fog Of War and our lasers... and Barb! [Lifts up Fog Of War]
Barbara These all got your name on them, Greg. You building a new car wash or something?
Greg [Chuckles] It's all for Sadie Killer and the Suspects.
Barbara Huh?
Greg Your daughter's band. I'm their manager.
Barbara What are you talking about, an old duffer like you managing a band?
Greg [Chuckles] Well, I may be old, but that didn't stop me from getting them a gig in --
Sadie [Nervously] In some no-name city. It's not a big deal. [Accidentally knocks over poster]
The poster unrolls in front of Barbara.
Barbara [Reading poster] "Sadie Killer and the Suspects, live at Empire Ci--" [Gasps] My girl is playing in Empire City?! This is a huge deal! Oh, my gosh. Geez. If you need to carry all this stuff and your instruments, I-I can probably use the mail truck if I ask nice. And I can definitely use it if I don't ask. Oh! And you'll need snacks for the road, and --
Sadie Mom! We've talked about this!
Steven Uh, Sadie?
Sadie The band is my thing, and I just want to be able to do it on my own.
Barbara Right, right. You need your space. I understand. You kids be safe and have a good show, huh? [Drives away]
Footage transitions to the Cool Kids testing out the Fog Of War in front of the car wash. Sadie and Greg are by the van.
Sour Cream Ready the cords.
Buck Here I go. [Plugs in power cord]
Sour Cream [Presses button]
The fog machine turns on and engulfs Jenny in a prodigious amount of fog.
Jenny Aah!
Jenny & Sour Cream [Laughs]
Sadie [To Greg] Ohh. Ugh. [Drags hands down face] My mom used to be so into my life. It was suffocating. But now I get to be Sadie Killer, and it's something that's totally mine, and I know she's just waiting to get her hands on it.
Greg Wow. That's so funny.
Sadie How is it funny? It drives me nuts!
Greg Oh, no. It's just back in the day, my parents didn't want anything to do with my music. They thought I was throwing my life away. They never came to one of my shows. They never even wanted to hear about them.
Sadie Really?
Greg It's kind of amazing that your mom is excited about your band. It's just really nice to see.
Sadie Yeah. Yeah. I-I guess you're right.
Footage transitions to Greg driving Sadie Killer and the Suspects to Empire City in his van.
Jenny Are you ready, Sadie Killer?
Sadie Yeah!
Jenny [Hugs Sadie] Aah! I'm so excited! It's our first big show!
Sour Cream Yeah!
Buck Me, too.
The band holds hands and raises them excitedly.
Sadie & Jenny The venue!
Sour Cream Yeah!
Buck I love enthusiasm.
Footage transitions to Sadie Killer and the Suspects at the venue preparing for their show. Backstage, Greg is talking to some roadies, and Sadie and the Cool Kids are getting their costumes ready.
Greg And we got about six more cameras in the back of the van.
Jenny [To Buck] What do you mean, you don't know how to tie a tie?
Sour Cream Yeah. Like, didn't your dad teach you? He used to wear them every day.
Buck They were clip-ons.
Steven Sadie! What's up? Are you nervous?
Sadie [Putting on makeup] No, no. I'm just, um -- just getting ready.
Sadie and Steven walk to the stage's curtain and peek out at the audience.
Steven Sounds like a big crowd out there. Wait. Is that... [Zooms in on someone who resembles Barbara]
Sadie [Angrily] Mom?! Does she think she can just show up in some wacky disguise and I won't know it's her? It's so obvious!
Steven Maybe she should have gotten some costume tips from you.
Greg Okay, guys. You're on in 5.
Footage transitions to Sadie Killer and the Suspects performing "G-G-G-Ghost". Jenny, Buck, and Sour Cream are onstage; a coffin rises out of the stage and Sadie bursts out.
Sadie I used to be sick ♪ Sick and tired ♪ Delirious, dizzy, terrified ♪ But I'm suddenly up and out of bed ♪ You'd never believe I was almost... ♪ [Waves hand in front of Buck] ♪ Why can't you see me? ♪ [Walks over to Sour Cream] ♪ Why can't you see me? ♪ [Walks over to Jenny] ♪ I think I might be ♪ [Walks over to coffin] ♪ A gh-gh-gh-ghost ♪ Awwwww! ♪ [Knocks over coffin and stands on it] ♪ Can't you see that I exist ♪ And I don't need an exorcist ♪ To let me out? ♪ Look at me, and I'll appear ♪ [Throws confetti in the air] ♪ Why can't you see that I'm right here? ♪ [Points at audience and winks] ♪ That I'm right here ♪ [Throws confetti at Buck who looks about] ♪ Why can't you see me ♪ [Throws confetti at Sour Cream whose eyes widen] ♪ Why can't you see me? ♪ [Throws confetti at Jenny whose eyes widen] ♪ I think I might be ♪ A gh-gh-gh-ghost
Sadie sits on the stage, closes her eyes, and drops the microphone. The Cool Kids place their hands on her. The audience cheers.
Sadie [From a recording] ♪ I'm calling you from ♪ The other side
Sadie is raised into the air by a rope; she lifts up her arms for a few moments before going slack. The song ends, and the audience cheers and applauds.
Footage transitions to Sadie Killer and the Suspects backstage.
Greg You were all so amazing!
Jenny Yeah, we were!
Sour Cream Sadie, you nailed that ending.
The woman in the audience who resembled Barbara walks backstage.
Sadie Oh! Hey, Ma!
Greg Sunshine Justice! [Hugs Sunshine]
Sunshine How you been, Greg? [Raises sunglasses] Where'd you find these kids? Reminds me of your old space gimmick, except people actually like it.
Greg Hey! [Smiles]
Sunshine [Chuckles] I'm just kidding. You were very ahead of your time. But Sadie Killer and the Suspects -- that crowd was going crazy. You're really something. You kids are welcome to play at the venue anytime.
Cool Kids Aah!
Sadie Oh, yeah!
Footage transitions to Greg driving the band home. The Cool Kids are sleeping.
Steven [To Sadie] You did great tonight!
Sadie Thanks.
Steven So, how does it feel to be a rock star?
Sadie Weird. I mean, good. It's just... I went all out thinking my mom was at the show. I can't believe I kind of wanted her to be there. Well, not even kind of. I did.
Steven There'll be other shows. Why don't you tell her about the next one?
Sadie Hey, Mr. Universe, let's play our next show in Beach City.
Greg I'll make it happen.
Steven [Points camera at himself] That's all, folks. Thanks for watching. [Gives a V sign, winks]
Episode ends.

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