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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Ext. Beach]
(Steven sets down a stereo on the beach. He presses play on the stereo and backs up. The workout track from "Future Vision" begins to play. During this, Steven performs the exercise routine from the same episode.)
Stereo *in Korean* Let's exercise! Cha! One... two!... Two... two!... Three... two!... Four... two!...
(Lion roars off-screen, and his portal opens just to the left of the stereo. Lion lands on top of it with Connie on his back.)
Connie Good morning, Steven. One last routine before hitting the road?
Steven Yeah... I'll be sitting for a while.
[Cut to the Temple]
(Steven and Connie sit on top of Steven's bed with Lion on the ground next to them. Connie types on a computer on her lap, while Steven studies a map laid out in front of him.)
Steven I'll be in Charm City in time for Shep and Sadie's concert, I'll meet up with you and Lion on Providence Island when you're touring schools, and then I'll catch up with Lars for our weekly space hangout.
Connie I'll add that to your Boogle Maps doc. So... how did everyone take the news?
Steven I basically told everyone in Beach City – plus my dad – but, I haven't told the Gems yet.
Connie You gotta tell them!
Steven I-I know, I just have no idea how they're going to take it. They've been so protective of me these last few months since my meltdown. I wonder if there's a way I can let them down easy.
[Cut to the kitchen.]
(Steven stands at the foot of the table, facing the Warp Pad, where Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl return from.)
Pearl Oh, Steven! Were you waiting for us?
(Steven opens a cooler full of homemade Cookie Cats.)
Steven I sure was.
Amethyst Whoa, Cookie Cat!
Pearl I thought they stopped making them.
Steven They did, so I made my own.
(Steven looks at the Cookie Cat's slightly deformed face.)
Steven You can kinda tell.
(Garnet takes a bite of her Cookie Cat, while Amethyst has already finished hers.)
Garnet They're delicious.
Amethyst Mmm-mmm!
(Pearl takes a hesitant nibble out of her Cookie Cat's ear.)
Pearl Scrumptious!
Amethyst Remember when you used to sing that song for us?
Pearl If I may... *clears throat*
(As the music plays, the Gems recite the lyrics to the Cookie Cat song.)
Pearl *rapping* Oohhhhh! He's a frozen treat with an all new taste!
Amethyst *rapping* 'Cause he came to this planet from outer space!
Garnet *rapping* A refugee of an interstellar war!
Pearl *rapping* But now he's at your local grocery store!
Amethyst *rapping* Cookie Cat!
Pearl *rapping* He's a pet for your tummy!
Amethyst *rapping* Cookie Cat!
Pearl *rapping* He's super-duper yummy!
Amethyst *rapping* Cookie Cat!
[Music stops.]
Garnet He left his family behind.
Steven That's right, he did leave his family behind.
Amethyst That's not how it goes!
Steven I think maybe Cookie Cat had run out of ways to grow on his home planet. And even though it must've been hard, and he loved his family so, so much, maybe he had to leave to keep moving forward.
Amethyst We're still talking about ice cream, right?
Steven Everyone... I've decided to move out! Don't worry about me, I have a very comprehensive plan to visit all 39 states before I decide where to settle down, and I can still video chat my new therapist while I'm on the road. Do not try to talk me out of this!
Pearl When are you leaving?
Steven Uh... tomorrow.
Pearl Oh, so soon! Well, all human adolescents need to seize their independence eventually.
(Pearl gives Steven a hug.)
Pearl I'm so happy for you.
(Pearl exits.)
Amethyst Yeah, bud. I'll miss ya. Peace!
(Amethyst exits.)
Steven You guys know I may never come back, right?
(Garnet places her hand on Steven's shoulder.)
Garnet We know, Steven. This will be an exciting new chapter in your life.
(Garnet exits, leaving Steven shocked by their surprisingly calm response.)
Steven That... went well... right?
[Cut to Little Homeworld.]
Bismuth You... WHAT?!?! What's the problem, Steven? Are you mad at me?
Steven Of course I'm not mad at you.
(Bismuth brings Steven into a tight hug.)
Bismuth Then don't leave! Oh no, am I smothering you? (backs away) I get it, I get it.
Steven Bismuth.
(Bismuth turns her hands into a saw and hammer.)
Bismuth How about I build you a nice vacation house just outside of Little Homeworld?
(Lapis approaches Steven, briefly summons her wings and outstretches her arms.)
Lapis Listen to me, Steven. You can't run away from yourself. Wherever you go, you'll be there. Trust me, I know.
(Peridot drops down on the floor and sobs into her hands. Steven kneels down and gives her his hand to hold.)
Steven Peridot. Come on, it's okay.
Peridot Where am I going to find another Steven as good as you, huh? I like this one so much!
Steven Here, I want you to have this.
(Steven gives Peridot his old salmon-pink shirt from the original series.)
Peridot My very own Steven shirt?
Steven Be the Steven you want to see in the world.
(Peridot wails once more and blows her nose with the shirt. Steven approaches Lapis, who has her arms crossed.)
Steven Lapis, this is for you.
(Steven gives Lapis a drawing kit as she reads the description.)
Lapis What the? 142 pieces? 60 crayons? 24 oil pastels? It even has watercolors?!
Steven Do you like it?
(Lapis takes the box with tears in her eyes.)
Lapis I... love it!
(Steven approaches Bismuth with a bright pink flag.)
Bismuth Stay back, Steven!
Steven Bismuth, I can't think of anyone who's more of a Crystal Gem than you. So please take this: the original Crystal Gem flag.
Bismuth Oh, Steven.
(Peridot (wearing Steven's old shirt) and Lapis walk up to Bismuth and Steven.)
Bismuth If it wasn't for you, none of us would be who we are today. You make me so proud to be a Crystal Gem.
Peridot *crying* Why did you have to put it so well, Bismuth?
Lapis *crying* I'm gonna use my tears to make a watercolor painting of you.
(Steven also breaks down as they all hug each other.)
Steven *crying* Peridot, Lapis, Bismuth... I love you!
[Cut to outside of the tower Steven and his friends were standing on.]
Peridot, Lapis, and Bismuth We love you too, Steven! *all crying*
[Cut to Steven walking near the tower.]
(Steven wipes his tears with a smile on his face. A hole is busted through the wall, revealing it to be Jasper, staying aloof. She doesn't face Steven.)
Jasper Heard you're leaving.
(Jasper faces Steven.)
Jasper I'm coming with you!
Steven Jasper, I'm going alone.
Jasper Then who will protect you?!
Steven I can protect myself.
Jasper *gives a disappointed sigh and scowls* I know.
(Jasper punches a hole in the ground and looks the opposite direction.)
Jasper Farewell, my Diamond.
(Jasper headbutts the wall, creating another Jasper-shaped hole next to the previous one. She walks through it.)
Steven Whoa! Even Jasper's more upset than my own family! Maybe I need a round two?
[Cut to the Temple.]
Steven Oh, Amethyst!
(Amethyst jumps up into a sitting position on the couch with Steven in front of her, holding a box.)
Amethyst Huh?
Steven I have a gift for you.
Amethyst Is it food?!
(Amethyst grabs the box, tilting the contents of the box into her mouth.)
Steven No! It's-
(Amethyst holds an old game console in her mouth, surprised it's not food.)
Amethyst *mouth full* What the?
(Amethyst spits the console back into the box.)
Steven It's my old video game systems!
Amethyst Aw, dude... you better kiss your high scores goodbye! *laughs*
Steven What?!
Amethyst And say goodbye to your save files, too! Oh, I've been waiting forever to play through Golf Quest Mini on my own! *exiting the room* Why the heck would you own a game with only one save slot anyway?
(Steven is left dumbfounded and alone in the living room.)
Steven Uhhh...
[Cut to the porch.]
(Steven opens the front door and greets Pearl, who is sitting in a white chair, playing her bass.)
Steven Hello, Pearl!
Pearl Oh, hi Steven! Do you need help packing?
Steven No, it's just-
(Steven takes out his old ukulele.)
Steven I'm leaving you with my ukulele.
Pearl Steven! That's very thoughtful of you.
(Pearl puts the ukulele inside of her gem.)
Steven Pearl, it's okay to be sad that I'm leaving.
Pearl But Steven, it's a good thing that you're going to get out there and explore the world. It's not something to be sad over.
(Steven frowns, his eyes large and tear-filled.)
Steven *tearfully* Yeah, you're right.
(Steven starts walking back inside, groaning.)
Pearl Alright, have fun.
[Cut to the Temple hand.]
(Steven warps to the Temple hand where Garnet is doing the laundry. He is holding a large scrapbook in his arms.)
Steven Garnet!
Garnet Well bust my britches, it's Steven Universe.
Steven I'm here to give you a very important and sentimental gift because I'm leaving. Getting to plan Ruby and Sapphire's wedding was so amazing, and I hope that one day, you can help me plan my own.
(He holds up the scrapbook titled "Dream Wedding" to Garnet. She takes the scrapbook in her hands.)
Garnet Thanks. I'll take good care of it.
Steven Okay, Garnet, level with me here. You used your future vision, saw that everything would be fine, and told the Gems not to worry about me. That's it, right?
Garnet Steven, I don't need future vision to know that you're gonna be fine.
(Garnet heads over to the warp pad.)
Garnet Besides, part of the fun of leaving is figuring it out on your own.
(She warps away, leaving Steven to cry alone.)
[Cut to Steven's room.]
(Steven shuts a suitcase filled with old items and sighs.)
Greg You alright, Schtu-ball?
Steven Yeah, it's just-
Greg Just what?
(Steven puts the suitcase on the floor.
Steven Well, I told the Gems I'm leaving but I don't think they're even sad about it.
Greg Isn't that a good thing?
Steven I guess I wanted them to be at least a little upset. Is that petty?
Greg You're allowed to have feelings, even petty ones.
(Greg walks over to Steven and gives him a hug.)
Greg They love you, kiddo. They're probably just trying to be supportive.
Steven Thanks, Dad. Oh! I still have to give you your gift!
(Steven jumps up onto the bed and puts a poster of "Kerry Moonbeam" on the empty wall.)
Steven It's all yours. I want you to move in!
Greg Huh? Don't you think it's a little... ritzy for me?
(Steven sits back down on the bed, patting the space next to him with his hand.)
Steven Try the bed, Dad.
(Steven and Greg lay down on the bed, looking at the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.)
Greg Woah. Steven, I don't think I can get up.
Steven I knew you'd like it.
Greg *sighs* I guess the Gems are gonna swap one Universe for another, huh? You know, you heading off and me settling down, it makes the kind of karmic sense I just can't resist.
[Cut to the beach in front of the Temple.]
(The Gems, Greg, and Connie are all gathered next to Steven's car, ready to give their goodbyes. Steven gives Connie a hug.)
Steven Bye, Connie. See you soon.
(They share a kiss and Steven holds her hands, both of them blushing.)
Connie Text me when you get to that bed and breakfast. Don't breakfast without me.
Steven You got it.
(Steven hugs Greg next.)
Steven Bye, Dad.
Greg Aw, I'm gonna miss you, Schtu-ball. But I'm so proud of you.
Steven Thanks, Dad.
(He approaches the Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst and gives Pearl a hug.)
Steven Goodbye, Pearl.
Pearl Goodbye, Steven.
(Steven hugs Garnet next.)
Steven Bye, Garnet.
Garnet So long, Steven.
(He hugs Amethyst.)
Steven Bye, Amethyst.
Amethyst See ya, bud. Don't forget about me!
Steven I won't.
(Steven reluctantly says goodbye to all the Gems.
Steven Well, I guess this is goodbye.
Garnet We'll be thinking of you.
Steven Alright then.
(Steven gets into his car and begins to drive off, watching his friends wave to him in the rear view mirror. As he gets farther and farther from then, he begins to panic, and once they are all out of sight, the car comes to a screeching halt and reverses all the way back to the Gems. Steven appears in the car window with tears going down his cheeks.)
Steven *tearfully* What's wrong with you guys?! Aren't you sad that I'm leaving?
(Amethyst bursts into tears.)
Amethyst *crying* Oh man, I can't take this anymore!
(Garnet sprays tears all over her visor as they run down her cheeks.)
Garnet We were trying to be strong for you.
(Pearl turns her head to face Steven, sobbing sloppily as she's unable to speak.)
Garnet Pearl agrees.
(Steven jumps out of the car, running over to the Gems.)
Steven You guys!
(They leap into a group hug and sob together.)
Amethyst *crying* I was kidding, man! I'm never gonna delete your save files!
Pearl *crying* Ah, I love that ukulele! I'll never play anything else!
Garnet I'd be overjoyed to plan your wedding. In fact, I've already planned over 363 versions of it.
Steven Why didn't you guys just tell me all of this?
Garnet I'm sorry, Steven. I couldn't resist looking into your future. I peeked. But I saw a possibility that our tears would keep you from leaving.
Amethyst *crying* We didn't wanna hold you back!
Garnet But I also saw many paths ahead of you, and we are a part of all of them.
(Garnet takes off her visor.)
Garnet Wherever you end up, we will visit you to talk, to listen, to be there, whenever you need us. We love you, Steven.
(Steven wipes the tears away from his eyes.)
Steven I love you too.
(Greg wipes a tear from his eye, and Connie puts her hand on his arm to comfort him. Steven begins to get back into his car as Garnet waves at him and Pearl begins sobbing again.)
Garnet Check your rear left tire before you hit the desert! It's not serious, but could be trouble if left unchecked!
(A tear goes down Garnet's cheek, and Amethyst throws him a peace sign.)
Amethyst Later bruh!
(Pearl continues to sob uncontrollably as Steven starts the car and begins to drive off.)
Garnet Bye, Steven!
Amethyst Bye! Have fun!
Connie and Greg Bye!
Pearl *crying* Bye!
("Being Human" plays as Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl continue to wave after their departing friend. In front of the Big Donut the townspeople hold a banner saying "Bye Steven" and wave after him. Steven waves back at them as they yell their final goodbyes as he turns the corner, passing the car wash. Steven turns up the radio and begins to drive out of Beach City and towards his distant future. Our view moves up into the night sky as the stars glistening. Fade to black as the credits roll.)

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