These are your friends. They want you to come. That's why they invited you -- so they'll get to know you better. If they like you, they like you. If they don't, then it's their loss. Right?


"The Good Lars" is the 23rd episode of the fourth season of Steven Universe, the 126th episode overall, and the third episode in the sixth StevenBomb.

Official Synopsis

Steven, Lars and Sadie get invited to a party with the Cool Kids.[4]


The Good Lars (004)

The episode begins in the Big Donut, where Steven tries a pumpkin bread cake on the counter. He takes a bite and declares that he loves it, asking who made it. Sadie tells him Lars made it, as Lars blows Steven's compliments off since Steven "loves everything". Sadie reassures Steven that this was just Lars' way of saying "thank you".

Buck Dewey enters the shop (much to Lars' surprise) and invites Steven, Lars, and Sadie to join a potluck later tonight with him, Sour Cream and Jenny. He asks them to bring food as well, and Lars responds awkwardly to accept the invitation. After Buck leaves, he groans at his behavior and changes his mind about going. Steven and Sadie try to convince him to go, as he could bake something to bring to the potluck. Eventually, he is convinced but declares the meal must be perfect.

At his house, Lars brainstorms ideas on what to bake, but he finds nothing good enough to his opinion. Steven and Sadie suggest some baking ideas, but he blows them off as well. He reaches under his bed to reveal a special cookbook stuffed under, and he opens it. He flips through the pages until Steven points out a recipe for an Ube cake roll. After explaining to them what it was, they suggest for him to make the cake and he eventually agrees.

The Good Lars (107)

In the kitchen, Steven and Sadie help Lars prepare the recipe, and he finishes it by placing it into the oven. When they take it out, they help him add the fillings before he rolls the mixture up for the toppings. Lars hands the dish over for Steven and Sadie to taste it, and they call it perfect. Unfortunately, they devour it all during the test, being unable to resist it. Lars says he will make another one, and Sadie leaves to make her meal for the potluck. Steven stays behind while Lars makes another Ube to bring to the potluck.

Steven expresses his excitement for the potluck, but Lars expresses that he is not very excited to hang out with The Cool Kids. He says he knows that his cake will rule, but the issue was not if he brought it. When Steven asks why, he reveals to them he loves to bake but believes everyone would find it lame. Steven tries to motivate Lars, saying he did not need to be worried at all and gives advice that surprises him. Lars asks when Steven turned so mature, and he explains it was somewhere between learning how to summon his shield and finding out Rose was a war criminal. Lars changes his mind, now excited to go. Happy, Steven leaves to grab food for the party and tells Lars he would meet him there.

Later at night, Steven arrives at Sour Cream's house, bringing snack sushi. The Cool Kids welcome him in, and he places his tray of sushi at a table with everyone else's food. He expresses his excitement to see Lars and Buck agrees, having adopted a catchphrase Lars said earlier, saying he was "full of surprises." The doorbell rings, and Steven answers it but finds Sadie instead. He invites her in, asking where Lars was, but she says she did not know. He assumes Lars was still working on the cake and puts his worries away. As Sadie goes in nervously, the Cool Kids greet her, and Steven introduces her to them. Buck asks what she brought, and she shows that she just brought paper plates. To her surprise, Sour Cream is happy that she brought them because he would not have to do the dishes after. She is relieved but worried about Lars, so Steven goes out to find him.

Steven walks around all of the Beach City locations he can think of Lars being at but finds no sign of him. Finally, he uses his floating powers to jump in the air and shout out for Lars but finds no response. Steven tries to call Lars with his phone, but he does not pick up. He heads back to Lars' house, and finds the Ube cake in the garbage, and grows worried.

Steven heads back to Sour Cream's house and finds them all having a good time, especially Sadie. Steven reveals that Lars could not make it, and they just continue celebrating without him until the night is over. As Steven and Sadie leave, Sadie asks why Lars did not come, and he shows her the discarded cake. Steven believes that they did not convince Lars enough to come, but Sadie just says she just did not understand him sometimes.

The Good Lars (302)

The two of them stop at a crossroad, where they both split up. They both say goodnight to each other and leave in opposite directions. Sadie continues walking, but unbeknownst to her, two shadows appear in the streetlight: a large blocky shadow and a small floating figure with translucent wings.







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  • Steven enjoys eating Lars' pumpkin bread cake, despite the fact that one of his friends is Pumpkin.
  • When leaving Lars' house, Sadie shouts "It's happening! Lars and the Cool Kids", which could be a reference to the episode, "Lars and the Cool Kids".
  • This is the first episode to feature Snack Sushi, from Cooking with Lion.

Cultural References


  • Lars' cooking skills were hinted at in "Island Adventure", where Sadie praises Lars' cooked fish.
  • Steven mentions he got mature somewhere in between the events of "Ocean Gem" and "Back to the Moon".
  • Steven makes his snack sushi for the party from "Cooking with Lion".
  • The painting Vidalia was making of Yellowtail posing in a cloth from "Onion Gang" is shown to be completed and hung up in their living room.
  • At the party, Buck Dewey wears a Guitar Dad shirt that was made in the episode "Shirt Club".
    • In addition, during the song "Potluck" Buck is shown to have continued his guitar lessons with Greg in "Shirt Club" as he is playing the guitar.
  • Steven reminds Lars that he has been in his body before, referring to the events of "The New Lars".
  • The two shadowy figures, later to be found as Aquamarine and Topaz, who appeared at the end of "Doug Out" reappear at the end of this episode.
  • When Steven is talking to Mr. Smiley, it's possible to see Zoltron behind them.


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