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"The New Lars" is the 10th episode of the third season of Steven Universe and the 88th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven gets a new look into Lars' life.[3]


The New Lars 004.png

At the Big Donut, Steven is asking Lars and Sadie whether koalas or sloths should be crowned the king of "hanging around, doing nothing mammals". Sadie says that she thinks sloths eat poop, which Lars says is gross. Steven says that this is going to affect the rankings, and Lars then says that eating poop would be better than listening to Steven. Sadie laughs, but tells Lars to let Steven do "his thing". Lars says that he is so happy that he does not have to deal with it tomorrow, reminding Sadie that they are closing the shop up earlier than usual to get seagulls out of the vents. Sadie then asks Lars if he has any plans and if he would want to come over to her house to get some food and watch a movie, even though it has been a while. Lars says that this sounds boring and that he is going to ask Buck to do something with him. Sadie gloomily tells Lars that she hopes they will have fun together, and Lars says that they will. Sadie then tells Steven that he is staring at them "a little bit", and Steven, with his eyes dramatically wide open, says that he's not.

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Steven leaves the store and Lars follows him. Steven asks him why he did not want to hang out with Sadie, and Lars says that he sees her at work, and wishes to take a break from her on his day off. Steven asks Lars if they are going to get married, and have kids, and name one of them after his "uncle" Steven. Lars says that they are not going to get married, are not even dating, and if Sadie thinks they are, then that is her problem. Steven tells Lars that he knows how he feels about Sadie, and Lars tells him that he does not know what he is talking about, and to "butt out". After Lars walks away, Steven yells to Lars why he cannot just admit that he loves her. At night, at the temple, Steven is saying in his sleep "Lars...Lars?". In his dream, Steven and Lars are floating on a dark background, and he tells him that he does not have to be a jerk all the time. Lars turns around and begins to grow until Steven is the size of his eye, and he enters his mind.

The New Lars 044.png

The next morning, Lars wakes up in his bed with a "Noice" Magazine over his head and takes it off. Lars looks around with stars in his irises and notices that he is not in the temple. Lars looks at his hand and says that his voice does not sound like his. He stands up and notices that he is naked. Steven inside of Lars realizes that he must have jumped into Lars' mind, and says that he will do his best to respect Lars' body and privacy. After getting dressed, "Lars" walks down the stairs, and his mom, Martha, is whispering to his dad, Dante, that they have to talk to him about something. "Lars" greets them, and Dante greets him back. After his dad asks him how he feels, he responds with "taller". His mom gives him breakfast at the table and holds his chin as she says it is good to see him and reveals that his real name is Laramie. "Lars" asks who Laramie is, and his mom corrects herself by saying "I mean... Lars," and smiles back at him.

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His dad tells him that school might be a touchy subject, but says that they need to talk about it, before handing him his report card. "Lars" reads the grade letters of the report card, saying "Ffffffbdf?", and that it does not spell anything. His mom reveals that she and his father let him live in the attic, but now that his grades are slipping, they are asking him for a little effort. Lars says that they both seem nice and that he does not want to let either of them down. Lars says that he promises to do his very best as being their son, which shocks his parents, and his mom mentions that he is wearing the plugs that she got him. Lars walks down the sidewalks saying that he is Lars, even to Onion, who confusingly gives him a thumbs up. "Lars" runs into Buck and Sour Cream and says hi to them in a happy tone, and they look at each other strangely. "Lars" asks if they are hanging out, and says that this is cool. "Lars" then asks them if they hang out more like Koalas or Sloths, and tells them that he is asking for Steven. Buck says that he likes "that kid", and Sour Cream nods. "Lars" laughs, saying that Steven is the best. Buck then tells "Lars" to tell Steven that they are more like sleeping tigers, and Lars says that he will be a panther, and makes an impression.

The New Lars 098.png

Jenny walks out of the back of her family's shop, and says "Oh... hey Lars," as if she is annoyed. "Lars" happily greets Jenny, who explains that her dad made her work that morning, and says that she stinks like pizza and fish. "Lars" says that she does not stink, and Jenny is surprised that "Lars" had said something nice. "Lars" continues by saying that she is also really cool, pretty, and fun to be around. Jenny chuckles, saying that this is so unlike him. Buck says that this is not the Lars that they know, which scares "Lars", but Buck says that Lars is a good guy who likes making people feel good. Buck says that this is the kind of attitude that they would like in the dance competition. Jenny asks if he can dance, and "Lars" shows them a few moves. Buck says that they are going to a dance competition and that they need him to go with them. Lars, however, realizes that he has to do something more important. He runs to Sadie's house, hops over the fence, knocks on the door, and rings the doorbell. Sadie answers the door with annoyance and looks up at "Lars," who asks her if she still wants to hang out. Sadie calls him the "human boomerang," metaphorically implying that he is always coming back for her.

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"Lars" looks back in the air, taking what Sadie has said literally, and Sadie apologizes, and nervously asks him if he wants to watch a movie, saying that it is nothing fancy. "Lars" says that he does not need anything fancy, and Sadie invites him in, telling him to "just get in here". Sadie also notices the heart-shaped plugs in his ears. They both walk to the basement, and Sadie lets "Lars" pick the movie. He reads a few, but more notably sees "The Organ Pickler: Part 7". Sadie says that it is the "good one," but he picks out "Fangs of Love" instead, and the two watch this instead after Sadie says that she would rather have her organs pickled. At the end of the movie, "Lars" gets all emotional, and Sadie hands him a tissue box, after asking him what has been going on with him this evening. Sadie explains that he is always changing in public, but when they are alone, they are always friendly and close. Sadie says that she has realized this for a long time and that she is not stupid. "Lars" tells her not to be sad, and Sadie asks him how he feels about her, and asks her if it is pretty obvious that he loves her.

The New Lars 175.png

Sadie is shocked about this, and "Lars" says that he is finally happy to tell her his feelings. However, Sadie is not. "Lars" says that he just wanted to fix everything, but is told to get out by an angry Sadie. Sadie pushes him out, and "Lars" confesses that he is not himself, and explains to Sadie that he is actually Steven in Lars' body. The two run to the temple to find out if Lars' mind is inside of Steven's body. The Cool Kids are walking down the sidewalk with their dance trophy, and see "Lars" and "Donut Girl" running down the sidewalk. Lars' parents are eating ice cream, see their son with Sadie, who they do not seem to know, and decide to follow him to find out where he was going, and the Cool Kids follow as well.

The New Lars 211.png

At the temple, Sadie kicks the door open, and the two break into the house, to Jenny's confusion. Lars' parents, however, assume that he is a burglar. The group follows "Lars" and Sadie into the house and sees "Lars" slapping Steven over and over again. Steven wakes up, and they switch minds back, and Lars, back into his body, is confused about the situation. He is shocked to find out that he and Steven had switched minds, and Lars yells in anger that he was acting weird all day and they liked it. Lars seems to calm down for a second but then yells.

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The next day, at the Big Donut, Steven comes in, apologizes to Lars for what happened, and gives him a card with a koala and sloth on it. He rips the card in half and throws it on the ground. Steven says that he hopes that he did not ruin his friendship with Sadie, and Lars asks Steven what he said. Steven tells him that he said Lars was in love with her, and Lars asks what she said back. Steven says that Sadie had said that this was only something that Lars would say to hurt her, and Lars says that Sadie was right and that everyone liked Steven-Lars better than the real Lars. Steven says that not everyone did when Sadie walks in, greeting the two. Lars runs over to Sadie, and Sadie asks Lars if he thinks it was a weird day yesterday, and Lars replies with "Every day in Beach City is weird," and that he "hates it here". Sadie says that it is good to see the real him, and Lars invites Sadie over to his place for a movie that Sadie accepts, and Steven smiles at them.







  • Lars' parents are seen for the first time.
  • This episode's name was first revealed in the episode listing on the Cartoon Network website.[4]
  • This is the only Season 3 episode to physically feature Lars.

Cultural References


  • Steven's ability to transfer his mind to anyone's body while sleeping returns after "Super Watermelon Island."
  • Steven still does not understand how school works, as he thinks the grade letters on Lars' report card were supposed to spell a word.


  • There is an incorrect reflection upon Steven as Lars seeing himself in a mirror. The reflection shows his face instead of the back of his head. The rest of the body follows this correctly.[5]
  • Towards the end of the episode when Sadie enters the Big Donut, after Lars runs from behind the counter there is a frame in which Steven's disembodied fingers can be seen. 


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