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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Atop Brooding Hill, Night-time]
(Following the events in "What's Your Problem?", Amethyst and Steven find Ruby, sitting next to Greg by his van.)
Steven Ruby!
Amethyst Oh boy... So she's all the way out here...
Steven After everything Sapphire said, she must be heartbroken.
(Amethyst and Steven proceed to walk up to Ruby and Greg.)
Steven Hey guys!
Ruby Steven? How'd you find me?
Amethyst We sensed you...!
Steven We... heard you ordered pizza.
Greg Ruby was just telling me about your mom.
Steven Oh... Are you okay?
Greg Well, I fell in love with Rose Quartz, and she fell in love with Mr. Universe. Sure, she never told me she used to be Pink Diamond, but, heh, I never told her I used to be Gregory DeMayo.
Steven So... How are you holding up, Ruby?
Ruby I'm okay! *holds up a box of pizza to Steven* Want a slice?
Steven Uh... Thank you... *takes a pizza slice* Wait, really? You seemed so sad before.
Ruby Yeah, but, me and Greg talked it out. I'm fine now.
Steven Are you sure?
(Amethyst takes Steven's pizza slice off his hand.)
Ruby Yeah. Sapphire was kinda right about everything. We really did stay Garnet because Rose told us to be her... Uh...'answer'. It's my first time thinking about it... It's my first time really thinking about... me!
Steven What do you mean?
Ruby Back when I emerged, the first thing I did was get crammed together with a bunch of other Rubies! Then... I was with Sapphire all the time. I was always checking in on someone. But now... I can go wherever the wind takes me!
(Ruby grabs three pizza slices and three comic books in each hand.)
Ruby I'm up here, eating pizza, reading comics! I don't know if Sapphire wants to read comics. I don't have to know!
(Ruby throws the items on the ground and somersaults onto the roof of the Greg's van.)
Ruby The rest of my life could be like this! I don't have to be Garnet... I can be on my own!
Greg Sure!
Amethyst I guess.
Steven *shocked* Whhhaaaaat?! B-But you guys love each other! You're my favorite couple! You're- You're like sugar and flour, I- I love eating them separately, but I still want cake! I'm sure Sapphire would want-
Ruby *halts Steven* I'm not fussed about what Sapphire wants! I've seen my own future now. And it's nothin' but Ruby!
(Steven silently starts freaking out.)
Greg Relax, kiddo. This could be what she needs.
Steven But, Dad! What if they never form Garnet again?! We gotta get them back together!
Greg Woah... Tha-That's not our call to make! Ruby's gotta want that for herself! If that's not what Ruby wants, then it's not what Garnet wants, right?
Steven Mmm... Ugh, I guess so...
(Ruby begins jumping up and down on the van in enthusiasm.)
Amethyst So... Where you going after this, dude? You just gonna stay out here?
Ruby I wanna live free! One with the wilderness! Facing danger in every turn! Not leaving nothin' or nobody to get me by! Just like... this guy!
(Ruby holds up a comic book titled "Dolphin Tail".)
Steven Hmm. Do you mean... something like this?
(Steven shows Ruby another comic called "Lonesome Lasso". Ruby jumps down from the van and takes the comic book.)
Ruby *gasps* That's even better! The open plains, that's where I wanna go!
Greg I think I know just the place. I'll get ya there.
Ruby Thank you!! *cartwheels away in excitement*
Steven Alright, alright, if this is how it's gotta be. I'll support Ruby in her quest for emotional growth.
Ruby *making finger-guns atop Greg's van* Yee-haw! Pa-pow, pa-pow! Bang bang bang! Woo-hoo!!
[Trans. Open Range, The Next Day]
(Greg drives Ruby, Steven and Amethyst to an open outdoor range.)
Greg Y'all ready to wild west it up?
(Ruby kicks the back doors of the van open, revealing to be dressed like a cowboy, and jumps out. She pulls the Lonesome Lasso comic from under her hat and begins to read.)
Ruby "Here I am, on the open range... At least you understand me, horsey."
Steven Oh, Ruby, you need a steed!
Amethyst I'm always down for a little... horsin around.
(Amethyst grunts loudly as she begins to shapeshift into a horse, and neighs proudly.)
Amethyst Giddy-up.
(Ruby begins riding on Amethyst's back and treads into the open range, while Steven and Greg follow behind.)
Greg How's it goin', Ruby? Feel like a real cowboy now?
Ruby Yep. I sure reckon I do.
Steven Sorry I gotta be a yellow-belly about this, but we don't even have a map. I think we're just gonna get ourselves lost.
(Amethyst snorts.)
Ruby I already am lost. That's why I came out here; to find myself.
(The group comes to a hedge that blocks their way.)
Amethyst It's a dead end.
Ruby *dismounts Amethyst* This is what I mean. What's behind this brush... I dunno! Sapphire ain't here to predict for me. It's my chance to find out for myself!
(Ruby crawls into the hedge, and then screams loudly.)
Steven Oh jiminy! Ruby?!
(Steven peeks through the hedge to find Ruby standing on a cliff ledge, breathing quickly and looking down at a deep ravine.)
Ruby Whoa!! I had no idea this ravine was here.
(Ruby jumps up to the other side of the cliff.)
Ruby I almost fell down there. And, it was all my choice! Yee-haw!! Independence!
(Steven smiles nervously as Ruby runs around, laughing and cheering herself. A montage begins to play, of Ruby being a cowboy, while she sings "Ruby Rider".)
Ruby (voiceover) This ol' Ruby rider, ♪ Is Ruby ridin' alone. ♪ She's a sturdy, ♪ Solitary stone~
(Ruby continues riding on Amethyst into the evening, while Greg drives his van behind. Ruby then attempts to lasso a bull on the range and succeeds, but the bull begins chasing the group in agitation.)
Ruby (v.o.) This ol' Ruby rider, ♪ Not a fusion no more. ♪ Now the dirt and the dust, ♪ And the danger is my new home~
(The group encounters a rattlesnake and Ruby decides to have a showdown with it. She glares at it, points a finger-gun at it and succeeds in scaring it away. Night quickly falls, Ruby lights up a campfire, picks up a guitar and continues to sing.)
Ruby I used to think I, ♪ Would always be by your side. ♪ But lately you’ve been rather cold.
(As Ruby sings, Greg, Steven and Amethyst harmonize with her.)
Ruby One look in your eye, ♪ Could make an honest Gem cry. ♪ But Ruby Rider don’t need no one to hold.
(Ruby sits atop a rock and begins whistling her song, while strumming the guitar.)
Steven Wow. Ruby's really getting into this.
Greg Seriously! I just taught her how to play guitar like, ten minutes ago!
Steven No Dad, I mean the whole "cowboy-being-alone" thing. I've never seen her like this before... She seems really... happy.
Ruby This ol' Ruby rider, ♪ Is Ruby ridin' alone. ♪ She's a sturdy, ♪ Solitary stone~ ♪ Yee-haw~
(Greg and Amethyst are fast asleep, Greg is snoring loudly while Amethyst whinnies in her sleep. Steven, in his caterpillar sleeping bag, looks up at Ruby, who is still sitting atop the rock.)
Steven Hey, Ruby.
Ruby Hmm?
Steven Y'know... I got really scared when you said you didn't want to fuse with Sapphire any more. I felt like I was losing someone I cared about. But I saw how much fun you were having today. All this buckaroo-ing really suits you. I'm sorry I tried to push you back into being Garnet.
Ruby It's... not true...
Steven Huh?
Ruby That stuff I sang about... It's not true...!
Steven W-What?!
Ruby I mean, I did have a lot of fun today; I loved it! But... the whole time, I... I kept thinkin' about how much more fun I'd have if I were with her. Sapphire was always there with me. I feel her smile just like it was mine. It's so lonely now... Gaaah!
(Ruby leans backwards and slides down the rock, landing on her head with her arms crossed in annoyance.)
Ruby That's lame, right?! I came here to be my own gem, but, I'm still thinkin' about what she'd like! What'd she want! All, the time! *flops over* Turns out, I'm no good at not needin' nobody.
Steven C'mon, that's not lame. You led us on a frontier adventure! You're still the same Ruby who did all that stuff, even if you're thinking of someone. Look at our friend Lonesome Lasso.
(Steven picks up the Lonesome Lasso comic book and walks to Ruby.)
Steven They call him that 'cause he's lonesome! "I miss Sally May!" He's still a rootin'-tootin' cowboy, blazin' his own trails. But, he loves someone too.
Ruby *blushes and gazes up to the sky* Well, if I'm making my own decisions... Then, I'll decide I wanna be with Sapphire. *sighs and gets up* I mean, I've gotta ask her first. I just don't want it to feel like we're going back to how things used to be; back when someone else told us to be together. I want it to feel different...
Steven Wait a sec! *flips through the comic book* What do you think of this?
(Steven shows Ruby a page of the comic, and she gasps and grins in delight.)
[Trans. Int. Beach House, The Next Day]
(Pearl and Sapphire are seen sitting on the couch, still troubled over Ruby's departure, when Steven enters the house.)
Sapphire Steven! Did you find Ruby?
Steven She's outside. She's got something to say to you.
(Sapphire, Steven and Pearl step out onto the porch, when they see Ruby and Amethyst standing on the beach in the sunrise.)
Sapphire Ruby!
(Sapphire quickly runs off the porch and up to Ruby.)
Sapphire Ruby, I'm so sorry! I should have never said those awful things to you. That we didn't matter any more; I shouldn't have pushed you away like that. I was wrong.
(Ruby spits away the wheat grass she is chewing out of her mouth.)
Ruby Pt'ooey! Naw, you were right.
(Sapphire reacts in shock as Ruby jumps off of Amethyst's back. She pats Amethyst's side, signalling her to run off, and approaches Sapphire.)
Ruby Someone else told us we were the answer. But... I don't believe that anymore. At least, not 'til I hear it from you.
(Ruby holds out her hand to Sapphire. Sapphire takes her hand, and Ruby kneels before her, as a wind blows away her cowboy hat.)
Ruby Sapphire... Will you marry me?
Sapphire What? *chuckles* Marry you?
Ruby Yeah! This way we can be together, even when we're apart! This time, being Garnet will be our decision. What do you say?
Sapphire *smiles* Of course.
Ruby Yee-haw! Mmmm...! *hugs Sapphire tightly*
Sapphire I've been waiting to kiss your cute face!
(Sapphire kisses Ruby on her cheek. Ruby lifts Sapphire up and spins her around, and they begin laughing together in joy.)
Steven AWWWW!
(Steven and Pearl watch on the romantic scene on the porch, when Amethyst approaches from behind, startling Pearl.)
Amethyst Psst, it's me. I'm a horse.
(Pearl smiles and places her hand on Amethyst's mane. Ruby continues twirling and throwing Sapphire up in the air and catching her in sheer happiness, as Steven holds up the final page of the Lonesome Lasso comic book, showing a wedding scene and reading "To be continued..." in the corner of the page.)

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