The Steven Universe Podcast is an Internet podcast hosted by McKenzie Atwood, which debuted on July 20, 2017. The format of the show consists of informative interviews conducted by McKenzie with the creative team and cast of Steven Universe, addressing the creative process involved with the show from the guests perspective. The show is produced by Cartoon Network and published for streaming on iTunes.[1]


McKenzie Atwood

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The show is hosted by McKenzie Atwood, a Steven Universe fan originally known for creating Steven Universe compilation and music videos, most notably her video "Everyone finds out about Pearl's secret rap career", which featured the voice of Deedee Magno-Hall as Pearl. Atwood is currently an intern at Cartoon Network in Atlanta working in quality assurance, and had previously contributed to the mobile game Soundtrack Attack. [2]

Episode Guide

Episode Guest(s) Title Released Running time
1 Rebecca Sugar, Steven Sugar "Rebecca and Steven Sugar - Building A Universe" July 20, 2017 33 minutes Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar and her brother Steven, who inspired the title character and who also serves as a background artist on the series, talk about growing up together playing video games and watching anime. They reveal the origins of some of the Steven Universe imagery, characters, backgrounds, and music, what inspired the creation of the Gems, and why they love the fan theories about the show. Plus, find out what Hotel Transylvania and Adventure Time had to do the creation of Steven Universe.
2 Zach Callison, Grace Rolek "Zach Callison and Grace Rolek - Coming of Age with Steven Universe" July 27, 2017 30 minutes Zach Callison, voice of Steven Universe, and Grace Rolek, voice of Steven's BFF Connie, talk about growing up with and growing into their roles. Hear about the story of their auditions, how they found out they landed their respective parts, working with creator Rebecca Sugar and the crewniverse, and some of their favorite episode moments and songs. Plus, Steven and Connie themselves join in the fun and reveal their favorite video games, pizza, and the super power they wish they had.
3 Jeff Liu, Lamar Abrams, Maya Petersen, Amish Kumar, Hilary Florido, Joe Johnston, Kat Morris "Drawn To Life" August 3, 2017 49 minutes Storyboard artists Jeff Liu and Lamar Abrams explain the boarding and writing process, and which characters are their favorites to board. Storyboard Revisionists Maya Petersen and Amish Kumar share the challenges of revising group scenes, and shots featuring multiple Gems. And Storyboard Supervisor Hilary Florido and Supervising Directors Joe Johnston and Kat Morris take us inside the "Mr. Greg" episode, and offer tips and advice to upcoming young artists and animators.
4 Rebecca Sugar, Deedee Magno-Hall, Michaela Dietz, Shelby Rabara, Jennifer Paz "Voicing The Gems with Rebecca Sugar, Deedee Magno Hall, Michaela Dietz, Shelby Rabara, and Jennifer Paz" August 10, 2017 48 minutes Shelby Rabara, Jennifer Paz, Deedee Magno Hall, and Michaela Dietz have stories about their respective auditions, working together and with other cast members in the booth, what they love best about their characters and the show, and which other Gems they were originally considered to voice. Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar returns to talk about the origin of the Gems, and what it took to find the perfect voices to play them.

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