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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Waiting Room]
(Steven is seen alone in a room, as he begins to speak to himself out loud.)
Steven I know my mom did something bad. Whatever Homeworld has in store for me... I'm ready!
(Silence in the room ensues.)
Steven I said, I'm ready! It's me, Rose Quartz! Hello? Anybody? Lars? You there? Is this the punishment? Come on! I know it's going to be worse than this! So whatever you're going to do... Would you just do it already?
(Steven slumps against a wall in the room in misery, when a door opens in the wall and a blue Gem walks in, with panels floating around her and appearing extremely nervous.
Zircon (Defense) This is ridiculous! 4,000 years of loyal service to the court, and this is what I get? Oh, I'm the unluckiest Zircon in the galaxy!
(Steven tries to run out of the door the Zircon entered from, but it closes before he can reach it. He then turns towards the Zircon, who gasps in surprise as she notices him.)
Zircon (Defense) Wait, are you... Rose Quartz?
Steven Yeah...
Zircon (D) ...Really?
Steven It's a long story.
Zircon (D) Then I don't have time for it! Ugh! We only have this brief moment to prepare your case.
Steven Case?
Zircon (D) Ugh! Who am I kidding? This is pointless! We've all heard the rumors about the demise of Pink Diamond, but I can't believe these files-* scrolls through the floating panels* Shattered by one of her own soldiers- Ugh! In front of her entire entourage!? *turns to Steven* And look at you now! That ridiculous disguise is only going to make you look more guilty! *curls up in fear*
Steven That's fine, because I am!
Zircon (D) Whoa! Wha- Don't say that! Especially when you're out there!
Steven Out where?! What's going to happen!?
Zircon (D) What did you think was going to happen, Rose Quartz!? As soon as that door opens, you're going on trial!!
(At that moment, the door opens behind Zircon (D), who freezes in shock.)
Steven *glances at the door* Umm.
[Trans. Int. Trial Room]
(Steven is sitting in the middle of a triangle shaped platform, along with the nervous-looking Zircon. Three pathways light up in blue, white, and yellow, and another yellow Zircon warps into the room, acting as the prosecutor.
Zircon (Prosecutor) Defending a rebel? Isn't that... treason? *chuckles*
Zircon (D) I was assigned to this!
(Two lights, blue and yellow, emerges in the room, and Blue and Yellow Pearl warp in.)
Yellow Pearl All rise for the luminous Yellow Diamond! *poses*
Blue Pearl And the lustrous Blue Diamond. *bows*
(Another light beams in behind the Pearls, and Yellow and Blue Diamond warp in, with Blue Diamond resting on Yellow Diamond's shoulders. They both gaze down towards Steven, as both Zircons make the Gem salute.)
Blue Diamond *looks around* Where is... the accused?
Yellow Diamond *looks at Steven* Is that Rose Quartz? Look at this hideous form she's taken. Forget the trial. We should shatter her just for looking like that!
Blue Diamond No. I want to hear her make her case. I want to know what she thinks we're going to do with her. Because I want to do something worse.
(Steven gulps in fright.)
Yellow Diamond Fine.
(A yellow and a blue throne appear behind the Diamonds, and they sit on their respective thrones.)
Yellow Diamond Let's just get on with it, shall we?
(Blue and Yellow Pearl begin recording the case on their respective screens.)
Zircon (P) My Diamond. My brilliant, opulent, radiant, glimmering-
Yellow Diamond "My Diamond" will suffice, or we'll never get through this.
Zircon (P) Of course, My Diamond. *clears her throat* Rose Quartz committed a crime, so unprecedented that one can't help but wonder "why"? Exhibit A.
(Zircon (P) snaps her finger and Lars is warped into the room.)
Steven *gasps* Lars!
Lars Steven, what's going on here?! Where are we? (Zircon (P) snaps an air bubble over his head, muffling his voice.) Who are those huge giant ladies!?
Zircon (P) As we can see from this specimen, humans are loud, absolutely hideous creatures that serve no purpose whatsoever. What sort of Gem would turn on her own kind for this? I'll tell you what kind. *points to Steven* A that kind.
Steven Just let him go! He's got nothing to do with this!
Zircon (P) There it is! The passion, the fury, that caused the diabolical Rose Quartz to... shatter her own Diamond!
(Silence ensues in the room.)
Zircon (P) But I know what you're thinking. *kneels down next to Steven* "This thing doesn't look like a Rose Quartz". And for that, I'd like to call an eyewitness!
(A platform rises in the room with Eyeball standing on top, and she growls angrily at Steven.
Steven Oh, Eyeball!
Eyeball Do not address me, war criminal!
Steven I'm just glad you're okay.
Eyeball I heard it straight from her. She said- *mockingly* "I'm the mighty Rose Quartz! I've got her shield and everything!" And then she threw me... into space!
Steven I tried to help you! I healed your gem!
Eyeball And who else has the ability to heal Gems, other than the villainous Rose Quartz?!
Zircon (P) And there you have it. Rose Quartz did it and that's Rose Quartz. I rest my case.
Zircon (D) *to herself* Oh, she's good.
(Yellow Pearl closes her records and Blue Pearl draws a big cross over an illustration of Steven's face.)
Yellow Diamond Well, I'm convinced. Time to execute!
Blue Diamond Not yet. The defense still has to speak.
Zircon (D) Right! *nervously* Well uh, before I start my very... uh, thought-out defense, I'd like to remind the court that Rose Quartz did turn herself in.
Yellow Diamond The court remembers, and the court does not care.
Zircon (D) Uh, of course! *picks up a panel* Uh, in-innocent! Uh, the word innocent can mean, oh- many different things.
Steven I did it! *stands up*
Zircon (D) Wha-what, what! Stop!
Blue Diamond No! I want to hear what she has to say.
(Blue Diamond raises her hand, raising the floor beneath Steven and elevating him up to her height.)
Lars *muffled* Get us out of here, Steven!
Steven *shields his eyes from the light* Uh...
Yellow Pearl State your name for the record, please!
Steven I, um... I'm Rose Quartz. *reveals his gem* And... I'm guilty.
(Yellow Diamond reacts in shock, while Blue Diamond keeps glaring at Steven.)
Zircon (D) Wait! No, don't say that!
Steven Everything you guys said I did, I did. And I did it by myself. And I'm sorry. I'll accept any punishment you want to give me. *points to Lars* Just let him go! And leave the Earth alone.
Yellow Diamond Ha! Sounds like a solid confession to me!
Blue Diamond ...How? *inches towards Steven* How did you do it?
Steven Huh?
Blue Diamond How did you shatter Pink Diamond?
Steven Um... Well... I did it on Earth, in front of Pink Diamond's palanquin. I was probably like, "Stop!" and she was all like, "No!", so we fought, I think.
(Zircon (D) bangs her head against the elevated platform while Zircon (P) keeps smiling smugly.)
Steven And she probably did some cool moves. I probably did some cool moves too, some jump kicks and stuff.
(Yellow Pearl looks up at Steven in confusion, while Blue Pearl draws an illustration of Steven jump-kicking.)
Steven But I was most likely deeply conflicted about deciding to shatter her. Definitely crying. I probably had to use the Breaking Point to do it.
Blue Diamond IT WAS A SWORD!!!
(Blue Diamond covers her eyes as she begins to cry, enveloping the room in a blue aura which causes everyone in the room, except Lars, to tear up.)
Blue Diamond You... shattered her... with a sword..
(Blue Diamond slumps back on her throne and sobs, and Yellow Diamond walks up to comfort her.)
Yellow Diamond That's quite enough testimony from you! We shall take a short recess.
[Trans. Int. Waiting Room]
(Back in the waiting room, Zircon (D) begins scolding Steven.)
Zircon (D) What are you saying in there?! "Maybe" this, "probably" that! Oh, what do you mean "probably"?!
Steven Look I just... I don't actually know how it happened, okay?!
Zircon (D) You don't know?!
Steven I...
Zircon (D) *lifts Steven up by his shirt* Don't tumble my rocks! Both our gems are on the line! Did you do this or not?!
Steven It was me, alright! (Zircon (D) drops him.) Rose Quartz did it, and I've got her gem, so... I'm the one who's got to pay for this!
Zircon (D) You don't know how it happened...
(Steven shakes his head and Zircon (D) thinks deeply.)
Zircon (D) I get it. *summons a screen panel* There's a reason they want you to explain how you did it.
Steven Huh?
Zircon (D) It's because it doesn't make sense!
[Trans. Int. Trial Room]
(Filled with determination, Zircon (D) begins to make Steven's case.)
Zircon (D) Rose Quartz is flawed, I grant you. A shallow strata-Gem who turned against her own kind out of a misguided attachment to a planet and creatures like these. *warps Lars in*
Lars *still muffled with a bubble* What?! Huh?!
Zircon (D) It's indisputable, that as the Diamond overseeing Earth, Pink was Rose Quartz's enemy. Rose had everything to gain by shattering her. But even though she may have wanted to shatter Pink Diamond, could she? Blue Diamond, for the purpose of this argument, may I present your palanquin?
Yellow Diamond Is this necessary?
Blue Diamond Isn't it? Please, proceed.
(Blue Diamond waves her hand and her palanquin is warped in with a beam of light.)
Zircon (D) Now, as the records show, Pink Diamond was shattered just outside a palanquin much like this. *steps onto the palanquin* Witnesses say Pink had just stepped out and had only taken a few steps forward when Rose attacked her from the front!
Blue Diamond Oh! *turns away in sorrow*
Zircon (D) But the question no one seems to be asking is, "how"?
Blue Diamond I've been asking that question.
Zircon (D) A-A-A-And right you are to ask, my Diamond! B-Because at that time that Pink was shattered, Rose Quartz had been a recognized threat for several hundred years. There were no Rose Quartz soldiers in her entourage and none in her guard. So how did a Rose Quartz, with no business being anywhere near Pink Diamond, get so close in the first place? Where were Pink Diamond's attendants? Her Agates, Her Sapphires? And where was her Pearl?
(Yellow and Blue Pearl pause and look at each other in shock.)
Yellow Diamond *slams her fists on her throne* They were with her, of course! They saw the whole thing!
Zircon (D) But none of them saw Rose Quartz approach? Wouldn't her Sapphires have seen Rose Quartz coming? Wouldn't her Agates have tried to fight her off?
Steven That is strange!
(Blue Diamond, in shock, looks at an angered Yellow Diamond.)
Yellow Diamond She must have slipped past them!
Zircon (D) Even if she did, wouldn't her Pearl have cried out an alarm, "Watch out, My Diamond!" No, whoever did this was already close to Pink Diamond. Someone her guards would allow to get near her, someone she would listen to when asked to stop her palanquin and step outside, and someone with the authority to cover it up afterwards! Someone with supreme authority... Someone... like one of you!
(Zircon (D) points at both the Diamonds. Blue Diamond gasps loudly in disbelief and Yellow Diamond, umamused, gets up from her throne.)
Zircon (D) *backs up in fear* Uh, disregard that last statement! I might have gotten carried away!
(Yellow Diamond crushes Zircon (D) with a finger, poofing her.)
Zircon (P) Case closed. Right, my Diamond?
(Yellow Diamond turns around angrily and fires an electric blast from her hand at Zircon (P), who screams as her body destabilizes and poofs as well.)
Blue Diamond *runs up to Yellow Diamond* Yellow, stop it! Why are you doing this?
Yellow Diamond We don't need to listen to this nonsense!
(Steven runs over to Lars as Yellow and Blue Diamond argue.)
Steven This is our chance! *pops Lars' air bubble* We got to go!
Lars Where?!
Steven *points at Blue's palanquin* There!
(Steven and Lars runs into the palanquin, while Yellow and Blue Diamond continue to argue.)
Yellow Diamond Let's shatter Rose Quartz and be done with it!
Blue Diamond Can't you restrain yourself?!
Yellow Diamond But this is pointless!
Blue Diamond No, it's not!
Lars Hurry up and drive this thing! Those giant crazy chicks aren't going to be distracted forever!
(Steven places his hand on a hand panel inside, and the palanquin begins to move. It then jumps up, bursting out of the trial building, and Steven and Lars get a first glance of Homeworld from inside the palanquin.)
Lars Where is this?
Steven Homeworld...
(Yellow Diamond blasts a diamond-shaped hole in the wall of the trial and gazes at the palanquin, as it begins to fall.)
Yellow Diamond You think you can get away, Rose? You stood your ground on that little speck called Earth... But you're on our world now.
(Steven and Lars brace themselves for impact, as the palanquin falls into a gaping hole; into the abyss of Homeworld.)

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