• This and this. Both by SuperLuigi6, a bureaucrat on this wiki, so with a higher function than Tuckyd if you want to use authorities. Also, the thread wouldn't have been highlighted if there weren't a discussion. Just because an admin agrees with a certain side doesn't mean that side has won yet.

    Ps If you reply to this I probably won't reply back until tomorrow because I gotta go now.

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    • Technically, SL6 made those responses before the thread was highlighted and people actually voted on it. Either way, both of you may be taking this a bit too far. It is only grammar, no? No need for an edit battle...

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    • Then allow me to avoid the argument of authority fallacy and use cold, hard logic:

      No where on this wiki will you find color spelled as "colour," or honor spelled as "honour." You will notice that also no where can you find recognized spelled as "recognised," or agonizing as "agonising." 

      Yes, this is still English, but the rules of American English (which as pointed above this wiki clearly favors) and British English have little variations in punctuation. So I must ask: why be inconsistent by placing the commas/periods outside the quotation marks when the rule in American English is that they should always be inside the quotation?

      This seems like a very abritrary thing to be upset over. Personally, I agree that commas and periods be outside the quotation if it isn't part of the title. But having gone through enough High School English classes to know I would have points reducted for doing as such, I have grown to become annoyed to this minute grammar error. So, exactly what or who am I harming by trying to be consistent? Should not this wiki strive to be the best it can, which means having consistent organization (such as punctuation)?

      Putting the comma/period inside the quotation is correct way to write regardless if that bothers you. Appealing to the masses, by claiming your opinion on the subject (which is honestly beside the point in the first place) is shared by the majority, is not really the argument to use either. How many people honestly believe in the household myth that your blood is blue until it reacts with oxygen? Too many, methinks. But if they were the majority, would that make them right despite the facts (solid, scientific facts) saying otherwise?

      I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, if anything at all. Perhaps my editting of pages with small seemingly (and admittedly) meaningless irked you. That's fine; but is it a punishable habit? I don't think so.

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    • Obviously as Tuckyd said, we should be putting punctuation inside quotation marks, but it is about what the majority wants, not us...

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    • Aqualad124 wrote:
      Obviously as Tuckyd said, we should be putting punctuation inside quotation marks, but it is about what the majority wants, not us...

      Why, when the majority is wrong? This isn't even a subjective topic; if someone spelled organization as "organisation" on this wiki, I'm more than willing to bet money that someone would jump in to change it the American spelling. Why obey the rules when its only convenient to your opinion about the subject?

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    • I honestly don't know why. People want what they think is most logical, and having punctuation outside of quotations is what they find most logical. We also may have to take into account people's locations, Vogel may be from the UK or Australia...

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    • As I explained, this wiki clearly favors American English. Yet, I have heard no one complain about color not having a "u" or recognize not being spelled with a "s". It's not as if we are arguing about a subjective topic like which character is the best in Team Fortress 2. The fact is this wiki uses American English; that is not an arguable statement. We should follow all of its rules for consistency's sake. You can't just pick and choose which rules we follow.

      It is extremely silly (since I can't use the "r-slur") that this is even an issue.

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    • Its very silly, but there no need to edit battle with Vogel, or argue with anyone...If you have concerns I would take this statement to Sticks or Luigi and explain why we can not change american grammar rules on this wiki just because people think it is illogical...If you do, leave some grammar websites examples and a link to a wiki that follows those rules (Gravity Falls)

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    • I certainly do not want an edit war, with anyone. But in this particular case I feel I've a right to revert a change back to my edit especially since it is grammatically correct. Also, I am not trying to be hostile or aggressive in any way in my argument presented above. I simply can not believe the foolishness of some people, as I assume that at the very least the people running this wiki are adult (or adult enough) to know the basic rules of grammar.

      No one on either side deserves punishment; but clairity is needed.

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    • This is from Wikipedia, more or less what Wikia is based on. It says logical quotation should be used regardless of the variety of English they are written in. So you can still use American English, while you use logical English as well.

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