• I just got a reply on Twitter from Ian JQ that I can as one or two questions, as long as they don't lead to spoilers. Anyone want a question to ask?

    P.S. I will only take 2, and only the 2 that I think are the best.

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    • What questions wouldn't lead to spoilers?? lol How bout if Lars has actual parents, since we have yet to see any trace of them.

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    • Okak, so he replied to the questions: 1. "Are Gems (excluding Ruby and Sapphire) polygamous?" 2. "Can you tell us anything about Homeworld?" He responded: "Those are both spoilers, sorry." I can understand the Homeworld one, but why would the answer to whether Gems are polygamous be considered a spoiler? Would that have been revealed? Because if it was a spiler, that means that it would be revealed in the show. Can we conclude then that it is true?

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