• This girl wears a blue dress and has godlike powers.

    She used to be trapped somewhere for most of her life.

    All she wanted  was to go to a specific place and be free.

    Someone helps her escape and they become friends.

    This new friend even help her with her powers.

    But sadly, she ended up at the bottom off the ocean, dealing with a heartless psychopath.

    Is this girl Lapis Lazuli from Steven universe or Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite?

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    • Lapis

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    • Quite obviously, Lapis Lazuli.

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    • Um, guys? This was kinda meant to be a joke of sorts. I pointed out that Lapis and Elizabeth are very similar characters. Since they both:

      -have amazing powers. (Tears/water)

      -were trapped inside something and wanted to escape. (Tower/mirror)

      -wanted to go to a specific place. (Paris/homeworld)

      -had someone help them escape and helped with their powers. (Booker/Steven)

      -ended up at the bottom of the ocean. (Rapture/literally the bottom of the ocean)

      -had to deal with heartless psychopaths. (Atlas/Jasper)

      -wear a blue dress. (......)

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    • Oh. I have never heard of BioShock Infinite, but I imagine they are very similar characters. If I had heard of it, I probably would have gotten the joke. I shall see into it I learn more of this franchise.

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    • OhMyGosh!! Eli!!

      I was properly heartbroken at the end of Burial at Sea Episode 2.

      And the parallels between the two are uncanny.

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    • Ermahgerd Bioshock Infinite reference!

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    • You scrubs. It's obviously Fire Lord Ozai.

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    • I guess some people don't know anything bout Bio Shock. :|

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    • What does Bioshock have to do with Ozai?

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    • A FANDOM user
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