• Hello ladies and gentleman. This is Genius, Handsome Weatherman Evtini reporting safe and sound in my bomb shelter. Now as the fandom weatherman, it was my job to report this bomb before it happend but I didn't. I decided "screw the fandom! I need to make my shelter." Anyhow, time for the report!

    The bomb dropped at 6/15/15. There was no part of the fandom that was safe from it. It shook the Wiki Kingdom, Tumblr City, the Reddit Archives and the wild plains of YouTube. Everyone, everywhere felt the explosion. The moments before the impact were silent and tense but were followed by wild screams.

    Day one of the impact was extremely powerful. The initial blast alone set the fandom on edge. If that wasn't enough, it caused a giant feels wave that drowned almost everyone. Even the people with the strongest bomb shelters were affected by it. 

    Day two was rather weak. It seems the radiation has died off. In fact, the air is rather still. Almost like nothing happened. for those of you getting ready to leave the safety of you shelter, this weatherman advises against it! Scientist claim that this is only the second stage of the bomb. Soon another explosion will occur and likely another feels tsunami. Scientists also claim that the bomb will still be in effect for three more days so don't leave just yet.

    That's it for now folks. I'll be reporting in tomorrow to keep y'all posted what's going on. Make sure your shelters are on the up and up.

    This is Genius, Handsom, Weatherman Evtini signing off!

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    • The tsunami swept away my social life.  I'm sure he'll be back by the end of the week (hopefully).

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    • I felt the feels man, I don't know if I will be the safe if anymore like that come, my shelter roof caved in from dissapointment today!

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    • I am one of the walking dead created by the first day's bomb. My shelter was not deep enough.

      If I can find enough brains to eat I will come back to life. Did not find any today.

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    • I feel proofed my shelter but it still leaked in, tips?

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    • Twiiter too lol

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    • Terrsolpix wrote:
      I feel proofed my shelter but it still leaked in, tips?

      Hmm, I recommend duct tape. MAGICAL duct tape. If you don't have any on hand, I'm afraid you wont be able to go to the story and buy any. You could try reinforcing it with some heavy walls made of "uncaring" but the tide is strong.

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    • A FANDOM user
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