• I'm telling you for your own good, And not because I'm-

    There is a part that the statement is cut off, and at that time, she looked ashamed or those kind of stuffs. She is very skillful and technical in fight, which means her strength itself is not really high. And in the 'sworn to the sword', pearl put herself into a extreme situation to fight, even though the thing was not bearable to her. I think Steven's reaction towards the Sugilite remind her of the struggles she had.
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    • The last word is jealous. She look embarrassed because she almost admitted that she was jealous of Sugillite.

      It's possible that Pearl was jealous of Sugillite because of her brute strength, which reminded her of protecting Rose during the war.

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    • I'm believe that she consider herself stronger than Sugilite because she's more smart thar her.And about Rose?Loyalty,just loyalty.

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